David Dobrik & I Bought Markell A Car | Charli D'Amelio

hi everyone. i wanted to organize this with @David Dobrik to surprise my awesome friend @Markell Washington! seeing markell's reaction was priceless and i'm so happy we were able to do this for him. thanks for watching, see you soon!!!
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    XXX tentación

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    BONJOUR !!! ❤️

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    I love his reaction he is so happy love you

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    she has no charisma at all lol

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    Isabela Giraldo

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    Como cuando no sabes ingles que diran🤣🤣🤣

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    Trendy Insight

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    That is so amazing! Im so happy for Markell🥰🥰🥰

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    Nice bots B)

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    I love charle sge is a amazing person i went through a hard also so u are anazing girk

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    A love you

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    I can’t wait till this chick does onlyfans because she belongs to the streets

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    Charli have no talent

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    Que asco que usé Bots no puedes sin Bots 🤮 Y prepárate porque Fernaflo te va a ganar porque el no usa Bots Cómo tu jajaja

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    Charli eres mi idola te amooo ojala veas mi comentario plis

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    Bet David’s wishin he didn’t throw down half now!

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    Charlie is the best! Markell you deserve it!

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    Hi Charlie

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    Me, searching the universe to see if charli has any talent other than blowing o's with a vape.



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    I loved the way he ran

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    5:33 RIP MY EARS BRO-

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    5:33 charli ur crazy 😭😭😭

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    1:37 ur eye charli are u okay 🤭😞🥺

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    • It'z Lexie•

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    Hi Charlie I am a big fan and I went to Dunkin’ Donuts and got the Charlie cold foem

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    Hay charli I just want you and anyone to know that haters will be around for a long time and all you and your sister have to do is forget and go on with your life if you are having trouble just always remember never give up what your doing and I will support you what ever your going through.I know it is a tough year were all trying to go through this but you just have to forget about the past and get through what your during.I know it is hard for you but it has happened to be a bunch and did I ever give up no I didn't I got through and went on with my life and I think that is what you and your sister and your parents need to do is don't think about other people just think about what your doing and see where it goes from there I also know that your smart,funny,kind and your not mean and other people don't think that but I promise your not doing anything wrong your just trying to live your life while you still have it.

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    Charlie please leave tik tok, instagram and youtube no one loves you

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    My name is David but not dobrik

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    when he yelled I was so happy I almost yelled no cap!

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    Wtf was that yeall

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    My respect for Charli 📈📈📈

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    david dobrik is more talented than u

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    Tu hablas espanish

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    8:38 his impersonation is fucking hilarious. Lol

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    Jxhhsjjsjsbndxjbxbsbsnsbsnks no se que dice🤔

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    Okg its the best Charli ilove IT

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    He’s the nicest friend

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    Charlie is the queen

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    Love you Charli no explique inglis

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    Where is Dixie

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    wait did they move again?

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    Ghid was the mist amazing dat of nu life trulv♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋🥳🥳

  80. Lisa Thornhill

    Lisa Thornhill

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    No matter what! NO matter what! NO MATTER WHAT may come! No matter The trash talk. No matter what incidents Or mistakes,David you’re awesome! Charli you’ll always be me girl! Marvell... Your reaction... PRICELESS! (Ugh... why Cant I stop crying!😭). I just hope this Whole mess flies over quick. Plsease Don’t stop what you do David, Charli!❤️❤️❤️

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      @Vaniter yes finally

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      Stfu lisa u neek

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    she said “hi guys I’m Charli d’amelio” like miss gurl I think we know, you literally have 100 million followers calm down 😭😭😭

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    Alguém que fala português aqui, pra mim não me senti sozinha?

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    Your birthday is may 1st Charli d'Amelio

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    I just got your book and I am sooooo excited to read it yayyyyy omgg so excited

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    im so confused why ppl srent talking abt this but the reaction to getting the tesla thing then there was no more but also my man was jumpin all over the place

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