DaBaby Turns Kevin into a CONVERTIBLE!? *not clickbait I promise*

H..he finally did it sons 😪. But it had to happen sooner or later.
Kevins making progress! And I’m off to keep working on renovating the Crackhouse into the wildlife rehab facility! I’ll be sure to film us knocking the walls down for you lovely boys and boyettes 👨🏻‍🌾🤝❤️
Uncle Farmer Dad Ben 👨🏻‍🌾🤝
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  1. Jake Hughes

    Jake Hughes

    16 napja

    Whew, I’m glad I liked the video. Hit rapper and artist ‘Da Baby’ did in fact NOT turn me into a convertible.

    • Xavy_Keoni


      6 napja

      @why r u geh? I pull up

    • Memzy ManYT

      Memzy ManYT

      8 napja

      I hope he turns my brother back. He didn't like the video :(

    • The SkunkYT

      The SkunkYT

      10 napja

      @Happykittycat no u fuck yourself

    • Happykittycat


      10 napja

      @The SkunkYT shut

    • Happykittycat


      10 napja

      @ミーマン【M-man】 no fuck u

  2. Xeno {Vampire}

    Xeno {Vampire}

    4 órája

    "Da baby you're.... you're becoming a convsrtible" best meme

  3. Shinobi Stealth

    Shinobi Stealth

    9 órája

    1:03 this joke had me dying "birder school"

  4. SkeletonGuitar


    13 órája

    Kevin the rhea vs Kevin the King cobra



    16 órája

    Never let your chickens go crazy, go stupid. Noted

  6. Vloneyo


    18 órája

    I want to box Kevin sooo bad

  7. Vloneyo


    18 órája

    Lol 2:04, look at the possom. Special Ed ranch

  8. Inuyasha from Inuyasha

    Inuyasha from Inuyasha

    21 órája

    "Please stop 😀" Kevin:"Ugh I guess 🙄"

  9. Seventeenth



    When is the Urban Rescue Ranch anime adaption coming out?

  10. Igor



    He's getting more and more cringier every episode...

  11. black trashcan lid

    black trashcan lid


    Lesss goooo

  12. Flishy



    You best

  13. High King Of Quel'thalas

    High King Of Quel'thalas


    Get the armor Kevin will be powerless

  14. I am Breathnt

    I am Breathnt


    2:03 poppy is there like :P

  15. Shaheer Ali Khan

    Shaheer Ali Khan

    2 napja

    I'm so confused when I watch his videos

  16. zorpie hehe

    zorpie hehe

    2 napja

    no matter how many times he says, "ever heard of it?" its acceptable to the HUeye community XD

  17. Joseph Buck

    Joseph Buck

    2 napja

    Kevin's kind of a jerk, ain't he?

  18. Noah Elliot Kamp Teglgård

    Noah Elliot Kamp Teglgård

    2 napja

    3:38 is literally Among us in a nutshell

  19. Don McCarthy

    Don McCarthy

    2 napja

    We all should start a kickstarter or gofundme for Ben to set him up right. Seems like a comical and genuine dude.

  20. Jimmy Nutgroan

    Jimmy Nutgroan

    2 napja


  21. Anthony Mazzella

    Anthony Mazzella

    3 napja

    5:19 it’s that easy

  22. Milk Man

    Milk Man

    3 napja

    if i ever have a kid i am naming him kevin

  23. Gavin Mulherin

    Gavin Mulherin

    3 napja

    I’m literally getting surgery done rn on my feet while watching this to distract me from the pain

  24. Stoned Savage!

    Stoned Savage!

    3 napja

    As an ex farmer I feel offended being called a city slicker.

