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Bonnie Is MISSING! - Fazbear and Friends SHORTS #1-5 Compilation

Bonnie is MISSING! Will the gang find him? Or is he lost forever?
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Fazbear and Friends is an animated series based on the main cast of "Five Nights at Freddy's". The show follows the wacky misadventures of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and their many friends as they get themselves into trouble while trying to manage their pizzeria.
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Freddy/Bonnie - Zachary Preciado: ZaminationZ​
Foxy - Xycron: XycronVA​
Chica - Frongi: frongi_voice​
Produced at EnchantedMob Studios in St. Louis, MO.
ZAMination Twitter: zaminationyt​​
Micah’s Twitter: ZAMinationYT​​
Zachary’s Twitter: ZaminationZ​​
Instagram: zamination​​
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  1. Jr-cringe


    12 órája

    Foxy broke the 4th wall

  2. Aleksandar Galonja

    Aleksandar Galonja

    21 órája


  3. Foxy Me fast boi

    Foxy Me fast boi


    2:29 .. *R I P*

  4. Bike Gari

    Bike Gari


  5. Jackie Tauai

    Jackie Tauai


    Bunny no

  6. fishingafish99


    3 napja

    me when I'm bored: 3:06

  7. another unoriginal meme channel

    another unoriginal meme channel

    3 napja

    Why Bonnie is Acted by William Afton and why the animatronics don't kill Bonnie if he is William

  8. Abraham Pachecano

    Abraham Pachecano

    3 napja

    Freedy:will hello am freedy

  9. *-3Chicken Nugget Girl3-*

    *-3Chicken Nugget Girl3-*

    3 napja

    -Freddy We Can’t Talk To Humans -Chica: 0:20 *~Actually Talks To Humans~*

  10. augusto


    4 napja

    0:42is equal to gravity falls series: The Seekers

  11. Damiツ


    5 napja

    Why do you keep uploading the same vids- like its getting boring i would love a new animation thats this good

  12. Minerva Branuelas

    Minerva Branuelas

    6 napja

    Oh my God let me eat my pizza alone 🙄✋

  13. rabiatul adawiyah marzuki

    rabiatul adawiyah marzuki

    7 napja

    Foxy: Wait a minute. It just a cartoon right. Me: How about real? Foxy: what the fu- 1:34

  14. Lévï Āçkérmäñ

    Lévï Āçkérmäñ

    7 napja

    I like you guys pit me in the credits XD and the rest of them

  15. elvia ceballos

    elvia ceballos

    7 napja

    I am Thiago for you and I will have you

  16. Sarabjeet Maan

    Sarabjeet Maan

    8 napja

    Even Foxy is holding A foxy toy All of you are grown-up

  17. Sarabjeet Maan

    Sarabjeet Maan

    8 napja

    Bunny is very......... funny......... bunny don’t know anything........... I am so sorry



    8 napja

    Disturbing fact: the game Fnaf At Freddy's is based on true events, as a man named Nicolas was the security guard at a children's pizzeria in America where he apparently had all kinds of animatronics, such as hedgehogs, birds, etc. It turns out that one day the people who passed by that place heard screams, after so many deaths the police entered to see what was happening, but they did not see anything other than the very seriously injured security guard and he was killed by an animatronic who buried his sharp beak , after that, no one went back into that place ...

  19. Sophiaelyna_Butterfly2


    8 napja

    I love it this all videos :3

  20. minecraft fnaf: Funtime freddy adventures

    minecraft fnaf: Funtime freddy adventures

    9 napja

    This deserves to be on tv

  21. Widdya Tan

    Widdya Tan

    9 napja

    Are you alrigt freddy

  22. Chris Hughes

    Chris Hughes

    9 napja

    2:30 I don’t know how he knew they were there

  23. Chris Hughes

    Chris Hughes

    9 napja

    1:07 FREDDY IS DEAD!!!!!!!!! OH NOOO

  24. Gael Soto rioz

    Gael Soto rioz

    9 napja

    La baca lolaaaaæ

  25. Bendy play

    Bendy play

    9 napja

    Please make RUS version

  26. This is piggy And fnaf

    This is piggy And fnaf

    10 napja

    There are ester egg all over freddy is hurt

  27. Zeynep kara gün

    Zeynep kara gün

    10 napja

    Love Freddy Rabit pizza

  28. WøłfPłåÿzThèWøłfGåmér


    10 napja

    1:35 I love how Foxy’s just like “Wait a minute, this is a cartoon, right, doesn’t that mean we could just * makes bump disappear *

