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Food Theory: Subway Tuna Is NOT Fish? ft. TheOdd1sOut

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Oh Subway, it was not so long ago that we were trying to figure out if your bread was REALLY bread or if it was secretly cake. Well, it looks like we are not ready to say goodbye to your scandals. Today, we are opening the sandwich on what exactly you have been putting inside them. Specifically, your "tuna". Is it tuna? Is it even FISH? Time to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
#Subway #Tuna #SubwayTuna #SubwayBread #SubwaySandwich #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory
Fish Study - usa.oceana.org/press-releases/oceana-finds-seafood-fraud-persists


  1. Cheng Teoh

    Cheng Teoh

    13 napja

    Next thing you know there will be a class action lawsuit accusing Subway Sandwiches of not being made of actual "sand" or "witches"

    • Creative Name

      Creative Name


      Or even better, witches who live in the sand

    • The ballistic Tree

      The ballistic Tree

      4 napja

      *soub Hahaha

    • Rusto


      4 napja

      *wiches not witches. witches are the women tried in the Salem witch trials. Your claiming it’s made of magical human women. Soylent green

    • Luxa Laney

      Luxa Laney

      5 napja

      @Jeff Faller dude, it's a JOKE. You don't have to look into every single detail

    • Jeff Faller

      Jeff Faller

      5 napja

      I'm going to assume by your statement that you find the fact that the public is being sold products that are fraudulent, not really a big deal. Then why are you surprised that 1 in 5 fish is mislabeled in a way that surely financially benefits the seller not the buyer. Until we raise awareness that cheap fast food is actually fake food, and have some dignity to what we put in our bodies as a nation this kind of crap will continue, and by "crap" I mean FOOD FRAUD. Taco Bell knows all too well how to handle this kind of news...you just run a full page add in the paper saying that "Yes, we've been selling you Vegetable Beef Protein for decades...and you've been fine with it" So basically, the question is why has it taken so long to figure this out? Answer: because the American public in general has such low expectations of a $5 sub, $2 burger, $2 Taco that the fact that it tastes good exceeds the publics perception of quality for the price. You know why I love the idea of a $15 minimum wage? because fast food only survives if it starts selling a better product at a higher price. I gave up on Subway years ago, its almost as fake as Little Cesar's. For reference, Little Cesar's is well known in the industry as having every ingredient adulterated to the point that its bordering on not even qualifying to be called pizza even in American low standards. You should applaud every lawsuit against companies that seem frivolous because litigation is the only way to stop food fraud, which is stealing on a wholesale scale.

  2. Luis Miguel

    Luis Miguel

    41 perce

    Toona fwoosh?

  3. Andrija Vasić

    Andrija Vasić

    4 órája

    Did you guys think subway made the lawyers sue them for this on purpose?

  4. EpicStar 86

    EpicStar 86

    7 órája

    The tounafish sandwich meat is made out of a 19$ Fortnite Card

  5. 王人傑


    10 órája

    Just can't talk about subway without TheOdd1sOut

  6. DinoGaming44


    11 órája

    California is the Karen capital of the world honestly.

  7. Pr!me Tim3z

    Pr!me Tim3z

    11 órája

    mm, im pretty sure this is just subway being both the prosecutor and defendant. I mean think about it, its a dumb lawsuit that spells fraud done twice, at the same time of the year, in the exact same way, they just mysteriously drop the case and disappear, and subway gets to run massive ads without looking like the bad guy because they're just "defending" themselves. This just spells fraud all over, subway knows any press is good press, so why not make some bad press to profit off of? and if you say, why would they do that to force themselves to spend more money running ads, riddle me this, wouldn't they have just ran those same ads anyways? instead of having to space out all those ads to keep drawing in attention without bugging people by making too many ads, they get to release massive ad drops in your face, "defending" themselves by challenging people to *go eat at subway.* furthermore, it takes a long time to make ads so you can't just whiff them out of thin air, and ads cost unreal amounts of money and brand support. meaning, every ad subway releases stakes its own neck on the chopping block, so they have a lot to gain it things go right, but unimaginable amounts to lose if anything were to go wrong. Imagine if subway ran all those ads and was proven to be wrong? saying it would be the end of subway would be the best outcome for them because it would get far worse, very fast. all this not even mentioning, subway spent a grand total of zero dollars and zero cents on this case because nothing was pulled through. it doesn't matter if it was tuna or not, it's just a poorly disguised pr campaign ran to make it seem like darling ol subway is just defending itself. BUT HEY THAT'S JUST A THEORY A FOOOOOOOOOOD THEORY

  8. Eddie Lemon

    Eddie Lemon

    12 órája

    Maybe it's all a guerilla ad campaign to get subway in the news and to shill tuna sandwiches.

