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Fashion in Shonen Anime

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There's more to shonen than power levels and death battles. No, really! DON'T LEAVE! Which Dragon Ball Hero's the drippiest? Who's got the firest fits, Kubo or Araki? Today, we're talking Fashion in Shonen Anime.
0:00 Power Levels are So Last Week
2:36 Yu Yu Fashion Show
4:25 Obligatory JoJo Reference
7:55 You Just Activated my Drip Card
11:21 ExpressVPN
12:47 Soul Reaper Style
17:21 The Part Where I Bully Teenagers
19:33 The Current State of Shonen Drip

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  1. noriaki_kakyoin


    32 perccel

    I dunno why, but I feel like reptilian club boyz should have been mentioned somewhere in here

  2. Brian to Earth

    Brian to Earth

    8 órája

    I’m glad Digimon was shown in the end but was surprised wasn’t actually mentioned lol overall great video tho! This was very fun to watch 👏🏽

  3. R



    BLEACH, HXH, Jujutsu Kaisen and Shaman King had the best fashion for me in Shonen Anime. For anime outside that genre, I'd say CardCaptor Sakura, Mew Mew Power, and Carole and Tuesday.

  4. ShiningManHumz



    Spiderman: SAY NO MORE FAM.

  5. definitivamente no-malo

    definitivamente no-malo


    19:55 uh-oh! Someone has been reading Shin'Inchi Sakamoto's Innocent! Really, people, you should read Innocent.

  6. definitivamente no-malo

    definitivamente no-malo


    Man, the 80-90's in Japan did really were lit. So much that still to this point, I still consider Terry Bogard and Kyou Kusanagi as my main fashion inspirations. (Just more... metalhead)

  7. Kaioken_



    i love the fashion in Eureka 7

  8. Poverty is a Policy failure

    Poverty is a Policy failure


    You have a good voice for asmr lmao

  9. Amber Pavon

    Amber Pavon

    2 napja

    my heart throbs knowing there was little to absolutely no reference to the casual-wear spreads Horikoshi & his assistants have published

  10. Matt M

    Matt M

    2 napja

    Yu Yu Hakusho still to this day has my absolute favorite fashion aesthetic in anime. It actually makes them feel like real people and not just characters.

  11. Alanya Simontacchi

    Alanya Simontacchi

    2 napja

    Honestly, Shojo anime drips just as hard as Shonen. If you made a second video about anime drip, I would love to see one about shojo drip. If this was a series I would be super duper happy about that

  12. Piklemannn 123

    Piklemannn 123

    2 napja

    Was waiting for soul eater, and if you read the manga there is some pretty dripped out outfits like it’s really art

  13. lord buss

    lord buss

    2 napja

    I tried a lot, but i can't for the hell of me understand what in all those fashion choices was bad or good, beyond the fact that in the later Yugioh sequels, the clothes people have are way more colorful than before. That's it. Is that how other people feel when i rant about lore and powers levels and logistical action and symbolic narratives?

  14. Bames Jond

    Bames Jond

    2 napja

    That you didn’t mention Spike’s incredible iconic blue suit and shoes with his yellow shirt seems like a huge miss man *I know it’s not really a shounen anime, but still

  15. 2-art 1782

    2-art 1782

    3 napja

    We have a distinct missing contender in old shounen for Beyblade G-Revolution. Tyson DRIPS late 90s-early 2000s shounen power with that denim jacket and backwards cap. Kai’s scarf? An angsty teen’s dream, especially when it flies off in the heat of top-battle. Max? Pure all American apple pie street style, and Rei maxed out his Bruce Lee power fashion style. IJS THERES POWERFUL UNTAPPED DRIP ENERGY HERE

  16. Sarah Hanyu

    Sarah Hanyu

    3 napja

    I am so happy I stumbled upon this video

  17. Mei Suratinoyo

    Mei Suratinoyo

    3 napja

    to be fair, My hero characters are either entirely in their hero costume, uniform and sports uniform so the lack of focus towards their rarely seen casual style is fine and it feels more realistic tbh.

