Drivers Struggle to Control Vehicles on Icy Austin Roads

Credit: James Bates via Storyful
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  1. John White

    John White

    2 perccel

    It's amazing that they would leave their vehicle and expect the next car not to hit them. Typical liberals😤😤😤

  2. Audilife



    Morons standing there try to move the cars if you can’t gtfo And warn oncoming drivers

  3. P100D


    3 órája

    Love it 😆 🤣 😂

  4. anglermatt


    4 órája

    Don't ever be the people waiting for the slow rolling car to catch up to you and hit you. Just casually walk out of the way at least

  5. ransacked100


    4 órája

    What a pair of twats. They could have been killed there. But to be honest it’s soo funny watching all us numb nuts trying to drive in the snow that have no clue 🤣

  6. TroniX FiX

    TroniX FiX

    5 órája

    😂😂😂 have they ever heard about putting chains on your tires to go on ice?

  7. NoFaceKira.


    10 órája

    These people don't know how to use a fucking horn??????

  8. Omni Service

    Omni Service

    12 órája

    Keystone cops

  9. Sergio Omar

    Sergio Omar

    13 órája

    Most Texans don't claim Austin anyway!

  10. David Nault

    David Nault

    14 órája

    30 yes ago I saw this all over austin

  11. PyroNinja713


    14 órája

    Perfect example of Texan intelligence. 🤣

  12. Kayla Petri

    Kayla Petri

    14 órája

    These drivers are doing everything possible wrong

  13. Todd Anderson

    Todd Anderson

    15 órája

    How the fuck you explain being hit by own car while it's moving? Cuz you're not in it.........with your seatbelt on?

  14. Dale Babcock

    Dale Babcock

    15 órája

    Only stupid people would even try to travel in this.

  15. Na Mean

    Na Mean

    16 órája

    All those people standing watching, they could have easily ran back in the house and brought some salt out and salted the road as a kind gesture to save life, white people are dumb

  16. Ashley Bunch

    Ashley Bunch

    17 órája

    Give it to the new meaning of Slip Sliding Away doesn't it

  17. John M

    John M

    17 órája

    We used to set up lawn chairs and a grill at the bottom of steep hills in the winter. Better than TV it was...

  18. draco


    17 órája

    can tell that they're southern drivers and not yankee drivers

  19. microtechmachineshop


    18 órája

    slick move or luck with that silver suv

  20. Robert Kamanzi

    Robert Kamanzi

    20 órája

    I understand people living where they do but come on, there are enough HUeye videos accessible even in TX to give them an idea, or perhaps, once in their lifetime just travel somewhere where there is snow, just a short fly away, no passport needed. I’m gonna yell at a car that is out of control and perhaps it will stop.

  21. Blue Venom

    Blue Venom

    21 órája

    Just stay out of New York if you drive like that in a bit of ice.

  22. marlon tuccinardi

    marlon tuccinardi

    21 órája

    You see a car coming to you and you know it's gonna crash into and you don't move 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  23. Clash Of Clans Custom

    Clash Of Clans Custom

    22 órája

    This is what happens when you have no idea how to drive in snow/ice. Really isnt difficult to do if you just follow some basic guidelines lol. This dude was braking hard, horrible idea.

  24. John Booker's Full spectrum

    John Booker's Full spectrum

    22 órája

    Answer: No they didn't learn anything. they'll be out there next year doing the same damn thing thinking that it's different.

  25. lexusrcf lover

    lexusrcf lover


    As someone from New Jersey we have Texas summers and Russian winters so I truly feel for these people and it's unfortunate to see .Luckily everyone was ok but people listen if an SUV is sliding toward you try to run away from it standing by the car waiting for impact isn't gonna help that lady by the driver side door was lucky she didn't lose her away from the car or jump in and close the doors the least thing you wanna be is a human barrier between two vehicles or get hit by a vehicle that's getting hit by another vehicle

  26. Mario Espinosa

    Mario Espinosa


    Living in Colorado, this is hilarious

  27. Bearpaw Timber

    Bearpaw Timber


    Looks like common sense is completely gone here in Texas.

  28. Zachary Swan

    Zachary Swan


    Lol, those folks down there had no idea how to deal with that weather...

  29. Basuki Sugito

    Basuki Sugito


    People lock the brakes, should not break just steering the car

  30. Chafou Aube

    Chafou Aube


    So Texas haved never learn how to drive in icy road....

  31. Razor _

    Razor _


    The stupidity is beyond me.

  32. Xai Vang

    Xai Vang


    Cars sliding every where. But imma stand out side the car...

  33. Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman


    Can't any of these people feel that their cars have no traction on ice?? Why they going so fast?

