Cat Staring At Owner While He Videos Another

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  1. berkay çakıe

    berkay çakıe

    2 órája


  2. Fred A

    Fred A

    3 órája

    "It's always been about Carla, hasn't it, Jake?"

  3. pluuvachi


    4 órája

    Taxidermy? 😆

  4. Gatania Mor

    Gatania Mor

    5 órája


  5. Warda Hussain

    Warda Hussain

    6 órája

    this is the renaissence painting cat living her eigth life

  6. i love cats

    i love cats

    11 órája

    ok that's kinda creepy

  7. Lanaya


    14 órája

    Thats not a cat its a human

  8. Malcolm TB

    Malcolm TB

    21 órája

    Aliens: "okay so we're going to invade them by shape shifting into.. cats!" "okay so like 75% cat and 25% human" "sure close enough"

  9. Park Jimin

    Park Jimin


    Me who hasn’t completed 12 assignments that are due tomorrow:

  10. I'm just INSANE

    I'm just INSANE


    When you talk to people you should look in their eyes. Me:

  11. lemeot



    *Looks like my grandma.....*

  12. Srusti Satpathy

    Srusti Satpathy


    The grinch kitty :- What strange acts does he have that i don't?

  13. Cece Thompson

    Cece Thompson


    This aliens cat suit needs an upgrade.

  14. Dark Past

    Dark Past


    Relax there just doing a staring contest whoever blink first lose

  15. Hιƙαɾιఌ



    I sometimes catch my cat staring at me like this without blinking for a minute straight.. ngl it kinda scares me

  16. Tan Nguyen

    Tan Nguyen

    2 napja

    0:05 When you were checking out a another's ass, then realized your girl friend looking at you the whole time

  17. Nene


    2 napja


  18. Chai tea

    Chai tea

    2 napja

    This cat looks like a 43 year old midwestern woman named Deborah

  19. ElMeleegy


    2 napja

    what’s up with these fat cats

  20. Scrumpy Cat

    Scrumpy Cat

    2 napja

    Is there a video of this cat actually moving about? I'm not sure if this is real. Prove it.

  21. Animal Lovers

    Animal Lovers

    2 napja

    I Hope Camera Man is Safe.

  22. Мафиозник


    2 napja

    Котик - осуждотик.

  23. Bryson Brady

    Bryson Brady

    2 napja


  24. koraycan yolcu

    koraycan yolcu

    3 napja

    Night will come and you gonna sleep...

  25. Ujwal Bharti

    Ujwal Bharti

    3 napja

    It's looks like her eyes have deep secrets of black hole

  26. Donna Quixote

    Donna Quixote

    3 napja

    I still find the kitty cute. Looks a bit as if they took a cartoon cat and photoshopped a real looking cat out of it.

  27. Donna Quixote

    Donna Quixote

    3 napja

    POV: That's the face of the cat that was videoed at the start panning into view. 🤔😳😹

  28. Tameriz


    3 napja

    Cats pupils widen when they are preparing to attack. You cat definitely plans to kill you

  29. Meshal M.

    Meshal M.

    3 napja

    *this is found footage*

  30. Evan Septya

    Evan Septya

    3 napja

    That is the most cat-looking man I've ever seen

  31. MaxZout


    3 napja

    *Its like starring down The Abyss*

  32. zonnakawai


    3 napja

    묘하게 슈주 규현 닮았네



    4 napja

    This is the most "Karen" looking cat ever... I swear

  34. Khansa Arif Mahatma

    Khansa Arif Mahatma

    4 napja

    Is Linus reincarnated into a cat?

  35. Blast Chambers

    Blast Chambers

    4 napja

    Man that cat has such a wide big face. Thought it was a stuffed animal.

  36. Aziz Hassan

    Aziz Hassan

    5 napja

    Imagine the cat suddenly saying: “joe biden Joe biden Joe Biden this a message to....”

  37. Tanvi Patil

    Tanvi Patil

    5 napja

    the cat's like "why the fuck aren't you filming ME? is that cat your favourite and I'm just a second choice?"

  38. Roseyelin


    5 napja

    Someone has said that I look like this cat. I am so delighted.

    • seiom jvony

      seiom jvony

      4 napja

      Kids when they see a stranger

  39. Marck Marck

    Marck Marck

    5 napja

    Dark souls be like:

  40. Reeny Rey

    Reeny Rey

    5 napja


  41. Smatchimo


    5 napja

    fits my theory that cat's with wide pupils rarely blink.

  42. Tamati Mapu

    Tamati Mapu

    5 napja

    “So you just gone take vids other cats and think I didn’t notice”

  43. DKsaNn Kat

    DKsaNn Kat

    5 napja

    My dude be like 👁 👁

  44. Orbiting Sentient Satellite

    Orbiting Sentient Satellite

    5 napja

    So has the cat killed him yet? I think yes.

  45. Robbie Geoffry

    Robbie Geoffry

    5 napja

    Cat: I smell betrayed

  46. Shark’s Mystery Octopus

    Shark’s Mystery Octopus

    5 napja

    He looks like one of those cats from a medieval painting

  47. ladangsosmed ytprem

    ladangsosmed ytprem

    6 napja


  48. recycleBinLaden


    6 napja

    I think this is done using a mirror. Only one cat.