    • Roopnarine Deonarine

      Roopnarine Deonarine

      8 napja

      Apparently Foxys Yakko now

  29. Jessica Thompson

    Jessica Thompson

    10 napja

    Thank you for making fnaf not scary

  30. Sebas Hernan MX

    Sebas Hernan MX

    10 napja

    Bonnie is william afton 1:43

    • ꧁JakeTheMiner꧂ 202

      ꧁JakeTheMiner꧂ 202

      10 napja

      Maybe that’s why he’s purple

  31. Benjamín Santana

    Benjamín Santana

    10 napja

    Have you looked at the arcade machines? They got great games right there.

  32. jace8470 jace8470

    jace8470 jace8470

    10 napja

    Bonnie turned old and died. What!!!

  33. ꧁JakeTheMiner꧂ 202

    ꧁JakeTheMiner꧂ 202

    10 napja

    You should feature more characters like the toy animatronic’s, I love this series so much!!

  34. Josué pra 28

    Josué pra 28

    11 napja


  35. Herobrine_Playz


    11 napja

    0:29 Freddy: *Worried* Chica: *Staring in confusion t the stove* Foxy: *Can I go home yet?*

  36. titan madara

    titan madara

    11 napja

    Foxy , !? 😢

  37. SharkodileSingun


    11 napja

    This should be in netflix

  38. 2023 Jaxon Bolda

    2023 Jaxon Bolda

    11 napja


  39. Lina Habli

    Lina Habli

    11 napja

    Why is Chica so cute

  40. Głitched Demøn666

    Głitched Demøn666

    11 napja

    “ We can’t talk to humans! “ Chica: 0:21

  41. 123 Prosix

    123 Prosix

    11 napja


  42. Jael Pazmino

    Jael Pazmino

    11 napja

    Sbxlvo. M mom

  43. Joselin Lozaportillo

    Joselin Lozaportillo

    11 napja

    ballora .bonbon, and circus baby did the lighting? also hand unit has good editing (1:44 credits everyone in the comments are talking about itol XD)

  44. Gamer Faces

    Gamer Faces

    11 napja


  45. někdo cizí

    někdo cizí

    11 napja


  46. Jess Akarineko

    Jess Akarineko

    11 napja

    Wait a minute...this is a cartoon,right?

  47. Todomu Turnbull

    Todomu Turnbull

    11 napja

    body cleanup lol

  48. Liam Bartholdi

    Liam Bartholdi

    11 napja

    That face when you realize you wished you never went looking for your friend 0:39

  49. ꧁ɢʟɪᴛᴄʜ ʙᴏᴛ꧂

    ꧁ɢʟɪᴛᴄʜ ʙᴏᴛ꧂

    12 napja


  50. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    POV: you're telling freddy, bonnie, chica and foxy that funny family story and now they're concerned about you 1:52

  51. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    0:02 me: have you seen my phone today?

  52. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    my brother get a time out by my mom

  53. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    for put my phone in the oven

  54. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    and my mom mad at my brother

  55. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    my mom says its your brother put your phone in the oven

  56. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    and me says who put my phone in the oven 0:39

  57. scarface deboss

    scarface deboss

    12 napja

    Pls make more

  58. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    There my phone in the oven but my phone is hot and little bit burn out 0:33

  59. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    and my mom found my phone 0:31

  60. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    0:11 me: we gonna find my phone

