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Food Theory: You're Eating Pasta WRONG!

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Pasta is delicious but it is not always the healthiest option on any given menu. So, I wanted to see if there was a way to change that. Can we make our pasta healthier by doing the LEAST amount possible? Call this a hack, but I think I've found the SECRET to healthier pasta. What is it? You'll have to watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Emily Shwake, and Luke Barats
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Koen Verhagen, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  1. Queen Dani

    Queen Dani

    17 napja

    As someone who struggles with their carb intake and is studying biochemistry, this video was not only super enjoyable to watch, but so informative! Awesome video 🥰

    • Mc Donalds

      Mc Donalds

      3 napja

      @brutus the vandal so now do you see

    • Mc Donalds

      Mc Donalds

      3 napja

      @brutus the vandal ye but queen Dani (who has issues with carb intake) will eat more carbs thinking reheating it will make it healthy but since it has close to no difference and they will be eating more of it he/she could die have heart issues or die younger

    • brutus the vandal

      brutus the vandal

      3 napja

      @Mc Donalds its olive garden dude

    • brutus the vandal

      brutus the vandal

      3 napja

      @Mc Donalds have you tried not thinking that hard on it. i just eat whatever i want

    • Mc Donalds

      Mc Donalds

      3 napja

      But everyone it is super fun even though it usually isn’t correct so just don’t take this to heart or any other thing to heart because it simply isn’t correct most of the time it’s super fun to watch tho

  2. AmKam Omega

    AmKam Omega

    4 órája

    Gordon Ramsay watching this video: REEEEEEEEEE

  3. CJ Mag

    CJ Mag

    4 órája

    I love pasta 😋 but have diabetes 😫. No fair!

  4. H Sharmin

    H Sharmin

    6 órája


  5. H Sharmin

    H Sharmin

    6 órája


  6. RedHeaded StepChild

    RedHeaded StepChild

    8 órája

    Yyeeess, sped up audios are the best.

  7. Jess Ryans

    Jess Ryans

    9 órája

    Isn't this why PASTA SALADS are called SALADS?!...Because they're served COLD, so it's HEALTHIER?!😯🤔👀🤌🏽🍝

  8. Kevin Bihari

    Kevin Bihari

    10 órája

    @4:30 Glucose chained in a straight line is called cellulose. You wanted amylose, that forms a spiral

  9. Madison Lopez

    Madison Lopez

    11 órája

    I love cold pasta because I can eat more of it. Same with cold pizza 😋

  10. William Shepherd

    William Shepherd

    13 órája

    How long does the pasta have to be cooled? Can I just run it under cold water until it's all cooled off and then reheat it or is it necessary to refrigerate the pasta overnight? WE NEED THIS INFO MATPAT!!!

  11. Rhapsos Productions

    Rhapsos Productions

    14 órája

    1.5x on Audible? Call me when you can handle 1.75 ;)

  12. -Mylam-


    20 órája

    idk i did like cold pasta now i am happy cause of you even before you made the video i still like cold pasta. don't judge me

  13. ORION711


    21 órája

    I'm watching this at olive garden rn lol

  14. Neelam Agrawal

    Neelam Agrawal

    22 órája

    This is so much fun to know sinse I actually eat pasta by reheating it because if you keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours the sauce gets absorbed into the pasta and it's much more delicious that way so yay I found a better reason to give people now🙃

  15. Kori Lu

    Kori Lu


    9:07 Is Mat a Crime Junkie???

  16. sof. mason

    sof. mason


    I'm team 2x speed

  17. Max Ankum

    Max Ankum


    Just cook your pasta al dente...

  18. chris crooks

    chris crooks


    As some one who worked at the olive garden, I can say rest assured your pasta is reheated every time you order it. The cooks go in early in the morning boil there pasta for the day. Weigh it bag it and when it's ordered it's reheated. Enjoy!

  19. Suzanne Sterritt

    Suzanne Sterritt


    Maybe Kriss should of ate that cold pasta

  20. Beenie



    More proof that if it tastes worse it's probably healthier for you 😞

  21. JukeboxHero



    It's a good thing that the head chef at every Olive Garden is Mic R. O'Wave.

