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  1. Nathan Malvar

    Nathan Malvar

    2 órája

    Prison tank and it is too small

  2. Duplex


    3 órája

    Thats abuse

  3. Yutia Creation's

    Yutia Creation's

    3 órája

    Jesus.... please get a bigger tank if you can't afford it you shouldn't have fish. Think of how bored and cruel that, is fish arnt as stupid as some people think they are.

  4. JigSaw


    3 órája

    Welcome aboard sir

  5. Xavier Bergara

    Xavier Bergara

    4 órája

    okay now this is animal abuse

  6. C Brown

    C Brown

    4 órája

    Way too many large fish for that tank

  7. Digamas


    5 órája

    TIP 1 : when you already have too many fish in your tank. Stop catching any more. TIP 2 : insert a shark.

  8. chakky


    6 órája


  9. Dr. Louis

    Dr. Louis

    6 órája

    who is enjoing this

  10. Mark Roberts

    Mark Roberts

    6 órája

    Dudu you need a way bigger tank

  11. 漢字読めない


    7 órája

    And 500k people like it

  12. Sehjot Singh guram.

    Sehjot Singh guram.

    7 órája

    What the hell is this

  13. Sleepings


    7 órája

    Why do Chinese people do this shit ?

  14. siapa boleh

    siapa boleh

    7 órája

    Ikan lele

  15. Hubert Clement Wijaya / VIII C / IX ,Eagerston

    Hubert Clement Wijaya / VIII C / IX ,Eagerston

    7 órája

    Decent representative of animal abuse

  16. Gacha-Galaxy- bear

    Gacha-Galaxy- bear

    8 órája

    bruh i dont know alot about fish but all i know is that the tank is way to damn small for all those giant fish-

  17. hello hello

    hello hello

    8 órája

    Ahahahhahahahahahahaha love animal cruelty yeah so funny because I'm absolutely fucking retarded

  18. Oinksterpork


    8 órája


  19. Chloe girl

    Chloe girl

    8 órája


  20. Drew Powell

    Drew Powell

    8 órája

    Your not supposed to introduce new fish to an aquarium that fast without acclimation.

  21. C W

    C W

    9 órája

    That tank is way to small

  22. Jared kelly

    Jared kelly

    9 órája

    Way to many fish in that tank

  23. enad migz

    enad migz

    9 órája


  24. Jyenx


    9 órája

    Hell no

  25. Mason B

    Mason B

    9 órája

    “pOoR fISh”

  26. Hunter Warden

    Hunter Warden

    9 órája

    Way too small of a tank

  27. Whimsical Abisdeon

    Whimsical Abisdeon

    9 órája

    F I S H

  28. Chino


    9 órája

    There all gonna be eaten at some point so what’s the problem?

  29. reubZ reviewZ

    reubZ reviewZ

    9 órája

    Your gonna need a bigger tank

  30. HawkAlum Nus

    HawkAlum Nus

    9 órája

    Holy mother of crowded...

  31. Wacky The Whaleysaurus

    Wacky The Whaleysaurus

    10 órája

    That tank is so overcrowded bro

  32. millz -_-

    millz -_-

    10 órája

    Man thar shit is over crowded..wtf ur fukn dumb..everyone should DISLIKE this

  33. Katya Steyn

    Katya Steyn

    10 órája

    I’m literally *screaming*

  34. Logan Trudel

    Logan Trudel

    10 órája

    He needs a bigger tank, but don't be racist about it !

  35. 总裁 ! ?

    总裁 ! ?

    10 órája


  36. Malte Schmidt

    Malte Schmidt

    11 órája


  37. terry rickman

    terry rickman

    11 órája

    Poor fish

  38. GDBOY 123

    GDBOY 123

    11 órája


  39. Verga Kombat

    Verga Kombat

    11 órája

    Report this shit

  40. Frowntown


    11 órája

    I would kill myself if I was one of those fish

  41. Usagi•IRL


    11 órája

    Abuse wtf

  42. pancake ghosty

    pancake ghosty

    11 órája

    Way too small tank. Think about it a fish will swim for miles seeing new things and doing stuff. This is like putting a person in a hallway and saying it's fine because they can move their legs.

  43. James Lee

    James Lee

    12 órája

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  44. JVsquar'd


    12 órája

    All the fishes are the carnivorous ones.

  45. Benedetto Zito

    Benedetto Zito

    12 órája


  46. Ravindecavalier


    12 órája

    Bro get a bigger tank

  47. Kkkk


    12 órája

    The tank is too big for the fish

  48. Loklan Wedge

    Loklan Wedge

    12 órája

    Animal abuse is not very based

  49. The Train

    The Train

    13 órája

    Too many fish in small tank

  50. Hybrid


    13 órája

    Is the music really necessary?

  51. Der angler mb

    Der angler mb

    13 órája

    -Nördliche schnapper -arapaimas -jaus -rotflossenantennenwelse

  52. Jerin san

    Jerin san

    13 órája

    One huge fish swimming left top to right bottom please tell me what fish is this.....

