Big Ed Gets A Sympathy Hookup And Ruins It

Yay we're back with TLC 90 Day: The Single Life with Big Ed and Liz and after months of wearing her down she finally caves in and gives him a sympathy hookup and Big Ed ruins it. He gets called out for being bad in bed but to him, it was legendary and he shares the details to the world.
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  1. CinnamonToastKen


    19 napja

    Send help...I still haven't stopped cringing

    • Laura Goodwin

      Laura Goodwin

      10 napja

      @Grey Parr surprised anyone likes big ed still

    • Grey Parr

      Grey Parr

      11 napja

      We are sending the cringeametics 🚑

    • Laura Goodwin

      Laura Goodwin

      11 napja

      Umm.... he could've r**** her and claimed she enjoyed it... Cause earlier she said 'it's too soon for that' . I hate using the r word but look at how big he is compared to her...... I'm still also cringing with how bad that kiss was.

    • cursed mashups

      cursed mashups

      14 napja

      Try watching kittens being cute

    • Stefanie Zayas

      Stefanie Zayas

      14 napja

      trash man

  2. Troy Yeagley

    Troy Yeagley

    5 órája

    The event for Ed,. an ordeal for Liz

  3. Troy Yeagley

    Troy Yeagley

    5 órája

    After the kiss she said" check please".

  4. Troy Yeagley

    Troy Yeagley

    5 órája

    He has to get all His women (victims)drunk to get used to his hideousness.

  5. Troy Yeagley

    Troy Yeagley

    5 órája

    Beauty and the beast Ed style

  6. Forever Blessed

    Forever Blessed

    7 órája

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you guys are the best man

  7. Aspen Cheyenne

    Aspen Cheyenne

    15 órája

    That kiss just makes uncomfortable

  8. SmolbeanSky


    18 órája

    Big Ed: I’m probably the first person in history to ever break out of the friend zone. *my boyfriend having a crush on me for years until we finally start talking and have now been dating for 4 years*

  9. Cvidz


    20 órája

    4:58 this is the most disgusting thing I ever heard. I had to take my headphones off and burn them, then pour rubbing alcohol down my ears.

  10. tierah childs

    tierah childs

    21 órája

    Buff pro looking spicy 😍😍😍

  11. Francis Marion Swamp Fox

    Francis Marion Swamp Fox


    Can't speak for Big Ed but the older I get the better my stamina becomes.😉

  12. Justice Pappas

    Justice Pappas


    You can have as many glasses of wine as you want but he’s still gunna look like that 😂

  13. joka619



    i feel bad for these girls that they think they need to be with the big ed's of the world.

  14. Leda Foster

    Leda Foster


    Most have had a few walk of shames but none paid as much as this.

  15. P S

    P S

    2 napja

    @0:33 NOPE no I can’t do it I can’t watch I’m sorry, take my like.

  16. Felix J. Zhivago

    Felix J. Zhivago

    2 napja

    i thought this was glenn danzig

  17. Ipshita Singh

    Ipshita Singh

    2 napja

    He looks like a thumb

  18. Jacob Redman

    Jacob Redman

    2 napja

    Every time I see this dude all I can think about is how much he looks like friggin "Ram-Man" from the He-Man cartoon.

  19. Ajstayer


    2 napja

    Will you be my girlfriend she's leaning back trying to size up how deep TLC's pockets are 😂😂😂

  20. Ajstayer


    2 napja

    I think he's talking about the kiss...

  21. pish-ssi


    2 napja

    I just can't figure out why he looks like Humpty Dumpty it is just baffling to me did he have sort of neck injury like what happened 🥚

  22. React Shun

    React Shun

    2 napja

    New here! Buff is my all time crush forever!!!!!! 😻😻😻

  23. Sarah Conklin

    Sarah Conklin

    2 napja

    It took me awhile to get use to YOU....and the fact that he has NO NECK

  24. superguycraft


    3 napja

    Yo i legit forgot to sub for this DOPE content XD

  25. My name Bran

    My name Bran

    3 napja


  26. Custard Crusader

    Custard Crusader

    3 napja

    Do more vids about big ed pleeaaase 🥺

  27. Luis Money

    Luis Money

    3 napja

    You guys are virgins

  28. Keto Kween

    Keto Kween

    3 napja

    Where’s his neck?

  29. Keto Kween

    Keto Kween

    3 napja

    I feel so bad for her... he’d be an OK lookin guy if he lost the weight!!!

  30. KhasAdun


    3 napja

    I just came here to say if Big Ed can get a sympathy hookup, I can too.

  31. Pocahontas


    4 napja

    This was painful to watch.

