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Among Us: If the Impostor Could Multiply Himself

Oh...I forgot that these beans wear spacesuits and the gas won't affect them...Ahh, who cares.


  1. 193 gaming emerald mcpe

    193 gaming emerald mcpe

    16 órája

    This a twins

  2. Muhammad Shaffin

    Muhammad Shaffin



  3. biif 1914

    biif 1914


    How did he see electrical with cams

  4. Fret N

    Fret N



  5. Um .ابةل؟سفب

    Um .ابةل؟سفب


    I wish my brothers are never red... having one of each of them is enough

  6. Jose Marcos Figueiredo

    Jose Marcos Figueiredo

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  7. Sha Castro

    Sha Castro

    2 napja

    Ah, the whole meme red sus is in the thumbnail

    • Tiger Roblox

      Tiger Roblox



  8. kitty infinite army

    kitty infinite army

    3 napja

    Socksfor1 has to do this mode!! That would be incredible!!!!!!

  9. Wooly Creeper

    Wooly Creeper

    3 napja

    Reds kinda sus Edit: wait so he could’ve won by multiplying himself to have as many imps as crew mates

  10. Alex Wang

    Alex Wang

    3 napja

    bruh crewmates can't kill impostors, orange is hacking

  11. Poland and Texas

    Poland and Texas

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    • Poland and Texas

      Poland and Texas

      3 napja

      Only 3 imposters

  12. jesus lujan

    jesus lujan

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    nnnnnno se multiplica

  13. Keder Jeden

    Keder Jeden

    4 napja

    Red has always been sus



    4 napja

    Your animations are great!!!👍

  15. Shilpi Sahu

    Shilpi Sahu

    4 napja

    Make a horror video plsssssssss

  16. Anirban Roy

    Anirban Roy

    5 napja

    If they wear space suit then why did they die after eject on skeld

  17. •Nesibe•


    5 napja

    O 0 8 oo = Red

  18. SteveL


    5 napja

    flash in rahul: Oh... i forgot that these beans wear spacesuits and the gas wont affect them...Ahh, who cares

  19. Isabelle Big brain

    Isabelle Big brain

    5 napja

    Orange: Hey is there a party in here? 1:06 All the reds: Yay let's all have a party and get drunk. 1:09 Orange: This party ends now. 1:30 All the reds: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! 1:34

  20. Gusta Ojeda

    Gusta Ojeda

    5 napja

    A The saboteus Murry pacientes 0 lo la

  21. Narendra Kumar

    Narendra Kumar

    5 napja

    Kage bunshin no jutsu

  22. Ahmedu Hassan 6j

    Ahmedu Hassan 6j

    5 napja

    Perman impostor plz

  23. GHOST


    5 napja

    After 5 days the video loaded and I can watch it

  24. Aaron Pereira

    Aaron Pereira

    6 napja

    the impostor can not multiply there is a glitch that there are 5 reds and they are 5 impostor

  25. bandicam man

    bandicam man

    6 napja

    Kagebounshin nojutsu

  26. Nelson Edmond

    Nelson Edmond

    6 napja

    Its Funny And Scary At the same time when u see 666k Views

  27. dasha virol

    dasha virol

    6 napja


  28. Tanmay 11

    Tanmay 11

    6 napja

    Kagebushin no jutsu

  29. Marcell William

    Marcell William

    6 napja

    blue:red sus orange:red sus red:5

  30. Samuel Maeda

    Samuel Maeda

    6 napja


  31. Gaste Kağdı

    Gaste Kağdı

    6 napja

    Win the crevmate

  32. EnderAdventure


    6 napja

    Crewmates nightmare

  33. I Am Gamer

    I Am Gamer

    6 napja

    Watching Naruto for sure

  34. háng TV

    háng TV

    6 napja

    you are so good!

  35. :0


    6 napja


  36. Icfauh


    6 napja

    1:30 When spider

  37. Preston Rush

    Preston Rush

    6 napja

    bro crewmates are the ones who suck

  38. M17 bully

    M17 bully

    6 napja

    The Deadly Neurotoxin

  39. amazinghead


    6 napja

    no longer lonely..but wouldnt that seem sus?!!!

  40. Dysheesky


    7 napja

    If they had a update were you cant clone yourself

  41. Lakshya Sharma

    Lakshya Sharma

    7 napja

    I am thinking he is Naruto the shadow clone master

  42. Francis and Reign Vlog

    Francis and Reign Vlog

    7 napja




    7 napja

    Among us the ninja

  44. MinecraftAnimator


    7 napja

    1:25 Impostor repellent Can easily take hordes of impostors

  45. aneta czechowska

    aneta czechowska

    7 napja

    Me Too!

  46. Rodolfo Ramos

    Rodolfo Ramos

    7 napja

    the matrix the untold murder

  47. Muhammad Arish Khan

    Muhammad Arish Khan

    7 napja

    0:56 how the camera is inside the room as compared to the game

  48. Vũ Vinh

    Vũ Vinh

    7 napja

    Press f to pay respects

  49. Deadbush Gaming

    Deadbush Gaming

    7 napja

    Orange:sprays gas Me:Wait that's illegal

  50. Abhilash Garain

    Abhilash Garain

    7 napja

    Plot twist: Orange was the imposter

  51. bonjour bear

    bonjour bear

    7 napja


  52. Retrohigh5


    7 napja

    Lol 😂 the imposters are just chilling in the vents having some soda

  53. ProborgKris


    7 napja

    Oh yea The crew always wins baby!