  53. Ken Harty

    Ken Harty

    13 órája

    Way too many fish in that tank

  54. Outlaw_harrison2 GRN

    Outlaw_harrison2 GRN

    13 órája

    First you need a bigger tank Second you need to keep them in the bag for a bit while in the water so they can get used to the temperature of the water

  55. Miki Miki

    Miki Miki

    13 órája


  56. Matus Matus

    Matus Matus

    13 órája

    Métete tu también pinche inconsciente...no te das cuenta que ya no hay espacio

  57. Jonathan P

    Jonathan P

    13 órája

    You guys pack your fish into places like you do yourselves!

  58. IrgendSoEinKek


    14 órája

    Who the fuck are the people that gave this 500k likes?

  59. Vani Falentina

    Vani Falentina

    14 órája

    Very sad tp see the fish, its too many fish bro.

  60. Seth Johnson

    Seth Johnson

    14 órája

    Thought he was feeding them. Fam this tank is way too small for all those fish. I'm no expert but I feel like that tank shouldn't have more than like 5 fish in it lol

  61. Zulfikar Zainal Abidin

    Zulfikar Zainal Abidin

    14 órája

    Just this kind of Chinese man, first I saw a Chinese cooking some crab octopus alive, now this.

  62. Bagus Dewe

    Bagus Dewe

    14 órája


  63. Yoolo swag

    Yoolo swag

    15 órája

    World: How could something so terrible like Corona emerge China:

  64. Admiral Kingston

    Admiral Kingston

    15 órája


  65. •Bumble Bee•

    •Bumble Bee•

    15 órája

    I love how the title is just fish

  66. PaySmart


    15 órája

    Bigger tank u Idiot

  67. Alexander Vowles

    Alexander Vowles

    15 órája

    Aren't they going to eat each other, if they're not all herbivores?

  68. Sathish Kumar

    Sathish Kumar

    15 órája


  69. Orange white cat

    Orange white cat

    16 órája

    Guys come on! Humans have been eating animals for as long as humans have been around! Would you try and tell a bear to stop eating other animals? No you wouldn’t because that’s what they do. And that’s what we do as well, you may not like it but most other people love it. Sure the small tank isn’t ideal for the fish but like they’re gonna die anyway

  70. Manjit Kumar

    Manjit Kumar

    16 órája

    How beautiful

  71. darren oleary

    darren oleary

    16 órája


  72. OwnedByMobile


    17 órája

    This guy: Continues to stuff huge fish into a small tank. The fish: 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠🐠 🐠 🐠🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠🐠 🐠 🐠🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠🐠 🐠 🐠🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠🐠 🐠 🐠 🐠🐠 🐠 🐠

  73. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford

    17 órája

    That tank is too big. You need to make sure they can't swim so they get nice and fatty. Great taste that way.

  74. Eden Alexandria B

    Eden Alexandria B

    17 órája

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  75. kicks story

    kicks story

    17 órája

    Can I have one

  76. THE audio player

    THE audio player

    18 órája

    You will now it that fish Chinese🤬😭

  77. Keanu Jeez

    Keanu Jeez

    18 órája


  78. QBEK Pl

    QBEK Pl

    19 órája

    Czemu on trzyma 50 ryb w jednym akwarium

  79. MemeyBoi


    19 órája

    I'd say f i s h as a joke for the title but there's literally no space for it.

  80. Cam Alkire

    Cam Alkire

    19 órája

    Humans don’t deserve shit

  81. G LUONG


    19 órája


  82. FrostyPlayz


    19 órája

    Its not right to putt those huge arowana's and stuff in that small of "tank".

  83. Sean


    19 órája

    that shit is overstocked to the max bruh

  84. 이현수


    19 órája

    bring me thanos...

  85. Raziq 8002

    Raziq 8002

    20 órája

    Me looking at the title be like: ahh yes "fish"



    20 órája


  87. MacanGarong


    20 órája

    Mati semua tuh ikan klo tanknya ke cil kek gitu

  88. Isaac Hernandez

    Isaac Hernandez

    20 órája


  89. Monke


    21 órája


  90. kasia 232

    kasia 232

    21 órája

    Omg , thats too small for These big fishes :( !

  91. Hunter Smith

    Hunter Smith

    21 órája

    Man didn’t even acclimate him to the tank 🤦🏻‍♂️ what is this holding cell for a sushi restaurant?

  92. Madhav Meena

    Madhav Meena

    21 órája

    Why don't you put a shark in there your money will be saved but not you

  93. Hunter Smith

    Hunter Smith

    21 órája

    As someone who catches. Kills. Cleans and cooks fish. This is just cruel.

  94. Izra Imran

    Izra Imran

    21 órája

    Bro u should put that fish with that plastic of water first for 30 minutes before u can let go the fish into the tank

  95. PZ E

    PZ E

    21 órája

    Big fish in a small tank...

  96. Austin Cowan

    Austin Cowan

    21 órája

    Thats an eel right?

  97. MustardMeat


    21 órája

    Yeah definitely add more I think the tank looks a little empty 😑

  98. Ken


    21 órája


  99. Mic Derpenstien

    Mic Derpenstien

    21 órája

    Are you serious with that tank? Whats wrong with you?

  100. のりっちょ


    21 órája

    魚『おっ!餌や!餌や!袋イッパイや♪』 人『ジャバジャバ~🌊』 魚『餌や♪餌や♪餌や~♪』 魚『よし!食え食えー! ん?……仲間やないか』