Cruella - Everything Wrong With Disney

The recent trailer for Disney's Cruella pretty much highlights everything wrong with this company. Let's take a closer look.


  1. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker

    5 napja

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    • Johnny Feralcat

      Johnny Feralcat

      2 napja

      @The Critical Drinker. Tell me, did you act like you did in the video when kill Bill came out? How dare a female main character do bad things, lol. You are just as much as a sjw as the leftist sjws

    • Isekai NPC

      Isekai NPC

      2 napja

      Disney raped StarWars. What more do we need to know that Disney has turned from Gold to Turd?

    • Edward Hewitt

      Edward Hewitt

      2 napja

      @Hoa Nguyen I don't think that's true. From my experience, most people don't care about things like "politics" "feelings" or "logic" in something. Most of the time, people like something if they find it enjoyable or entertaining. And some of the things that people like don't have much logic in them, but they still enjoy them because they find them entertaining. You don't need to bring politics into everything, because this is actually not considered by the majority of people when they choose their entertainment. Which has always been the case. And will always be the case no matter what you or anyone else says. Whenever someone mentions "wokeness", all it shows is their detachment to reality and the world.

    • Kristopher B

      Kristopher B

      2 napja

      Not a fan of a lot of the live action disney but do want to point out disney classics were already not original ideas

    • Aryaman Mehrotra

      Aryaman Mehrotra

      3 napja

      Everything you said In the video is true. But, MCU and Star Wars is why Disney+ works and MCU fans and man child’s will never leave Disney.

  2. DanRage47


    2 perccel

    Disney hates it's past and doesn't find it far left or whory enough. Of course they need to reype everything into pure satanist bullshit.

  3. Music Laboratory

    Music Laboratory

    28 perccel

    Aladdin wasn't terrible, wasn't amazing either. Middle of the road kinda movie.

  4. Tak3034


    30 perccel

    You forgot the shitty animated series

  5. Minako Hiashi

    Minako Hiashi

    31 perce

    I think this is Disney's rip on the Joker. I have no reason to think she's going to be any kind of sympathetic hero for what I could tell she might be a house burglar. This is the lady whose okay with murdering 101 puppy dogs. There not making her any kind of hero. Or if there is another villain it's going to be something worse

  6. Kevin Potts

    Kevin Potts

    33 perccel

    Hopefully Disney will come out with a new movie explaining why the wicked Queen from Snow White really wasn't evil when she instructed the huntsman to bring her Snow White's liver. I'm sure they will figure out that the patriarchy actually made her that way.

  7. 0PaperMoshe


    40 perccel

    the only reason why they keep remaking and rebooting IS because its easy money. they know people will go watch them. and they do. People will watch Cruella even if just to make fun of it. Disney isn't going to loose and it's just going to keep doing it. Stop giving them money for crap and they'll be forced to create quality again to draw back their audience. But we all know that's not going to happen bc people love the company and will eat up anything they make.

  8. Ryo Hoshi

    Ryo Hoshi

    47 perccel

    The answer to your question is another question: Why would anybody particularly creative (and capable) work at Disney?

  9. Anduril


    59 perccel

    Please for the love of all that is good and holy, PLEASE STOP GOING TO SEE THESE MOVIES PEOPLE! Disney live action movies outside of whatever Marvel is doing just blows because people keep paying to see it. Of the live action movies maybe Jungle Book actually seemed to bring something new to the table, everything else is a tired rehash of the same old stories that have not only been done by Disney before, but have been hashed and rehashed over and over again for decades. Like how many versions of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White have there been? If the answer is less than a 1000 I would be surprised. Do we really need to redo everything? Yeesh, talk about being creatively bankrupt.

  10. Matthew Weng

    Matthew Weng


    You can thank ‘Wicked’ for that -cool original idea stolen and abused...

  11. Fierysaint1



    Why all the constant reboots and remakes from Hollywood?? One simple answer: "The Devil can not create, only corrupt."