  32. alelusio


    4 napja


  33. Jj


    4 napja

    9:46 he looks like patrick from spongebob

  34. SpookyBur


    4 napja

    Welp. My entire bowl of spaghetti is going in the trash.

  35. Ashley L

    Ashley L

    4 napja

    Ed is so gross, but she is worse. The fact she is willing to put herself through all of this to be on TV and get famous. 🤢

  36. Derijuan Wise

    Derijuan Wise

    4 napja

    That kiss look gross 🤢 she cap on my momma bruh 😂😂😂😂 I wonder how much they paying her lol 😂

  37. Brynn McCausey

    Brynn McCausey

    4 napja

    Big Ed is shaped like Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants

  38. April Berrios

    April Berrios

    5 napja

    This girl looks like jodi arias. Or is it just me?

  39. Odaun


    5 napja


  40. Margo Reid

    Margo Reid

    5 napja

    The fact Ed’s been accused of sexual assault multiple times and tlc just throwing him back is just- don’t sit right w me

    • britt



      They're everywhere. That's common male behavior. No one wants to address the greater issue of misogyny, so it will go on.

  41. FrizzKid05


    5 napja

    Ed's like the weirdo in 'I Spit on Your Grave', who keeps bragging about how shit happened when it didn't.

  42. FrizzKid05


    5 napja

    Ed LEGIT looks like a thumb in the thumbnail. 🤣🤣

  43. Boop


    5 napja

    Why does their kiss sound like someone chewing on a marshmallow with their mouth open?

  44. ghosties bb

    ghosties bb

    5 napja

    tw;;; i'm still amazed that he's even got relevancy since he's been accused of sexual assault.

  45. the good games

    the good games

    5 napja

    WHERE IS BUFFPRO??????????

  46. Aaron Rican

    Aaron Rican

    5 napja

    This dude quite literally has zero neck

  47. ScreamingLadybug


    5 napja

    You know, this really shouldn't be okay. She's literally being forced to do whatever he wants for whatever reason, i.e. money, being on t.v., blackmail, bribes, etc.. He did the same thing to Rose and she looked completely disgusted with herself (I would too). This is coercion and should be considered rape.

  48. Megan Buechner

    Megan Buechner

    5 napja

    2:45 them to knowing that people put raisins in champagne .............And yet, me, a 13 year old, who has never had alcohol, who's parents dont drink, somehow knows that people do that...................

  49. Justin Kamperveen

    Justin Kamperveen

    6 napja

    So can we all agree that she's just in this for the publicity? And she probably got on top so that he'd stop trying to kiss her.

  50. Fortwengler Courtney

    Fortwengler Courtney

    6 napja

    Omg gross.

  51. Rachel Frances

    Rachel Frances

    6 napja

    Ugh. He is so foul. 😰

  52. Troubled eNVy

    Troubled eNVy

    6 napja

    I found Big Eds real daughter. Her name is Sheri season 2 of 60 days in.

  53. SteeledCelestial


    6 napja

    If big ed can get some fine asf females anyone can 🤨

  54. TriednTru


    6 napja

    Ew. 🤮 Gross.🤮

  55. Enrique Ruiz

    Enrique Ruiz

    6 napja

    Can you guys imagine a reality show with Bhad bhabie, Jake Paul, Playmate Tessi, Rose, Big Ed, Liz and Ed'd daughter. It would be like the craziest Ren and Stimpy episode

  56. Enrique Ruiz

    Enrique Ruiz

    6 napja

    No money is worth going through this lol Even if they offered me millions for a female version of Ed, I would rather not lol

  57. Bruhhh_MLG


    6 napja

    When big Ed gets her but ur still single😑

  58. Rosa Esquivel Martinez

    Rosa Esquivel Martinez

    6 napja

    So cringe haha

  59. Lauren Vega

    Lauren Vega

    6 napja

    the "BURN-anyways so" made me want too throw up

  60. Bin Chicky

    Bin Chicky

    7 napja

    I literally have a few emotes of big ed on discord jsjsjsjsjsjs

  61. NiKhOoOLe


    7 napja

    "toast to your sense of humor" 😭 she just called him a clown indirectly cause ed has literally everything but humor (and a neck, and height, okay you get what i'm tryna say) 🤡

  62. svm pvt

    svm pvt

    7 napja

    These guys are hilarious!

  63. Lullaby Byebye

    Lullaby Byebye

    7 napja

    Why does someone like him get all the hot women? Like sign me up. (FOR THE WOMEN NOT HIM)

  64. Zangie Does

    Zangie Does

    7 napja

    LMAO I think it was blueberries in the drink 😭

  65. Ryan Vodak

    Ryan Vodak

    7 napja

    Why does he look like jack black jabba the hut purple McDonald's character

  66. StormRage TM

    StormRage TM

    7 napja

    oh man my eyes!

