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“Float” Full SparkShort | Pixar

Pixar Animation Studios and the SparkShorts filmmakers of FLOAT are in solidarity with the Asian and Asian American communities against Anti-Asian hate in all its forms. We are proud of the onscreen representation in this short and have decided to make it widely available, in celebration of what stories that feature Asian characters can do to promote inclusion everywhere.

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  1. Sohan


    5 órája

    movie link?????

  2. ___shorty____


    5 órája

    People are too judgemental ......don't so so quick to judge

  3. Mahmut Turkmen

    Mahmut Turkmen

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  4. Nighat Shamshad

    Nighat Shamshad

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    Pixar fan🙂

  5. Pessoa Aleatória

    Pessoa Aleatória

    6 órája

    crying 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  6. النفصام المتمرد

    النفصام المتمرد

    7 órája

    مافي ولا تعليق عربي 🥺🥺🥺

    • Shemaa Mohamad

      Shemaa Mohamad

      2 órája

      انا بس تعرف اسم الفلم

  7. Supriya


    7 órája

    So beautiful!



    8 órája

    ഒരു സിനിമ ഉണ്ട് ലോ ഈ കഥ നേ

  9. Deewan Rathwa

    Deewan Rathwa

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  10. Сауле Тажбенова

    Сауле Тажбенова

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    л д

  11. فاروق فاروق

    فاروق فاروق

    10 órája

    شنو اسم الفلم

  12. Abdul-Muhaimen Dalghusa

    Abdul-Muhaimen Dalghusa

    11 órája

    Amazing! A heart felt clip.

  13. galleto radcliffe

    galleto radcliffe

    11 órája

    everyone: *cry's me: pogchamp

  14. erka tulga

    erka tulga

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    best best

  15. Laura Aparecida

    Laura Aparecida

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    Oi ❤️🧘

  16. Patryk


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  17. حسين جبوري

    حسين جبوري

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    هل هوناك عرب

  18. ענב איטח

    ענב איטח

    16 órája

    איזה מרגש אני פשוט בוכה גם לי יש ילדה אוטיסטית הם ילדי זהב חמודדד מאוד מרגש בהחלט🥲🥲🥲😥🥺👆👆

  19. Luzi Santos

    Luzi Santos

    17 órája

    Somewhere else I saw this was to support the autistic community, not Asian/Asian American

  20. Riya Khan

    Riya Khan

    20 órája

    This is like the movie 'the man without gravity'😐

  21. Tania Tanha

    Tania Tanha

    21 órája

    Just simply wow.. ❤️❤️

  22. Minerva Dominguez

    Minerva Dominguez

    21 órája

    El baby es parecido a Metal Lee

  23. CN C

    CN C

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  24. ShirinRayyona Xashimova

    ShirinRayyona Xashimova

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  25. Alysson Erick

    Alysson Erick


    Eu entendi a mensagem o pai não aceita o filho por ser diferente ( provavelmente deficiente) ela tenta a todo custo esconder o filho por vergonha com medo do que os outros iriam pensar, até que ele percebeu que não importa o quê os outros digam ser diferente é normal o quê importa no final das contas é o amor!

  26. Liliane Santos

    Liliane Santos



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    Małgorzata Tomczyk



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  29. Fitch Jean

    Fitch Jean


    نوترل لبقفزيسذثدي

  30. Yakub Özcan

    Yakub Özcan


    ıyyyy çok kötü biseymis

  31. حامد خان

    حامد خان


    و 2 3 في

    • حامد خان

      حامد خان


      لثهلغم نت قثتي6

  32. Fatiha Chiki

    Fatiha Chiki


    Molto bello

  33. Juarez Velasquez

    Juarez Velasquez


    Como é possível criar poesia em vídeo sem uma só palavra? É isso, sensibilidade, beleza, criação de sentimentos através de pequenas ilustrações animadas. Parabéns vídeo de beleza impar!

  34. Leena Kunjam

    Leena Kunjam



  35. Sefa Fırtına

    Sefa Fırtına


    Yorumlarda türk yorumu arayan kardesim sende hosgeeldi

  36. Morgan Norris

    Morgan Norris


    Wow so beautiful

  37. Victoria Mukasa

    Victoria Mukasa


    Lovely views 😍❣️👌

  38. Heemaal Koul Dhar

    Heemaal Koul Dhar


    How did the kid fly

  39. Addanki Naveena

    Addanki Naveena



  40. Shahla Nizam

    Shahla Nizam



  41. ZeroTwoSixty



    "You'll float too" *>:)*

  42. Fantasy 13

    Fantasy 13


    "why can't you just be normal?!" That's where I cried. And I'm in public 😥

    • Spooky Vincent B.

      Spooky Vincent B.


      Don't worry I did to

  43. Antonio Javelosa

    Antonio Javelosa



  44. Ninja 1

    Ninja 1


    "Pixar Is The Best To Make People Laugh" _They Said_

  45. Frank C

    Frank C


    Wee soy yo

  46. Zaida Cordero Valverde

    Zaida Cordero Valverde

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    by my resume

  47. Gatito Noemy

    Gatito Noemy

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    Ahgu p

  48. Grace Azad

    Grace Azad

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  49. Paul Gruendler

    Paul Gruendler

    2 napja

    Sometimes you just have to let them go.

  50. John D gleyo

    John D gleyo

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  51. Sadie White

    Sadie White

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  52. Thomas Louis Lorentz

    Thomas Louis Lorentz

    2 napja

    Why this child fly ?