  12. Jorge Cadme

    Jorge Cadme


    "A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool." -William Shakespeare

  13. Dylan Rinker

    Dylan Rinker


    Maybe disney needs to be skinned, ALIVE

  14. TruiteTeam


    2 órája

    Lol, the dogs are CGI

  15. Asma Hasmalaria

    Asma Hasmalaria

    2 órája

    When companies get so large, they can't take risks anymore because if they introduced a new IP, their stock value would go bye bye. So we're stuck with them slowly bleeding out.

  16. Ry Mck

    Ry Mck

    2 órája

    Usually I don’t do thing like this Do you know what p’sses me off, you, first both of the love actions movies were awesome and two this movie mainly shows how Estella became mad or Cruella not the fact that she’s sad, miserable and pathetic( a little bit but still) P.s Cruella isn’t rich she’s an orphan and The Baroness isn’t a thief And not Harley QUINN

  17. John McCall

    John McCall

    3 órája

    I really hope Disney sticks with the, "My man dun done me wrong, so now I'm eeeeeeevil!", motif. So girl power, so so feminist.

  18. Semi Engima

    Semi Engima

    3 órája

    Baroness Von Mayonnaise is now her name. Also what does any of this has to do with killing animals for their fur?!

  19. Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey

    Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey

    3 órája

    Jesus Christ they’re trying to make Cruella sympathetic now? She literally wants to skin dogs into fur coats. There’s no coming back from that. What the fuck Disney?

  20. An Di

    An Di

    4 órája

    How about a movie about a lady who hates Disney? Everyone calls her mad for years and years but they eventually agree with her. That's me.

  21. The Onion System

    The Onion System

    4 órája

    Oh also I've heard that Rian Johnson is still wanting to make his shite version of star wars

  22. Steven Borg

    Steven Borg

    4 órája

    Of course she is now a hero. Disney is the Devil.

  23. King 13en

    King 13en

    4 órája

    Most of hollywood now aims to make mediocre films, if you look at the top grossing films of a year other than the few oscar nominees, most of them are just okay movies from big production companies, a big budget but a shitty storyline. The average person nowadays unfortunately goes to the cinema to watch something entertaining rather than something profound and thoughtful... Disney has taken the simplicity of their 2d animations, which were never extremely complicated storywise, and recreated the same thing, just with characters and plot points that make less sense and are less coherent. The general public is still oblivious to Disney’s downfall, they go to watch these, say ooh and ahh at the fancy sfx and then leave the theatre. If you could make a lazy movie and make more than you would with an oscar nominee, in 2019 live action Aladdin grossed more than Once upon a time in hollywood, Knives Out and the Joker, 3 oscar nominees, if you could make more with a shit movie, why bother making a good one...

  24. Yannick G

    Yannick G

    4 órája

    I can never unsee Emma Stone like this...shudders.

  25. Bi Ph Bi Ph Bi Ph Bi Ph

    Bi Ph Bi Ph Bi Ph Bi Ph

    4 órája

    girl chill, it's just a trailer

  26. TF2Fan101


    4 órája

    You’d think that they’d learned their lesson after the failure of Maleficent 2.

  27. geniusfool the irrefutable

    geniusfool the irrefutable

    5 órája

    On the plus side: Disney keeps destroying their own canon.

  28. Dr. Crusher

    Dr. Crusher

    5 órája

    I almost want them to make a Frollo movie just to see how they'd paint his attempt to drown a baby as a secret act of heroism all along.

  29. Caligula Germanicus

    Caligula Germanicus

    5 órája

    I have only one thing to say: Be less white

  30. Clay Page

    Clay Page

    5 órája

    The flaming dress. How obvious does the lack of creativity have to be? Do they expect anyone to be "wowed" when a very popular movie did this exact gag in the recent past? Who suggested this--and had it approved--only to feel good? Jesus.

  31. Mahmoud ibn Emir

    Mahmoud ibn Emir

    6 órája

    2:50 Millennials are so stupid that the majority of them will probably light themselves on fire to see if their clothes change colors.

  32. flippy310


    6 órája

    I wish disney just focused on using their budgets into making good 2d movies again. Their softwares and technologies are better than ever. It's just so sad to see them do these live actions time and time again when they could be rebuilding the great animation studio they once were.