  54. Danish Ahmad

    Danish Ahmad

    7 napja

  55. NormalBloxxer


    7 napja

    Naruto lol

  56. Kitty Zonk12

    Kitty Zonk12

    7 napja

    Ow soo cool

  57. nyan cat

    nyan cat

    7 napja

    Congratulations for 600k subs hope you can reach 1million subscribe s

  58. among_pl_us_h


    7 napja

    Yo those vents don’t work like that! They don’t float up lol

  59. Cedrick Bedard

    Cedrick Bedard

    7 napja

    My fav part: 1:07 to 1:16

  60. The Hidden

    The Hidden

    7 napja


  61. Pointless Animation

    Pointless Animation

    7 napja

    Thats how my dad kill ants

  62. DatBoi Whis

    DatBoi Whis

    7 napja

    Since when did a crewmate have an ACID GUN!

  63. Awww so cute Teddy bear

    Awww so cute Teddy bear

    7 napja

    Red is everywhere!

  64. insect- public

    insect- public

    7 napja

    Wait that’s illegal

  65. 3When


    7 napja

    Is the vent actually that big?

  66. joão bosco

    joão bosco

    7 napja

    Theres 1000000000000 imposters HELP US

  67. Shae


    7 napja


  68. BlueshiDX Deluxe

    BlueshiDX Deluxe

    8 napja

    "Triple kills in Among Us aren't real, they can't hurt you." *Triple Kills in Among Us:*

  69. Destiny Udomoh

    Destiny Udomoh

    8 napja

    They were many impostor so the impostor would have won am I correct

  70. Commander Core

    Commander Core

    8 napja

    Orange is like "nope"

  71. Serkan İlgöz

    Serkan İlgöz

    8 napja


  72. Lightning Pictures

    Lightning Pictures

    8 napja

    Bruh orange hacking he could see on cams the insides of rooms

  73. Ephraïm Dide Agossou

    Ephraïm Dide Agossou

    8 napja

    Shadow Clone Jutsu !

  74. dusttrust hacks your discord

    dusttrust hacks your discord

    8 napja

    Among us but the imposter us sans

  75. Anime Guy

    Anime Guy

    8 napja

    Shadow clone jutsu

  76. Jogador Comun 2

    Jogador Comun 2

    8 napja

    naruto clones

  77. MR Houlz

    MR Houlz

    8 napja

    Its possible Subscribe to my channel you will se it :D

  78. phantump 343

    phantump 343

    8 napja

    2 new epic roles, multiplyer and gaser

  79. Igor Wyrzykiewicz

    Igor Wyrzykiewicz

    8 napja

    You had to do it Take a very long time

  80. August Day

    August Day

    8 napja

    Also to the description, the imposter is a shape-shifting alien. They can survive the O2 sabotage so still, the gas won't affect them 'cuz they don't need to breathe. ( probably )

  81. Nehal Nehal

    Nehal Nehal

    8 napja

    Naruto in a nutshell

  82. Best Vocals

    Best Vocals

    8 napja

    I already know what I'll do if I could multiply myself... Clone 1: do homework Clone 2: do chores Clone 3: go for my online classes

  83. NS Anath0s 77

    NS Anath0s 77

    8 napja

    Naruto be like :

  84. Planet Saturn

    Planet Saturn

    8 napja

    Now try to upload a video with a very hidden easter egg, hid the word "sub" in some parts of the next video

  85. Ahmad Muhammad

    Ahmad Muhammad

    8 napja

    Red 100

  86. Ohood انه

    Ohood انه

    8 napja


  87. Legend Gamer

    Legend Gamer

    8 napja

    happy 600k Subscriber Flash in Rahul😁

  88. Timothy Villosino

    Timothy Villosino

    8 napja

    It looks like naruto kagebunshin technique

  89. Random Guy Post Anime Updates in Youtube Channle

    Random Guy Post Anime Updates in Youtube Channle

    8 napja

    This is video is insane a



    8 napja

    Bad trip na crewmate yan

  91. Thomas 872013

    Thomas 872013

    8 napja


  92. Mauz Janjua

    Mauz Janjua

    8 napja

    How you make among us cartoon plaese tell me

  93. Fredrick Muenster

    Fredrick Muenster

    8 napja

    Where is Fredrick Munester

  94. Rajesh Ojha

    Rajesh Ojha

    8 napja

    Aap among us with viewers ki livestream karo

  95. Big Blu Koi Phish • 15 years ago•

    Big Blu Koi Phish • 15 years ago•

    8 napja

    When impostor watches naruto💀

  96. Maceo Time

    Maceo Time

    8 napja


  97. tazdee taghoo

    tazdee taghoo

    8 napja

    How many words in different languages do you know tht means goodbye? Reply👇

  98. Empty


    8 napja

    Today is shivaji maharaj jayanti as u livi in india didnt you upload any video related it ☺

  99. ravi new fix tailor

    ravi new fix tailor

    8 napja

    Pls put saw movie in among us 🔥🔥

  100. Endermarr


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