Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | Official Trailer

Featuring the exclusive first listen to Demi Lovato’s title song to the powerful four-part documentary event, “Dancing With the Devil.”
Premiering March 23, Demi Lovato holds nothing back in this powerful four part documentary series exploring every aspect that led to her nearly fatal overdose in 2018, and her awakenings in the aftermath. Director Michael D. Ratner is granted unprecedented access to the superstar’s personal and musical journey during the most trying time of her life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health. Far deeper than an inside look beyond the celebrity surface, this is an intimate portrait of addiction, and the process of healing and empowerment.


  1. Dashawn Harrison

    Dashawn Harrison

    12 perccel

    I freaking ❤ Demi L since I was in middle school watching "as the bell rings" in 2004. Wow 17 years later And she is looking beautiful.

  2. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss


    anyone else tbh

  3. Adam Rivera

    Adam Rivera


    Celebrity's are all low lifes. Truth hurts.

  4. Carl Langenscheid

    Carl Langenscheid



  5. The World of Luigi n.n

    The World of Luigi n.n


    once this comes out, trust me when i say, a lot of people will apologize to demi.... mark my words

  6. Carl Langenscheid

    Carl Langenscheid


    So excited for this song!!!

    • Ask to seduce Miss

      Ask to seduce Miss


      Demi is showing the world what shadow work is really like. 💕

  7. Carl Langenscheid

    Carl Langenscheid


    You’re very inspirational

  8. Carl Langenscheid

    Carl Langenscheid


    Thank you for being so open and honest

  9. Carl Langenscheid

    Carl Langenscheid


    I love Demi

  10. Ambassador For Christ

    Ambassador For Christ



  11. Jesse Reis

    Jesse Reis


    Eu chorando pra caramba te amo demi

  12. Kp


    2 órája

    Whenever I feel down her voice brings me back to life

  13. Jutter X

    Jutter X

    2 órája

    I love this song!... and can't wait to hear her story. Cuz I dont judge, just support

  14. Desteny Castro

    Desteny Castro

    2 órája

    Omg i can't wait no more i have watch this over and over again. She a queen a strong one too this why I look up to her so much 💘💘💘

  15. Ponchis Vega

    Ponchis Vega

    3 órája

    Cause a dance with the devil might last you forever.

  16. Prakriti Puri Official

    Prakriti Puri Official

    3 órája

    Demi I know you since 2013 and you was my idol... You are my idol... And you always will be my idol ❤️ I am crying during this video ❤️❤️ you are the sweetest 🥺

  17. Infinite Light

    Infinite Light

    3 órája

    The ability to hide what she feels and to now choose herself in the mix of things shows inner strength, particularly when she's feeling at her most vulnerable. Haters will always be there to challenge the outcome of life, but Demi is rising above them now and choosing herself, standing up for her truth too. The world of haters do indeed owe Demi an apology, sometimes its not always about the apology or waiting on the outcome of one that one is expecting. That's the beauty of rising above, you keep on rising and focusing on yourself, your truths and your voice. Demi, you are one very strong candlelight in a world of voices. If you feel its time to let your true light shine and your voice to be heard, you got my support from one here. Goddess bless your music for its powerful messages of resonance within the starlight. You got this, gal!

  18. Lilly Moon_Ravenclaw

    Lilly Moon_Ravenclaw

    4 órája

    I can't wait till she releases that song that was at the's beautiful!!!💜

  19. kia yaj

    kia yaj

    4 órája

    If you've survived death whether once or more... You were probably meant to do greater better things with another chance of living. Do not take that chance for granted.

  20. Crysta Danielle

    Crysta Danielle

    4 órája

    Demi is showing the world what shadow work is really like. 💕

  21. Jeff Remling

    Jeff Remling

    4 órája

    Yha money makes demons of us all get better ps: u have too much makeup on your way to pretty for all that my opinion dont everyone else hate my guts lol

  22. Robert Rogers

    Robert Rogers

    4 órája

    Is this free ?

  23. Osunde Annabel

    Osunde Annabel

    5 órája


  24. Lil Jaydy

    Lil Jaydy

    5 órája

    So much inspiration

  25. JnRgaragejams


    6 órája

    Say what you want about Demi Lovato. She can poke a Capri-Sun on the first try.