  33. Victor Cates

    Victor Cates

    6 órája

    I think a prequel that changes the understanding of the earlier film can be interesting. It's likely better than mechanically backfilling characterization. But the character is understood to want to skin dogs and I doubt this is some clever, novel subversion. It is possible that a certain amount of the audience might get some wish fulfilment about getting to stomp around and behave badly. If you looked at the earlier live action films, the marketing material would seem to indicate that cruella was more central to the appeal than the dogs. Her grinning maniac is given pride of place. Similarly, there seem to be a decent swathe of people doing Cruella cosplay. So, there are indications of appeal/identification that transcends the dog thing. My primary takeaway is that I really, really hate Emma Stone.

  34. LazyBunnyLyn


    6 órája

    Mulan was my favourite disney princess (before merida, now shes second favourite) was excited for new was bad, didnt watch it Cruella is my favourite villain in childhood...but then...THIS

  35. TheGreatWent1


    7 órája

    remake lady godiva and include her sex scene

  36. Sara Fimm

    Sara Fimm

    7 órája

    In the 1960's, a person killing puppies might have been turned into an antihero. Back then, they put kittens or puppies "out of their misery" without a thought. Today, there is too much sympathy for animals--especially pets--for Cruella to be in any way a role model or "anti-hero". A video of her murderous intent or activities would go viral and cancel her online in a hot second.

  37. 91clarie


    7 órája

    They really be trying to change a puppy murderer to some sort of feminist icon 💀 also, "brilliant"? Lmao btch was outsmarted by a bunch of dogs in the og movie 🤣

  38. Yes I am a Russian bot

    Yes I am a Russian bot

    7 órája

    Leftism and woke culture is destroying Disney that and their worship for money and selling out to China.

  39. Dylan thomas

    Dylan thomas

    7 órája

    You have to do a review on this when it comes out

  40. Fredrik Svärd

    Fredrik Svärd

    7 órája

    Emma stone is just terrible

  41. Andi Braun

    Andi Braun

    7 órája

    Honestly, this looks like silly fun. Can't really get mad about this

  42. Vishwaje Ravinath

    Vishwaje Ravinath

    8 órája

    This is just another GIRL POWER shitstorm trying to rise in expense of male characters. I'm so sure of it judging by the recent history of disney. (Star Wars anyone?)

  43. LDS Drive

    LDS Drive

    8 órája

    I still haven't and probably never will watch the trailer. That's how uninterested I am.

  44. jackie jackie

    jackie jackie

    8 órája

    comment section full of incels thinking they know the whole plot 😂

  45. jackie jackie

    jackie jackie

    8 órája

    they won‘t make her an anti hero because she is evil and you can‘t sympathize with her

  46. Matt Speer

    Matt Speer

    9 órája

    Everything wrong with Disney: Kathleen Kennedy. Questions?

  47. Delusionerd


    9 órája

    Soo, alternative sequel to Devil Wears Prada?

  48. Wyatt Mann

    Wyatt Mann

    9 órája

    When they finally thaw out Walt Disney and he sees what has become of his creation, he will have them freeze him again...

  49. Wyatt Mann

    Wyatt Mann

    9 órája

    The lazy storytelling and endless rehashing of old material is a result of putting people in charge not because of their talent, but because of their wokeness.

  50. Cc Cc

    Cc Cc

    10 órája

    Classic justifying the toxic traits of women but when it comes to men they label it “Toxic Masculinity.” Maybe hold human being accountable irregardless of gender!

  51. Dickon Springate

    Dickon Springate

    10 órája

    They can remove my notifications and delete my post, but they'll will never get my subcription or cinema money while KK is still part of the empire #TeamGina #FireKathleenKennedy

  52. WWLinkMasterX


    10 órája

    The problem is that the people running Disney now are the exact same types that the original movies were criticizing. They probably feel personally attacked by the originals and have to retroactively "correct" them for the sake of their egos.

  53. Andrew McColl

    Andrew McColl

    10 órája


  54. ila92


    11 órája

    The funniest and crap movie I ever seen lol look silly fanfiction movie yeah thanks lot for ruined my childhood disney..