  22. B1AZ3 P1AYZ

    B1AZ3 P1AYZ


    Some guy that has the number 500 500 is getting random messages from all over the internet

  23. A weird channel

    A weird channel


    The thumbnail wants me to yeet a chair

  24. mcsean2008



    Finally a reason to eat papyrus's spaghetti.

  25. Stuart Schwarz

    Stuart Schwarz


    i love all his channels but everytime i watch something like this im like SCHOOL TIMEE

  26. Idiotic Nimrod

    Idiotic Nimrod


    Thank you

  27. Nickolas Crousillat

    Nickolas Crousillat


    Ok so basically you become more gluten intolerant thus diarrhea.

  28. Developer Jake

    Developer Jake



  29. Izis


    2 napja

    *me eating pasta while watching this* "what?-"

  30. DoPaLa


    2 napja

    pah-stuh *visible rage*

  31. Lignting13


    2 napja

    To be honest I feel like this was a pritty empty video i didn't hear anything about the taste difference or if the taste different if you make the sauce at the same time🤔

  32. Kaitlyn C

    Kaitlyn C

    2 napja

    Also me who hates microwave pasta ...

  33. Andrea Ruiz

    Andrea Ruiz

    2 napja

    Team 1.5!!!

  34. Simplestupid UwU

    Simplestupid UwU

    2 napja

    Matpat :who actually eats pasta cold Me: yes

  35. Oliver and Ayla

    Oliver and Ayla

    2 napja


  36. FastFlame503


    2 napja

    welp another great vid... PASTA LA VISTA

  37. Nyan Binary

    Nyan Binary

    2 napja

    I guess this means my tv dinner spaghetti is less unhealthy than I originally thought

  38. eleni lavvas

    eleni lavvas

    2 napja

    The quizzical kick emphatically prick because mass superficially arrange amidst a gainful indonesia. lovely, boiling child

  39. Χρόνης Φουντουκίδης

    Χρόνης Φουντουκίδης

    2 napja

    Audible the sponsor?? I whought Olive garden was your sponsor :P :P :P

  40. SW - 06BH 906176 Dolphin Sr PS

    SW - 06BH 906176 Dolphin Sr PS

    2 napja

    Anddd im eating pasta while watching this

  41. Isaac Extreme

    Isaac Extreme

    3 napja

    If you watch the sonic movie you’ll know what I’m talking about

  42. Isaac Extreme

    Isaac Extreme

    3 napja

    Sonic goes to Olive Garden and gets a never ending pasta special and then gets enough carbs to be on the treadmill for a week and then after a week he sees this video and says I should’ve have known that they could of just microwave the pasta over and over again so I would get less carbs

  43. My Opinion

    My Opinion

    3 napja

    I have noticed on TV, pasta is shown as a big bowl of pasta with a little bit of 'sauce' on top, yet her at home (in Aus if that matters), pasta is always outweighed by the 'sauce' which is mostly meat and vegetables.

  44. Handington


    3 napja

    YES! I sometimes eat cold pasta! And some reheated pasta too, but the cold pasta wierds out people so this makes me very happy

  45. WolfGem Gaming

    WolfGem Gaming

    3 napja

    Wait a minute Mat Donald’s is that a thing???

  46. Danae Kelly

    Danae Kelly

    3 napja

    "Suffer"? Cold pasta is AMAZING. I LOVE leftover pasta. Don't need to reheat it

  47. Harper McKenzie

    Harper McKenzie

    3 napja

    I literally had reheated pasta tonight for dinner before even watching this, I feel very satisfied haha

  48. Zephyr Satori

    Zephyr Satori

    3 napja

    As a Brit I've never tasted olive garden 😢

  49. Keyon Fisher

    Keyon Fisher

    3 napja


  50. Paul Schumacher

    Paul Schumacher

    3 napja

    Can you find the truth behind Olive Gardens never ending pasta bowl? Is it truly never-ending, and does Olive Garden have plans for when a person eats all of their stock? I'm quite curious to find out!