  61. Lionel Oei

    Lionel Oei

    12 napja

    when i see a broken phone case on the floor and i say what that!? 0:08

  62. Keith Kogane

    Keith Kogane

    12 napja


  63. jose aristottle guzman

    jose aristottle guzman

    13 napja


  64. James Play Minecraft

    James Play Minecraft

    13 napja

    please add new characters like ballora and the whole fnaf character list

  65. •{Shãdøw•cøøkie 03}•

    •{Shãdøw•cøøkie 03}•

    13 napja

    3:11 I'm alive but I died X_X



    13 napja

    This is my favorite channel

  67. ClibBitte


    13 napja

    wtf que pusiste cris

  68. Nelma Ngang

    Nelma Ngang

    13 napja

    bonnie is so funny

  69. Mehmet Alakirik

    Mehmet Alakirik

    14 napja

    I laughed so hard when Bonnie did that face when he was eating pizza🤣😂

  70. i0xa_xi


    14 napja

    Hello my name is Freddie fasbea- *gets punched*

  71. Sargent steve

    Sargent steve

    14 napja

    I like how at this point all of the human race is chill with robots conversersing with them

  72. Glory Ann Conde

    Glory Ann Conde

    14 napja

    my little siblings like it they always laugh at the ending when bonny was old😂😂😂

  73. Christopher Vasiento

    Christopher Vasiento

    14 napja

    Freddy is right it's is A cartoon.

  74. Cristian Filip

    Cristian Filip

    14 napja

    imagine a animatronic walk up to u ask for a missing robot my mind: god help me

  75. Jacob Ferretiz

    Jacob Ferretiz

    14 napja

    Bonnie got the guitar that electric when he broke his old guitar how does he find it when he’s a kid

  76. Jacob Ferretiz

    Jacob Ferretiz

    14 napja

    What happen about them not being able to talk to humans

  77. Милашка Адамова

    Милашка Адамова

    14 napja


  78. Yolande Murray

    Yolande Murray

    15 napja

    Where did Bonnie Go?

  79. THEST1G


    15 napja

    Lol u guys caught up with helluva boss

  80. Ixxlovepiggy


    15 napja

    Circus baby stoled bonnie

  81. nathaniel zeus skyler caronongan

    nathaniel zeus skyler caronongan

    15 napja

    Fraddy was smaked into mash potatos

  82. Freddythegamur 95

    Freddythegamur 95

    15 napja

    We find bonnie.

  83. Palali Toca

    Palali Toca

    15 napja

    That is funny

  84. Dhrei Roblox gamin

    Dhrei Roblox gamin

    15 napja

    Grandpa bonnie:...........ugh

  85. Leah Noob

    Leah Noob

    15 napja


  86. Hatsune Miku-Fan

    Hatsune Miku-Fan

    15 napja

    When are u going to do a story with Freddy 😩🥺

  87. Wenn Boy

    Wenn Boy

    16 napja

    Опа, отсылка к Гравити Фолз 1:00

  88. Izabella Eidenire

    Izabella Eidenire

    16 napja

    These guys really like 1987. Seriously though this should be a real show on television

  89. Sidney Saldevia

    Sidney Saldevia

    16 napja

    Wait bonnie is voiced by william afton?! :0

  90. Jacob The Bunny

    Jacob The Bunny

    16 napja

    Umm foxy, are you gonna fall and chica, i thought you cant talk to humans...

  91. Tiger Wolf pip

    Tiger Wolf pip

    16 napja

    This can be called a friendly fnaf thing

  92. hugo Ferreira Costa Ferreira Costa

    hugo Ferreira Costa Ferreira Costa

    16 napja

    chica toilet

  93. Xx Widow

    Xx Widow

    16 napja

    uh ih?????

  94. 2. Xcharter

    2. Xcharter

    16 napja

    Before part: We can’t talk with humans! Now: 0:21

  95. Jaeden man89

    Jaeden man89

    17 napja


  96. Ayik / Ayaau

    Ayik / Ayaau

    17 napja

    Actually,where did the boo boo go?

  97. Baby_CutipieMJ Films

    Baby_CutipieMJ Films

    17 napja


    • Baby_CutipieMJ Films

      Baby_CutipieMJ Films

      17 napja

      1:05 a Faz **Fighting**

    • Baby_CutipieMJ Films

      Baby_CutipieMJ Films

      17 napja

      3:07 Hmm

  98. Sydney Radaza

    Sydney Radaza

    17 napja

    is that just candy and ketchup?

  99. Faqih Seto prabowo

    Faqih Seto prabowo

    17 napja

    FNAF familly friendly version :v

  100. dog dream

    dog dream

    17 napja