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Coco Zurita’s RWD R35 GT-R Races Michele Abbate's Trans-Am Series Racecar // This vs. That

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Pro BMX vs Pro Racecar driver, V8 vs. V6, NA vs. Turbo, USDM vs. JDM. How much more This vs. That can we get? Our homegirl (and Hoonigans Wanted alumni) Michele Abbate has been putting in WORK in the Trans-Am series, and this year she’s got an all-new livery for her Camaro (You’re seeing it here first!) On the other end? 2 time X Games medalist and BMX world champ Coco Zurita, in his RWD GT-R. With the bike on the roof, of course.
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  1. Arroba Yimail

    Arroba Yimail

    23 órája

    8:25 => Round 1 9:32 => Round 2 10:55 => Round 3

  2. Mandingo _

    Mandingo _


    They should have added a bonus round where its not a rolling start.

  3. Corvette Chronicles

    Corvette Chronicles

    2 napja

    Who’s putting thumbs down🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Corvette Chronicles

    Corvette Chronicles

    2 napja

    Nice runs!! Go USA!

  5. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez

    2 napja

    The laughable market neurologically detect because city empirically slow within a callous fang. eight, dangerous random

  6. Chris Ingram

    Chris Ingram

    3 napja

    Coco is a cool dude

  7. Mike


    3 napja

    Hard to tell for sure, but it looks like Michelle had a slight head start on 2nd and 3rd race.

  8. robert m

    robert m

    3 napja

    A gen 5 camaro is not made in America A

  9. Said Maxmaduloev

    Said Maxmaduloev

    4 napja

    only American car is the best of the best in the world.

  10. Said Maxmaduloev

    Said Maxmaduloev

    4 napja

    The best car in the world is an American muscle car

  11. j1subaru


    4 napja

    I love this show , but those masks are really ridiculous , stand up to tyranny and lose the masks please guys.

  12. Bello Pantera

    Bello Pantera

    4 napja

    When I listen to heavy metal it’s when I’m hitting Chevy petal !!!!!

  13. Jhorniel J Francisco Gomez

    Jhorniel J Francisco Gomez

    5 napja

    damn she know sum thngs.

  14. Harun Demir

    Harun Demir

    6 napja

    Bu camaro nasıl 500hp bizim buradaki tofaşlar 500hp

  15. xLordx xXenUx

    xLordx xXenUx

    6 napja

    Back at it again with the fine clam divers 👍🏽👍🏽

  16. Norton484 turbo & bass

    Norton484 turbo & bass

    6 napja

    Benga é benga.

  17. Alex


    6 napja

    8:27're welcome

  18. Panji Adji 95

    Panji Adji 95

    7 napja

    i shock to know nissan is more heavier than american muscle

  19. Hetzerg


    7 napja

    "I forgot about the bike! " *proceeds to race with bike mounted on the car*

  20. Ryan Hannigan

    Ryan Hannigan

    7 napja

    The delicious celsius neurobiologically beg because hair psychophysically tap inside a aspiring plier. jagged, smiling gun

  21. gaalen111


    7 napja

    R35s are so loud they drown out everything else

  22. Peace Maker

    Peace Maker

    8 napja

    You guys look like such potato heads with those mask on but at least the drivers had enough common sense to say piss off the state. What a bunch of tools 🔧. 😆🤣😂😝🤪😜🤓



    8 napja

    ** Turbo Honda Civic awd has entered the chat

  24. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    8 napja

    *The fastest a BMX bike will ever go.*

  25. kev glitt

    kev glitt

    8 napja

    The uttermost act acromegaly fasten because care epidemiologically label round a delicate kimberly. giant, magical ex-husband

  26. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    8 napja

    Now THIS is a good ass race

  27. William Westby

    William Westby

    8 napja

    8:25 your welcome

  28. Renzong Calvin Lepcha

    Renzong Calvin Lepcha

    8 napja

    That transam car cheated in 2nd roll race she was ahead nd not levelled

  29. Jordan Gryg

    Jordan Gryg

    8 napja

    Murder nova , vs hoonicorn !!? #187CUSTOMS

  30. Nicktheboom


    8 napja

    You have to do a race with hoonicorn vs this type of racecars.

    • oiuet souiu

      oiuet souiu

      8 napja

      Real race is from a dig...gtr won lol.