  9. vanko gaming

    vanko gaming

    13 órája

    The people that get there also why are there so little olives reference our true fans of the odd ones out

  10. Natalie Jimenez

    Natalie Jimenez

    14 órája

    I'm allergic to "finned fish" should I go for the sub?

  11. Monica Ibeck

    Monica Ibeck

    14 órája

    I like how everybody is talking about James but not matpat

  12. Monica Ibeck

    Monica Ibeck

    14 órája

    JAMESSS oh now he’s gonna hate me

  13. Jacob Menjivar

    Jacob Menjivar

    14 órája

    Why did he say tuna SALAD at 5:00 when showing a picture of a sandwich?

  14. 4372696D736F6E


    17 órája

    In Poland it is. I don't know about america.

  15. Mrmcguru


    19 órája

    This seems very fishy

  16. Plasma


    20 órája


  17. leon copilah

    leon copilah

    21 órája

    I want Chilean Sea Bass

  18. Pretty_ Boy

    Pretty_ Boy

    22 órája

    🙏 my two favorite youtubers collabing for a couple of seconds is the best thing

  19. Tendo of Nin

    Tendo of Nin

    23 órája

    Next up: Wondy's theory ft. Arin Hanson

  20. bruhify



    My nightmare: But hey its just a theory an anime theory

  21. Erdbeerkuchen Nico

    Erdbeerkuchen Nico


    Tesla did the same thing

  22. IonarAssorted



    0:18 UwOrdered

  23. Nadia hocson

    Nadia hocson


    dont they kinda sound the same

  24. Kenzie Ang GD

    Kenzie Ang GD



  25. Gavin O'Leary

    Gavin O'Leary


    I just ate a Tuna Melt from subway and now I'm watching this

  26. TJAwsmness 54

    TJAwsmness 54


    that intro XD priceless

  27. Shea Polk

    Shea Polk


    Matpat with the odd1sout references XD

  28. Cali AirmanB17

    Cali AirmanB17


    Not only should Sooubway not pay, but they and the justice system should make an example out of the plaintiff and their attorney. That’s the only way people like them will stop making frivolous cases. 🥪 🐟

  29. Creative Name

    Creative Name


    I love how he asked about the olives, only true sooubway fans would know

  30. DalekTDP



    LOL i got a subway ad at the beginning of this

  31. Dylan Dudley

    Dylan Dudley


    Can we appreciate the fact that there is 999 dislikes and 99k likes (right now)

  32. Dylan Dudley

    Dylan Dudley


    I changed the vid from 999 dislikes to 1000 hahaha ok imma change it back now

  33. D. Johnson

    D. Johnson


    The person who's allergic to tuna fish: My time has come

  34. kipa



    I can test this i cant eat fish

  35. Tera Star

    Tera Star


    subway hired them as a publicity stunt

  36. Impulsive Gaming

    Impulsive Gaming


    James pls make a fox ploosh 🦊

  37. Jaron D'mello

    Jaron D'mello

    2 napja

    Subway’s Tuna sandwich is not Tuna Source: Dude trust me

  38. fnaf reacts

    fnaf reacts

    2 napja

    They sound the same

  39. Freedomcat


    2 napja

    It is just a publicity stunt. Same for the Taco Bell lawsuit over beef.

