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Death in the Family | That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2

Ep 32: Rimuru discovers Shion was killed in the attack... Watch That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime on Crunchyroll:
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  1. Simthembile Mpabanga

    Simthembile Mpabanga

    10 órája

    Gobtas voice actor had me in tears

  2. Lord Faladar

    Lord Faladar


    heart breaking

  3. jonah wheeler

    jonah wheeler


    I expected rimaru to lose control and destroy everything in his path because he was sad and mad

  4. Akoga17



    Would love to know the name of the ost track used at the start.

  5. Joshua Dompreh

    Joshua Dompreh


    “If someone threatens to take my freedom, then i won’t hesitate to take theirs” -CuCk Yeager




    Shion : dead Rimuru : power up in doom slayer

  7. BleedingSnow



    Season 1 : Comon everyone let's be friends! Season 2 : "Looks like there's no need to grant them forgiveness, Die"

  8. SubHungry


    2 napja

    1:10 your mom when she goes through your search history

  9. Perplexity


    3 napja

    It's a sad moment but when his gates of power creak open at 1:10 I can't help but get hyped as hell.

  10. Zangetsuv2


    3 napja

    Whoever named this clip was clearly a Batman fan and it's an *extremely* appropriate one too.

  11. Baker Alshaban

    Baker Alshaban

    3 napja

    What the soundtrack name?

  12. boohoo


    3 napja

    "Knowledge is power dont mess with someone with knowledge and power" - some dude

  13. actinid14


    4 napja

    The way Rimuru chose violence here is highly satisfying

  14. Just someone on the internet

    Just someone on the internet

    4 napja

    All of the dislikes probably came from ppl who missed it due to their eyes being in tears

  15. noobhead16


    5 napja

    Dam zero two sister is in this anime?

  16. iiWael_YT


    5 napja

    Shion : dead Shuna : hehehehe this is my time with remuru

  17. Weeb Estranho

    Weeb Estranho

    5 napja

    That Time I Thought About Genocide

  18. Rush Torres

    Rush Torres

    5 napja

    Shion was the only person who was close to rimuru personally

  19. TheAaronSmash


    5 napja

    Knew this scene was coming and still got chills and cried

  20. trunks1792


    6 napja

    This is such a good scene but man it makes me cry every time even knowing they'll be saved ☹

  21. Da Baby

    Da Baby

    6 napja

    What ep was this

    • curtemporer


      5 napja

      Episode 32

  22. CaptainBerry


    6 napja

    "When do you think people die? When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No. When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No. When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom!? No! It’s when… they are forgotten."

  23. sage


    6 napja

    Literal chills when rimuru shows his rage

  24. Jaycee


    6 napja

    I started this show because it looked fun and seemed to be a comedy. I... was not expecting the tragedy that was season 2. Also, I feel like Gobta should have been allowed to stay. He was mourning a friend too. I mean, they all were, but Gobta just found out.

  25. Jouini Mohamed Karim

    Jouini Mohamed Karim

    7 napja

    Piano name ost please someone help me

  26. Jin Seiryuu

    Jin Seiryuu

    7 napja

    1:10 A wise man once said... "I feel fear of the rage of a Gentleman" 😡

  27. crazyman8472


    7 napja

    They have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve. 💀

  28. Cayde 6 *DEAD*

    Cayde 6 *DEAD*

    7 napja

    shinra tensei/Delete

  29. KTC12490


    7 napja

    I love how they address how strong he is great rimuru

  30. AETHER!!


    8 napja

    I was waiting for that power surge too



    8 napja

    love this. but i wish there was more rage

  32. GamerEX


    8 napja

    I mean, poking a bee hive is a bad idea but smacking it around and damaging it? Way, way worse.

  33. Gem Nut

    Gem Nut

    8 napja

    No matter the world humans are always discussing and It was so wonderful to see him slaughter them all if it where me I’d make the king watch as I run his kingdom into a Crater....

  34. Jwen7836


    8 napja

    Poor Shion yes, but poor Gobzo too 😢

  35. NewCia Lee

    NewCia Lee

    8 napja

    1:05 When my family celebrate July 4th without me while I’m at work this how I feel.

  36. Max Primal

    Max Primal

    9 napja


  37. MysticDragonWolf


    9 napja

    Raiden: There are fates worse than death Rimuru: I agree. - I actually teared up here. That is rare. I thought I locked that away after watching my fellow sailors and marines die in front of me. Glad to know I haven’t lost it

    • Jaycee


      6 napja

      This comment surprisingly hurt me.

  38. TK FTW

    TK FTW

    10 napja

    Can I have the episode

  39. KTC12490


    10 napja

    Yeah they werent laughing with those water bullets to the head tho

  40. Erick Marquez

    Erick Marquez

    10 napja

    This is masterpiece writing in display, when you realize your own race deserve extintion...

