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Film Theory: The 3 BIG Twists Of Falcon and The Winter Soldier! (Captain America)

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There is a lot to unpack in the first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but why stop at that? You see, Theorists, all this setup is leading to some BIG reveals and I think I've figured it out. Today, we are not only covering what all of the clues in episode one mean for the future. I am going to predict the 3 BIG TWISTS coming up in the series and how the end will change the face of the MCU moving forward. Let's go!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Forrest Lee
'Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Izaak's Little Planet

    Izaak's Little Planet

    7 perccel

    10:07 That's a Morningstar ya dingus!

  2. Jarrod Lederer

    Jarrod Lederer

    55 perccel

    I’m like what you did

  3. Fabian Andres Claudio Rivera

    Fabian Andres Claudio Rivera


    i reallized he was the bad guy because he was like a little kid trying to force you to be your friend like i saw that straight away

  4. Samurai Doggo

    Samurai Doggo

    2 órája

    Flag-Smasher sounds like somebody we know -Hates government -Wants a world without borders -Is very, VERY good at fighting Kinda sounds like Technoblade...

  5. SarasotaSarg Plays

    SarasotaSarg Plays

    2 órája

    Spoiler: His last theory and shortest theory was right.

  6. Mason Renaud

    Mason Renaud

    3 órája

    the funny thing is I just noticed, in the newest episode that johns cap outfit in falcon and the winter soldier has the same design as his comic design

  7. Brothers videos

    Brothers videos

    4 órája

    Can a baby lift those hammer?

  8. David Sass

    David Sass

    4 órája

    Boo the real captain America is great

  9. Determined Strawberry

    Determined Strawberry

    5 órája

    In the anime ID: Invaded (on Hulu), there is a character named John Walker. (Trying not to spoil anything) .... It would be interesting if there was a specific reason he was named that way.

  10. Josh Alog

    Josh Alog

    9 órája

    I do wonder if MatPat will make another episode for this series since some things are revealed that could change this theory...

  11. Braden Thatcher

    Braden Thatcher

    14 órája

    0:04 WoW, tHeSe GuYs GeT sO eXcItEd ThAt ThEy StArT tO sHaPeShIfT

  12. FrostyPickle Studios

    FrostyPickle Studios

    15 órája

    That was a morningstar, not a mace. Maces deal bludgeoning damage, morningstars deal piercing damage.

  13. Case Young

    Case Young

    17 órája

    Sharon Carter is the Power Broker?

  14. Aidan Dickson

    Aidan Dickson

    17 órája

    the way that off hand remark abt sharon being a villain could very well turn out to be true



    18 órája

    The guy at the end of episode 1 was just a random flag smasher right?

    • SkarFN


      16 órája


  16. Dean Pope

    Dean Pope

    20 órája

    Isn’t there a suicide squad like team named thunder-something in the comics?

  17. jay gee 2018

    jay gee 2018

    20 órája

    Oohhhhhhh shots fired at new rockstars

  18. Darkknight329



    who's here after episode 5?

  19. Phineas Flynn

    Phineas Flynn


    Mat: The twist will not be that John isn’t a nice guy. Me watching episode 4. Huh.

  20. Joggy Paster

    Joggy Paster


    spoilers, the last theory is kinda close to the truth

  21. Phoenix animations

    Phoenix animations


    The ending of that theory is actually coming to the truth If you translate what Sharon says on the phone she is the supplier of the flag smashers

  22. abhimanyu nr

    abhimanyu nr


    FILM THEORY IDEA:pls do a THEORY on fanfictasia by artspear entertainment

  23. Dragon slayer

    Dragon slayer


    welp looks like john walker is going to become evil.

  24. Louis Duarte

    Louis Duarte


    I was directed to this video by MovieBob's latest episode of The Big Picture, because he said he co-wrote this one.

  25. Tony’s Puzzles

    Tony’s Puzzles


    Start off with talking about irrelevant dipshit to hook some watch time. MatPat’s classic

    • Cosmonaut11



      Imagine caring about his theory on Blacktain America

  26. Deem Sriphadung

    Deem Sriphadung


    3:59 Thank you for addressing this. Most racism are in America!!!! I get so annoyed when people in America say "racism is everywhere." Nononooo don't bring other countries into this. There are racism in other countries but its nothing like in America. No other country even comes close to America.

  27. Óscar Amórtegui

    Óscar Amórtegui


    omg guys Matpat was right about Sharon my jaw dropped :000

  28. Jordan Perez

    Jordan Perez


    I can not believe he was right about sharon carter, we still have an episode to go but I'm like 95% sure she's the power broker

  29. Black cat 101

    Black cat 101


    I want a young avengers theory even though we are probably never gonna get one this year.

  30. Emily Schick

    Emily Schick


    Can we get a video about the physics of the shield please?? It doesn’t make any sense to me 😂

    • Alejandro Morales

      Alejandro Morales



  31. Osi Okafor

    Osi Okafor


    Great theory as always...BUT, have u considered the slight chance that maybe, just maybe... 🦹🏻‍♀️IT🎶WAS🎶AGATHA🎶ALL🎶ALONG🦹🏻‍♀️

  32. Jm Jm

    Jm Jm


    I mean, all of this is just, obvious

  33. Riley Strickland

    Riley Strickland


    Welp...... wait 'til MatPat sees the next four episodes.....