  53. Shad Nazeer

    Shad Nazeer

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  54. Ana Paula De Lima Barbosa

    Ana Paula De Lima Barbosa

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  55. Ez kurd im

    Ez kurd im

    2 napja

    Einer der schönsten und einfühlsamsten Kurzfilme die ich bis jetzt gesehen habe♥️..... hier frage ich mich - wer ist anders .... der Junge oder die ganzen Menschen die sich so verhalten, als wenn der Junge schrecklich ist.... dabei ist er einzigartig🥰🥰🥰🥰 Vielen Dank PIXAR👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  56. Kanishka Tharundi

    Kanishka Tharundi

    2 napja

    It is beautiful

  57. Diya Dinesh

    Diya Dinesh

    2 napja

    I love it

  58. UselessGamerKid


    2 napja

    It’s dosen’t matter if your different it matters if you have a kind heart

  59. CoffeeTeddy


    2 napja

    oops actually I think a person has super powers is amazing- Idk why people just keep staring him tho ;-;

  60. Samantha Herbie Pasco

    Samantha Herbie Pasco

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  61. Arnel Namit

    Arnel Namit

    2 napja

    this is giving me little nightmares vibes lol

  62. Monica Ramos

    Monica Ramos

    2 napja

    I'm crying.. my second son is autistic, I know how it feels to be different but he doesn't know he is. It's painful to see how other people treat him, as if he has a disease or something.

  63. Brian Park

    Brian Park

    2 napja

    The little kid looks like Brettman Rock

  64. Aliha Arif

    Aliha Arif

    2 napja

    "Accept the way they are"

  65. Noura elbacha

    Noura elbacha

    2 napja


  66. Kumar D

    Kumar D

    2 napja

    Zczv scene Gucci he c zen vxnhhhjhj xv

  67. بنات حسين

    بنات حسين

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  68. Afonso Freitas

    Afonso Freitas

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  69. irfan baig

    irfan baig

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  70. Shaain 7108

    Shaain 7108

    2 napja

    The only 6 words in this film: WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE NORMAL!!!!!

  71. scuxx deluxx

    scuxx deluxx

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  72. scuxx deluxx

    scuxx deluxx

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    Yoyo Su

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  74. Ismail alhassan

    Ismail alhassan

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  75. Ismail alhassan

    Ismail alhassan

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  76. Ismail alhassan

    Ismail alhassan

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  77. Claudia Achutti

    Claudia Achutti

    2 napja

    What hate? You are the ones who are saying that there is hatred... As for the short film, it has nothing to do with hate, but with a father not letting his son "fly" and ends with the father encouraging him to let the boy "fly" .... You are not having perfect and positive eyes, you are instilling hate and victimism in those who are welcomed by the people of the countries they have chosen to live in. We are all different, so what?

  78. Mukta Aktar

    Mukta Aktar

    2 napja

  79. Kochthresiamma Thomas

    Kochthresiamma Thomas

    2 napja

    बहुत अच्छा, यह पिक्सर की टीम, अच्छी तरह से किया

  80. Hunter Jardine

    Hunter Jardine

    2 napja

    This was beautiful

  81. Ridhi Bhatt

    Ridhi Bhatt

    2 napja

    It was so good

  82. shristi Maurya

    shristi Maurya

    2 napja

    Emotional video

  83. Alatreon


    2 napja

    Being an autistic person, I feel that not only does the parent go through the feeling of them needing to keep their child out of public view, but the child themselves feel the need to seclude, at least in my personal experience. I've cried many times using the same line the dad did of 'why can't I just be normal?'. Idk tho, i'm still only 16, but i am going through a massive boost in terms of both physical and mental growth. the mental growth is what has hurt the most due to me becoming more perceptive to the faults in myself, and i kinda hate myself because of it. Those faults being the social awkwardness, the inability to let things go, the mood swings, the incredibly erratic emotions i feel when i'm off my meds, etc.

  84. Toon Toon IND

    Toon Toon IND

    2 napja

    Too good! Love it

  85. Emma Flores

    Emma Flores

    3 napja

    dad: WHY CAN'T U JUST BE NORMAL!?!? kid: OOP

  86. Herbalistang Pinay.21

    Herbalistang Pinay.21

    3 napja

    I like the story very nice

  87. Herbalistang Pinay.21

    Herbalistang Pinay.21

    3 napja

    Oh!sad story that his son is not normal.You know what its very hard to be not a normal.Like me,when time I'm find out I have depression.Its hard to live with this kind of illness.But floating boy is very amazing.

  88. Herbalistang Pinay.21

    Herbalistang Pinay.21

    3 napja

    Wow!wonderful story

  89. Guilherme Alves Gasparette

    Guilherme Alves Gasparette

    3 napja

    GHugh tb tô traidor v v b BBB oi 008uyftu mm jhtb hmm

  90. arthur rosasouza

    arthur rosasouza

    3 napja

    um minino dece ce fose brasileiro ja i a ta sem pele

  91. eddy chavarria campos

    eddy chavarria campos

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  92. Ali MHMD

    Ali MHMD

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    اكو عرب بالفيديو 🙏🤩🤩🤗🤗🤗

  93. Henrique


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    Vtmnc professora

  94. ُعُشاق الانمي

    ُعُشاق الانمي

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  95. Lilian GG

    Lilian GG

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    Que lindo!

  96. Аймира Б

    Аймира Б

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  97. Moriah Haeflinger

    Moriah Haeflinger

    3 napja

    how can the son fly

  98. Альмира Аписова

    Альмира Аписова

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  99. JN - 07DC 760885 Allan Drive MS

    JN - 07DC 760885 Allan Drive MS

    3 napja

    Nobody: What my dad expects after treating me like trash:




      N bujrK,

  100. Noah Oshinaike

    Noah Oshinaike

    3 napja

    Interesting. But I wish to watch the full movie. How can I get one to download?