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Among Us Logic 16 | Cartoon Animation

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Player is back at it again on MIRA HQ, but this time he's brought his girlfriend Noob! Can Veteran, Mr. Cheese and The Gentleman outsmart this evil genius and help Player win his very first match? Or will Player once again fall to the impostor in embarrassing fashion?
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  1. GameToons


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    • Destiny Diane

      Destiny Diane

      10 napja

      @Ghostgreenman bdhhheyeg

    • Yaagoub mallah

      Yaagoub mallah

      17 napja

      I have 0 minecoins oh my gosh

    • Koltyn Dodd

      Koltyn Dodd

      17 napja


    • InfinityTT49


      17 napja

      Poor player

    • Objection Interversion

      Objection Interversion

      17 napja

      @Cartoon Killer 1986 oh, srry then 😅

  2. matlani hnamte

    matlani hnamte


    when Mr.chees say you are already dead and the gentleman say what too funny

  3. •OrangeJuice _ UwU•

    •OrangeJuice _ UwU•


    I was just enjoying the moment with Mr Cheese and the Gentleman, but after Mr Cheese died i cried mah lungs out ;-;

  4. Mazz Fuller

    Mazz Fuller

    3 órája

    Im mr cheese

  5. Ranger TDS

    Ranger TDS

    5 órája


  6. PravitReddy CHINTHAKUNTA

    PravitReddy CHINTHAKUNTA

    5 órája


  7. Ragnar Rosal

    Ragnar Rosal

    8 órája

    dam cheese its crazy

  8. Jin Hong

    Jin Hong

    8 órája

    This is the funniest animation EVER

  9. AUniqueKindofWeird


    10 órája

    When Veteran, Mr. Cheese, and The Gentleman said "BARF!"... I felt that.

  10. Seong Ae Lee

    Seong Ae Lee

    12 órája

    those are not AMONG US HATS...

  11. Kris George

    Kris George

    12 órája

    The confused scallion elderly apologise because reason physiologically colour abaft a magnificent tempo. automatic, upbeat motion

  12. Love Gacha UwU

    Love Gacha UwU

    17 órája


  13. Love Gacha UwU

    Love Gacha UwU

    18 órája

    The gintmin lol

  14. Love Gacha UwU

    Love Gacha UwU

    18 órája


  15. Jackson Toal

    Jackson Toal

    18 órája

    0:46 NANI

  16. Sherry M Kanrilak

    Sherry M Kanrilak

    19 órája

    Subscribed 😆



    21 órája

    did you notice in the computer room theres a banana and a dum sticker just like the banana veteran wore in episode 6

  18. André Andrade

    André Andrade

    23 órája

    It's funny

  19. André Andrade

    André Andrade

    23 órája

    When mr cheez cuts gentleman

  20. Flushie Sushie

    Flushie Sushie


    I like that when Mr. cheese dies Gentleman: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO When Gentleman dies Mr Cheese: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  21. Carson's Black and Yellow Bumblebee Channel

    Carson's Black and Yellow Bumblebee Channel


    Poor noob :(((((((((((

  22. Anna Grisope

    Anna Grisope


    I hope u said amog us

  23. Dance Monkey

    Dance Monkey


    Bor you make the Awesome in this world Love from Pakistan

  24. david osric

    david osric


    i love when the gentlmen and mr cheese are playing

  25. William Barnes

    William Barnes


    Oi m8 mr cheese is a mighty fine imposta

  26. Mark Aaron Samuel

    Mark Aaron Samuel


    I m raaaaaaaaaaaa

  27. fergaloneillweb



    At the line 4:15 veteran and mr. Cheese look sus

  28. fergaloneillweb



    Mr. Cheese and the gentleman is basically me and my best best best BFF playing tag so quiet a 2am on the morning 😅

  29. Max Max

    Max Max


    I love logazip

  30. Yourhighness Gaming

    Yourhighness Gaming


    What did mr.cheese say?

  31. Andrew Hudson

    Andrew Hudson


    Veteran is so rude and I hate it 😒

  32. oliver plays

    oliver plays


    0:52 me getting revenge on my bullys

  33. Debalina Roy

    Debalina Roy



  34. Livia Corbitt

    Livia Corbitt


    Player: Breaks up with Noob Plateran shippers: THE TIME IS RIGHT!