  41. Frik Na luzie

    Frik Na luzie

    10 napja

    Shion: dead. Rimuru *Tempest*: Oncoming Storm.

  42. Eren Yeager

    Eren Yeager

    11 napja

    Who else realized how the mask broke from the Rage and Power of Rimuru

  43. Naofumi Iwatani

    Naofumi Iwatani

    11 napja

    At least Zero Two was saved...

  44. Nathaniel


    11 napja

    I always thought that if I became extremely powerful and attained strong allies in an alternate world, I would rule more like Rimuru than Ainz Ooal Gown. But honestly the rage I felt seeing so many of the monsters slaughtered defenselessly, I would succumb to being an overlord in no time flat...the fact Rumiru kept that rage in check instead of going 🦇 💩 wild and crazy on the humans just goes to show how much more qualified he is to be their leader

  45. jeramahia123


    11 napja

    No Mercy!

  46. Emrach te Riele

    Emrach te Riele

    11 napja

    She died how she lived With big momma milkers Like damn empty those jugs

  47. Xallia Rose

    Xallia Rose

    11 napja

    I cried at hard...~🥺😭😭

  48. Zamir Murray

    Zamir Murray

    11 napja

    nah i would have turned into inz al gon

  49. Derecbew yt

    Derecbew yt

    12 napja

    Does someone know the name of the song ?

  50. Sarp Baykal

    Sarp Baykal

    13 napja

    Gobta voice acting was top notch in this

  51. Benjamin Bernard

    Benjamin Bernard

    13 napja


  52. I Horizontal I

    I Horizontal I

    13 napja

    "Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light" -Dylan Thomas

  53. R3dEye Gaming

    R3dEye Gaming

    13 napja

    "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and fill him with a terrible resolve." - (allegedly said by) Yamamoto Isoroku.

  54. Sergio Cardenas

    Sergio Cardenas

    14 napja

    Who else cry a little during this part

  55. Timothy Woodard

    Timothy Woodard

    14 napja

    I totally need to get caught up on the show

  56. AlmightyTitan


    14 napja

    Now I don't want to watch this season.....

  57. Sorakairei


    14 napja

    Does anyone know the name of the piano track that plays?

  58. Naruto Miku

    Naruto Miku

    14 napja

    *Rimuru see’s his people hurt,killed and dead* Rimuru: *these human’s shall know pain*

  59. Kimoi Tran

    Kimoi Tran

    15 napja


  60. Anonymous Invader

    Anonymous Invader

    15 napja

    Yeah I stopped watching after this

    • SLDDL


      12 napja

      Have you finished the part 1 of season 2 ?

    • Anonymous Invader

      Anonymous Invader

      14 napja

      @Asghaad I didn’t know resurrection was an option

    • Asghaad


      15 napja

      uhhh ...why ? ...

  61. David Mcloughlin

    David Mcloughlin

    15 napja

    Rimuru: 🙁 they laughed about it . The butchered innocent people who had never done them wrong . And laughed at them as If their lives meant nothing . 🙁well I guess that makes dealing with them so much easier now. Gobta: 😢why is that ?🥺😭 Rimuru: 😠because now Gobta. And I can honestly say this without any trace of DOUBT!!!!! 😡 THERE IS NOW NOT A SINGLE POWER OR FORCE, ON THIS EARTH!!! THAT CAN STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  62. Ashroller22


    15 napja

    even tho we know we know they all comeback to life, this scene still gets me specially seen how Rimuru let's himself go for maybe half a sec if not less

    • Asghaad


      15 napja

      its more scary knowing that even at this point he is nearly unstoppable already, if he lost it here that world would simply end ...

  63. Dub Nation

    Dub Nation

    15 napja

    Hit hurt me to see this rimuru just wanted piece and u spit in his face and throw acid on em top it off call his destined one a waste of time and space I’m jk jk jk do attack me plz 😂😂👌🏼🤕

  64. One Sans

    One Sans

    16 napja

    honestly gobtas va carried this scene

  65. dan Butch boi

    dan Butch boi

    16 napja

    One of the most powerful episode of an anime that makes you cry

  66. ážμážμ ˞˞

    ážμážμ ˞˞

    16 napja

    “The Thunder Before the Storm”The Autobiography of Clyde Bellecourt. Or in this case, before the Tempest.