  51. Squid Coder

    Squid Coder

    3 napja

    Olive Garden: "Hey why's that guy bringing in all those togo boxes?" MatPat: *Secretly stuffs pasta into box* "MOAR PASTA!" Also, in the description, the Olive Garden tag under credits is misspelled.

  52. Thunder storm

    Thunder storm

    3 napja

    pls whats ur intro-

  53. NG CYNN DEE Moe


    3 napja

    I like the intro

  54. May Uzivert

    May Uzivert

    4 napja

    Not me watching this as I’m eat ramen 🍜 🤣

  55. Bouvardia


    4 napja

    I watched this while eating reheated pasta for breakfast. Guess I'm making healthy choices after all.

  56. A kid’s Discoveries

    A kid’s Discoveries

    4 napja

    I think matpat will be the first person in line to buy olive garden with stephanie and his son

  57. Anas Aboulfejr

    Anas Aboulfejr

    4 napja

    Stuffing yourself with empty food isnt "healthier"

  58. Vijay Sawant

    Vijay Sawant

    4 napja

    U know matpat u are funny when u dont try to be funny

  59. Silver Kingdom

    Silver Kingdom

    4 napja

    That intro describes me 👁👄👁

  60. cora simone

    cora simone

    4 napja

    the one thing I hate about going to olive garden is that I never get desert bc the pasta fills me up :(

  61. 《Rainbow•Skittles》


    4 napja

    Vid:do not eat hot pasta! Me:watching the vid while eating hot pasta Also me:nOtHiNg BaD wIlL hApPeN!🙃

  62. 《Rainbow•Skittles》


    4 napja

    Video:Do not eat hot pasta!

    • 《Rainbow•Skittles》


      4 napja

      I didnt mean to send it!!

  63. pls forgibe me senpai

    pls forgibe me senpai

    4 napja

    Want to know what reheating food constantly also does, literally destroys all nutritional value, so yes the negatives of the pasta go out the window but so do all those positives, you're basically going to be eating slop.

  64. Ruben Proost

    Ruben Proost

    4 napja

    This theory has been debunked. It does however lower the glycemic index a tiny bit.

  65. Rapid sloth

    Rapid sloth

    4 napja

    That intro is so true

  66. Bunny Gutz

    Bunny Gutz

    4 napja

    you have no idea what power you gave me....

  67. Kdn Prt

    Kdn Prt

    4 napja

    My Chem class in high school just got into organic chem. The carbohydrate stuff finally makes sense to me

  68. Fitri red saan

    Fitri red saan

    5 napja


  69. Transformer Ultron

    Transformer Ultron

    5 napja

    7:50 funny matpat mistake 🤣😂 Basically accidently saying unhealthy twice makes it sound like it makes you more non healthy

  70. A-Ø


    5 napja

    so me prefering lukewarm food, not being able to eat big portiont and putting my bread in the freezer(it'd get bad too fast) is actually a good and clever thing. hm

  71. Benjamin Bielicke

    Benjamin Bielicke

    5 napja

    This doesnt change the amount of calories but only how long it will take to digest the food (by a tiny amount) sry pat, unsubed

  72. SkyCloudKnight GamePlay

    SkyCloudKnight GamePlay

    5 napja

    Next theory: how to make fast food healthy, lol

  73. Astrid Reker

    Astrid Reker

    5 napja

    I think I've been in one Olive Garden when I was younger but the idea of people giving you endless food sounds terrifying in my ana brain.

  74. General Nickles

    General Nickles

    5 napja

    Ok but here's the problem: Reheated pasta is just as nasty as cold pasta, if not worse.

  75. Alli Salmon

    Alli Salmon

    5 napja

    "Who named these carbohydrate compounds? If I discovered things I would've named them much more interestingly" You clearly haven't met biologists, MatPat, we're impressively uncreative with naming things lol

  76. TH_lowdog2005


    5 napja

    2:57 which taste terrible btw

  77. Jackal1412


    5 napja

    Interesting theory!

