Guy Pulls Off A Black Mamba's Skin Tiktok: herpin hippie

#shorts #tiktok
Guy Pulls Off A Black Mamba's Skin
Credit: herpin hippie (tiktok)
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  1. Beau Bridgeman

    Beau Bridgeman

    18 másodpercig

    The only time I do this is with a snakes head nailed to a board and I have a filet knife

  2. joaquin favela

    joaquin favela

    22 perccel

    So it was your mistake but you kept going for your satisfaction till you lost grip. Yes you didn’t hurt it but you should’ve let go the very first moment

  3. bapeful


    35 perccel

    Never do this, but it’s ok if I do it because I can do it. The snake doesn’t need your help and you don’t have a special connection with it. You’re a tool

  4. Carlos Gomes

    Carlos Gomes

    38 perccel

    It's ok dude i'm not touching any snake

  5. Cedrick Oliver

    Cedrick Oliver

    52 perccel

    I never seen a snake shed its skin

  6. ManyFaceImpressions


    59 perccel

    Snake: So you like peeling skin huh?

  7. Preston Claxton

    Preston Claxton


    He can't get you thaaat fast 😏

  8. Benito Camelas

    Benito Camelas


    Why the fuck will do that??

  9. DooM Guy 83

    DooM Guy 83


    Ok steve...

  10. Lucretia Kurtz

    Lucretia Kurtz


    I give you credit for helping out one of the most unliked creatures of this world. Someone has to do it!

  11. ChiamamiBenoitLecomte



    Trust me, I won't.

  12. Mina Playz

    Mina Playz


    Him: this is a black mamba Me: aespa? *im very sorry about my kpop obsessed ass*

  13. joecstilllives


    2 órája

    I thought the black mamba was the most venomous snake in the world cuz I swore I heard something about humans just not having an antidote for the venom

  14. Javi Garcia

    Javi Garcia

    2 órája

    Then why are you posing it?

  15. Sharron Debby

    Sharron Debby

    2 órája


  16. Keniso_


    2 órája

    Thats disgusting lol

  17. Cooldude


    3 órája

    Who cares burn the DAMB snake

  18. Some Barista

    Some Barista

    3 órája

    Is that escapist lockdown music in background? 😂

  19. Ledwin Cepeda

    Ledwin Cepeda

    3 órája

    That is nasty 🤮

  20. Caro kakashi

    Caro kakashi

    3 órája

    Orochimaru canbiando de piel

  21. Vicky Kendagor

    Vicky Kendagor

    3 órája

    Okay that just looks disgusting

  22. Mark Pierce

    Mark Pierce

    3 órája

    That is so satisfying

  23. Hyper Beam TCG Gaming

    Hyper Beam TCG Gaming

    3 órája


  24. simp


    3 órája

    Who tf would even would do that prematurely

  25. P W

    P W

    4 órája

    Why WHY would a snake need human hands for shedding off its skin this is totally unnecessary

  26. F. A

    F. A

    4 órája

    I swear white folk will touch anything. That skin pulling is🤮

  27. Gnu ist meine Mama

    Gnu ist meine Mama

    4 órája

    I CAN‘T SLEEP NOW TY😭😭😭😭😭😭

  28. Kevin


    5 órája


  29. DC4L


    5 órája

    Why are you doing that?? Thats not natural and you should NEVER do that for any reason period!! Much less for views on tiktok!!

  30. P D

    P D

    5 órája

    Why did you do it. Some idiot will attempt that causing harm to the snake and himself

  31. Dennis Gitau

    Dennis Gitau

    5 órája

    Wow..if only I had seen this video before pulling my snake prematurely..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  32. Gojo Satoru's headband

    Gojo Satoru's headband

    5 órája

    Me waiting for a jump-scare bc my childhood was build different 👁👄👁🤳

  33. Gon's favourite clown

    Gon's favourite clown

    5 órája

    i will not say what i imagined because y'all are gonna say i'm a weirdo

  34. I’m A God

    I’m A God

    6 órája


  35. bahar ozdemir

    bahar ozdemir

    6 órája


  36. Choose Life

    Choose Life

    6 órája

    Yeah, mate we’re not going to do that because we’re not stupid, nor are we getting paid to do it

  37. Rodinpuia Hmar

    Rodinpuia Hmar

    6 órája

    What do you mean never attempt to pull of a snake skin shed prematurely? I’m not gonna even attempt having one

  38. Destiny Enman

    Destiny Enman

    6 órája

    You're going to get

  39. MrSmashmouth07


    7 órája

    Like he got tell me

  40. Jimmy Smith

    Jimmy Smith

    7 órája

    Hell naw. I figured that's all I needed to say sbt this crazy shit.

