gigi hadid's mom NOT letting her EAT & being toxic af

gigi hadid's mom NOT letting her EAT & being toxic af
❗This is a parody video that incorporates text, music, sound effects, imagery, and editing to create new content with comedic value. Sound effects are heavily used to exaggerate actions and humanize inanimate objects.The footage used for this video was manipulated with editing software to provide new context and value, at times creating a new narrative from the original story.
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  1. Akanksha


    53 perccel

    Just let her eat 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️

  2. Prakretee



    Very bad🙂

  3. Nova7



    Asians are the most beautiful races. This old woman is so f*cking racist.

  4. maha adam

    maha adam


    Feed your child's woman please 🥺

  5. astrostarkey



    gigi is a complete taurus

  6. Does it even matter

    Does it even matter


    She is not just toxic to Gigi but also called Asians ugly, like... no? Just no. Let your daughter eat whatever she wants and as far as it doesn't damage her health and she doesn't end up obese, everything is fine though. 🤦🏻‍♀️ and those racist comments... no.

  7. María Z

    María Z


    The edition deserve 1 Oscar

  8. fityati nurfirzanah

    fityati nurfirzanah


    At this point i really want yolanda to be my mom like btch i cant even stare at a meal and my weight increased like a tons

  9. confusion shokoshokoshoko

    confusion shokoshokoshoko


    WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? The hottest girls i know play volleyball! They're all tall and skinny, so I wished i started training volleyball when i was younger too!

  10. bee studies

    bee studies

    2 órája

    she reminds me my mom lol

  11. Taiba Ebrahim

    Taiba Ebrahim

    2 órája

    What did I just watch !!

  12. namjooncansteponmeandiwouldthankhim


    2 órája

    2:19 had me screaming 😭 This lady needs therapy, she's clearly not a good influence to her kids.

  13. m s

    m s

    2 órája

    Wow I hardly ever hate anyone based on one video but after seeing this... she is horrible

  14. Cosicookie Asd

    Cosicookie Asd

    3 órája

    people don’t realize that she tries to teach them how to stay that thin healthy without drugs because 80% of models use cocain to stay thin

  15. Memo x

    Memo x

    3 órája

    Queen gige

  16. a sushi

    a sushi

    3 órája

    Yolanda was a Karen but she's rich and had a famous daughter

  17. mina


    3 órája


  18. SJ Wee

    SJ Wee

    4 órája

    Bruh how is she not canceled😐 she has made so many racist comments in this short video and comments about gay people💀

  19. K S

    K S

    4 órája

    the chinese and lesbian comment i-

  20. Ms Sniper

    Ms Sniper

    4 órája

    Is the mother Dutch?

  21. Bew Chan

    Bew Chan

    4 órája

    What's wrong with having "Chinese Eyes"?

  22. Naru GS

    Naru GS

    4 órája


  23. Elle P

    Elle P

    4 órája


  24. maddie jones

    maddie jones

    4 órája


  25. Mikage Aya

    Mikage Aya

    5 órája

    Crazy mother . She concerns because she can continue to milk her children for success and money. 🤮

  26. Lemon Cake

    Lemon Cake

    6 órája

    Her mum is just plain disgusting



    6 órája

    How sad the reality is

  28. Cami


    6 órája

    She is the worst mom ever wtf?

  29. Ithsim


    6 órája

    Bella must have gotten so much flack from her because of her eyes 💀

  30. Yuna Shin

    Yuna Shin

    7 órája

    wait did bella had surgery or?

  31. Krishna Priya Sinha

    Krishna Priya Sinha

    7 órája


  32. M U S T A R T

    M U S T A R T

    7 órája

    Wtf is wrong about chinese eyes I have thoes eyes and I literally gorgeous.

  33. L. Davis

    L. Davis

    7 órája

    I had no idea she was that bad

  34. Apple


    7 órája

    Okay but I can't stop laughing at the way this video is edited

  35. Nisha Gera

    Nisha Gera

    7 órája

    Her mother is toxic af , I hope gigi will not treat her daughter like she being treated by her mother

  36. Nisha Gera

    Nisha Gera

    7 órája

    Yolanda Hadid you need to chill , she can eat and do a little more hardwork to balance it 😖

  37. stranger


    8 órája

    2:13 tf is wrong with her mom?