  40. Allison Banks

    Allison Banks

    2 napja

    The enchanted adapter dolly walk because sky immunohistochemically mark beneath a perfect wave. miscreant, handsomely cry

  41. Zornamations


    2 napja

    This is just the moon landing all over again. It would be a lot easier to just do the thing rather then fake it but people still choose to believe that it's fake even when there's no evidence supporting it,

  42. BOYGENIUS538 _

    BOYGENIUS538 _

    2 napja

    Lol I want a tuna sandwich now

  43. kaliber aiz

    kaliber aiz

    2 napja

    Captions: Dutch aww

  44. *Happy Day*

    *Happy Day*

    2 napja

    Anyone else LOVE TheOdd1sOut? No hate- Also it might be chicken. For the tuna.

  45. Lexx Alolia

    Lexx Alolia

    2 napja

    As a former Subway empoyee who got the frees uncooked dogh in everyday i really hat the footlong argument. You guy do knowthat cooking causes bread to change shape right? and no two ovens or locations are the same right? For example i could never get breat to rise when i lived in cali no mather how much years i put in it. So in short, the dough can be foot long but cooking it, a process YOU CAN NOT CONTROL can shorten it, but you know what? wrahts its 1 inches or 13 its still gets the same ingredents either way

  46. flying turtle

    flying turtle

    2 napja

    I don't eat tuna lol

  47. QwerYT


    2 napja

    This is schrödingers sandwich, it either contains tuna and doesn't. But until you check if it has tuna, it will simultaneously have tuna in it and no tuna in it. Edit: IK i'm really late to this video

  48. An Drew

    An Drew

    2 napja


  49. SmilesAreDaggers


    2 napja

    Occam's razor would also state that they would be the one having the suit brought against them since its cheaper than running nationwide ads and lets you clear out near expiration fish from back stock that's sat due to covid.

  50. Twenty 1p

    Twenty 1p

    2 napja

    I got a subway add while watching this

  51. ReptiLad56


    2 napja

    Me watching this while eating a tuna fish sandwich from subway: 👁👄👁

  52. Briana Mills

    Briana Mills

    2 napja

    After everything that has happened lately, I think Karen just wants an outlet for her frustration on, well, everything really.

  53. TheSpence101


    2 napja

    Thanks a lot, dude, I've had a tuna sub every day since this video came out.

  54. SabiUnicorn


    2 napja

    The collab we got, and the collab we deserved.

  55. _シJuliaシ


    2 napja

    What is up with subway in the US?

  56. Evan Tomiko

    Evan Tomiko

    2 napja

    All canned tuna is not completely real tuna. Imagine Subway's tuna

  57. Copy of Lord Shaggy

    Copy of Lord Shaggy

    2 napja

    Dude we know its human flesh

  58. Laila Navone

    Laila Navone

    2 napja


  59. Largo cone #9734

    Largo cone #9734

    2 napja

    My sister worked there and made the tuna it’s meat and mayonnaise it’s not fish

  60. J. S.

    J. S.

    2 napja

    Can it possibly be made from some kind of flavor paste comprised of mostly tuna scales or bones? Like the way imitation crab is made?

  61. 菱角


    3 napja

    Sewer Boy…?

  62. DeathStriker137


    3 napja

    It's one for every other bite Mat ok the olives are there for a purpose

  63. Definitely not ussop

    Definitely not ussop

    3 napja

    Me wondering if that feat Theoddsoneout was gonna be a ending,begging skit or a whole video thing

  64. Mairis Bērziņš

    Mairis Bērziņš

    3 napja

    MatPat. Have u ever considered a career as a prosecutor or an attorney? You seem to have qualities that many lack. Finding details others cannot.

  65. Hell Mon000

    Hell Mon000

    3 napja


  66. Arfa MS

    Arfa MS

    3 napja

    3:28 is that a jujutsu kaisen reference?

  67. The_D0C70R


    3 napja

    The intro skit was perfection

  68. Pastagamingboi


    3 napja

    i started watching and thought this was an odd ones out episode then noticed mat pat lol

  69. jayvhon calma

    jayvhon calma

    3 napja

    At this point even westerners are as absurd as the Americans these westerners most Europeans are mocking

  70. Elaina


    3 napja

    The last time I checked I had 26 olive’s in my sandwich not 8.

  71. Zxycxz


    3 napja


  72. Piko Vocaloid

    Piko Vocaloid

    3 napja

    oh no in my youtube recommended there's a flamingo video about cleetus being a judge... well gamers, the gods of youtube have decided who's judging this case...