  34. zinger22



    Deregulation they say.. will save Texas lots of money... reality... it cost lives and a lot of money due to incompetence. Do better Texas, elect a governor and senators that care about you.

  35. Charlie G

    Charlie G


    What a bunch of idiots . Why would you even get out of your car if you see a car coming down the hill ?

  36. Martin Meramdzhiev

    Martin Meramdzhiev


    This is where the manual gearbox comes in handy and the ability of down-shifting not jamming the breaks, locking the car wheels.

    • David Humphrey

      David Humphrey

      19 órája

      So says my Mazda protege

  37. Julian Marker

    Julian Marker


    Why did the song Ridin dirty pop up in my head when watching this?

  38. Mr Bond

    Mr Bond


    Sees a car coming at you *Let me stand right here*

  39. Official Alonzo

    Official Alonzo


    They need salt trucks with plows

  40. Lauren


    2 napja

    why wd ANYONE in their right mind EXIT a vehicle in the MIDDLE of a car accident? how BRAINLESS is THAT!!! im surprised they were killed by getting struck crushed or run over by the oncoming car...STAY in your VEHICLE!! much safer!!

  41. vannak pril

    vannak pril

    2 napja

    These people are dumb you see a car sliding on ice move out the way

  42. A T

    A T

    2 napja

    Which one is Joe Rogan

  43. The Rodent Hitman

    The Rodent Hitman

    2 napja

    Texas curling for fatties. Pro tip, if a vehicle is sliding towards you get out of the way screaming will not change anything.

  44. I K

    I K

    2 napja

    First gear and tap breaks

  45. foolspeedahead


    2 napja

    How many minutes until this is turned into a “shot on an iPhone” meme?

  46. Austin Cearlock

    Austin Cearlock

    2 napja

    Not sure if the person in the black Honda is a great driver or are civics that good in snow 🙈💁‍♂️

  47. vizi0123


    2 napja

    That first couple don't understand the law of physics.

  48. turbinepower77


    2 napja

    They panick and lock the brakes. Worst thing you can do. Notice the last person's wheels kept kept turning.. Maybe because of ABS but they had the best control.

  49. Steven Yellow

    Steven Yellow

    2 napja

    That’s why I moved out of any place have snow

  50. Mr. D

    Mr. D

    2 napja

    If you can’t walk on the hell do you think you can drive on it...dumb asses

  51. Shane P

    Shane P

    2 napja

    Is this considered a hit and run. 😆

  52. Mitchell Vang

    Mitchell Vang

    3 napja

    Where I'm at, I only see snow maybe once a few years, but at least, I have the common sense not to stand close to the road

  53. saikosuku_trial


    3 napja

    Where is a 20m video when you need one.

  54. CbrF4i600


    3 napja

    That's how u hit and run, now when u get to the bottom of hill just take off

  55. Alexandyr Mitew

    Alexandyr Mitew

    3 napja

    Why they dont close the roads... or this street... but to film it gives u more ego than to help them.. gg

  56. Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo Flores

    3 napja

    All i see is a lot stupid people driving cars on ice n some standing in front of moving cars

  57. Jacob Spranger

    Jacob Spranger

    3 napja

    One sensible driver...

  58. B B

    B B

    3 napja

    Take note, Southern California people. You don’t want to move there.

    • B B

      B B

      2 napja

      @G they’re the ones with the brakes locked up as they are on ice 😂

    • G


      2 napja

      Except they wouldn't stop, they'd be going 90 mph

  59. Bob Cumbers

    Bob Cumbers

    3 napja

    Why did all feel the need to find a hill to drive down

  60. Lisa


    3 napja

    This is why when we are having a storm or shortly after a storm people are asking "How are the roads?" Because if the roads haven't been plowed, sanded and salted you stay home. Ever all wheel drive won't save you on an icy road.

  61. Sandra Perez

    Sandra Perez

    4 napja

    That's why we stayed home

  62. Selina Wang

    Selina Wang

    4 napja

    can't believe all these people just standing there and watching. how stupid!!! 😥😥😥is this why the US has the most covid cases in the world? '

  63. Cat


    4 napja

    I dont understand why are people still driving...

  64. AceMcMoron


    4 napja

    What is this? Winter Darwin Awards final round?

  65. BSquared


    4 napja

    Hmm looks like the roads should've been shut down because the amateurs couldn't handle them 🤷

  66. Kajzer Soze

    Kajzer Soze

    4 napja

    20 people filming........ no one goes up the hill to stop traffic. Texans, not the brightest people 😂😂😂

  67. C Koop

    C Koop

    4 napja

    That last dude was a legend

    • -Can Ameri-

      -Can Ameri-


      Honda Civic driver: Ice? What ice?