  38. 20AH454 Deepthi Markose

    20AH454 Deepthi Markose

    8 órája

    "To make her look Chinese" wut?

  39. Dawki Lepcha

    Dawki Lepcha

    8 órája

    Being an asian... I fell And i know what she has taught to her children... Pethatic😱🤢

  40. Andang Lotha

    Andang Lotha

    8 órája

    It is called the cat eye look not Chinese looking eye ( sounded quite racist ) but ok 🤷‍♀️

  41. allyiah simon

    allyiah simon

    8 órája


  42. ira bhatt

    ira bhatt

    8 órája

    2:17 well she is beautiful but her mom is a dumb

  43. Gabbie x sunny

    Gabbie x sunny

    9 órája

    food is literally me

  44. Kristina


    9 órája

    A great anti example for a mum.

  45. Diana & Rik

    Diana & Rik

    9 órája

    Gigi is such a Taurus tho 😂

  46. Wendy


    9 órája

    This is why i hate her so much

  47. Gargee Kondilkar

    Gargee Kondilkar

    10 órája

    I tried to sing for the first time on HUeye..Hope you all like it ..Pls listen to the song , like ,comment and share it with your friends and Family 🎤🎤🎵🎵

  48. dumb bitch

    dumb bitch

    10 órája

    lesbian laughs in zigi

  49. corneliɑ


    10 órája

    she's racist, homophobic and constantly made her feel bad about eating... pick a struggle ma'am 😭

  50. Subham Dey

    Subham Dey

    10 órája

    I am from India and we Indian people don't give a shit about fking diet we eat alot you never know when you are going to die so eat alot enjoy your life

  51. Paul Hong

    Paul Hong

    10 órája

    Just let her eat!

  52. WazeAngel


    11 órája

    Is the cake thing for real or is that a joke? Please tell me it’s a joke? 🥺

  53. Emiline


    11 órája

    I want to take Gigi into my home and cook her a five course meal , dear God her mother is toxic AF

  54. Chloe Belle

    Chloe Belle

    11 órája

    Wow she is so awful

  55. jem


    12 órája

    How is volleyball a masculine sport lmao, and it doesn’t make u big and bulky bro like ?????

  56. Catch this K.A.B!

    Catch this K.A.B!

    12 órája

    Where you are so restricted all you do is crave food.

  57. Pink Lemonade

    Pink Lemonade

    12 órája

    This is my first time hearing her speak

  58. Kim Jessy

    Kim Jessy

    12 órája

    Sorry for Gigi but her mom is TOXIC AND CRAZY AF LET YOUR CHILD EAT!!!!!! and when did volleyball became a masculine sport!!!! I won’t be surprised if you even don’t like your own daughter!!!!!

  59. Sweaty been Fit

    Sweaty been Fit

    12 órája

    Gigi’s mis is a straight up Karen

  60. Sakshi Srivastava

    Sakshi Srivastava

    12 órája

    I like small eyes than big eyes ...small eyes were charmful

  61. Ackerman reverbx

    Ackerman reverbx

    13 órája

    Goodluck to gigi's daughter

    • Ackerman reverbx

      Ackerman reverbx

      5 órája

      @shoto todoroni yeah But what I mean her child's grandmother is gigi's mom maybe gigi's mom would do the same to her grandaughter

    • shoto todoroni

      shoto todoroni

      12 órája

      i think Gigi will be a good mom

  62. Joselin Almazan

    Joselin Almazan

    13 órája

    Volleyball is such a masculine sport wow... yup totally.

  63. Sanaz Hosseini

    Sanaz Hosseini

    13 órája

    Full of anti feminism

  64. Lovemusic Fam

    Lovemusic Fam

    14 órája

    Wth her mom so toxic tho 🤦🏽‍♂️her mind do fucking stupid and dumb

  65. Levi Ross

    Levi Ross

    14 órája

    Yolanda needs to be cancelled

  66. Emma Nguyen

    Emma Nguyen

    14 órája

    Me playing club volleyball 6 days a week ;-;

  67. C W

    C W

    14 órája

    Congratulations! You've given your daughter an eating disorder! You have failed as a mother

  68. xuan han

    xuan han

    14 órája

    wow! That’s fucking mean!