  55. Suburban Trash

    Suburban Trash

    12 órája

    They keep doing it because you all keep buying.

  56. Real Leif

    Real Leif

    12 órája

    Disney in the 90s: Lets make big messages about people struggling against all odds but prevail due to hard work and a massive pair of balls in their pants. Lets make them likeable and understandable, give them wits and character. They have flaws to overcome and a character ark. Disney now: Looks she is WOMAN, she is PERFECT.

  57. L


    12 órája

    Is this supposed to be her back story ? Like why she becomes Mrs.Wanna kill puppies?

  58. Starman Gaming

    Starman Gaming

    13 órája

    Yes, Disney. Cruella DeVille is an amazing concept for a sympathetic antihero, what with her criminal behaviors, animal abuse, desire to make accessories from puppies that she wanted dead by any means... oh fuck it. Disney's just huffing farts at this point, and they're starting to suffer from methane poisoning.

  59. Nick Piacente

    Nick Piacente

    13 órája

    I can say I’m a little disappointed cause you can pretty much figure out the entire plot of the movie thru this trailer. The most standout disappointment is the dress reveal bit. Anyone who’s seen 102 Dalmatians will definitely remember Cruella’s flame dress at her dinner party. Seems the director and the mouse were like- hey! lets do a toned down version of a dress similar to that for the purpose of foreshadowing!!! OMG we are sooooooo clever!” eyeroll Also one cant help but notice how the trailer basically gave us the entire plot of the movie. Ella is an aspiring fashion designer who’s rival (Emma Thompson. Emma Thompson? SERIOUSLY Disney!? Like you couldnt get anyone else? Emma has been in several Disney movies now and I’m kinda over it. Unless she REALLY wows in this role- I don’t expect to be impressed b/c Im sure although it will be good it won’t be new territory for her. IDK why but first thought for the rival role would have been Nicole Kidman. But we will see)/superior publicly humiliates Ella. I hypothesize that the dalmatians are the pets of said rival that are spoiled beyond belief or maybe are involved in somehow sabotaging Ellas efforts.This leads to Ellas psychotic hatred of dogs and later dalmatians specifically. Im hoping im not as on the nose as i think i am lol. I am optimistic though about how batshit crazy Emma Stone’s Cruella will be. The bottle of alcohol shes carried in one scene is a good sign and possible clue we might get a pg-13 rating on this movie. Dear god i hope so!

  60. Raso Kye

    Raso Kye

    14 órája

    Her name is cruel devil. That's like making a movie about a hero called... CRUEL DEVIL, YOU CANT MAKE SOMETHING MORE EVIL FOR A NAME.

  61. Luke Hermary

    Luke Hermary

    14 órája

    I will not go away now. I’m gonna slap that like button and watch the next video. Deal with it.

  62. Ezi. MB

    Ezi. MB

    14 órája

    “I was born brilliant”. Yet she gets outsmarted by Pongo and Perdita. 🙄

  63. Theodore Schlimme

    Theodore Schlimme

    14 órája

    CD, please review Wizard of Oz..

  64. Malkieification


    15 órája

    Now i've seen this, i can imagine the simpons ep with mr burns... See my "insert not threatening thing here" its simply the best...

  65. Ben


    15 órája

    I'd like to point out that Cruella is outsmarted by animals in the animated and live-action films so I'm not sure how "brilliant" she can be. I mean, if she gets a massive bonk on the head that drops her IQ down 100 points during this film I guess it could still work.

  66. Naive Daysダニエル

    Naive Daysダニエル

    15 órája


  67. edwin sparks

    edwin sparks

    15 órája

    well, the burning dress thing should be doable if they have flash paper.... maybe.

  68. Khaki Wolf

    Khaki Wolf

    16 órája

    Yes. Let's have the Disney's JAFAR movie, where we learn about his struggle from being a street rat with a gift for magic and the occult, to becoming a slave/servant of the Sultan, and rising up to become his loyal vizier. A man of wisdom and respect.

    • Daniel Fortescue

      Daniel Fortescue

      2 órája

      Okay that actually doesn't sound that bad. Compared to "Maleficent" and "Cruella".