  34. fortnnite is bad

    fortnnite is bad


    Huh it's true

  35. Draon029



    Wow they hit that end well.

  36. VioHRD



    I watched a recent episode with my family and like, i haven't seen the newest episode but Sharon's definitely a little shady.

  37. The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby

    2 napja

    AIR force not army

  38. miko foin

    miko foin

    2 napja

    I love how this went from plausible low stakes predictions to "Sharon Carter is mephisto confirmed"

  39. Sophie Soares

    Sophie Soares

    2 napja

    Yeah... Sharon is definitely not sus... *cough cough "powerbroker" What? That was nothing, anyway, Zemo bad guy, am I right?

    • de fatsvage rumdyr

      de fatsvage rumdyr



    • de fatsvage rumdyr

      de fatsvage rumdyr


      Zemo bad Guy

    • de fatsvage rumdyr

      de fatsvage rumdyr



  40. Julie beakgaard

    Julie beakgaard

    2 napja

    Okay the Hole “the flag smashers arent evil” thing might not have been a plot twist. If anything it was Marvel finnaly understanding what it means to make complecs antagonists, but i still wanna give Matpat credit. It is Nice that he gets these small victories once in a while.

    • de fatsvage rumdyr

      de fatsvage rumdyr


      Yeah i aggre

  41. Akev


    2 napja

    This guys the goat he got 2 out of 3 right

  42. Liam Roche

    Liam Roche

    2 napja

    Oh boy was that wrong

    • de fatsvage rumdyr

      de fatsvage rumdyr


      Not really but not acurate

  43. Fenriz Nobile

    Fenriz Nobile

    2 napja

    Close to 10million!

  44. SinisterMr


    2 napja

    man literally just predicted the series

  45. littenger


    2 napja

    What if john got beat the h out of by the flag smashers due to John seen as a national symbol with baron zemo coming in and taking the shield for himself and becoming anti cap since cap was more reckless and honest zemo has shown to be the opposite

  46. Lutaic


    2 napja

    8:37 " even killing people with his bare hands " walker literally murdered someone with the shield wow

  47. Some One

    Some One

    2 napja

    Is John Walker actually evil?

    • Louis Duarte

      Louis Duarte


      I wouldn't say evil, but has a warped view of right and wrong, with mental instability coming from PTSD AND the knock-off serum.

  48. Leonardo Pontes

    Leonardo Pontes

    2 napja

    I came from the future to say Matt was likely right, Contessa Valentina (Madame Hydra) is recruiting the dark Avengers just like Steve Rogers was "The first avenger".

  49. Evan Busbin

    Evan Busbin

    2 napja

    Eric Voss is a legend.

  50. Chihiro Fujisaki

    Chihiro Fujisaki

    2 napja

    0:49 the one you pause on you have to go watch

  51. The Scribe

    The Scribe

    2 napja

    Jerry Nadler told me to remind you that the Flag Smashers are just a myth

  52. Lukieman25 Man Pearson

    Lukieman25 Man Pearson

    2 napja

    My theory (which I thought when I first saw this) was that all the flag smashers will die all. except kali who will adopt the title of flag smasher.

    • de fatsvage rumdyr

      de fatsvage rumdyr


      Intresting theory i like it

  53. NatureNinja2008


    2 napja

    forest gump Eeets MARVLE: LIEUTENAMT SAM.

  54. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    2 napja

    I love how this went from plausible low stakes predictions to "Sharon Carter is mephisto confirmed"

  55. notJAY


    2 napja




    2 napja

    Looks like one of his off the cuff speculations might have ended up being the twist.

  57. Eric Hanson

    Eric Hanson

    3 napja

    Wow... I'm actually surprised... I just checked Google Images for "Falcon Kick" and "Falcon Punch" and, multiple weeks after the first episode of 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier' aired (in the U.S.), there seem not to be any MCU-connected versions of the meme.

  58. AkuTenshiiZero


    3 napja

    >Mentioning Thaddeus Ross and Red Hulk like they're different people I'm gonna have to dock a few nerd points off you on that one Mat.

  59. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain

    3 napja

    Shows Erik Voss

  60. ђєђєツ


    3 napja

    And btw there are some John wick references in falcon and the winter soldier, how do I know that u may ask..... Cause I watched Canadian lad's vid about falcon and the winter soldier

  61. ђєђєツ


    3 napja

    Mat can u watch Canadian lad's vid about falcon and the winter soldier

  62. Chris_FNaM2021


    3 napja

    Totally wrong

    • gamer Jacky

      gamer Jacky

      2 napja

      It is a theory It is not supposed to be 100% correct

    • Kexter


      2 napja


  63. Annica413


    3 napja

    That Sharon Carter theory doesn't look as bad now. On ep 5 and a few are thinking she's the power broker

  64. Victory Gamer

    Victory Gamer

    3 napja

    I'm just wondering if this captain america is william burnside

    • Louis Duarte

      Louis Duarte


      Nope. John Walker.

