Brushing With a Banana Toothbrush #shorts

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  1. Annoying Asf

    Annoying Asf

    12 perccel


  2. Jocelyn Hefel

    Jocelyn Hefel

    36 perccel

    That's for babys

  3. Toy Freddy

    Toy Freddy

    41 perce

    WHAT IS HE DOING. that is why

  4. Canela Multi-Usos

    Canela Multi-Usos

    42 perccel

    Were did u buy the think purple?

  5. the limstr

    the limstr

    54 perccel

    nice glasses bro

  6. Limonpro Gamer

    Limonpro Gamer


    Where do u buy a disglother

  7. Kawaii Cakie UwU

    Kawaii Cakie UwU


    He: absolutely clean! Me: he's maybe blind- bruh

  8. موزه محمد خميس بن مسحار المهيري

    موزه محمد خميس بن مسحار المهيري



  9. CheezyPotatoe


    2 órája

    How much toothpaste would you like sir? Him: Yes

  10. Kitti Hanna Várhalmi

    Kitti Hanna Várhalmi

    2 órája

    Hát majdnem sikerült😑



    2 órája

    He doesn’t even know that’s a baby binky

  12. Eilaf Mamooud

    Eilaf Mamooud

    2 órája

    What that purple thing when you put in your moth

  13. Sopee P'greansy

    Sopee P'greansy

    2 órája

    That's a toothbrush?!?!

  14. Yukii


    3 órája

    Me still wondering what is that purple thing and what does it do.-.?

  15. Brittany Russo

    Brittany Russo

    3 órája

    My baby sister has that toothbrush

  16. Soule Ali Abdoulatuf

    Soule Ali Abdoulatuf

    3 órája

    C'est dégoutant

  17. Soule Ali Abdoulatuf

    Soule Ali Abdoulatuf

    4 órája


  18. Sadjida Merouane

    Sadjida Merouane

    4 órája

    هدي 🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴

  19. gacha Starlight

    gacha Starlight

    4 órája

    My baby brother has that but he bites it

  20. Ado Adp

    Ado Adp

    4 órája


  21. Daniel Que

    Daniel Que

    4 órája

    Cannot believe he thought it was a toothbrush when it is a teething toy

  22. Chekee Chow

    Chekee Chow

    4 órája


  23. Risha naomi Rellones

    Risha naomi Rellones

    4 órája

    , nakakadiri xian alam mo ba you're not

  24. Lucita Heolin

    Lucita Heolin

    4 órája

    Ia he a dentist or just a guy who shows ppl what kind of brushes to use to clean ur teath for ten times betzer

  25. Frazix


    5 órája

    Cool youtube

  26. GodzillaX SonicPlayz Yt Gacha

    GodzillaX SonicPlayz Yt Gacha

    5 órája

    I remembered watching this

  27. Basketball Kid

    Basketball Kid

    5 órája

    CEO of fat glob

  28. `•Jennifer Estella•`

    `•Jennifer Estella•`

    6 órája

    It's a toy-

  29. Mohammad Arsalan Mehdi

    Mohammad Arsalan Mehdi

    6 órája

    Wat u do with all ur tooth brushes? Keep them in a wearhouse?



    6 órája

    Is disclosing time tasty 🤔

  31. Little Pancake

    Little Pancake

    6 órája

    What does the purple stuff taste like?

  32. Meghan Gluck

    Meghan Gluck

    6 órája

    That’s a baby toy oh my goodness so funny you brushed your teeth with the baby toy

  33. Fernanda Wida

    Fernanda Wida

    7 órája

    Bentar masih cupu tidur bukan makan

  34. Fernanda Wida

    Fernanda Wida

    7 órája

    Bentar masih cupu tidur bukan makan

  35. Om Fahd

    Om Fahd

    7 órája

    Great you 🥺💖

  36. Chantel Rabotapi

    Chantel Rabotapi

    7 órája

    Were did you get that purple thing

  37. Artur Kurczab

    Artur Kurczab

    7 órája

    Ale fajne

  38. Youngflexer _

    Youngflexer _

    7 órája

    Sus lv10000000

  39. chathurika damayanthi

    chathurika damayanthi

    8 órája

    Bad banana!👎🤏

  40. Bonnie Ngan

    Bonnie Ngan

    8 órája

    Juno 地主好大個仔baby toothbrush

  41. Gilbert Santiago

    Gilbert Santiago

    9 órája


  42. Abiathur Mbono

    Abiathur Mbono

    9 órája

    The banana thing is for babies

  43. Xxcenna_artxX


    10 órája

    The amount of times this man has brushed his teeth his teeth will be brighter than my future

  44. 《《 moonlette 》》

    《《 moonlette 》》

    10 órája

    My baby brother has this as something to chew since he’s teething-

  45. Elizabeth Saldia

    Elizabeth Saldia

    11 órája


  46. DollarCoin _Boi

    DollarCoin _Boi

    11 órája

    Dental Digest: fAt gLuUuUb

  47. Sundararajan Sudarsanam

    Sundararajan Sudarsanam

    11 órája

    Why can't you stop this video it is so gross 🤢🤢🤢

  48. Maria Lopez

    Maria Lopez

    11 órája

    When the video sied banana

  49. Алиночка


    11 órája

    мини мини

  50. Anita Krisdayanti

    Anita Krisdayanti

    12 órája


  51. Teyah_ _ope

    Teyah_ _ope

    12 órája

    Does anyone ever wonder how many toothbrushes he iwns

  52. papabare 17

    papabare 17

    13 órája

    Do the purple stuff this bad

  53. JFM Huncho

    JFM Huncho

    13 órája

    I got that stuff that thst purple you put in you mon

  54. JFM Huncho

    JFM Huncho

    13 órája

    I got that stuff

  55. Khelzci Davis

    Khelzci Davis

    13 órája

    I seen that in the store and i almost convinced my mom to buy it for my brother

  56. Mubarak Alhazmi

    Mubarak Alhazmi

    13 órája

    I like your glasses tho

  57. Elder dragon slayer25 Crawler

    Elder dragon slayer25 Crawler

    13 órája

    I like your watch

  58. Amiyah Smith

    Amiyah Smith

    13 órája

    That’s a babies teething toy you weird as fuk bruh you tripn

  59. GR50


    14 órája

    This dude is disgusting but intresting

    • mlplayer


      5 órája

      its not disgusting he just want to see us that the tooth brush is good or not!!