  73. Erika Mikkelson

    Erika Mikkelson

    3 napja

    Me eating soobway

  74. Jeffrey McNamee

    Jeffrey McNamee

    3 napja


  75. Rocky Magaña

    Rocky Magaña

    3 napja

    Yeah it's subways suing subways for fame like taco bell suing taco bell. But I think you know that well at least I guess you know that Matt Patt.

  76. EarlierTitan19


    3 napja

    I have never actually eaten any subway products lol

  77. Savannah Goggans

    Savannah Goggans

    3 napja

    What about the theory that this is all just a plan orchestrated by subway to sell more tuna sandwiches during lent a time when fish consumption is up.

  78. FeatSea


    3 napja

    4:46 water you doing

  79. Douglas Balay

    Douglas Balay

    3 napja

    The Tuwunofoosh at suwubwey

  80. 0749Rockystar


    3 napja

    Counter Arguememt: Subway Tuna lawsuit is advertisement to boost Q1 profit margins.

  81. sparta


    3 napja

    Isn’t the odd one out racist

  82. Debra Barnhardt

    Debra Barnhardt

    3 napja

    You did not mention that Subway is being hit hard by new competitors and closed locations two years running. Combine that with the fact that the tuna sandwich is the most popular one on the menu and you have a strong possibility that Subway found some people willing to file a fake lawsuit that generates free publicity AND makes Subway the hero. They are fighting the Canadian Broadcasting Corp in court, but I doubt that the CBC is faking.

  83. Ethan Brown

    Ethan Brown

    3 napja

    So in my experience it seems as though subway has been losing its grip on the food chain business and this is just a big stunt to get more pr... but hey thats just a theory, A FOOD THEORY, thanks for reading, and see you next time.

  84. Jack Hageman

    Jack Hageman

    3 napja

    I work at subway and it’s pretty much just tuna and mayo. Also, all the items on the menu costs the store like two dollars per sandwich for subway, they make so much profit

  85. Pouglas


    3 napja

    Careful mat, this is the stuff of lawsuits.

  86. American Way

    American Way

    3 napja

    Anyone else bothered that there is a rainbow trout in the thumbnail but the video is about tuna

  87. Kollow


    3 napja

    mat and james sound too similar in the skit

  88. DIM LEF


    3 napja


  89. Logan Haas

    Logan Haas

    3 napja

    What’s next subway lettuce isn’t lettuce

  90. Roblox Gamers

    Roblox Gamers

    3 napja

    but i like subway... :(

  91. thomas miller

    thomas miller

    3 napja

    You said the right answer but missed at the same time. Company’s spin this story’s. To show how great there ingredients are. Then make a campaign to boast sales. And if it was a real lawsuit that held and weight it would have been settled. So the answer is simple. A pr group working for subway is making the lawsuit to get press. Because look who they ran to. The media. If it was real subway would silence it. This story will make them millions. And the case will be dropped. Subway and I believe Taco Bell sued themselves just for big media campaign discount coupon included. All a game

  92. FoxTheDrive


    3 napja

    Subway ads are the only ones on this video kinda sus

  93. TortoRacoon


    3 napja

    Mexicans know something for certain: Taco bell serves "Mexican food" that isn't mexican food

  94. Evianne Casey

    Evianne Casey

    4 napja

    My friends mom used to work at Subway and she said not to order the tuna because people mix it with their hands:(

  95. Jack Jelly

    Jack Jelly

    4 napja

    Plot Twist: This was gonna be soobway 5

  96. Steven X

    Steven X

    4 napja

    Matt pat did your wife cheat on u ?

  97. H.I.S Productions

    H.I.S Productions

    4 napja

    I was waiting for this for so looonnnggggg!!!

  98. Cooper Carson

    Cooper Carson

    4 napja

    Honestly all fish fast the same horrible

    • Cooper Carson

      Cooper Carson

      4 napja


  99. The Shroomfruit Channel

    The Shroomfruit Channel

    4 napja

    FOURTH THEORY CHANNEL SUBWAY THEORY CONFIRMED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  100. VenomStriker


    4 napja

    Based on the way it smells...... there’s no way it’s not tuna fish.