  78. Jim Greene

    Jim Greene

    5 napja

    I don't know if it's accurate to call the pasta "healthier". It's more like we're making the food less efficient and, as a consequence, less fattening. If we still have to digest it then we're making our bodies do more work for the calories, thus wearing them down faster.

  79. Yellow Oi

    Yellow Oi

    5 napja

    Greg Doucette made a video on you!

  80. Chloe Pareanga

    Chloe Pareanga

    5 napja

    Man I love pasta but when I found out I was gluten free I was devastated that I could not enjoy my pasta but really gluten free pasta is much healthier so when I watched this I’m all like good job game theorists but I can’t try it out myself

  81. Joey Pianka

    Joey Pianka

    5 napja

    I've got a guess/suggestion for the 4th theory channel: Internet Theory or Web Theory, for those online mysteries that don't fit into the other 3 categories

  82. dannyo plays1010 Collins

    dannyo plays1010 Collins

    5 napja

    the reason its harder to digest might be because of the radiation

  83. sonia mckenzie

    sonia mckenzie

    5 napja

    oh this is goig to be the best theory i can feel it (mainly because ur talking about pasta)

  84. sonia mckenzie

    sonia mckenzie

    5 napja

    oh the start id hate to be that waiter (is that right or am i loosing it)

  85. Hang on the Ivy

    Hang on the Ivy

    5 napja

    Second dinner prompted by stress here I come.

  86. David Konevky

    David Konevky

    5 napja

    Me, who eats leftover pasta constantly: H E L T H

  87. Sad Crusader Noises

    Sad Crusader Noises

    5 napja

    I’m eating pasta right now

  88. Bridges


    5 napja

    Mangoes are the highest carb foods?

  89. Tabth The Cat 3778

    Tabth The Cat 3778

    5 napja

    Now I want some Olive Garden

  90. dreammy clouds

    dreammy clouds

    5 napja

    you cant stop me because i cant read

  91. Diego Grajeda

    Diego Grajeda

    5 napja

    Isn't it bad to reheat your food multiple times? It gives bacteria a chance to grow while it's warm and can make you sick.

    • Anthony Pelletier

      Anthony Pelletier

      5 napja

      It also tastes nasty

  92. John Doe

    John Doe

    5 napja

    Im sorry but to be frank this video is bullshit. The problem isn’t that pasta is high in carbs (carbs are NOT bad for you) its that it is VERY calorie dense and it’s calories in calories out you can’t break the laws of thermodynamics lol Adjusting the temperature will not alter the calories of it. Way to use your massive platform to spread misinformation jackass.

    • Anthony Pelletier

      Anthony Pelletier

      5 napja


  93. Toast


    6 napja

    This is why he named his son, Oliver.

  94. Dev Ongo

    Dev Ongo

    6 napja

    I’m not gonna lie, I clicced on this video cuz I just got done eating a bowl of reheated spaghetti 😭😭😭😭

  95. Tammy Engel

    Tammy Engel

    6 napja

    I love eating cold left-over pasta (sans sauce) ... but as I'm reheating my leftover sketti, I'm enjoying some fork-fulls of cold pasta from the tupperware... Great video - and it's not click-bait if it has cool facts, it's "Fact Bait", lol ... can I trademark that term? ;-)

  96. orfox


    6 napja

    What I get recommended on 3am

  97. ObviouslyASMR


    6 napja

    So does the opposite apply when you want to gain weight? Eat pasta whilst it's still hot and don't reheat?

    • Rockastorm gaming

      Rockastorm gaming


      I was wondering that too

  98. Bryan Belt

    Bryan Belt

    6 napja

    Everyone should watch Greg Doucettes video on this video. Stop feeding into the bullshit.....

  99. SteveWK


    6 napja

    The thing about pasta....yes it's high carb, but your body has to work really hard to break it down......making the effect of it a lot better than bread or potatoes. Eat the biggest chunkiest pasta you can find :) And yes......1 serving of pasta is shockingly small! In Italy, pasta is a side dish....not the whole meal.

  100. Alithium.mp4


    6 napja

    I was going to sleep and the thunder noise woke me up lmao