  69. Rosabellaaaa


    15 órája

    she's so busy focusing on physical appearance she hasn't bothered to check her attitude- all this so called "work" will have been for nothing the more she chooses to open her bloody mouth

  70. Sums


    15 órája

    I just ate porridge then I watched this and this made me pull out the salami cheese tomatoes and cucumbers

  71. wasabiimenace


    15 órája

    I never got racist vibes from Yolanda when she mentioned "chinese" eyes and I agree... it doesn't look good on Gigi. It makes Gigi's face look inflamed.. which is why round eyes suits her better

  72. Carmen Delgado

    Carmen Delgado

    15 órája

    Her mom is freakin annoying!!!

  73. Tori


    15 órája

    me playing club volleyball and not being muscular: 🧐

  74. Delmy Zamora

    Delmy Zamora

    16 órája

    I thought her mother said "bake a wish"

  75. Calli B

    Calli B

    16 órája

    Umm wtf. This makes me sad for her.

  76. BB ~

    BB ~

    16 órája

    I feel so bad for her children, particularly Gigi.

  77. namrata karki

    namrata karki

    16 órája

    Wow her mom is a''"GREAT ROLE MODEL"" 😳☹️

  78. Courtney Sanford

    Courtney Sanford

    17 órája

    her mom is a different kinda person like i feel so bad for em

  79. Mariana MC

    Mariana MC

    18 órája

    Instead she preaches to be such a great mother on social media...

  80. Christiane Sundstrom

    Christiane Sundstrom

    18 órája

    yolanda is funny asf

  81. Jessi Lee

    Jessi Lee

    18 órája

    That’s such a toxic way of viewing food. I understand her mum is concerned about her diet and being in shape but come on not even letting her have a birthday cake slice? It’s too extreme

  82. shannontoolit


    18 órája

    oh my ...

  83. W َ

    W َ

    18 órája

    Bruh she thought her daughter was lesbian bc playing volleyball????? Bruhhhhhhhhhh

  84. Shelly Smith

    Shelly Smith

    18 órája

    Gigi is freaking gorgeous she can eat wtf she wants. She isn’t in charge of her own diet if you are feeling controlling her

  85. naomi maanzo

    naomi maanzo

    18 órája

    I mean which mom does this, from you WHOLE cake , she gets a centimeter piece and she cuts it in half and in half again?

  86. iitzFairy


    18 órája


  87. Awhore


    19 órája

    This is so stupid, this isn't how a healthy diet works, you don't live on zero sweets.

  88. Kenji Soo

    Kenji Soo

    19 órája


  89. Kenji Soo

    Kenji Soo

    19 órája

    Okay but how is she not canceled from saying Chinese eyes?

    • Jeffrey Yuh.

      Jeffrey Yuh.

      18 órája

      She's canceled now

  90. Noelle


    19 órája

    I’m not saying this mom isn’t a cruel problematic human being, but she did raise two super model daughter and one of them landed Zayn Malik so I mean it wasn’t all for nothing😂

  91. Manari Takeover

    Manari Takeover

    20 órája

    It was the cake scene for me

  92. Julerrückte Glitzer

    Julerrückte Glitzer

    20 órája

    The people: how toxic do you wanna be? Yolanda Hadid: Yes🥰

  93. Nur Efsan

    Nur Efsan

    20 órája

    Is this for real?

    • Jeffrey Yuh.

      Jeffrey Yuh.

      18 órája


  94. Carol


    20 órája

    aren't you proud???

  95. ambeta vogli

    ambeta vogli

    20 órája

    im so happy that gigi now lives by her own bc this looks too overwhelming

  96. Ash 1238

    Ash 1238

    21 órája

    Throw the pictures of her baby I can clearly see khai is underweight and it might be because of all the hard time yolanda gave to gigi and didn't let her eat properly

  97. Yamilette Espinosa

    Yamilette Espinosa

    21 órája

    She’s definitely a Taurus lol

  98. Doris Catalan

    Doris Catalan

    21 órája

    I’m hungry now 😅

  99. Lahar Lall Vlogs

    Lahar Lall Vlogs

    21 órája

    It sounds harsh and is actually a bit too much...but honestly speaking I also feel if the mother hadn't put so much of efforts maybe the girls wouldn't have been what they are. Just a personal opinion.

  100. Kim Marlen

    Kim Marlen

    21 órája

    Yo wtf ☠️☠️☠️