  60. razzy tinamisan

    razzy tinamisan

    14 órája

    It's a baby toothbrush for baby's not for older once

  61. Matt Powell

    Matt Powell

    14 órája

    He's brushed his teeth so many times his teeth is brighter than my future

    • super gamer

      super gamer



    • radhika Kaki

      radhika Kaki



  62. Melvin Huerta

    Melvin Huerta

    14 órája

    My baby cousin used to have that toothbrush

  63. Kizzy the gamer

    Kizzy the gamer

    14 órája

    The glob was a skinny legend



    15 órája

    I watched it a hundred times 😂

  65. Rita Acosta

    Rita Acosta

    15 órája

    I would have it and ut my toothpaste all over it so its better

  66. Humair Ilyas

    Humair Ilyas

    15 órája

    Bro that’s for babies my cousin has that yeah don’t be eating

    • Tina Pryor

      Tina Pryor

      12 órája

      I love the video maybe you could give me a shout out maybe you can give me the post notification winner

  67. Miriam Huete

    Miriam Huete

    15 órája

    Bro that is for babies for their teeth , how is it going to Work but at least it did clean. A little bit

  68. The official Norman

    The official Norman

    15 órája

    I wanna try the purple thing but I don’t at the same time will my tears stain how long does it take to get it out helpppoo

  69. aerronnn lol

    aerronnn lol

    16 órája


  70. Ali Aturko

    Ali Aturko

    16 órája

    The more you tok the more of the Cole Gows okay

  71. Luaninha Isa

    Luaninha Isa

    16 órája

    Mente poluída

  72. Irma Arredondo

    Irma Arredondo

    16 órája

    That is not a toothbrush that is a baby teether

  73. Jesarelah Mata

    Jesarelah Mata

    16 órája

    All you videos are testing a tooth brush maybe testing a soap pls

  74. Jaslyn Morales

    Jaslyn Morales

    17 órája

    I know why it doesn't work because it's for babies not for adults

  75. Darcie Miltner

    Darcie Miltner

    17 órája

    Ok well first of all that is a baby teether not a toothbrush

  76. Noe Estrada

    Noe Estrada

    17 órája

    My baby sister has that

  77. tracey knoblock

    tracey knoblock

    17 órája

    thin glob

  78. kxyla


    17 órája

    that’s a teething toy for babies sir

  79. love Wolfie

    love Wolfie

    17 órája

    You look Young

  80. addy Warr

    addy Warr

    17 órája


    • mlplayer


      5 órája

      your the ew he even brush his tooth and your not brushing your tooth you disgusting!!!

  81. Samantha Bacon

    Samantha Bacon

    17 órája

    For those who don’t have kids...that’s not for brushing teeth😂 it’s for brushing gums on a teething baby. It’s just for soothing and getting breast milk grime off their gums. Lmao not for teeth🤦‍♀️

  82. Rachel Chevez

    Rachel Chevez

    17 órája

    The banana is so small he couldn’t put it in his mouth

  83. Dashiel Blake Ubana Base

    Dashiel Blake Ubana Base

    17 órája

    Ooh! Nasty!!🤮

    • mlplayer


      5 órája

      your the nasty he even brush his teeth and you never brush your teeth bad breath!!!

  84. guest 308 and e

    guest 308 and e

    18 órája

    And looks like garbage

  85. hxxjx


    18 órája

    And the tooth paste is for baby's they can't taste it

  86. hxxjx


    18 órája

    Man that a teething tiy

    • hxxjx


      18 órája


  87. Maha M

    Maha M

    18 órája

    He thinks that that baby teething thing is a tooth brush 😑 when it’s really a baby teething toy!!!!

  88. Gamer Girl E

    Gamer Girl E

    18 órája

    Dude I feel like one day his teeth are going to be pink because of this

  89. Felicia Gibson

    Felicia Gibson

    18 órája


  90. Char Toons

    Char Toons

    18 órája

    This makes my brain have tingles

  91. Jim Layman

    Jim Layman

    18 órája


  92. Mr Gaming Nacho

    Mr Gaming Nacho

    19 órája

    Well it did clean well it just didn’t remove any of the plaque

  93. April Ludtke

    April Ludtke

    19 órája

    😂🤣A banana toothbrush!!!

  94. coca cola•50 years ago

    coca cola•50 years ago

    19 órája

    Kinda sus

  95. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    19 órája

    'wgat the hek' haha

  96. Samantha lindner

    Samantha lindner

    19 órája

    This is like Tim tock on y t

  97. Coconut Seed

    Coconut Seed

    19 órája

    Probably because the banana toothbrush is a baby teether

  98. Shelly Fresh

    Shelly Fresh

    19 órája

    That’s for a baby dude.

  99. Alberta Azzam

    Alberta Azzam

    19 órája

    Aw that’s crazy how do I go t

  100. Ryanomatic


    19 órája

    why why i hate brushing my teeth it makes me shiver