  26. Damian merchan

    Damian merchan

    6 órája

    Can't wait I see it in March. The trailer is amazing.

  27. meemansa agarwal

    meemansa agarwal

    6 órája

    I think she needs to heal first and stop making these DOCUMENTARIES.

  28. Ashley M.

    Ashley M.

    6 órája

    I love You Demi..... i am just glad you’re okay and still here to bless us with your wonderful gift. God bless you and keep up the fight ❤️🥰

  29. Abigail Brown

    Abigail Brown

    6 órája

    Thank you demi for sharing your story. You are a beautiful person. You are so inspirational. There is hope ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Norma From LA

    Norma From LA

    7 órája

    Not many will understand why she is sharing her story, but she is out their trying to help others seek for help and know that you are strong enough to overcome your own demons and/or addictions. That not only ppl with less are suffering, ppl like her that have more go through it too. Can't wait to see her side of the story

  31. Unorthodox Black Girl

    Unorthodox Black Girl

    7 órája

    I don’t have a problem with Demi. What I have a problem with is how this culture feels the need to share everything. Do we need another documentary about another celebrity going through a hardship? Going through a relapse/drug addiction/anything? So people can know they’re “not alone.” ? This is no disrespect, but this glamorizes the entire situation. It’s almost like people go through stuff JUST to have something to put on television.... and everybody always eats it up. I wish her the best though.

  32. jordache141


    7 órája

    I’ve watched every documentary of hers and I’ll be here to watch this one. Love you Demi💙

  33. Ronitte N

    Ronitte N

    7 órája

    This girl is crazy full of herself

  34. Stefany Vizcarra

    Stefany Vizcarra

    7 órája

    You can't give us this good of a trailer and make us wait a month

  35. Angela Sullivan

    Angela Sullivan

    7 órája

    I don't know much about her but it sounds like she needs to let go and let God. He is the only thing that will keep her from a sinners life. She is in the industry of sin so it would be a big challenge.

  36. Mahin Rahaman

    Mahin Rahaman

    7 órája

    how many times is she gonna put out these sad documentaries on her life like we get it you're a victim

  37. Chad Gossman

    Chad Gossman

    7 órája

    As a past drug user myself, when he asked her if she was still sober and she gave him that look, from experience whether she admits it or not, the answer is no. Altho it could have been just how they made the ad for the vid look on commercial.

  38. Lisha Johnson

    Lisha Johnson

    7 órája

    Just more of boohoo Demi, no I don’t want her to die or go to hell but I don’t feel bad for her anymore. She said everyone who didn’t vote for Biden were disgusting and racist. She is an ugly person on the inside period point blank and now she just keeps getting famous because she can’t get her crap together when she has so much money. I’m so sick of celebrities trying make people feel bad for them when they aren’t in our shoes. Nope sorry, but I don’t care to listen to her cry about her life or any celebrity for that matter because they made their decisions themselves and got themselves in situations they shouldn’t have. Nobody forced you to do things. People have rights and one of those rights is to say no and stand by it 🤷🏻‍♀️ yes I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this comment but idc 👌🏻

  39. Skye Tingz

    Skye Tingz

    8 órája

    Engaged to who Sis 😂😂 listen u didnt ask my permission Nah but I love Demi so much !

  40. Aaron Motley

    Aaron Motley

    8 órája

    When’s the next od?

  41. Daniel


    8 órája

    Rum is good

  42. t bone

    t bone

    8 órája


  43. Pwyrzx -

    Pwyrzx -

    8 órája

    I can’t wait to hear the full song! Such a beautiful artist!

  44. lady tron

    lady tron

    8 órája

    She's more matured than I expected on what happened to her. Life is important. Godbless demi❤️

  45. water


    8 órája

    should’ve let the od do its job..

  46. dcoke89


    8 órája

    Huge her..glad she’s doing good. I saw her unconscious . It was horrible.