  67. The greatest name ever

    The greatest name ever

    16 napja

    Rimuru in season 1 be like: Remember kids, violence isn't the answer. :D Rimuru in season 2 like: IT'S A QUESTION, AND THE ANSWER IS *YES.*

  68. Lil Rock46

    Lil Rock46

    16 napja

    Am i the only one who wishes that he went berserk after that and killed everyone and the go to war with everyone else bc they thought it was wrong then later become the demon lord and then became the most powerful demon lord after fighter fighting all 6 I believe together and then take control of everything and rebuilt it as he wanted😕

  69. Gökhan Şenak

    Gökhan Şenak

    17 napja

    It was a very emotional scene...

  70. EonicFlare


    17 napja

    What do rimuru and anakin have in common? No one escapes death, no matter the age or gender

  71. Guamson Cruz

    Guamson Cruz

    17 napja

    Shion:*dies* Rimuru: "its a beautiful day outside, the flowers are blooming on days like this humans like you... should be burning in HELL"

  72. James McDavid

    James McDavid

    17 napja

    It was at this moment that Rimuru lost his temper.

  73. jdhur3


    17 napja

    The way Rimuru apologizes and asks to be alone for a while, it tears my heart. You can feel the anger, the frustration and the pain he feels.

  74. Dr. Smith

    Dr. Smith

    17 napja

    I like how Rigurd and Benimaru just look at each other in understanding what Rimuru is feeling because they both were leaders that been through lose of members of their village/ tribe.

  75. Mystic Boar

    Mystic Boar

    18 napja

    1:09 oh those humans made a terrible mistake 😨

  76. VoidWolf2316


    18 napja

    This soundtrack is honestly beautiful, anyone know a name or anything for it?

  77. Shalltear Bloodfallen

    Shalltear Bloodfallen

    18 napja

    Kills shione... Dies Ya get what ya deserve

  78. Eren Yeager

    Eren Yeager

    18 napja

    What episode is this???

    • Mystic Boar

      Mystic Boar

      18 napja

      Ep 8

  79. Sonic Cody

    Sonic Cody

    18 napja

    ....None....not a single one should be aloud to be alive after this atrocity

  80. Nolann


    18 napja

    I was prepared for that because i read the scans but men, that gobta scream made me loose it

  81. Rubrum Corvus

    Rubrum Corvus

    18 napja

    Humans: exist Rimuru: hoppiti hoppiti your life is now my property

  82. Paul Parkes

    Paul Parkes

    18 napja

    Hidoi yo hidoi yo

  83. maddie


    18 napja

    Shion's death hurt man. I'm broken

  84. Hawk


    18 napja

    This scene made me very sad and angry

  85. Jorge A.L

    Jorge A.L

    19 napja


  86. Prince Artemis

    Prince Artemis

    19 napja

    It looks like its going to rain.

  87. Nora Lawrence

    Nora Lawrence

    19 napja

    Seriously? Spoil a massive plot point with the title and thumbnail? Come on Crunchyroll, thought you were better than that

    • Juwe


      16 napja

      It's not a direct spoiler, neither the thumbnail nor the title

  88. YourFreindly NeighborhoodWolfy

    YourFreindly NeighborhoodWolfy

    19 napja

    "There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night without a moon, and the anger of a gentle man,"

  89. Nivek Ryer

    Nivek Ryer

    20 napja

    Ruin has come to our family

  90. Kyle Webb

    Kyle Webb

    20 napja

    Nootice Harkurou didnt react to Rimuru when he released his aura. He held his composure knowing Rimuru would keep sanity and that saying anything wouldn't help. He did know that the humans enraged the one being they never should have and death was coming.

  91. Nick Lancial

    Nick Lancial

    20 napja

    I know its horrible but at the same time its the scenes like this that create the greatest rage scenes and considering what Falmuth did and spared not even the children I had no sympathy for what came next Hakurou warned them ......what they'd done is open Pandora's box and the gates to Tartarus all in one ......they got too greedy and it ended up costing them everything

  92. Brayden Sparrow

    Brayden Sparrow

    20 napja

    I love how the second Rimuru loses control of his anger his first subordinate (how the hell have i forgotten his name) calls him back to reality, just like he knows if he didn’t they’d all get blown away by his real power

    • J H

      J H

      18 napja


  93. XeSkistiken


    20 napja

    Its a sad day when a good man goes to war.

  94. Aaron Lin

    Aaron Lin

    20 napja

    I just noticed where did kurobe go (the other ogre that we rarely get to see )



    20 napja

    The titel of this video made it seem like rimuru is an italian maffia bos.



    20 napja

    Rimuru activated Mangekyou Sharingan.

  97. Jasiel López

    Jasiel López

    20 napja

    I read it but still it hurts

  98. Tscorpion 131

    Tscorpion 131

    20 napja

    Rimuru said here I go killing again

  99. Christoffer Eriksen

    Christoffer Eriksen

    20 napja

    what music is in this clipp ?? love it

  100. Gabre


    20 napja

    He almost nuked the place in this one moment of uncontrollable anger.