  18. softboi sam

    softboi sam

    3 napja

    you got it right, jojos drips the hardest, but all other anime drips different

  19. lilibillie


    4 napja dare you not respect the majesty of Best Jeanist

  20. Micah Willard

    Micah Willard

    4 napja

    OMG! A LITTLE KURIBO'S DUKE DEVLIN REFERENCE!!! So glad to see his work referenced. His material has me in stitches every parody episode!

  21. Daniellle Velling

    Daniellle Velling

    4 napja

    No nana...?.?

  22. w0wsum1actually


    5 napja

    Thanks for a lil Baccano reference

  23. w0wsum1actually


    5 napja

    “Narutoing around” 😂😂

  24. Luis Coa

    Luis Coa

    5 napja

    jujutsu kaisen does have cool outfits 😎

  25. Thamsanqa Jantjies

    Thamsanqa Jantjies

    5 napja

    I appreciate anime fashion so much so I appreciate this video 😍 For me Psycho Pass, Bleach, Soul Eater, Eureka Seven, Yu Gi Oh, Demon Slayer, JoJo, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball Z are just a few of the anime with the best fashion

  26. Yashoki


    5 napja

    Can we get some love for Air Gear? I loved the style in that show

  27. Mohammad Hadi

    Mohammad Hadi

    5 napja

    Can't believe you skipped Code Geass... ;(

    • Mohammad Hadi

      Mohammad Hadi

      5 napja

      and Cowboy Bebop!

  28. JayCookie


    5 napja

    The characters in BNHA have strong personalites and seem like they could dress accordingly. So why are their fits so dry. Yk it's bad when a 5yo has tighter fashion game than 80% of your characters 😭

  29. Emma Oof

    Emma Oof

    5 napja

    disgusting how little people discuss demon slayers absolutely DRIP

  30. Weltall


    6 napja

    Put some respect on Bleach.

  31. captainphoton


    6 napja

    I just want to say one thing. If there is already and iconic black trenchcoat whitout a fidget spiner, you can't make the same coat be iconic to an other character. So the fidget spiner is maybe stupid. But you can't say that the newest ones are worst just because the place for the iconic simple black coat without small details was already taken by an author who wrote a story, before you (as a manga artist) were born. So, to be iconic you add something which isnt just plain void over you coat design. But ok tbh the hand spiner i pretty funny.

  32. WeebChips


    6 napja

    "the part where i bully teenagers" *your audience has left the chat*

  33. Skillige 101

    Skillige 101

    6 napja

    Bungou stray dogs has some great outfits, just throwin that out there

  34. TonyTheSwordsman


    7 napja

    14:39 and 14:53 what anime ?

  35. Ryan Clark

    Ryan Clark

    7 napja

    Just enough too much gold on!

  36. Dannigirltx


    7 napja

    No Wolf's Rain. Talk about anime with drip it's one of the first that pop in my mind.

  37. william lau

    william lau

    7 napja

    where are the drip memes very disappointed

  38. TheGamer2001


    8 napja

    For me, personally, the best "fantasy" outfits outfits comje from Pandora Hearts. Unique. but classy. And Seto Kaiba is the best boi when it comes to drip.

  39. Miranda Zoch

    Miranda Zoch

    9 napja

    I love the way Fruits Basket (2019) has the school uniforms, but all the major characters have their own uniqueness to it.

  40. Gargoyle


    9 napja

    One punch man also has a good sense of fashion

  41. Jaylin Moore

    Jaylin Moore

    9 napja

    Black Star Be Drippin'

  42. FoxWolf


    9 napja

    air gear

  43. FoxWolf


    9 napja


  44. Will


    9 napja

    Killua: a fashion icon, stylish af Gon: a literal gnome

  45. nico


    10 napja

    you are so very close to discovering the key components of character design with this video

  46. Sleepy Horse

    Sleepy Horse

    10 napja

    Make a video about beck

  47. Sleepy Horse

    Sleepy Horse

    10 napja


  48. Sleepy Horse

    Sleepy Horse

    10 napja

    I'd really like a video just about the decline of modern yugioh

  49. Levi Richardosn

    Levi Richardosn

    10 napja

    “terminally male” is something i’m gonna say now

  50. Shino -

    Shino -

    10 napja

    Not sure this counts but KH outfits are drippy and stupid as fuck at the same time