  25. mrjimjah


    3 napja

    kevin is clearly jealous of your fatherly role

  26. Vethowenx


    3 napja

    Les gooo

  27. CraftDevv


    3 napja


  28. CraftDevv


    3 napja

    It's Dababy hit rapper and artist

  29. bRAINstormING


    3 napja

    Dababy grew up in North Carolina I thought? Lol turns into a convertible

  30. James Grandfield

    James Grandfield

    3 napja

    Kevin is my favorite

  31. Connor Wyn Hughes

    Connor Wyn Hughes

    3 napja

    "So guys Karen hasn't laid any eggs so ima have to up the ante a little bit and lay them myself." 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚

  32. Ricardo Aguilar

    Ricardo Aguilar

    4 napja

    What happened to the baby the famous rapper

  33. Doug Lightyear

    Doug Lightyear

    4 napja

    I always thought Dababy was from the south wtf

  34. Waut Van den Brande

    Waut Van den Brande

    4 napja

    Why does hay come in bags in Amerika

  35. P6-4 TAN PIN YUAN


    4 napja

    I think you should have the 'Bread boys' armor to protect yourself from Kevin bites, please don't bleed. :(

  36. Aiden Wasowski

    Aiden Wasowski

    4 napja

    It’s his son

  37. Devilus34


    4 napja

    Dababy did the blood work so its valid

  38. Mynames Jeff

    Mynames Jeff

    4 napja

    What are you doing with Kevin's spawn?

  39. Charmanders 0203

    Charmanders 0203

    4 napja

    I feel like I’m high while watching him.

  40. iCAPU_


    4 napja

    da baby is not from cleveland

  41. Case Littlefield

    Case Littlefield

    5 napja

    Hahaha I love your videos

  42. Evren Daniel Poe

    Evren Daniel Poe

    5 napja


  43. Hellava Live

    Hellava Live

    5 napja

    Edward looks just like you !! Def ur son !

  44. parker cat

    parker cat

    5 napja

    I love the way that poppy's on uncle bens shoulder like nothings wrong in life

  45. Aditya Girisha

    Aditya Girisha

    5 napja

    Edward looks kinda like kevin

  46. eilande


    5 napja

    hohoho so the day that rhea accidentally kills himself we are all gonna makes jokes aswell.. FUCK THAT

  47. Phantom Rain

    Phantom Rain

    5 napja

    farmer mr beast

  48. Turbkey Samdwich

    Turbkey Samdwich

    5 napja

    Your son is very cute.

  49. Sendurai Ayurveda

    Sendurai Ayurveda

    5 napja

    Vini is a chonky rabbit and she is cute at the same time

  50. Rex Rodgers

    Rex Rodgers

    5 napja

    I knew you could do it DaBaby

  51. Isaac Flores

    Isaac Flores

    5 napja

    Omggggggg man I am a big fun of da baby I canopy believe this

  52. Sanity


    5 napja

    kevin father impostor of chikin

    • Sanity


      5 napja


  53. TwistedSoul


    6 napja

    i just love poppy shes so cute

  54. austin


    6 napja

    This is what would happen if you were the last human left on earth



    6 napja

    growning fasat

  56. the great old one

    the great old one

    6 napja

    Dababy is just as cute as baby yoda 😄

  57. Let’s Go Rangers

    Let’s Go Rangers

    6 napja

    Morgan looks like Kevin a little

  58. Nev


    6 napja

    I only brush my teeth in the morning, and you can’t stop me.

  59. Kristjan Rom

    Kristjan Rom

    6 napja

    His arms are like if he was coming from Iraq lmao

  60. dcmelos71


    6 napja

    I don’t know why HUeye recommended me to this channel, but I am so glad they did.

  61. TaidaDave


    6 napja

    Kevin is actually fighting daily like his life depended on it. I feel like he may be one of the strognest Rheas in in the world

  62. That Wild Individual

    That Wild Individual

    6 napja

    Lets be honest, noone cares if its clickbait or not, everyones knows theyre in for a treat when they watch any of your videos

  63. Wayne Wayne

    Wayne Wayne

    6 napja

    It scares me that you are now rehabbing a house and you do not know the difference between coaxial cable and electric wires.

