Donating a cup of coffee to a soldier overseas

From the Family Guy episode Customer of the Week


  1. Thaydude2 1

    Thaydude2 1

    12 órája

    Legend says that the coffee stain is still there

  2. Eyes watching Psyops Psychological Warfare zombie

    Eyes watching Psyops Psychological Warfare zombie

    17 órája

    hit 9 then hit 9 then hit 9 while the video plays

  3. jpt


    20 órája

    Didnt they stop trying to disarm ieds in the middle of nowhere and just blow them up with a safe clearance?

  4. I comment the letter L

    I comment the letter L

    22 órája


  5. Courier PigWorship68

    Courier PigWorship68


    Now I actually care.) Would you like to do $10 so orphaned children can open up cans of food with knives? (Yes) (No)

  6. D Sandman

    D Sandman


    Fun fact, if you donate even 1 cent on your receipt to a cause, the company can mark your whole payment as a donation and thus deduct it from their taxes. If you see a company asking you to donate, they’re just trying to dodge taxes. If they really cared, theyd just donate the money themselves.

  7. Lieutenant Lettuce

    Lieutenant Lettuce


    Yeah I really needed to see every little gib of the soldier being blown apart. Really makes the joke better.

    • TheROUGHbread2


      4 órája

      For real though, respect to the animator

  8. Joseph Yohanis

    Joseph Yohanis


    Is nobody gonna talk about how annoyed/pissed off the guy behind Lois looks?

  9. Paulius Žvironas

    Paulius Žvironas


    Well at least he got cup of coffee

  10. T-Pose Timmy

    T-Pose Timmy

    2 napja

    It’s the dudes fault for not wearing a EOD suit

  11. ADHDavid


    2 napja

    This is basically the beverage version of “thoughts and prayers”

  12. AnonymousMusic 2625

    AnonymousMusic 2625

    2 napja

    3.3 MILLION VIEWS??? I don't think the people who read the title, looked at the thumbnail.

  13. Samurasa


    2 napja

    You can see the gore of the soldier



    3 napja

    This is why I don't do charity I take that back I love charity

  15. You are soul

    You are soul

    3 napja

    Would you like to donate to a soldier overseas? Sure! Taliban soldier: Praise Allah! I just got a coffee from an infidel. Ooh! Pumpkin spice!

  16. Arteni Teodor

    Arteni Teodor

    4 napja

    Time stamp : 0:11 “WHAT?!”

  17. ᜃᜆᜒᜉᜓᜈ ᜈ ᜑᜒᜋᜐᜒᜃ

    ᜃᜆᜒᜉᜓᜈ ᜈ ᜑᜒᜋᜐᜒᜃ

    4 napja

    THIS IS TOTALLY INACCURATE! Usually they shout "Fire in the hole" when throwing coffee cups!

  18. Nic U.

    Nic U.

    4 napja

    That guy behind Lois in line looks like my dad without his beard

  19. raze chow

    raze chow

    5 napja

    Relax he's fine he went to the hospital

  20. DarkDutchman


    5 napja

    0:11 Dead and destruction.. hell yeah! 😀🤘

  21. Joseph Yohanis

    Joseph Yohanis

    5 napja

    Did nobody seem notice that the guy standing behind Lois looked absolutely pissed?

  22. René Astorga Terre

    René Astorga Terre

    6 napja

    0:11 speed at 0.25 Awsome animation.

  23. Mcman5


    6 napja

    i was just thinking about this clip like 20 minutes ago

  24. Corey Jackson

    Corey Jackson

    6 napja

    Anybody watch it @ 0.25 ?

  25. Im Innocent

    Im Innocent

    6 napja

    And this is why I hate family guy most of the time

  26. Class Act

    Class Act

    6 napja


  27. Jiffy Mcguy

    Jiffy Mcguy

    6 napja

    0:11 pause and click

  28. Brian K

    Brian K

    6 napja

    Fuck you too green beans

  29. Menum Lor

    Menum Lor

    7 napja

    As a former Marine. I just died laughing harder than I should. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  30. Terrakinetic


    7 napja

    What's the word for when a soldier purposely gets his fellow soldier killed? Fragged?