  69. Anna Georgiadi

    Anna Georgiadi

    16 órája

    Scuse me if I'm being obtuse here, but what's wrong with Rian Johnson? Bomb video btw, love the commentary.

  70. TheWannabeGamer


    16 órája

    My only request for this movie is to keep Cruella the villain at the end of the film. I can deal with the weird timeline thing, the burning dress, and the “feel bad for antagonist” plot shoved down my throat. All I ask is that it is purely and solely an origin story. I want to leave the theater thinking “gosh she is tragically awful” instead of “oh she’s just tragically misunderstood”. Because Cruella, canonically, wants to KILL PUPPIES. DISNEY DONT TRY AND MAKE SOMEONE GOOD WHO THEIR WHOLE PURPOSE AS AN ANTAGONIST IS TO KILL PUPPIES. DONT DO THIS.

  71. Scipio Garling

    Scipio Garling

    17 órája

    I find it ironic that you criticize DIsney for "retelling old stories" when that is ALL Disney has ever done (with the old stories of others rather than their own).

  72. Scipio Garling

    Scipio Garling

    17 órája

    Oh, dear transatlantic friend; Harley Quin doesn't have a New Jersey accent. She has a Brooklyn accent.

  73. gouhd okhart

    gouhd okhart

    17 órája

    "I was born different, brilliant even. They tried to hold me down but I knew I had the power within to soar. One day they'll see that they were wrong, it was unkind of them to judge me for my flaws, and I'll just laugh as I spread my wings they held back. One day I will rule the world. I am demon, hear me roar." - Chernabog 2025.

  74. Song Says

    Song Says

    17 órája

    Cruella's a would-be puppy killer. I don't understand how Disney thinks people will watch a back story and say, "oh, poor her." Stupid movie idea.

  75. bigby


    17 órája

    i like how Rian Johnson was in his own category

  76. Nasty Nate

    Nasty Nate

    17 órája

    Next on the Disney antihero list, the Nazis from The Sound of Music

    • Isaac XCII

      Isaac XCII

      9 órája

      After all many other dictatorships have been ignored or downplayed for decades

  77. The Joker

    The Joker

    18 órája

    I doubt that they are trying to make Cruella a redeemable antihero. Im betting that she is still gonna be a bad person.

  78. Laura


    18 órája

    Lol I actually like origin stories, and I liked maleficent, I didn’t think about her oppression by a man... hmm it’s always subtly been there

  79. Matt Matt

    Matt Matt

    18 órája

    Funny how all the Ret-Con, adjusted and sympathetic villains are all female, right? At no point are any of the male villains getting a rework? Fuck off Feminism.

  80. Nicolas Kuschnir

    Nicolas Kuschnir

    18 órája

    Since Disney owns fox I'm looking forward to the alien queen movie: the inspiering story of a non cis gendered foreign immigrant who overcomes the bies and racism of white colonizers and introduces them to her culture, tragicly the story ends with her people getting genosided by patriarchal toxic space marines.

  81. Juan V

    Juan V

    19 órája

    Why ? Because people are dumb and just wanna re-watch the same old shit they’d already watched before. God forbid they were challenged with new stories with actual complexity that made their brains think.

  82. Spider Jerusalem

    Spider Jerusalem

    19 órája

    I still think of the 90s/early 2000s 101 dalmatians live actions with Nostalgia Glasses, and I feel so sorry for it, I just remember it had Glenn Close and Jean Reno in 102 Dalmatians.

  83. Pokemon Trainer Link

    Pokemon Trainer Link

    19 órája

    I mean.... I've actually liked all the live action versions more. Specifically Mulan because it's not a musical and I don't.... Like.... Musicals.

  84. Jadin Ellis

    Jadin Ellis

    19 órája

    What is it with these modern movies using a horribly flawed, utterly unlikable, and sometimes downright malicious female character as an example of strong woman? Are they taking the piss out of feminists?

  85. Kamandi


    19 órája

    Liberty is a department store not a hotel.