  49. Archii


    6 napja

    Ok why does this scare me

  50. Techie Abhishek.S

    Techie Abhishek.S

    6 napja

    Omg he looks just like me, I felt like I've been watching in a mirror.

    • Shauka Hodan

      Shauka Hodan

      5 napja

      Renaissance cat.

  51. Cactus Gas

    Cactus Gas

    6 napja

    Why does he look like that

  52. Keilah


    6 napja

    Kids when they see a stranger

  53. 187NookLV


    6 napja

    That cat is legit creepy

  54. SynoTheKing


    6 napja

    For the love of god... blink.

  55. anoniem anoniem

    anoniem anoniem

    6 napja

    Usually staring cats are cute. This one is actually kind of creepy.

  56. Noman Johan

    Noman Johan

    6 napja

    If staring right into your soul had a face.

  57. poop corn

    poop corn

    6 napja

    I'm scared shitless But I'm glad I am 10/10 good vid

  58. Mr.kitten


    6 napja

    That cat looks so hypnotizing

  59. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov

    7 napja

    "Eyes Chiko, they never lie" The eyes: 👁👁

  60. Mass Mass

    Mass Mass

    7 napja

    i love cats but this is so scary

  61. CUCHO777


    7 napja

    That cat looks so flat and fluffy it's almost scary.

  62. Heavenly


    7 napja

    Skinwalker detected

  63. Amier Asyraf

    Amier Asyraf

    7 napja

    Renaissance cat.

    • wnnalis cioov

      wnnalis cioov

      7 napja

      why does he look like a furby

  64. afreen


    7 napja

    this cat looks like those painting of cats in the medieval times

  65. Shadow Dragon

    Shadow Dragon

    7 napja

    Random Baby In The Store

  66. Joseph Behrens

    Joseph Behrens

    7 napja

    Why does this cat look slightly face swapped



    7 napja

    OH i C

  68. Berry Mitchels

    Berry Mitchels

    7 napja

    "what are you looking at 𝙟𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙢𝙮"

  69. Fadel_ Wibowo07

    Fadel_ Wibowo07

    7 napja

    it's 6am and this cat is just staring at my soul

  70. Koen


    7 napja

    If a furby and a cat ever had a kid together, it would look like this.

  71. Mediocre


    7 napja


  72. tornistan


    8 napja

    biiig mistake!

  73. Migor


    8 napja


  74. Migor


    8 napja

    For real. This cat look's a human more than my grandma.

  75. Pink Cinnamon🏳️‍🌈

    Pink Cinnamon🏳️‍🌈

    8 napja

    Wait...there's a mirror in front isn't there?

  76. JPwendigo


    8 napja

    That cat is a redditor.

  77. Tomás Alvarado

    Tomás Alvarado

    8 napja

    why does he look like a furby

  78. JJIT


    8 napja

    POV: you see yourself on webcam on the teams meeting 0:06

  79. A Fan who love to roast HATERS

    A Fan who love to roast HATERS

    8 napja

    It's look like a Karen.

  80. Eddie Lo

    Eddie Lo

    8 napja

    Such a floofigan

  81. Eddie Lo

    Eddie Lo

    8 napja

    So adorable!

  82. Eddie Lo

    Eddie Lo

    8 napja

    What a face!

  83. Patrick Tea

    Patrick Tea

    8 napja


  84. Lavender


    8 napja

    Plot twist: The cat isn't looking at the camera, it's looking at the ghost in front of it

  85. no TWICE no LIFE

    no TWICE no LIFE

    8 napja

    that cat really said:👁️👄👁️

  86. beesechurger chimkennugget

    beesechurger chimkennugget

    8 napja

    "How dare you?!''

  87. Uno Dos

    Uno Dos

    8 napja

    It's cute butel...! It's eyes!!

  88. Sahara Echo

    Sahara Echo

    8 napja

    That's one big ass cat..

  89. Bakti Salman

    Bakti Salman

    9 napja

    This cat looks like an Oblivion NPC

    • abbsnn cose

      abbsnn cose

      8 napja

      Bro i love cats but this one is fucking terrifying xD

  90. amal drew

    amal drew

    9 napja

    The cat face really look like professor McGonagall

  91. M00KING00M


    9 napja

    This cat is the cat version of this man in your dreams

  92. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    9 napja

    When your girlfriend catches you mostly recording the girl you invited to the 3way.

  93. Aji Bagaskara

    Aji Bagaskara

    9 napja

    You cheater

  94. Laura Alves

    Laura Alves

    9 napja

    He's did say by his eyes: you little shit

  95. HugoIsOkay


    9 napja

    "Damn bro you got the whole chat laughing."

  96. Remember White

    Remember White

    9 napja

    That is a hyper-realistic cat

    • gioyu comi

      gioyu comi

      9 napja

      How can a cat's stare could immitate the 🗿 so much?



    9 napja

    Cat: 👁_👁



    9 napja

    *stares to the cat**

  99. Elizabeth Ar

    Elizabeth Ar

    9 napja

    This kinda scary ngl