A Tip for Every Town Hall Level in Clash of Clans!

A Guide for Every Town Hall Level in Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth Gaming provides Tips and Attack Strategies for All TH Levels in CoC. Irrespective of your ability in the game, troops and spells unlocked, this video is your one stop shop for Clash of Clans. Enjoy!
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Video Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
0:53 Town Hall 1
1:58 Town Hall 2
3:41 Town Hall 3
5:18 Town Hall 4
6:47 Town Hall 5
8:21 Town Hall 6
10:39 Town Hall 7
12:49 Town Hall 8
15:14 Town Hall 9
17:59 Town Hall 10
19:57 Town Hall 11
22:32 Town Hall 12
24:01 Town Hall 13
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  1. Judo Sloth Gaming

    Judo Sloth Gaming

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    • Raj Bhatia

      Raj Bhatia


      @Judo Sloth Gaming thx bro for this tips

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      Lalrintluanga Sailo

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      i like the way you bolt✌🏼

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    • john



      Am i the only person that saved the wizards that i got from the toutorial

  2. Theo Nilsson

    Theo Nilsson

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    I can turn on The Bell for its not there

  3. lil_trev


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    I’m watching the th4 part and right when I go to my base I see an all air troop attack

  4. Ichiro 's Channel

    Ichiro 's Channel


    am on level 17 on my main acc til iknow the password of my old acc that is level 66😎




    Th8:I usually spam hogs and use mmy bk and Golems on the opposite side to clean up

  6. Salty AMV

    Salty AMV


    Love the intro 😁👍

  7. DestonTheDestroyer



    When the Th 14 is added:

  8. Yoshadaな



    TH7:Hall, where it gets serious

  9. ben holland

    ben holland


    among us

  10. Pog Boy

    Pog Boy

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    I don’t like to use mas dragons it just just very boring

  11. D3RpYwAy -

    D3RpYwAy -

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    6 and below don't listen to when he says use hogs you can't no more you used to request for max troops from ur clan castle but now you get low level troops depending on ur townhall

  12. Angry GameZ

    Angry GameZ

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    You forgot th 14

  13. Nytro Tim

    Nytro Tim

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    Judo is a motherfucking goddd

  14. r͟e͟m͟e͟m͟b͟e͟r͟ m͟e͟ _

    r͟e͟m͟e͟m͟b͟e͟r͟ m͟e͟ _

    3 napja

    How do you recover from a rush?

  15. Kenneth Pg3d

    Kenneth Pg3d

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    Dude just use lightning spells and dragons for multiplayer th 7

  16. Edward Meredith

    Edward Meredith

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    is there a clan i can join?

    • Edward Meredith

      Edward Meredith

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      @ok John ok, ill think about it

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      ok John

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      @Edward Meredith if u change your mind pls join our clan there are only 5 members in our clan Name of clan: planet Krypton

    • Edward Meredith

      Edward Meredith

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      @ok John not any more im afrsid sorry

    • ok John

      ok John

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      Do u need a clan??

    • Not Luebi

      Not Luebi

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  17. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

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    Th7 here but my defence and troops are level2🙂

    • Jose Flores

      Jose Flores

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      Damn talk abt rushed

  18. Jarno Nijhof

    Jarno Nijhof

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    Let me guess... you are from New Castle?

  19. Acee Tau

    Acee Tau

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    I don't think you have bowlers at th 8

    • Not Luebi

      Not Luebi

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      They were in the clancastle

  20. VIỆT NAM tôi yêu

    VIỆT NAM tôi yêu

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  21. random guy

    random guy

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    I am surprised u didnt give the all dragon attack for th8 Since in th8 u can take out 2 out of 3 air defence and only 1 remaining which can be taken out easily with the cc balloons I kept on abusing this strategy in th 8 and this is 99% sure u get 3 star with other th8

  22. Lalrintluanga Sailo

    Lalrintluanga Sailo

    8 napja

    i like the way you bolt✌🏼

  23. Squeak


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    Tip for TH6: Ready your air defenses if you have a tough looking base only th 8/7's will attack you (but on the bright side they are getting almost no loot because your a lower th lvl )

  24. Dream Desk

    Dream Desk

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    I like ho th1-th8 is the same like aesthetic and then th9 is just like No

  25. Caleb Wilson

    Caleb Wilson

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    as an attack strategy i just use pekkas. 7 level 1 pekkas can take down 1 of each defense then i have heroes and heal spells