  86. OlyMolly


    19 órája

    Movie Maleficent 1 & 2 is fine, but Cruella de Vil? That's a big N O P E she's a sociopath in the real world, ain't no misunderstanding about a very obvious criminal.

  87. Baka


    19 órája

    Too dangerous to create these days, might offend somebody. Better to rehash beloved franchises while gutting them to make them more acceptable for current audiences.

  88. ZapDash


    20 órája

    You forgot the animated sequel and the two or more cartoon series!

  89. Stormerbuzz35


    20 órája

    Baroness Von Mayonnaise!

  90. Carl Fox

    Carl Fox

    20 órája

    Are there any movies coming up that you think might be worth spending actual money on? Or, does my theory hold that movies peaked in the 80's and 90's, and it's been a downhill slide from there?

  91. First Last

    First Last

    20 órája

    Bear in mind, in 101 Dalmatians, Cruella Deville is not a young woman. The attempted skinning of the dogs was the capstone of her life, not its ending. That does give potential for her to start out as a good character with good intentions, before some wrong causes her to descend into full-blown puppy-skinning villainy. Handled right, it could make for a good story. It's just a question of whether or not Disney has learned anything from its recent failures.

  92. Mike Rotch

    Mike Rotch

    20 órája

    Nek minute the Archdeacon from Hunchback of Notre Dame gets a live action remake as a misunderstood antihero. 😂

  93. Tasty


    20 órája

    I’m getting real sick and tired of these live-action remakes. That line at the beginning of this video sums it up perfectly.

  94. Marion Vlel

    Marion Vlel

    20 órája

    So, her wanting to skin puppies is just misunderstood, right?

  95. Charles Schmitt

    Charles Schmitt

    20 órája

    Good job including Atlantis footage. More people should see that film.

  96. Iesu fy Mrenin

    Iesu fy Mrenin

    20 órája

    Disney isn't an entertainment company it's a social and psychological control system that attempts to mould you and your children's minds into accepting the norms they want you to adopt. Cruella is an example of inversion, evil becoming good and good becoming evil. The Bible may have been correct when it states that in the last days' people will become lovers of their own selves, proud, covetous, false accusers and despisers of those that are good and also warns 'Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness to light and light to darkness, who replace bitter with sweet and sweet with bitter'.

  97. Nathan Andrews

    Nathan Andrews

    20 órája

    for all this shit you’re talking you’d think you’d get a better mic

  98. Jblac Smith

    Jblac Smith

    20 órája

    the reason they keep doing it is because people keep paying for it, so why should they bother to be creative. when they can copy and paste with a twist

  99. Mr. Cokoko

    Mr. Cokoko

    20 órája

    I personally don't think there's anything wrong with revisiting past glories, as long as you realize there's a reason they are considered glories: not the money made, but the genuine story and love people have for it. Disney's issue comes with attempting to, as you put it, "rewrite history". They are destroying works of art in exchange for a cheap cashgrab. It would be different if they at least tried to make them stand out, as they poorly attempted to do with Mulan. If they were, to say, make a LA remake of Treasure Planet with new ideas that would make it stand out from the original and other sci-fi stories, then good for them, but making a hated villain into this sort of weird fanfiction that tries to justify skinning animals is something that stands out in a very bad light. Sometimes, that's a good thing. Black Cauldron is an excellent example of something Disney themselves did in this case. The LA Cat in the Hat is genuinely hilarious to watch because of the poor makeup skills, CGI, and story as a whole. But it still had good acting, mostly thanks to Mike Myers, and had heart and soul and at least tried hard (too hard, to be honest) to extend the source material into a whole movie. But Cruella does not seem like a "Cat Case". From what I have read about it, it seeks to justify an evil woman's actions while still vilifying her. Hell, the Descendants TV movies made a better version of the character than this. It'd also be different if they attempted to remake the original VA 101D. It'd still be lazy as all hell, of course, but at least it wasn't filmed next to a concentration camp or justifying animal cruelty. But, this is modern Disney. Five bucks says PETA is gonna be involved in the making of this movie.

  100. Steven McBrien

    Steven McBrien

    20 órája

    Disney didn't just become Disney villains. They became the hyenas.