  47. Samaya Pearl

    Samaya Pearl

    8 órája

    Oh my god you don't know how bad in my heart I just want Demi to say "I'm ok" but fucking mean every single letter in that phrase the love I have for her and her work and music is almost as much as I do for my family and that's only because the more hurt I see in someone the more love I can't help but have for them and more desperate I get to see them happy again. BECAUSE I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE FUCKING HAPPY LIKE I CAN'T TAKE IT SOMETIMES I REALLY HATE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN SO MUCH 🥺🥺🥺🥺😡😡😡😡

  48. Itz Casey

    Itz Casey

    8 órája

    She makes a documentary every time she od’s not trying be mean it’s just something I picked up on

  49. U Ç

    U Ç

    8 órája


  50. Carol Christiansen

    Carol Christiansen

    8 órája

    Demi is the only one that can choose.

  51. Julia Nicole

    Julia Nicole

    8 órája

    Addiction doesn't care how beautiful you are, how much money you have, what color you are, how old you are.... it ruins lives. Keep rocking on Demi, you're so strong!

  52. Alyssa Buffington

    Alyssa Buffington

    9 órája

    I didn’t fuck w Demi- till I got sober

  53. Luke P

    Luke P

    9 órája


  54. Draven Giles

    Draven Giles

    9 órája

    Your alive because God let it be but when you dance with the devil youll fall he'll make sure stop

  55. Ember Goldberry

    Ember Goldberry

    9 órája


  56. antpaste


    9 órája

    Grab the spoon, Demi!!

  57. nocky adinda

    nocky adinda

    9 órája

    o m g 😱

  58. Keimahnee Brown

    Keimahnee Brown

    9 órája

    The greatest of all time ❤️🙏



    9 órája

    I love 💕 this new 🙌🏽 Demi! She is empowering and Stronger and OPEN then ever! I’ve been Depressed before to the point where I didn’t wanna eat or wake up anymore my body was shutting down...JUST KNOW if YOU Didn’t DIED it means your JURNEY is NOT OVER BECAUSE YOU ARE A FIGHTER MY LOVES PERIOD🌈👌🏽🤴🏽👸🏻 🌹AMEN 🙏🏽

  60. MarieTherese Senghor

    MarieTherese Senghor

    9 órája

    Shit........I just got chills

  61. Phillip Bennett

    Phillip Bennett

    10 órája

    Some stupid people don't hope other people son and daughter overdose drugs people not care me two time luck me fake weed on moped drive high road get off no people see it on road k2 not sale in store

  62. Sara


    10 órája

    Been three years sober from heroin. Trust me, it does get better but only with Christ

  63. t


    10 órája

    I've always admired Demi's honesty, she owns it. I watched her other documentary a few times already. very emotional, and real life shit that happens to so many people, which makes it very admirable that she speaks up about it all.

  64. Kari Ward

    Kari Ward

    10 órája

    You’re sober because nobody wins when you’re not, especially you. Hiding behind substances only masks the problem.

  65. gabriela sequeira

    gabriela sequeira

    10 órája

    Tú eres un gran ejemplo para muchas personas, sin querer serlo lo eres... Te admiramos y te amamos Demi, te anhelamos ver en Costa Rica 🙏🏼🇨🇷❤️💪🏼

  66. Diana Sol

    Diana Sol

    10 órája

    Demi thank you .

  67. Andrew Bummygoat

    Andrew Bummygoat

    10 órája

    Anyone noticed how one of her friend is one of the cast that’s been with her since sonny with a chance or so random. Matthew the dude who said are we talking about heroine. There friends

  68. Irl Tefferson

    Irl Tefferson

    10 órája

    Damn Demi. You're such an inspiration to us, all.

  69. Zee


    10 órája

    I’ve watched this at least 100 times already 🥺💕

  70. Ethan .K. Arnold

    Ethan .K. Arnold

    10 órája

    sHE HAS hEArT aTTaCK

  71. Ajobros V

    Ajobros V

    10 órája

    She is just a queen... her life was tought but she still alive, working to be better and being the amazing singer she is

  72. Delin Miller

    Delin Miller

    10 órája

    Go girl! Be yourself and let it shine, your amazing for even wanting to share your story. Love it and support you. Be free ❤️🙌🏼

  73. Tessa Toller

    Tessa Toller

    10 órája

    This is just the trailer & I’m already so amazed. Thank you so much for being willing to make this & for being so brave. I’m gone through so many health struggles in my life, especially mental, & I can’t wait to watch this. This is definitely going to be something extraordinary & groundbreaking. This is something I need in my life & I’m so proud. Thank you so much❤️

  74. Carly Eileen

    Carly Eileen

    10 órája

    Who else got chills watching this? 🥶

  75. Alina Polevoy

    Alina Polevoy

    10 órája

    this should be a story to reveal the Glory of God that she didn’t die. it is sad to see it twisted



    11 órája


  77. Matt G.

    Matt G.