  26. Ghost -Gamer

    Ghost -Gamer

    10 napja

    Judooo! Thank you ALOT for the TH 6 battle strategy, I used it with 8 giants, 20 wizards, 2 air balloons, 2 heal potions and 3 (donated) hog riders and, to my surprise as a TH 6 I got 95% against a TH 8! Plzz keep up the good content cuz it helps a lot!!!! P.S. The base mortars and air defences were rushed

  27. Arsh Gaming

    Arsh Gaming

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  28. Musthafa Nanu

    Musthafa Nanu

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    Iam your subscriber

  29. Aïsha Murray

    Aïsha Murray

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    they reduced the wizards at th1 to 3...in the th14 update....supercell knew players were using this.

  30. Mi Go

    Mi Go

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    Get The clan tower asap, start upgrading your building to full levels only at TH3, ask for donations and it will help you get higher

  31. taha benbouzid

    taha benbouzid

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    am a town hall 7 and still i dont have ballon

  32. Red_Bubba


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    I have town hall 14



    11 napja

    Your videos are awesome. You keep me so happy!

  34. Thomson Shields

    Thomson Shields

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    i cant recognise the voice, when exacly are u from judo?

  35. Diamond Raft

    Diamond Raft

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    How does the code work

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    Th14 pls

  37. Space jams LildudeBro

    Space jams LildudeBro

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    Legend for putting the town hall levels 🤩

  38. Jah_Nacho


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    How did you not stumble over your words at least once😭

  39. Christian Jay Castro

    Christian Jay Castro

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    Judo just 3 star a titan 1 in bronze

  40. SA Phoenix

    SA Phoenix

    14 napja

    The most used troop That I used is the P.E.K.K.A

    • Great Land of HIMACHAL

      Great Land of HIMACHAL

      12 napja

      For me it's dragon n loons

  41. That Arnav Dude

    That Arnav Dude

    15 napja

    Instruction unclear I’m at th12 with lvl 5 everything and max trrops

  42. Venz Game Vids

    Venz Game Vids

    16 napja

    when you realized, there are more strategies than you think

  43. Izo Dy

    Izo Dy

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    Wow judo your a good youtuber i hope you get 1 million i learned so much from you

  44. KingGames


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    U forgot to mention th14 :

  45. mylilfamily 2021

    mylilfamily 2021

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    We only get 3 wizards now from the tutorial

  46. YouTube Mo_VI

    YouTube Mo_VI

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    My old th4 base 🤝 req and leave clans

  47. Sushi Bear

    Sushi Bear

    18 napja

    I’m a rush TH8 I’m recovering now but I do an all Valkyrie attack and it’s really affective for me

  48. The Wolf

    The Wolf

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    My clash of clans does not open it crashes I just wash him he is the best I cannot open clash of calms it crashes can you make a video haw to not make clash of clans crash but out of the app please

  49. Julian Palacios Vlogs

    Julian Palacios Vlogs

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    Thx sloth! this helped a lot!

  50. Sclade Night

    Sclade Night

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    Me who is th10 looking back at th1 until th9 be like: huh... That's a long journey i've done

  51. peewee3030


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    Th 14 is awesome!!!

  52. Kid From Canada

    Kid From Canada

    19 napja

    How do u get bowlers at th8????

  53. Alxphx


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    I remember being rushed with th5 defenses at th8, It took months to fix it once I realized. I’m th10 now that has 2 lvl 4 Xbows, 1 lvl 3 xbow, a level 3 and 2 inferno towers and 3/4 lvl 8 air defenses currently upgrading the 4th

  54. S


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    I love clash of clan my dad is lvl 105 im new he teached me how to play it

  55. General Dgr8

    General Dgr8

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  56. -B3NT0R1S -

    -B3NT0R1S -

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    Why does his intro sound like what the teachers say on parent teacher day at school.?

  57. Mairaj Khan

    Mairaj Khan

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    Love from Pakistan Judo Bro ❤️🇵🇰

  58. Pablo


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    I wish I can hear this video, but I'm fully deaf. Would you please add closed captioning (not auto-generated)? I will be appreciated if you do. Your videos look amazing but no closed captioning... :(

  59. MUKADDIM 9876

    MUKADDIM 9876

    23 napja

    When I was in town hall 5 I attacked a town hall 7 with a level 1 B.K King and I 3 stared the base. I got 516 dark elexer. Now I am in town hall 8 and I want to get that dark elexer back.