  67. Lisa Nelson

    Lisa Nelson

    7 napja

    Full body cringing this whole video 🤢🤣

  68. Metal Over Matter

    Metal Over Matter

    8 napja

    for every girl that cringed at ed saying : you tasted like peaches last night, give this a like.

  69. Evan Culp

    Evan Culp

    8 napja

    The guy looks like a mole with a shovel face. From how many shows hes been on, i dont understand why he keeps doing it. The most uncomfotable cringiest shit ever. Also this is edited too so imagine the unedited content. EWW!

  70. Jada Harkless

    Jada Harkless

    8 napja

    I'm cringing so hard because I'm drinking peach juice! 🤢🤮

  71. onewinter9411


    8 napja

    At first I thought when she said "don't make it weird" means not to be weird about the kiss. But it could also means she was warning him that that "request" was weird.

    • Selena


      2 napja

      That’s what I was thinking too when she said that

  72. The Yeeted

    The Yeeted

    8 napja

    Buff is looking a little too much like Russell Brand

  73. Ivy Pharness2

    Ivy Pharness2

    8 napja

    Don't start one of his videos with your headphones on full volume lol. I think my eardrums are broken.

  74. Cheyenne Hall

    Cheyenne Hall

    8 napja

    Why big ed look like Patrick Star with hair?

  75. Serrafina Jennings

    Serrafina Jennings

    8 napja

    I feel like every girl Ed dates is just trying to last as long as possible. Like having a really old/ ugly sugar daddy who makes your skin crawl but you have bills.

  76. Nasstassja Womble

    Nasstassja Womble

    8 napja

    Is BuffPro single?

  77. Mikey paul

    Mikey paul

    8 napja

    Man Buff. Lookin great bro. He'll yeah dude!

  78. Kat Webel

    Kat Webel

    8 napja

    Man, these guys are really going for the throat or they would be if they could find it.

  79. CrappieHook King

    CrappieHook King

    8 napja

    This proves people like watching Beastiality! 🤣

  80. IloveKayfabe97


    9 napja

    Saying pumpkin to a girl in english sounds actually adorable. imagine saying it in german. Oh hallo mein Kürbis. XD

  81. Jolene McJoe

    Jolene McJoe

    9 napja

    Subscribe 🤘🏼 been watching you guys for awhile and you guys crack me up

  82. PeachDoesArtYT


    9 napja

    It looks like Ed put mini oreos in his champaigne

  83. Italiasian Gamer

    Italiasian Gamer

    9 napja

    No neck Ed is back at it again.

  84. Soulspark Entertainment

    Soulspark Entertainment

    9 napja

    My dude. That background is NOICE! LOVE the wood paneling.

  85. Mary Darski

    Mary Darski

    9 napja

    Dane's looking 🔥🔥🔥🤤

  86. Avery McD

    Avery McD

    9 napja

    What am I doing here, I have a test tomorrow

  87. Skai Hall

    Skai Hall

    9 napja

    The fact that he can s.a. women and still be on TV is crazy

  88. Mr. H

    Mr. H

    9 napja

    How the hell does he have a child?

  89. Rosemary Root

    Rosemary Root

    9 napja

    dickhead.....i just cant with this douche

  90. Rosemary Root

    Rosemary Root

    9 napja

    he is a damb umpaloopa

  91. Rosemary Root

    Rosemary Root

    9 napja

    he is outright nasty....wouldn't let my dog kiss him

  92. Jose Flores

    Jose Flores

    9 napja


  93. TestofTorment


    9 napja

    I don't think any amount of money could get me to stoop as low as to be touched by that man much less be kissed by him. I just don't believe for a second this chick allowed him to stick his junk in her... not by her facial expressions or comments made.

  94. Chris’ Corner

    Chris’ Corner

    10 napja

    It’s sad when Big Ed has gotten more action than I have!😳

  95. Monty V

    Monty V

    10 napja

    4 minutes in and I don’t think I can continue

  96. North Bound

    North Bound

    10 napja

    Little ed

  97. Aqua Streak

    Aqua Streak

    10 napja

    my dad has same mug as ken

  98. marie barker

    marie barker

    10 napja

    Why does that "champagne" look like sparkling water?

  99. Linda Benge

    Linda Benge

    10 napja


  100. Julianna Mack

    Julianna Mack

    10 napja

    I’m disgusted but I can’t stop watching