  65. Warlock Crusaders

    Warlock Crusaders

    3 napja

    Oho boy just watch the fourth episode

  66. Jade Solstice

    Jade Solstice

    3 napja

    Putting all of US' real life issues in a comic based show turned me off from even watching til the end.

    • Daniel Burns

      Daniel Burns

      3 napja

      yeah how dare they put politics in a CAPTAIN AMERICA series. I swear have you even even read a comic?

  67. Lets Game On

    Lets Game On

    3 napja

    Walker is a frickin cycopath

  68. Moi López

    Moi López

    3 napja

    Not Erick Voss saying Mephisto 🤣

  69. Astral Panda

    Astral Panda

    3 napja

    Oh the flag smashers are bad allright. They blew up innocent people with families without remorse. I hate how they make them seem and act like they are just so innocent and pushed to do that, but they are straight up terrorists without any thought for human life. Like they are treated as liberators for killing about 20 people for really nothing, but when John Walker kills one of these terrorists after they have killed again, the public goes off the walls.

    • Louis Duarte

      Louis Duarte


      I think some of the other Flag Smashers are questioning Karli's methods.

  70. Ejw Cadge

    Ejw Cadge

    3 napja

    I love the falcon punch start

  71. banslotyt


    3 napja

    Imagine using I'm not racist a good symbolism of society an actual decent song and misunderstanding it

  72. matpat Atla is future Last name

    matpat Atla is future Last name

    3 napja

    Do a stranger things theory

  73. Harry McNally

    Harry McNally

    3 napja

    I'd love if you could do a theory on No County for Old Men. I'm sure this comment will get lost with the others though. If anyone sees this, and agrees with me, could you please like this comment, or even comment this yourself, so there's a higher chance of this being seen. MatPat, or random commenter who reads this, thanks!

  74. Sticklarry


    3 napja

    I really dislike how you pertrayed nationalism as a evil ideology when there are VERY valid reasons for it to exist.

  75. Pablo Chu

    Pablo Chu

    3 napja

    Sharon is looking like a villain now. Bet MatPat didn’t see that coming😂

  76. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    3 napja

    Sharon Carter will be the new Captain America. Sharon Carter will be the new Captain America

  77. Yoshi Villagon

    Yoshi Villagon

    3 napja

    I know it wasn’t just me when Captain America gave Falcon the Shield like “OMG Captain Falcon” 😂

  78. Akwesi Mishael

    Akwesi Mishael

    3 napja

    after watching episode 4, gotta admit Matpat, you got this one spot on

    • Sallie McKenna

      Sallie McKenna

      3 napja

      Did he really tho?

  79. Vincent Lescarbeau

    Vincent Lescarbeau

    3 napja

    ahhhhh how did you now

  80. Daddydaddyoh1980 -

    Daddydaddyoh1980 -

    3 napja

    He did Erik Voss dirty

  81. Gerzz


    3 napja


  82. Pixar fanboy999

    Pixar fanboy999

    3 napja

    I need more falcon and winter soldier theories

  83. Apple thief

    Apple thief

    3 napja

    Flag smashers are down with the NWO?



    3 napja

    Captain America is a flag smasher? He has a flag on his chest and he is hitting people. Hmm

  85. Françoise Rambaud

    Françoise Rambaud

    3 napja

    DCEU and Comics won the war since 2013.

  86. GiiSides


    3 napja

    I can’t believe he got it with the throwaway “hey probably not” theory

  87. ynw GK

    ynw GK

    4 napja

    2:15 is that juice wrld

  88. GaMeZ BoYZ

    GaMeZ BoYZ

    4 napja

    What I'm waiting for is a thunder mountain movie

  89. dweeb


    4 napja

    Oh just wait until he sees Episode four. The final scene was horrific but a beautiful showing of symbolism and artistry.

  90. Max Giordano

    Max Giordano

    4 napja

    Good job you just gave new rockstars free advertisement. Just saying...

  91. Richard Lim

    Richard Lim

    4 napja

    I feel like falcon give up the shield is like Luke skywalker throw away his father's lightsaber

  92. RickyScarborough


    4 napja

    The falcon is dead - you cant depressurize a C-10 Hercules at 38,000 ft - Nor can the falcon fly that high without a supply of oxygen

  93. Shelby Romeo

    Shelby Romeo

    4 napja


  94. D de

    D de

    4 napja

    Red hulk will be the twist

  95. Oscar Galliford

    Oscar Galliford

    4 napja

    I can’t believe he got it all right!!!! Everything from flagsmashers aren’t big bad and John Walker is a bad guy

  96. pida siouy

    pida siouy

    4 napja


  97. Andrew T

    Andrew T

    4 napja

    I believe in Cap #345 it was his mom dying that sent him over the edge. I suggest everyone read Cap #350. One of my favorite single issues ever

  98. EtheEvil


    4 napja

    That longshot about Sharon might actually hit

  99. Micah Warkentin

    Micah Warkentin

    4 napja

    Tbh I don’t think there’s going to be a clear cut bad guy at the end of this show.

  100. DarkNugget 39

    DarkNugget 39

    4 napja