  60. Thoams


    23 napja

    I do the bitch strat(bowler witch

  61. Winx West

    Winx West

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    Sad thing is that he probably knew about the super troops by this point, but could not tell us tips for them on the th11 section.

  62. Bren Spyke Bulandos

    Bren Spyke Bulandos

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    Judo ai yous your code

  63. Its Cloudzyツ

    Its Cloudzyツ

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    Better make an updated one th14 is out now and you may wanna cover it

  64. timmy asuncion

    timmy asuncion

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    TH14 is out judo edit dis vid

  65. Aditya Sainath

    Aditya Sainath

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    Ok... So Judo is The KairosTime of C.O.C....

  66. Asbuilt 001

    Asbuilt 001

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    I like how the town hall is like a person town hall 1-8 little kid to older kid town hall 9 and 10 goth kid th 11-14 out of goth phase now a normal adult

  67. Vihaan Vora

    Vihaan Vora

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    Anyone here after the townhall 14 update???

    • Vihaan Vora

      Vihaan Vora

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      @MOIST IVERSON u should update then

    • Vihaan Vora

      Vihaan Vora

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      23 napja


  68. Andrea Viola

    Andrea Viola

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    Where are bh 10 and Fallen angel? 😭I want them....... (i'm italian)

  69. Sowmya Reddy

    Sowmya Reddy

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    Do one for Town Hall 14

  70. Toxic Pro

    Toxic Pro

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    This can't work in the latest update

  71. Spooder Man

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    Pov: you watched the tips for every th

  72. Ugnius Urbonas

    Ugnius Urbonas

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    Ngl, he didnt really tell any tips, he just told us what the new things in every townhall do

  73. KorbloxStudios_XD


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    Officially outdated

  74. Kristoffer B Riosa Jr

    Kristoffer B Riosa Jr

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    Im th 9

  75. Swastik Singh

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    TH14 PLS

  76. Zac Sholdice

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    I just got promoted to elder when I’m gonna be in a clan for two days

  77. Christian N

    Christian N

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    This was great

  78. kroko dylan

    kroko dylan

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    Me just dropping 200 barbs in th 8

  79. Ben Henderson68

    Ben Henderson68

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    Jesus is king

  80. Marcus & Stuff

    Marcus & Stuff

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    The TH lvl 8 looks better than my TH lvl 10 base

  81. FckingBambus


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    Im at th 11 and i didnt see a tip for it. You just explained the new stuff for the th but that wasnt a tip...



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    can you add me on your clan i have th 10 max account🥺

  83. kiwikid7890


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    town hall seven pushing eight. this video was very helpful😁😁

  84. Penetration


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    I’m in th 5 not rushed almost getting to th 6 it’s been a breeze because my friend actually bought me 5 builders

  85. Hamza Arif

    Hamza Arif


    Tip for you:dont make vids with chapters cause people go ahead and skip......obviously this is good for us but not good for you lol......hope you understand what I am saying

  86. Yudro !

    Yudro !


    What's Judo Sloth Gaming intro music name?

  87. Rodrigo Ignacio Luna Cruz

    Rodrigo Ignacio Luna Cruz


    I euch to taown hall /

  88. gio .

    gio .


    I have too much dark elixer, how I got it was to not come back for a long long time and the crate thing at the left filled up. Some stuff was upgraded without me paying. It was overpowered and I did this on accident

  89. Mohd Bilal

    Mohd Bilal


    You look like jonny since

  90. Khel Pher

    Khel Pher


    My friends is such a pain in the ass all rush

  91. Michelle M

    Michelle M


    Love your guides. Thank-you

  92. Bob_McBobberson



    I don’t have dragons at townhall 7

  93. JiBBaJ00



    I’m waiting for level 6 rn and my entire village is amazing

  94. Abijah James

    Abijah James


    Bro thank you so much this was so helpful and now ik how to work with eagle artillery




    Add town hall 14 tooo 😎🔥

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    Privat server

  97. FAMEZ




  98. u never know

    u never know


    I'm glad I found this HUeye channel it makes me remember the good old days of clash of clans

  99. ZakDoesStuff



    Judo, I knew ever single town hall 1 tip without Watching any videos. Be more creative and I’ll use your code once u get a fancy haircut

  100. Garena Ranging Tamil

    Garena Ranging Tamil


    Your videos is so unique keep it up ....... keep rocking........