  51. Trashthlete


    11 napja

    I will say, Bleach BLEEDS drip

  52. Liam Dysoco

    Liam Dysoco

    11 napja

    I'm disappointed that FMA was left out, especially the Amestrian Military Uniform

  53. Bash Clopton

    Bash Clopton

    11 napja

    On the topic of the battle shonen personalized uniform, I would like to draw the council's attention to D.Gray-Man

  54. MsMarmima


    11 napja

    I feel like this should have been posted today lol

  55. Ethan Horn

    Ethan Horn

    11 napja

    Just so you know this is one of the top 3 reasons I watch your channel. You don't stick to a stock formula. You talk about weird shit like what Bulma was wearing at a given time. And I very much approve. Some of the weirder (a term I am using here as a term of endearment) videos have been my very favorite. Though the fact you don't know the theme song or the basic plot or the characters in Sailor Moon breaks my heart. It is a black spot on your record, sir.

  56. KamenRider Ancient

    KamenRider Ancient

    11 napja

    The best anime fantasy fashion is Maria the Virgin Witch because it is historically accurate.

  57. P Koller

    P Koller

    11 napja

    Yuyu hakuho

  58. MuzamilofKrypton


    11 napja

    Whats the guy throwing the castle from

  59. Hannah Ettinger

    Hannah Ettinger

    11 napja

    Idk about fashion, but I LOVE Wonder Egg Priority's character designs.

  60. joris80300


    11 napja

    Too bad you didn't mention Reborn! Almost all characters are very stylish. It's even more noticeable on the manga covers and other colored artworks.

  61. Bowking


    11 napja

    The beck op at the end gave me some nostalgia goosebumps, thank you

  62. Mace[felloutthe]Windu


    12 napja

    Drip God *Satoru Gojo*

  63. soraya


    12 napja

    I'M GLAD YOU BROUGHT IT UP this is one of my favorite things to talk about in anime. I'd say shonen's with drip that should be mentioned: bungo stray dogs-gurren lagan-Hellsing-castelvania(interesting fantasy style love the designs) -moriarty the patriot (for historical fashion)- death note-note-COWBOY BEBOP

  64. ORO


    12 napja

    From what I understand, Tite Kubo is actually pronounced like it rhymes with kite (or closer to taito but yeah). His name is actually 久保 帯人; Kubo Taito I know that normally something romanized as "tite" should be pronounced tee-tay (if ti actually existed and wasn't actually chi) but "Tite" isn't a normal romanization and more a special choice by Kubo to romanize Taito as such. It's romanized that way with English pronunciation in mind. Anyway, anything saying something positive about Bleach in 2021 and not just kicking the dog is a treat in my book.

  65. seanv42


    12 napja

    " I should make another promised never land video" Oh you sweet summer child.

  66. Dorothy Gale

    Dorothy Gale

    12 napja


  67. marinus18


    12 napja

    15:00 Really? I would think permanent outfits would have a lot more thought put into them. After all it's going to be a permanent part of their identity or at least for a long time.

  68. Aru Time

    Aru Time

    12 napja

    Now that don from Tpn has discovered Drip, You should make a revised Video Magazine Shonen Drip April 2021

  69. Mamamew TheRani

    Mamamew TheRani

    12 napja

    As soon as you mentioned Vegeta’s Badman shirt, I realised how much I want that shirt. I had to pause the video to buy it.

  70. TheCeekon


    13 napja

    You Dissapoint me for not mentioning Dabi's Peak fucking fashion. hes the standout in MHA

  71. Byeonara


    13 napja

    finally some respect for soul eater. we absolutely love to see it

  72. FreshCupOfAngst


    13 napja

    I never had much interest in Jojo but dang do I appreciate the artistic choices with those outfits, Yu-gi-oh is something I always just sort of...disregarded as a “kids anime” which I kind of regret now honestly, Soul Eater I was scared to start because I heard it had a bad ending, Bleach was something I was planning on watching eventually... Why'd you have to go and get me interested in all of these?

