100 Years of Hot Sauce Taste Test

Today, we're exploring the history of hot sauce with some shuffleboard! GMM # 1910
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  1. Kyle Havens

    Kyle Havens


    That was clearly an intentional bump

  2. Robbie Gee

    Robbie Gee

    2 napja


  3. misty lewis

    misty lewis

    2 napja

    My favorite episodes are Shuffleboard and Darts

  4. KaraokeGigolo


    2 napja

    Rhett looks like Braden Holtby

  5. Nicky Hurl

    Nicky Hurl

    3 napja

    Wooooo! Peterborough Ontario! I’m from there too :)

  6. Liyah Wilson

    Liyah Wilson

    3 napja

    Link whyyyy with the red booty hole

  7. Seven And The Littlest Mew

    Seven And The Littlest Mew

    3 napja

    Hong Fuy foods didn’t “invent” sriracha. The sauce is Thai, and was possibly developed in the 1930s.

  8. Ali White

    Ali White

    3 napja

    Pucks Touching shouldn't count as bump if it didn't change the puck placement

  9. Kyle Peron

    Kyle Peron

    4 napja

    Obviously “a bump is a bump Is a bump!”

  10. Rocky Scarbrough

    Rocky Scarbrough

    4 napja

    The rules are whatever gets Rhett the win lol

  11. wayyninho


    4 napja

    You two are playing the shuffleboard bit very well. Good game, boys.

  12. Ryan Peters

    Ryan Peters

    4 napja

    I thought it was called "year eye with 2 straight guys __________ edition" anyone else?

  13. Mistabonez


    5 napja

    I LOVE the way they negotiate on the rules it makes it so competitive and fun. Love you GMM

  14. MeaghanKL


    5 napja

    Not a bump unless it changes the answer, Obviously!

  15. Platinum Flea

    Platinum Flea

    5 napja

    Sriracha, aka asian ketchup!

  16. Austin Canter

    Austin Canter

    5 napja

    Slap dat bass

  17. Britney Parker

    Britney Parker

    5 napja

    Rhett is so fine 😩

  18. Marc-André Fortier

    Marc-André Fortier

    5 napja

    A bump is a bump when you bump. ITS A BUMP

  19. Desiree Emond

    Desiree Emond

    5 napja

    i love that in EVERY game they always make up their own rules at the end

  20. Weirdest Weirdo

    Weirdest Weirdo

    5 napja

    They would be great grandpas with their shuffling skills

  21. Acid Green

    Acid Green

    6 napja

    That was so clearly a bump

  22. Ana Salazar

    Ana Salazar

    6 napja

    This will always be called "Year Eye with Two Straight Guys" to me

  23. Daunte Peyton

    Daunte Peyton

    6 napja

    I love watching link lose

  24. Average Gamer

    Average Gamer

    6 napja

    Clicked on this because I saw the short. Nice work boys

  25. T B

    T B

    6 napja

    Tobasco isn't Mexican, it's cajun :(

  26. MrVoidum


    6 napja

    Nvm lol

  27. MrVoidum


    6 napja

    They are cheating looking at the bottlesssss

  28. Zem


    6 napja

    I love how close I live to to their hometown lol Stevie as well

  29. Liv S

    Liv S

    6 napja

    I'm pretty sure siracha was made in Thailand in 1930's

  30. Humboldt HipNeck

    Humboldt HipNeck

    6 napja

    The sriracha recipe hasn't changed but the peppers have. They used to be way more spicy before they got in a feud with the original supplier.

  31. Katie DDG

    Katie DDG

    7 napja

    That shouldn’t have counted as a bump !

  32. David Englund

    David Englund

    7 napja

    has rett lost a bit of wieght?