  31. ayub lghlid

    ayub lghlid

    7 napja

    OH yeah that seems liek a good cause!

  32. ayub lghlid

    ayub lghlid

    7 napja


  33. SudsyRug45350 Jenkins

    SudsyRug45350 Jenkins

    7 napja

    A good cause they said it be nice they said

  34. Happy John

    Happy John

    7 napja

    I lost it at this when I watched the episode 3:57 PM 4/11/2021

  35. RemixedVoice


    7 napja

    Wow, a cutaway that is actually a direct continuation of the previous setup lmao

  36. Commander Bacara

    Commander Bacara

    8 napja

    one cup coffee = one dead soldier

  37. Brandon Wilks

    Brandon Wilks

    8 napja

    To be fair, it's a better way to go than death by MRE.

  38. Mark Parkinson

    Mark Parkinson

    8 napja

    That ending caught me off guard. 🤣

  39. PKMN Trainer Mark

    PKMN Trainer Mark

    8 napja


  40. Dribs


    9 napja

    Whoops, bad idea

  41. Pliskin Ishmael

    Pliskin Ishmael

    9 napja

    When most of the taxpayers money goes to the military but the government still asks for charity donation for the the soldiers... And you know whats worst? America is the only first world nation that mostly do this... Jesus Christ, how low can America get?

    • Max


      7 napja

      Its not the government that does it. Its civilian organizations.

  42. Uncle Creepy

    Uncle Creepy

    9 napja

    So...I shouldn’t donate to charities? Got it. Thank, Family Guy.

  43. Y2Kericho


    9 napja

    God, I hate family guy shock humor

  44. Ian McPherson

    Ian McPherson

    9 napja

    I'm ashamed to say this made me laugh

  45. Bryan Emilius

    Bryan Emilius

    9 napja

    That actually happened

  46. Rosie Roti

    Rosie Roti

    9 napja

    How about you donate a return ticket to a young soldier serving in the middle east who is old enough to use guns but not old enough to booze.

  47. Jolt


    9 napja

    Its funnier if you turn the video speed to x2

  48. Grv Rivera

    Grv Rivera

    10 napja


  49. NightWoof


    10 napja

    Haha coffee go boom

  50. Cypher791


    10 napja

    I assume Starbucks donated the coffee to the enemy troops... 🤔

  51. magicstix0r


    10 napja

    Karens everywhere: "I'm helping."

  52. Daniel Juno

    Daniel Juno

    12 napja

    Lmao thanks for the morning laugh

  53. Byra Gaming YT

    Byra Gaming YT

    12 napja


  54. Dwight Schuette

    Dwight Schuette

    12 napja

    I never donate at the cashier. Not even $.01. So irritating having to touch the screen 1 more time.

  55. lynda jones

    lynda jones

    12 napja

    racist or elitist or 1% shit im happy we are laughing about it

  56. PhoenixVR


    12 napja

    Why is everyone in the comments taking this so seriously

  57. xXIcedOutXx


    12 napja

    Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So funny

  58. Lloydgamer 25

    Lloydgamer 25

    12 napja

    He didn’t say thank you

  59. Jeremy Harris

    Jeremy Harris

    12 napja

    Funny yet fucked up 🤷🏽‍♂️

  60. Nanda Farell

    Nanda Farell

    12 napja

    Omg the soldiers are disintegrate into pieces i just looked frame by frame

  61. GtGamerlol


    13 napja

    Guess that guy didn't like coffee

  62. Infamous


    13 napja

    they put a disgusting amount of detail in his death. Go full screen and use , and . to go travel one frame

  63. Mich Nguy

    Mich Nguy

    13 napja

    was laughing my ass off when i saw this

  64. James Kemp

    James Kemp

    13 napja

    As Someone Currently In The army I would love a cup of coffee while deployed.

  65. Kimberly Dreaming

    Kimberly Dreaming

    14 napja

    This iso wrong!

  66. MemeyBoi


    14 napja

    Soldiers probably just get sent beans that end up being eaten.