    11 órája

    I have a feeling that she will never get better and will be another Hollywood cautionary tale

  78. Shamim Radz

    Shamim Radz

    11 órája

    Idek why is this so emotional

  79. Jayson Delfin

    Jayson Delfin

    11 órája

    We love you demi :)

  80. Mabelina Durán

    Mabelina Durán

    11 órája

    She will be rising from the ground....Like a skyscraper.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  81. Ruth Martinez

    Ruth Martinez

    11 órája

    It kinda scares me that the music she has on dancing with the devil like ummm no mama and the fact is she probably done sold her soul to be famous yeah ima head out ✌🏼

  82. Yossiree López

    Yossiree López

    11 órája

    I don't know why but I started crying after I finished. God dammit. It's gonna be tough to watch.

  83. Uriel Valdez

    Uriel Valdez

    11 órája

    She has all the resources to fix her life. Shes a prisoner of her own head.

  84. A'Tianna


    11 órája

    "One month before overdose" when i tell you i got CHILLS

  85. Sonja Kunstmann-Pienitz

    Sonja Kunstmann-Pienitz

    11 órája

    I'm crying.. this woman is my queen.. I've been a fan since 2008.. she is everything for me.. i love her with my whole heart! 🖤🖤 The thought of losing her forever, never being able to see or hear her again, to lose her as a role model is just cruel.. my heart hurts..💔💔 she is such an amazing woman and so fu*king strong.. i love her sooooooo much! 🥰💎🔥🖤 #staystrong #lovatics #womanpower

  86. Lonnie Anderson

    Lonnie Anderson

    11 órája

    I’m going to watch the absolute FUCK outta this! 🤎🤎

  87. Ashley Beistline

    Ashley Beistline

    11 órája

    Omg... dude.. you hang in there girl.. you are amazing and don't forget it.. ❤ everyday is a new day.. and we are all so thankful your still here!!🥰😇

  88. Mr Discount Sneakerhead

    Mr Discount Sneakerhead

    11 órája

    Man she is one of the most talented singers since Whitney Houston. However, I hope she doesn’t follow the similar path that Whitney took. I pray for her.

  89. Zoya Ayub

    Zoya Ayub

    11 órája

    Can we just talk about how GOOD the song sounds!!!!

  90. Akea Hodge

    Akea Hodge

    11 órája

    I am so happy for Demi Lovato she’s came along way keep shining girl

  91. l i f e l e s s

    l i f e l e s s

    11 órája

    Shouldn’t have injected all that heroin druggie

  92. Pey Pey

    Pey Pey

    12 órája

    I feel like she never got as big as she thought she was..

  93. Kim Hay

    Kim Hay

    12 órája

    This poor young woman has went through the mill & she deserves to be cherished she’s a queen & she has some voice & deserves to be looked at with fresh eyes & not judged on her past but my god she’s completely free of everything she needs to be she’s bn traumatised enough ...forgive urself Demi ur beautiful inside & out 💗💗💗

  94. Stefanie M

    Stefanie M

    12 órája

    The only way to find true peace is through Jesus, the purpose of life is love. You won't find it anywhere else. When we die, it will all make sense but will be too late, Jesus love you

  95. Pinky Unicornio

    Pinky Unicornio

    12 órája

    Renacimiento 🇨🇺Te amamos demi

  96. Mr. Dystopian

    Mr. Dystopian

    12 órája

    Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

  97. Letícia Fontenele

    Letícia Fontenele

    12 órája

    Eu te amo tanto

  98. sablebloom


    12 órája

    we love you Demi

  99. Luiiz Fernando

    Luiiz Fernando

    12 órája

    Demi lendária

  100. Luiiz Fernando

    Luiiz Fernando

    12 órája