  41. ASK THE LORD 767

    ASK THE LORD 767

    7 órája

    Black mamba: stop it you pervert or i am gonna bite you skin write of your balls You fool! You fell fir it thunder cross split attack

  42. Po Chuy Ma

    Po Chuy Ma

    8 órája

    You must have cared for this black mamba since it hatched! You don't have to tell me once to never take off it's shedding .

  43. Vursouls Ark spark loL

    Vursouls Ark spark loL

    8 órája

    Game stop to the moon

  44. Suga’s Savage Sis,he infires me

    Suga’s Savage Sis,he infires me

    8 órája

    Aespa watching this:👁👄👁

  45. ጋልጋልጋሸሸጋጋዕጋነክ ጋነጠልልረኗዒጌሠጌሠረዕጎሸ

    ጋልጋልጋሸሸጋጋዕጋነክ ጋነጠልልረኗዒጌሠጌሠረዕጎሸ

    8 órája

    ah i was actually planning on pulling off on of my snake skin thanks for that information

  46. K Dumi

    K Dumi

    9 órája

    Never own a snake in the first place😂😂😂

  47. Juli Helling

    Juli Helling

    9 órája

    pobrecita los animales lo pueden hacer por si solos, y este bobo ahí metiendo la mano 😤😤

  48. *SoStefani*


    9 órája


  49. Jay Dough

    Jay Dough

    9 órája

    I hope the snake’s name is Kobe 😂👌🏾💯 they should change the snakes name to “ The Kobe “

  50. teknodogg


    9 órája

    Never have one you won't have this problem... 😂

  51. Kallin


    9 órája

    They ripped my snakeskin off when I was just a baby 😠

  52. royal coyate

    royal coyate

    9 órája

    Checkmate id rather not touch a snake it has its space and i have mine

  53. Ezzy 988

    Ezzy 988

    9 órája

    Gamestop to the moon

  54. TikiorTaka


    9 órája

    He's advising us like we have a couple of black mambas lying around in our house.

  55. Mister Poop Nose

    Mister Poop Nose

    9 órája

    All y’all butchered this shit with yo GAYpop

  56. Liliana Lulu

    Liliana Lulu

    9 órája

    I don’t like snakes they are me worstttttttttt fear Bc if you where here and we saw a snake you would not want to be there I would screammmmmmmm so harddddd and cry

  57. Improperly Labeled Loser

    Improperly Labeled Loser

    9 órája

    That was a lot of pyoop

  58. Laura Corona

    Laura Corona

    10 órája

    That exfoliation tho 😍😍

  59. eL MidGetz

    eL MidGetz

    10 órája

    They aren’t the most venomous but they can carry the Lakers to a nba championship

  60. kchristian4795


    11 órája

    Nooo you’re not supposed to do that!

  61. Unknown_uchiha


    11 órája


  62. Justin_ G86

    Justin_ G86

    11 órája

    Dumbest pets ever to have: Snake (or other reptile) Bird ( its supposed to FLY. not be trapped in you idiots' cage ) Fish ( except on display in Chinese restaurants ) Tiger (bitch you deserve to get killed for trying to tame a cat innate on killing)

  63. BluBlock Ent

    BluBlock Ent

    12 órája

    Waitttt so I shouldn't pull on a deadly snake 🐍..... No wayyyy guy

  64. Abstraddic Painting

    Abstraddic Painting

    12 órája

    Some people are just dying to get up in the Cemetery I guess but,That was just nasty bro. You could've kept that to your self. Nightmare time. Thanks😖

  65. Syntax


    12 órája

    I always wondered how tf snakes poop

  66. eduSTEMlab


    12 órája

    Never attempt to pull out a snake skin prematurely HUeye comment: you don’t have to tell me twice Me: you don’t even have to tell me at all

  67. The beast HD

    The beast HD

    12 órája


  68. Alja


    12 órája

    I eat bro😂🤮

  69. Soos Saas

    Soos Saas

    13 órája


  70. Nikhil George

    Nikhil George

    13 órája

    Snakeman: you should never attempt this and I’m just showing off Me: Da fuq!

  71. Twinkle Tails

    Twinkle Tails

    13 órája

    First sentence of the vid:"you should not shed a snakes skin" The caption:

  72. Alice Bridget Louise

    Alice Bridget Louise

    13 órája

    You’re literally doing what you tell people not to do, SHUT UP 😂

  73. Jesus


    13 órája

    Is that the lockdown song from the escapists?