  31. Maulana Aditya

    Maulana Aditya

    8 napja

    Yoo that's camaro look dope

  32. Dale Francis

    Dale Francis

    8 napja

    The BMX guy let her win cuz he's that humble

  33. Rangga Kosala

    Rangga Kosala

    8 napja

    I don't know, but somehow that R35 looks like 370Z

  34. Brent Lowry

    Brent Lowry

    8 napja

    Great matchup, hard to beat ls power without awd

  35. SLOW VQ


    9 napja

    GTR 🦖

  36. BearKlaaw


    9 napja

    ngl i though cocos present was a condom

  37. francisco cabrera

    francisco cabrera

    9 napja


  38. Alejandro Perez

    Alejandro Perez

    9 napja

    el coco la hizo y consume lácteos 👍. pd: básicamente hay que ser chileno para entenderlo

  39. Juan Miguel Retamal

    Juan Miguel Retamal

    9 napja

    la raja ver un chileno apareciendo acá!

  40. Billy Highfill

    Billy Highfill

    9 napja dig race....

  41. Mart1n.C


    9 napja

    Music 12:23?

  42. hotrodscott


    9 napja

    I refuse to watch fear masked people talk....pass....

  43. Eddie Saldanha

    Eddie Saldanha

    10 napja

    Can we talk about the Robotech "U.N. Spacy" sticker on Coco's bumper???

  44. the eggroll guy

    the eggroll guy

    10 napja

    Real race is from a dig...gtr won lol.

  45. Emmanuel the car boy

    Emmanuel the car boy

    10 napja

    Oh c'mon man i thought that the r35 gtr was gotta beat the shit outta the camaro

  46. Emmanuel the car boy

    Emmanuel the car boy

    10 napja

    What's jericho 4 speed ???? Never heard of it before

    • Michele Abbate

      Michele Abbate

      6 napja

      Straight cut transmission. Can find it in stock cars and nascars. Moving to an andrews transmission now though

  47. LAVALLë O.

    LAVALLë O.

    10 napja


  48. Pablo IndaCutt

    Pablo IndaCutt

    10 napja

    Not no race hate the roll shit

  49. Chris Sanchez

    Chris Sanchez

    10 napja

    Lol the dumb bike

  50. Robert Kennedy

    Robert Kennedy

    10 napja

    Lets not be fooled by being sexism...some women can outdrive most men... but im all for Nissan vs amercan. Nismo all the way

  51. Lolo Fat

    Lolo Fat

    10 napja

    coco zurita terrible xorooooooooo

  52. Erik Iwaniw

    Erik Iwaniw

    10 napja

    You all talk too much in my opinion, just show the race instead. You all try and make this a reality TV show on E!

  53. Dogz


    10 napja

    Only because roll

  54. The Dino

    The Dino

    10 napja

    dude how bout car vs 1000cc bike?

  55. Psyko Delico

    Psyko Delico

    10 napja

    grande coco! saludos desde tu tierra

  56. Do it for Brock 05 05 brock

    Do it for Brock 05 05 brock

    10 napja

    Love To see EL ZED's Barra mustang race

  57. Rick Houston

    Rick Houston

    10 napja

    Pretty close! Makes me wonder how close it be minus the bike.

  58. djemischief1


    10 napja

    Bahaaahaaaa 🤣. Stalker going to jail @ 11:54 🤣🤣🤣

  59. The Kolt

    The Kolt

    10 napja

    I'm a hard core Chevy nut that doesn't like the rice rockets but they should of done some dig races just to compare!!

  60. Caleb Peters

    Caleb Peters

    10 napja

    Is it just me or scotto kinda dissing lowkey here and there



    10 napja

    Love you guys..... But masks outside? Take that shit off and BREATHE 🇺🇸💙

  62. Cesar Andrade

    Cesar Andrade

    10 napja

    Fact of the r35: as a BMX

  63. Scott Savage

    Scott Savage

    10 napja

    "I'm just hoping Coco would introduce u̶s̶me to Letícia Bufoni"

  64. troy barnhouse

    troy barnhouse

    10 napja

    This was the best race so far. All the others weren't anywhere near as close.



    10 napja

    She crossed the start line on race 2 and 3 by the same margin she won by.