  68. C Koop

    C Koop

    4 napja

    Lmfao omg what a nightmare

  69. Robert Bellhouse

    Robert Bellhouse

    4 napja

    Why u u guys tell them stop by there not driving down there u guys be safe

  70. JB Trucking

    JB Trucking

    4 napja

    Come off the brakes fool

  71. Hi there

    Hi there

    4 napja

    Bunch of idiots I could watch this shit all day car pinball machine and all you hear is watch out and crunch

  72. Max


    5 napja

    A bunch of idiots on that street.

  73. D Kramer

    D Kramer

    5 napja

    Never underestimate the predictably of stupidity. After watching this. I'm certain we are doomed as a human race

  74. TheTibetyak


    5 napja

    The forces of nature have no effect on me. I am so confident, that I am going to drive sideways down this hill.

  75. Stephen Gold

    Stephen Gold

    5 napja

    That's about right.

  76. Gary Augustus

    Gary Augustus

    6 napja

    It's as if humans are trying to force their will on nature, despite their 5 senses..

  77. Robert Prague

    Robert Prague

    6 napja

    Keep Austin weird

  78. Richard Peralez

    Richard Peralez

    6 napja

    Should have stayed in car, or at least jumped back in.

  79. Toad Phillips

    Toad Phillips

    6 napja

    On ice or snow don't just hold the brakes down.

  80. Colorado Moto

    Colorado Moto

    6 napja

    I would ask why the folks insisted on standing with their car in the path of an out-of-control vehicle... but, it’s Texas.

  81. 808 96792

    808 96792

    6 napja


  82. David Coulter

    David Coulter

    6 napja

    It's icy, and it snowed, let's go see if we can ride around

  83. Gevorg Vardanyan

    Gevorg Vardanyan

    6 napja

    Remember do not brake

  84. Anderson Farias

    Anderson Farias

    6 napja

  85. D Hiddo

    D Hiddo

    7 napja

    I see why this is a red state making sense now.. 🤔... omg ... these people can't catch a clue of what safety is..

  86. O J M

    O J M

    7 napja

    Ha rookies!

  87. athay14


    7 napja

    That last car must be from Chicago. 😂

  88. Tyrone


    7 napja

    Everything is bigger in Texas except brains and the usage of common sense.

  89. MrTimeless101


    7 napja

    That Mercedes sliding like a magnet is pulling it.

  90. covegoat


    7 napja

    Only one in control is black vehicle without brake pedal to the floor, just slowly cruising down slope. Not like a curling stone.

  91. mag steel

    mag steel

    7 napja

    You can see which cars have ABS

  92. Andres Patino

    Andres Patino

    7 napja

    The snow wasn't normal.

  93. Kreznerich Frigyes Dénes

    Kreznerich Frigyes Dénes

    8 napja

    These people are crazy. On snowy roads the maximum suggested speed is 3-4 km/hour, otherwise you will not be able to control your car after 10 seconds. I know they all come down a slope, but if you keep the above rule, you can go downs safely.

  94. Johnson Hoang

    Johnson Hoang

    8 napja

    I thought Texans only ride horses and wear cowboy boots

  95. rick sanchez

    rick sanchez

    8 napja

    Saw it coming a mile away still wait, wait, wait, ok the car is in front of us lets try to move now🙄🤔

  96. Neil D

    Neil D

    9 napja

    To all the people standing in the roads and sidewalks.... you're all idiots. Get the hell far away from that icy road as you can. Why am I looking at a bunch on morons in the road. If you wanna help...shut the road down from the areas where cars have control....not while they're on black ice already.

  97. Korteland Pitts

    Korteland Pitts

    9 napja

    0:03 there's a car coming (sliding uncontrollably down a hill on ice)... let watch it then scream when it hits us and make a scene.... grrr people...

  98. doug avila

    doug avila

    9 napja

    Either that couple is completely stupid or looking to get hit for the medical insurance claims. Hey people are desperate during this pandemic!!

  99. MTC


    9 napja

    Wow.... all those cars just slowly gliding down that road. What a sight, hope no one got hurt.

  100. Mr snow

    Mr snow

    9 napja

    Point the car use reverse gear as a brake.. old school handbrake help steering..I suppose all these are auto with new style parking brakes 🙄...

    • TheTibetyak


      5 napja

      You realize these people didn't have the common sense to NOT precede onto icy hillside roads. But I am trying to visualize the passengers of the car shouting out, "Use your handbrake! Put the car in reverse! Quick! Turn into the slide!" Driver is shouting back, "Do WHAT?! Do WHAT?!"