  33. thomas buck

    thomas buck

    7 napja

    i wish i can join an episode with you be my dream

  34. Jonas Müller

    Jonas Müller

    7 napja

    Their teenager shoes always irritate me, especially Rhetts. 😄

  35. Decidium


    7 napja

    Sriracha is from Thailand

  36. Hailey LaCombe

    Hailey LaCombe

    7 napja

    working at a mexican type restaurant, you would be surprised how many people say “te-patio”

  37. DR D

    DR D

    7 napja

    Should be 2 points if you're on the answer

  38. Jen Brown

    Jen Brown

    7 napja

    Love Tapatio sauce didn’t know it was also a restaurant until I lived in Stillwater, OK for a few years

  39. Ryan.24K


    7 napja

    Rhett and link remind me of Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural 😂

  40. Jeremiah Goff

    Jeremiah Goff

    7 napja


  41. 18riss


    7 napja

    What shoes is Link wearing?

  42. Trippy Trill

    Trippy Trill

    7 napja

    Didn’t ancient Greeks? Have Patios? Lol

  43. Ro Ro

    Ro Ro

    7 napja


  44. Breck Felker

    Breck Felker

    7 napja

    Aye, Peterborough!! 💕

  45. LemonChan is Random

    LemonChan is Random

    7 napja

    It’s so scary watching them age

  46. Danny Perez

    Danny Perez

    7 napja

    Link has done some butt stuff 💀💀💀

  47. Danny Perez

    Danny Perez

    7 napja

    Tapatio is my favorite 😆

  48. RowdyRyan


    7 napja

    Lands on 1990's "yes, very recent"

  49. Deviantxjunior


    7 napja


  50. That Guy In Yellow

    That Guy In Yellow

    7 napja

    I love how unclear the rules are lol

  51. Andre Trelhak

    Andre Trelhak

    7 napja

    "You gonna keep your pepper from swinging?"

  52. Solo Wolf Gaming

    Solo Wolf Gaming

    7 napja

    I honestly had no idea Texas Pete operated from Winston

  53. Waylon Shelor

    Waylon Shelor

    8 napja

    I stopped watching like 2 years ago and now Rhett's hair!

  54. 2007350ZHR


    8 napja


  55. UAVuze


    8 napja

    Anyone know what kicks Rhett is wearing here? They’re sick

  56. Scotty Wheeler

    Scotty Wheeler

    8 napja

    I don't know why, but I really want that tracksuit lol

  57. Lizard Paradise

    Lizard Paradise

    8 napja

    I agreed with Rhett on like everything

  58. Daniel N Chasity

    Daniel N Chasity

    8 napja

    Don't they remind y'all of wayne's world cuz remember one wore glasses one didn't but both incredibly funny

    • Daniel N Chasity

      Daniel N Chasity

      8 napja

      More stuff to besides that

  59. haileppgz


    8 napja

    This country has been taking stuff from other places since it was CREATED 💀💀💀💀 starting with the land and food of Native Americansss

  60. Eddie Nunnelley

    Eddie Nunnelley

    8 napja

    Remember the good days where they didn’t make up rules as they went and the years were on the board in random places

  61. Vincent Araiza

    Vincent Araiza

    8 napja




    8 napja

    Nothing beats a good ol' banter between the guys--wish I had popcorn lmao!

  63. Kailynn Hernandez

    Kailynn Hernandez

    8 napja

    I stop keeping up for a few months and when I come back Rhett is Mufasa.

  64. Damien Thompson

    Damien Thompson

    8 napja

    I feel these guys are getting on each others nerves more than they used to.

  65. Sector 2.0

    Sector 2.0

    8 napja

    Where’s tobasco?

  66. TheDingo


    8 napja


  67. Chloe Fletcher

    Chloe Fletcher

    8 napja

    tuh-pat-ee-o when were patios invented? haha!

  68. sfgiantsmadhatter


    8 napja

    Why don't you guys come up with a good mythical game show?

  69. Honor Silverthorne

    Honor Silverthorne

    8 napja


  70. Kris Jai

    Kris Jai

    8 napja

    Disagree. Doesn't count as a bump if the answer doesn't change. Rhett would've agreed if the roles had been reversed.