  35. Typical Playz

    Typical Playz


    TheGentleman X Mr. Cheese

  36. Rage Animation and fan made

    Rage Animation and fan made


    0:46 lol😂 😂

  37. احمد علي محمد الريامي

    احمد علي محمد الريامي



  38. Preetika Chandna

    Preetika Chandna


    What did mr cheese say after he said "for, you see" It is understandable

  39. Lacey-Mai Smyth

    Lacey-Mai Smyth


    And btw how did veterin get rose and BDay if they were together

  40. Zachary Lamontagne

    Zachary Lamontagne

    2 napja

    Mr Cheese: come CWOSA

  41. luke naethan Carisma

    luke naethan Carisma

    2 napja

    Veteran said he was in the reactor and player the gentlemen and mr cheese were near at the reactor and how could veteran pass over did he vent? Yes he vented and player it is to easy to win if you voted veteran

  42. Han ah Choi

    Han ah Choi

    2 napja

    its....... time...... for......... war

  43. Han ah Choi

    Han ah Choi

    2 napja

    wait logzogzip thats a youtuber im a fan of him

  44. Han ah Choi

    Han ah Choi

    2 napja

    I like the begging were mr chees goes crazy in anime

  45. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson

    2 napja

    6:42 XD

  46. Matthew Galdones

    Matthew Galdones

    2 napja

    Dude I've been wondering how veteran got from garden to reactor im so dumb veteran vented

  47. RF-K1


    2 napja

    Oh no.

  48. Denise Gaming

    Denise Gaming

    2 napja

    𝙃𝙤𝙬 𝙙𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙠𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙈𝙧. 𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙚🧀

  49. RainbowgodTR


    2 napja

    Also when the talebel at the right goes to front

  50. RainbowgodTR


    2 napja

    And 1 thing the dissappear in the last sec

  51. Jordan Pennell

    Jordan Pennell

    2 napja

    i Loveo u guys

  52. 可樂一枝


    2 napja


  53. Survivor Player

    Survivor Player

    2 napja

    9:51 Missed a "Never has been" opportunity lol

  54. Snowflake the among us player

    Snowflake the among us player

    2 napja

    3:42 when you see online daters:

  55. Time Trouble

    Time Trouble

    2 napja

    0:52 ah i see the bone no longer exists

  56. Rachel Holt

    Rachel Holt

    2 napja


  57. Baby Vicious

    Baby Vicious

    2 napja

    Mr.Cheese cut Gentleman so clean Mr.Cheese should be a cheft

  58. Sushi Stones

    Sushi Stones

    2 napja

    Mr cheeses knife is BIG

  59. Alexander Lorenzo Gonzalez

    Alexander Lorenzo Gonzalez

    2 napja

    Mr. Cheese: Omae wa, mou shindeiru Gentleman: NANI!?

  60. boyviking


    2 napja

    Well it wasn't me! I went to the reactor-m-bob to convert the power majig to communism like you told me to, player. Top 10 famous words

  61. Mike Gurliacci

    Mike Gurliacci

    2 napja

    Can you have an episode will plug it back together with his girlfriend

  62. Zoe Johnson

    Zoe Johnson

    2 napja

    If they did a 3 impostor game and the impostors were Ninja, MrCheese, and Angel, the crew would be dead within the first minute.

  63. Tiana's Videos

    Tiana's Videos

    2 napja

    Pokeybear:If you vote me out our relation ship is over!!

  64. Golden Coraï

    Golden Coraï

    2 napja

    9:52 nope. Lol

  65. Darien Henley

    Darien Henley

    2 napja

    I say player wins because veteran immediately killed the gentleman right after the meeting

  66. king gamer

    king gamer

    3 napja

    ok, tbh trying to get a gf through a game is probably allready setting ur life up for failure.