  67. MUTE Gasmask

    MUTE Gasmask

    14 napja

    They really copy and pasted peters outfit on the guy behind Lois

  68. Blazed Flame

    Blazed Flame

    15 napja

    *Lois Confused how she got 87 Exp in 2 In the morning*

  69. Jason Hua

    Jason Hua

    15 napja

    probably should have donated ice coffee or maybe hand it to him instead. Soldier should have been using an EOD suit

  70. David Johnson

    David Johnson

    15 napja

    Family guy clips are such a slippery slope, you watch ONE and they immediately fill up your recommendations

  71. TtvLJplayz12


    15 napja

    The man behind Lois is wearing the same clothes as Peter

  72. Emeraldknight


    15 napja

    Wow this show predicted Black rifle coffee commercials 😂😂

  73. Zombie Man

    Zombie Man

    15 napja

    Wow, if you slow it down you can see a good amount of detail, great artists.

  74. Master of the Blue Cape 33

    Master of the Blue Cape 33

    15 napja

    Good commentary on how Americans make themselves feel better by donating to charity but sometimes do more harm than good. If you really want to help someone don't do it vicariously through an often than not corrupt organization but do it yourself in person or not at all.

  75. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    15 napja

    Wow that's crazy what just happened there

  76. Brady Fowler

    Brady Fowler

    15 napja

    This was the only time I laughed the entire episode.

  77. Spencer S

    Spencer S

    15 napja

    I don't know how this came up on my suggestions as I never watch Family Guy but I didn't find this funny at all. Coming from a real Soldier.

  78. Paula Landrum

    Paula Landrum

    15 napja


  79. Marty keer

    Marty keer

    16 napja


  80. Allan Waltz

    Allan Waltz

    16 napja

    its ok

  81. Counterinsurgency Advisor

    Counterinsurgency Advisor

    16 napja

    So charming.

  82. Ronald norris

    Ronald norris

    16 napja

    That’s why I never donate

  83. XbL Bad Oman

    XbL Bad Oman

    16 napja

    How they gonna do EOD like that?

  84. Karson Knight

    Karson Knight

    16 napja

    What? - A Solider’s last word

  85. Jack Ferret

    Jack Ferret

    16 napja

    *_"W h a t ?"_*

  86. mr animator

    mr animator

    16 napja

    top ten last words: "what?"

  87. Clifton S

    Clifton S

    16 napja

    Black rifle coffee

  88. Tavi Molina

    Tavi Molina

    16 napja

    So now family Guy is making fun of how soldiers die

  89. L arbiter Thel vadam

    L arbiter Thel vadam

    16 napja


  90. Amit Patel

    Amit Patel

    16 napja

    Lois wins.... Fatality

  91. Adam Johnson

    Adam Johnson

    16 napja

    0:10 What!!?

  92. PoyntFury


    17 napja

    Honestly, as someone in the Army, this is exactly how they'd deliver it to you if that was how that worked.

  93. Don’t Subscribe

    Don’t Subscribe

    17 napja

    One of my friends who went into the military found coffee grounds but had no way to make it, so he used his belt to tie the coffee filter to a cup of hot water so he got used to black coffee (which he used to hate).

  94. Delton McClary

    Delton McClary

    17 napja

    This shit was too funny! But honestly, loved getting a free coffee at the Green Bean's from a random person back home that was thinking about you and your troops. If you all want to donate, check out the website below!

    • Vincent James Voice

      Vincent James Voice

      14 napja

      @Delton McClary - To you and yours as well :-) Thanks for the link in the first place!

    • Delton McClary

      Delton McClary

      14 napja

      @Vincent James Voice you're awesome sir, hope you and yours have a great one!

    • Vincent James Voice

      Vincent James Voice

      15 napja

      Happy Easter to three "Joes!" This was SUPER easy and they take PayPal :-)

  95. Rocky Vo

    Rocky Vo

    17 napja

    I don’t like it when she read that

  96. Dino Kolonic

    Dino Kolonic

    17 napja

    I was really hoping that the coffee would come in via an artillery strike a few miles away

  97. tris


    17 napja

    why did he throw itttttt

  98. Issakal


    17 napja

    They had me in the thumbnail, not gonna lie!

  99. Dat Brown

    Dat Brown

    17 napja

    And that is how all wars start

  100. Kcnl


    17 napja

    Slowed down its cursed