  71. Erik Rodriguez

    Erik Rodriguez

    8 napja

    The game is still fun, but I really enjoyed it more when the years were placed randomly on the board.

  72. BRONZI


    8 napja

    rhett's so petty and hypocritical now

  73. landy does

    landy does

    8 napja

    What shoes is my guy Link wearing?

  74. Savannah Rose

    Savannah Rose

    8 napja

    Rhett has the drip and link is rocking the dad outfit. I live for this

  75. HOMESMACK 710


    8 napja

    BIG FAN! Rhett is kinda shifty just saying

  76. Emma von Keitz

    Emma von Keitz

    8 napja

    I'm in Peterborough, Ontario now for school. Represent Trent!

  77. Roo


    8 napja

    Can you really put Frank's on anything?

  78. Peter


    8 napja

    You gotta shake the bottles!

  79. MiniChurr0


    8 napja

    Free idea, try every fast food sauce then narrow it down to the finals to determine which of all fast food not only has the best sauce, but also what the best sauce is. I think Wendy’s bbq will win

  80. kdhogan


    8 napja

    Link did not bump

  81. TrashMedia ForWorthlessHumans

    TrashMedia ForWorthlessHumans

    8 napja

    Somebody fudged the research. Tabasco sauce is not a mexican sauce. If anything its cajun. It was originally made in Louisiana. Idk how they made that mistake. Not even close lol

  82. Deee T

    Deee T

    8 napja

    But what shoes is link wearing?

  83. Squaid Ink Arts

    Squaid Ink Arts

    8 napja

    When you advertise mythical kitchen you should mention a recipe and link the video to said recipe, I think that would pull the foodies in if you have any good ones.

  84. Hana Aguirre

    Hana Aguirre

    8 napja

    Usen salsas mexicanas. Son las mejores!!!!

  85. Louise Benjamin

    Louise Benjamin

    8 napja

    Thank you for this episode, the shuffleboard game is one of my favorites.

  86. Stevie Juliano

    Stevie Juliano

    8 napja

    I really wish they would go back to a randomized date order! I feel like the constant rule changing is crazy

  87. B B

    B B

    8 napja

    Day 90 of asking Rhett and Link to play Among us

  88. Wesley Fox

    Wesley Fox

    8 napja

    Very nice use of "circumscribed", Rhett ;)

  89. Alexander Fuentes-Hernandez

    Alexander Fuentes-Hernandez

    8 napja

    Next Shuffleboard Game: 100 Years of Cookies Taste Test.

  90. Claudia Torres

    Claudia Torres

    8 napja

    For the amount of Taco Bell sauce they had you’d only have to go to twice!

  91. mastercraft64


    8 napja

    I dont like that they can only use one bump. They should be allowed to bump aby time other than the last round where if they bump the bumper is disqualified from the round.

  92. Tabitha Crouse

    Tabitha Crouse

    8 napja

    Rhett is looking a bit like a disheveled Tarzan these days

  93. MsDoodlesP


    8 napja

    I like how y'all changed it so you don't give the audience the answer immediately so we can play along 😊

  94. Noah Brown

    Noah Brown

    9 napja

    I miss the mythical shoes

  95. Mercadez Mae

    Mercadez Mae

    9 napja

    Thank you for bringing back the year of us to know and to watch them make funny guesses

  96. carlos victor

    carlos victor

    9 napja

    You guys shouldn’t let Rhett look at the bottle so much when playing these games.

  97. carlos victor

    carlos victor

    9 napja

    Did Rhett honestly just say that outdoor patios were invented in 1910? Patios have probably been around since 1200

  98. Tiffany Fame

    Tiffany Fame

    9 napja

    Was just watching buddy system heheyyy

  99. TheSteffenCovers


    9 napja

    I agree with Link. The whole point of the one bump rule is so they aren't ramming each other all over the board and changing their answers. I'd say a bump only counts if the other person's answer is changed because of it.

  100. ghost chicken

    ghost chicken

    9 napja

    I like Links shoes. What are they?