  67. Ariana Leah BORRES

    Ariana Leah BORRES

    3 napja

    "Omae wa mō shinde iru" "NANI?!?!" really killed me so bad

  68. Reydun Escalante

    Reydun Escalante

    3 napja

    How about you summon Eris loris

  69. scp073 scp076

    scp073 scp076

    3 napja


  70. naruto x goku

    naruto x goku

    3 napja

    Sorry bro you're all alone because she dumped you

  71. saarvari Nammi

    saarvari Nammi

    3 napja

    Instead of reactor veteran vent somewhere else (haha get it vent)

  72. Hey Hey Black

    Hey Hey Black

    3 napja

    7:49 😂😂😂 7:52

  73. Alex Bulatov

    Alex Bulatov

    3 napja

    I feel sad for player but I hope they are still together

  74. Paris Gazardiel Zaguirre

    Paris Gazardiel Zaguirre

    3 napja

    Look under the table, there is an easter egg 5:44

  75. Gaming Dad

    Gaming Dad

    3 napja

    I mr che

    • Gaming Dad

      Gaming Dad

      3 napja

      I hate mr cheese

  76. Toby Chen

    Toby Chen

    3 napja

    I never know player has a girlfriend and it look cute :) they should have spent time togther

  77. Lorenzo Yellowknee

    Lorenzo Yellowknee

    3 napja

    0:46 LOLLLLL NANI!?

  78. danny v

    danny v

    3 napja

    no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chese

  79. Maria Chagolla

    Maria Chagolla

    3 napja

    I did not know that player had a girlfriend

  80. Lemmon_ Gaming

    Lemmon_ Gaming

    3 napja

    0:46 that means you are already dead and Nani means what

  81. Rosario Roa

    Rosario Roa

    3 napja

    3:20 Player got Shy

  82. Taylor Huarte

    Taylor Huarte

    3 napja

    say i if you think mr.cheese is the most HALAROUS player in the game

  83. Dan Wolf

    Dan Wolf

    3 napja

    8:30 Well it wasnt me i went to the reactormabob to convert the powermajig to communism

  84. Camilah F

    Camilah F

    3 napja

    4:28 l feel like this was the same person who voices mother

  85. Alyssa Fitch

    Alyssa Fitch

    3 napja

    Check out my drip bro

  86. b8conbear gaming

    b8conbear gaming

    3 napja

    Noob has the same voice actor as mother

  87. Zaki Smart

    Zaki Smart

    3 napja

    shut up player!! gentleman you are smart

  88. Rasean Hill

    Rasean Hill

    3 napja

    Hey I see the banana peel

  89. Sanja Majstorović

    Sanja Majstorović

    3 napja

    "Mr.cheese?" *ded* "Nooooooo!!!" "Wait your not playing dead again are you?" *poke* "NOOOO" my favorite part lol ..

  90. EpicDanGaming


    3 napja

    The best one so far



    3 napja

    Mr.Cheese is a God 0:47 you cant cut the cheese

  92. a great white shark

    a great white shark

    3 napja

    1:48 AMOGUS😤😤😳🤨😠🔫❌🐖1!1!!!1!1!1 OMG AMO GUS OM G A MOG US AMOGUS 😱😱😱🥱😂

  93. Happy dog

    Happy dog

    3 napja

    Fall guys YAY

  94. Emerald Bucket

    Emerald Bucket

    3 napja

    This episode could be called "Return of Noob" seeing as Noob is back from Fall Guys Logic 2: Noob vs Pro

  95. The cute Unicorn

    The cute Unicorn

    3 napja

    In 6:20 look behind player do you see the lost dog sign?

  96. Shanoa Layne R. Briones

    Shanoa Layne R. Briones

    3 napja

    * C H E C K M Y D R I P B R O*

  97. parul mathur

    parul mathur

    3 napja

    Hi in the second match veteran faked task and Sus noob by the way gentleman and Mr cheese are adorable and again loses player

  98. B3drockDestroyer


    3 napja

    3:31 Airpod shotty you lookin real sussy

  99. 3RR0R SANS

    3RR0R SANS

    4 napja

    mr cheese: omae wa mou shineiru gentelmen: NANI?! perfect cameo

  100. ༻ིBlixer the Mochi༄

    ༻ིBlixer the Mochi༄

    4 napja

    I am glad Gentleman is nicer lol