  74. baz hennessy

    baz hennessy

    13 órája

    People so thirsty to have ANYTHING to make a youtube about. Going to post a video to show an animal (because humans are curious about animals, not YOU) but make it seem educational, as though some information authority is talking to me, but pal, all this advertising of the new world doesn't change the fact I don't know who the hell you are.. or care. Or your pathetic dad joke reference humor.

  75. Najeeb K. P

    Najeeb K. P

    13 órája

    Black mamba stan aespa

  76. Solaire of Astora

    Solaire of Astora

    14 órája

    But Kimihito did this with Miia

  77. Amit Mishra

    Amit Mishra

    14 órája

    Guy in video: never attempt this People in comment : ohh thanks for telling us otherwise I was going to pull the skins of anaconda this weekend

  78. seansora


    15 órája

    GameStop to the moon BOOM!

  79. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwide

    15 órája

    I cant think of a reason for to many humans to ever have black mamba period. Especially in usa

  80. Sofia Mustapha

    Sofia Mustapha

    15 órája

    everyone gangsta until it takes a poop

  81. نور


    15 órája

    There is no God except Allah, prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah❤✨

  82. Mahi royal

    Mahi royal

    15 órája


  83. I’m Fin

    I’m Fin

    16 órája

    Why is there scary music in the background



    16 órája

    Yeah like I got a pet mamba😂😂

  85. NYLA


    16 órája

    A phobia I will never ever even think about to conquer 🙅🏽‍♀️

  86. Jesse Ramirez

    Jesse Ramirez

    16 órája

    It’s so satisfying like peeling off a face mask

  87. Thecrazysmith


    17 órája

    This guy pulls the skins and get 1m like Me - am bout to peel my skin off 10m likes

  88. Ivan Lucic

    Ivan Lucic

    17 órája

    Look at the Discription, it is so full-

  89. Random Ramblings

    Random Ramblings

    17 órája O

  90. Rafael Garcia

    Rafael Garcia

    17 órája

    Game stop to the moon blink twice if you're ok

  91. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy

    17 órája

    it felt so satisfying watching him pulling off the skin.... but anxiety kicked in when he let go of the skin! damnit!!!!!

  92. Gorge Hank

    Gorge Hank

    17 órája

    You should never have a snake at first place

    • Juicy_Glove


      16 órája


  93. nontokozo mema

    nontokozo mema

    17 órája

    never have a snake, perioddd

    • Juicy_Glove


      16 órája


  94. nathan christman

    nathan christman

    17 órája

    Snakes are just freaky animals... period. No other animal has no limbs or stinger and is that deadly on land. It's skin is shed like a damn cicada (slight exaggeration but similar process nonetheless.) The way they move is freaky and unnatural. They're the size of a little garden snake to humongous snakes that can swallow adult males whole (another uniquely freaky thing about snakes... they're literally the only land animal capable of swallowing humans whole and i think whales are the only other animal that could possibly do this) they can unhinge their jaws. They see by taste basically. They're the only reptiles with no limbs. (Don't quote me on that one but i can't think of another example of a reptile with no limbs.) It's because ik so much about these creatures that they scare me. They're natures perfect hunter. Only a snake (besides a human and certain snails and insects) Can fight something 100× and up bigger than it and still be victorious or at the very least draw. That's another scary thing. Snakes even when they die are almost guaranteed to take out their killer with them.

  95. nathan christman

    nathan christman

    17 órája

    Me while watching this video: I WAS DISGUSTED... but i couldn't look away.

  96. nathan christman

    nathan christman

    17 órája

    Why would u even have a black mamba for a pet? This guy likes living life on the edge.

  97. S M

    S M

    18 órája

    You should never attempt this. Continues to attempt this.

  98. soldado 1911

    soldado 1911

    18 órája

    Must ask, if you dont want anyone doing it, then, WHY THE F* DO YOU RECORD IT AMD UPLOAD IT TO THE INTERNET SO EVERYONE WANTS TO TRY IT???!!

  99. Hannah Plack

    Hannah Plack

    18 órája

    Lol i love assisting my snakes shed. Like he says, i never pull or pick on the loose skin. I just firmly grip her around her and sometimes the shed just slides off as she slithers through. It’s sooooooo satisfying when it happens but it’s also not super common and if the shed tears and stops coming off i just leave it.

  100. roses g6rl

    roses g6rl

    18 órája

    black mamba by aespa ahre