  73. Emily Hay

    Emily Hay

    13 napja

    okay but Killua shocked me with every new look, my son's got style for days.

  74. Ryan Orr

    Ryan Orr

    13 napja

    I would LOVE to see another video on this topic, fashion in anime is a super fun thing to talk about and interesting.

  75. Raiken Delfel

    Raiken Delfel

    13 napja

    Jeff talking about shonen fights. Gleipnir: allow me to introduce myself

  76. hand puppet

    hand puppet

    13 napja


  77. Shinge Person

    Shinge Person

    13 napja

    2 words per sentence. Duke devlin. Oh yeah. He fucks.

  78. Ana Andrade

    Ana Andrade

    13 napja

    For me, personally, based on personal preference (making that clear cause I don't wanna be dragged) the best style goes to Yu Yu Hakusho. I've been screenshotting some of the characters fits to recreate, they are timeless and so cute!

  79. Eazy Baby

    Eazy Baby

    13 napja

    You had me with the puns man, but we all know Urameshi had that drip 💧

  80. SmokieRobinson10


    13 napja

    How do you not mention Spike Spiegel in this joint...c'mon fam..

  81. kevgg19


    13 napja

    We need an anime year end fashion look back, i guess

  82. vera luna fritz levit

    vera luna fritz levit

    14 napja

    Cowboy bebop has very little costumes but they're all perfect. Retro, fashionable and represent the characters personality perfectly. Spike and Faye have some serious drip.

  83. Katy Chang

    Katy Chang

    15 napja

    Yu Yu Hakusho has some of the cutest outfits I've seen whenever the cast wears casual. It's like something you'd actually wear or see in a magazine i love them

  84. Marcel The Loser

    Marcel The Loser

    15 napja

    Please help - What is the anime at 26:12 ??

  85. Alo Vera

    Alo Vera

    16 napja

    Anyone know the anime at 0:23?

  86. martha


    16 napja

    killua's got some drip especially during the york new city arc

  87. marvel096


    16 napja

    I believe in YuYu Hakusho fashion supremacy 🛐✨

  88. WinterRabbit1


    16 napja

    18:29 this line killed me it’s so good. Because HE IS! People take these dumb teenagers to seriously.

  89. Angelica Koka-P

    Angelica Koka-P

    16 napja


  90. Joseph Douek

    Joseph Douek

    16 napja

    Wait... Kaiba becomes a Kaiba-themed superhero with a blue-eyes mask? Damn!

  91. lemonyfresh


    16 napja

    I love Violet Evergarden's outfits, its so beautiful because it fits her so much.

  92. NinKenD064


    17 napja

    I can agree that the BNHA fits are pretty nerdy... But the shoe game is NEXT LEVEL

  93. Foodicrous


    17 napja

    Lol I got a trojan ad before he said gojo fucks

  94. Sam Watson

    Sam Watson

    17 napja

    back for another watch, why arent more anitubers talking about thiisssss

  95. Planet Sanitizer

    Planet Sanitizer

    17 napja

    Bro literally no one in Yu gi oh has any drip. You trippin

  96. Gosta


    18 napja

    Zoro still makes me want to dye my hair green and get three dangling earrings

  97. DragonJo


    18 napja

    lets face it, neon orange could have been a pretty fly look if it had darker accent colours. although i think it was to point out that he kinda got his clothes out of a trashcan

  98. Nemuri Kayama — Midnight

    Nemuri Kayama — Midnight

    18 napja

    Okay, so the fashion in the series is a little lacking, but I'd argue that the characters in BNHA have fucking awesome fashion sense in promotion art or just little sketches Horikoshi draws. It's a little sad, actually, because the man gives them some awesome outfits when he wants lol. Another part of me does kinda like their dorky clothing in the show, because I remember dressing like that as a teen lol. A lotta sweats and baggy T-Shirts. But lets not forget the true fashion icon of the series: Aizawa with his hot pink sweatpants 👌 bold look

  99. spiritzone7


    18 napja

    Katekyo hitman reborn👔

  100. Digital Selkie

    Digital Selkie

    19 napja

    9:46 instantly killed me due to repressed memories.