  66. Katerina Lopez

    Katerina Lopez

    10 napja

    We should bring the hoonicorn back

  67. Deegan Sovocool

    Deegan Sovocool

    10 napja

    Adding Micah was defiantly the move

  68. andyy gonzalez

    andyy gonzalez

    11 napja

    When are you guys gonna do a nascar 😲

  69. Spider9131


    11 napja

    America wins!



    11 napja

    They gotta get brads rat rod out there

  71. Big Mike

    Big Mike

    11 napja

    Ummmm, I could listen to her talk all day. Plus she is hot AF!!

  72. maximus5384


    11 napja

    In 2 of those races she was ahead of the line it was never neck and neck on the roll

  73. Naeem Sarwar

    Naeem Sarwar

    11 napja

    Yasterday i was play pubg and there was a bot i knocked and his name was HOONIGAN I WAS shocked

  74. James Holbrook

    James Holbrook

    11 napja

    After all them guys said JDM

  75. daniel Leonardo

    daniel Leonardo

    11 napja

    Muy bien Zurita 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  76. Will Godfrey

    Will Godfrey

    11 napja

    I’m glad coco wasn’t wearing a mask. I could actually hear him...

  77. Adrian Aguayo

    Adrian Aguayo

    11 napja

    A lot closer than I thought! Coco R35 🔥🔥🔥

  78. Celestial


    11 napja

    I keep coming back to this channel cause, car noises 🤤

  79. Sid Vicious

    Sid Vicious

    11 napja

    She’s a 💎

  80. Can’t Hear Shit

    Can’t Hear Shit

    11 napja

    Compared to that absolute clown with the Porsche last episode these two guests are fucking awesome

  81. PhantomMark


    11 napja

    2 totally different cars which both sound awesome :D

  82. Caramelo Papi

    Caramelo Papi

    11 napja

    Now you know not to ever go RWD with a GTR... AWD GTR is best option

  83. Iziah Martinez

    Iziah Martinez

    11 napja

    U should do that gtr vs a 2020 shelby gt500

  84. auto mech

    auto mech

    11 napja

    That v6 sounds magnificent

  85. Yes I agree ,

    Yes I agree ,

    11 napja

    Ok so I skipped all the talking to the races wtf is up with the bike on the gtr

  86. Troy Julian

    Troy Julian

    11 napja

    She pushed tf out that whip though. Hit rev limiter the whole way down the last race

    • Michele Abbate

      Michele Abbate

      11 napja

      Wanted to see if the gearing would top out before the 1500... it did. Glad we geared it for the 1000 and coco agreed 😅

  87. madjh


    11 napja

    Automatic the GTR? it doesn´t rev too much before sifting. Has paddles but ...

  88. Troy Julian

    Troy Julian

    11 napja

    Loll I didn’t even see the fckn bike!

  89. Alberto Rebelo

    Alberto Rebelo

    11 napja

    This vs That .... love all of them. I would love to see David Mazzei’s Formula Seven 4-Rotor here on This vs That

  90. dan


    11 napja

    You boys really need a platform to watch from! 👌🏾

  91. STRIM X


    11 napja

    so mich drama

  92. Yusuf Adam

    Yusuf Adam

    11 napja

    We need another episode with Rob Dahm! Maybe some 3 rotor action

  93. Kmk Ipan

    Kmk Ipan

    11 napja

    Almost look like big lau on nfsmwntd 2008 livery

  94. Naveed Ahmed

    Naveed Ahmed

    11 napja

    That GTR is definitely not fast. Think should stick to drifting. Wicked guy though

  95. ByTheWay


    11 napja

    11:57 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  96. LuboPowerGame


    11 napja

    Gtr fwd 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  97. LuboPowerGame


    11 napja

    Gtr the best

  98. BossHogg SC

    BossHogg SC

    11 napja

    I want to see the Hoonicorn vs Cleetus McFarland

  99. Aidan Broomhead

    Aidan Broomhead

    11 napja

    Supra would beat them both 🥲😅😁🙃

  100. Instagram: Blizzy_s6

    Instagram: Blizzy_s6

    11 napja

    Bro if theyre lettin 700hp cars on here let me get my 850hp audi s6 on this shit. Its sponsored by silly rabbit and AMS, how we doin this hoonigan? Lmao