  64. Einaras Vaškys

    Einaras Vaškys

    6 napja

    edvard is so cool he no move too

  65. Michael Markert

    Michael Markert

    6 napja

    Kevin genuinely terrifies me

  66. Vagueness


    6 napja

    Get another kangaroo and name him rod wave

  67. CMC Soundz

    CMC Soundz

    6 napja

    Your channel brings me alot of joy, love the vids

  68. Guts


    6 napja

    Yeet Yoot saw the future

  69. GhostOmegaGaming


    6 napja

    "Im in charge" *boss music intensifies*

  70. Misty Garden

    Misty Garden

    6 napja

    Ben: "Please, stop!" Kevin: *Nods* okay fine, i'll stop. *walks away* Ben: "that's what i thought... hhahah I'm in charge" Kevin: WHAT DID YOU SAY PUNK?! Ben: "oH No!" 7:16

  71. CostaImagination


    6 napja

    Kevin’s ashy, sorry.

  72. Super Ahsh Thawak

    Super Ahsh Thawak

    6 napja

    Dababy is From North Carolina 😭

  73. J Dew2

    J Dew2

    6 napja

    Dababy is from Charlotte!!!!!

  74. Matt Holley

    Matt Holley

    6 napja


  75. MattKeepsFish


    6 napja

    It may have your blood, but it will have Kevin’s list for blood

  76. Benjamin Totallynotalt

    Benjamin Totallynotalt

    6 napja

    Ive never understood this meme

  77. Majd Sinjar

    Majd Sinjar

    6 napja

    #make his yard great again

  78. Lodorf


    7 napja

    I want a kangaroo now

  79. michael fleischauer

    michael fleischauer

    7 napja

    Do it get the armor

  80. *Suchomimus* *Tenerensis*

    *Suchomimus* *Tenerensis*

    7 napja

    "When the imposter amogus is sus? Hohoho! Right, Karen?" Karen: *V r o o m!*

  81. Malacophile


    7 napja

    Nobody's doubting that Edward is your son. He's got your nose.

  82. Evan Carrier

    Evan Carrier

    7 napja

    At 3:58 if you pause it at the right time you can see a person

  83. Mate Fazekas

    Mate Fazekas

    7 napja

    Actually, Edward does bear a striking resemblance to Kevin and not to Uncle Ben

  84. Aidan Keep

    Aidan Keep

    7 napja


  85. KevinShinwoo


    7 napja

    You should put an exercise ball in with Kevin and Karen-- literally as I was typing that, 4:15 came up...okay XD

  86. Ra


    7 napja

    I bet he secretly eats a friend or two along the way...

  87. Josh Valdes

    Josh Valdes

    7 napja

    I’m sorry if I’m speaking out of terms here, but are you sure the bloodwork was not swapped out by *ahem* Kevin, just so he wouldn’t have to pay child support and you would? Because the resemblance between Edward and Kevin is just uncanny.

  88. TickleMeWesker


    7 napja

    I wonder what people are thinking when they dislike uncle bens videos 🤔

  89. ali hero

    ali hero

    7 napja

    You will be in 2021 rewind I mean not exactly you. Kevin it is

  90. giant Wolfie

    giant Wolfie

    7 napja

    Get it

  91. Agnes Óskarsdóttir

    Agnes Óskarsdóttir

    8 napja


  92. Andrew The Giant Dwarf

    Andrew The Giant Dwarf

    8 napja

    Nobody tell Uncle, but I think that baby is Kevin's...

  93. kefi


    8 napja

    Can kevin do anything with his wings or are they just there?

    • kefi


      7 napja

      @*Suchomimus* *Tenerensis* oh ok, thank you (:

    • *Suchomimus* *Tenerensis*

      *Suchomimus* *Tenerensis*

      7 napja

      They're really just for display and possibly thermoregulation. He does look a lot more intimidating with them open though.

  94. Devilslighter


    8 napja

    8:00 wait if you don't have cable does that mean Kevin was faking wires oh shit

  95. Paqiuman


    8 napja

    Did I hear elEGGtricity?

  96. George Obama-Biden

    George Obama-Biden

    8 napja

    Ben the old egg thief.

  97. Petar Lajić

    Petar Lajić

    8 napja

    I love the fact that he has a possom on his shoulder like the whole video hahahahaha

  98. Shaheer Hasnain

    Shaheer Hasnain

    8 napja


  99. Epic Killer 49

    Epic Killer 49

    8 napja

    Yes you should get that

  100. Alex Foster

    Alex Foster

    8 napja

    Buy the armor to remind Karen that Kevin is but a mere peasant and cannot afford such adornments.