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HELLUVA BOSS - Spring Broken // S1: Episode 3

Happy 2021! Have episode 3!
When Blitzo's ex girlfriend steals his parking spot things sure do happen.
WARNING: for horny!
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  1. Vivziepop


    27 napja

    Pilot Episode ► Episode One ► Episode Two ► Merch (goes towards production of more episodes) ►

    • Nataša Nimčević

      Nataša Nimčević

      20 napja

      Were is episode 4 ???

    • yeetyt 1356

      yeetyt 1356

      20 napja

      @Jimmeh Rulez aa

    • Xsmileslex


      25 napja

      I love this episode keep up the good work, me, my sister and mom watch it together every time you make a new one. We all love your work

    • Idk Anymore

      Idk Anymore

      26 napja


    • FELIX INKINIFEE akya fan

      FELIX INKINIFEE akya fan

      26 napja

      @Dumpo ok ?

  2. victoria clark

    victoria clark


    I want there to be a full version of this song it’s so good

  3. Laura O'Hara

    Laura O'Hara

    31 perce


  4. Wisdom Dragon

    Wisdom Dragon

    55 perccel

    Cartoons are my favourite I always wished that I could do voices for them. I do voice impressions =)

  5. Hi BuT

    Hi BuT


    Well, fuck .. when is Hazbin already? At the very least, this is a more successful project, take on it already.

    • Cʟᴏᴡɴ


      56 perccel

      I believe that this is actually more liked then hazbin hotel and personally I’d rather stick with this for now and wait a bit for hazbin hotel to come out

  6. Hi BuT

    Hi BuT


    Ну бля.. когда уже Хазбин? Как минимум, это более успешный проект, возьмитесь уже за него.

  7. Ani Jabu

    Ani Jabu


    Ok when do we get the full version of Verosika’s song?!

  8. din gus

    din gus


    I seriously love that the police force has a cop clown, and a dressed up disarmer robot at hand at all times!

  9. ZR PVstudio

    ZR PVstudio


    Vivziepop, I was thinking that could you make a cameo of Bendy and ink machine (for example: merch of bendy in the background for future episodes or the butcher gang failing to kill I.M.P in the background as well

  10. Isaac Davis

    Isaac Davis

    2 órája

    0:38 the top half of verosikas dress is white instead of black

  11. Teriyaki


    2 órája

    I love drunk moxie

  12. Quinn Hlava

    Quinn Hlava

    2 órája

    5:58 funniest moment of the show

  13. Springtrapity


    2 órája

    Am I the only one who found a clown in the police scene with a banana and a balloon

  14. I’m Roi

    I’m Roi

    2 órája

    Nooooo I really liked Vortex and Loona

  15. Diarrhea in my Valentino White Bag

    Diarrhea in my Valentino White Bag

    2 órája

    Ive watched this episode so many times that i move my head at the fourth wall break

  16. Alejandro Lugo

    Alejandro Lugo

    2 órája

    6:05 I can’t say they’re Laing 🤷🏼‍♂️

  17. Alejandro Lugo

    Alejandro Lugo

    2 órája

    3:28 jaja moxie is laik the tips of people that think of themselves so sofisticated because they don’t like popular stuff jaja

  18. Alejandro Lugo

    Alejandro Lugo

    3 órája

    2:27 jajajaa moxie is right

  19. Alexandre de Souza

    Alexandre de Souza

    3 órája

    Goddamn these facial expressions! They dynamic as FUCK!

  20. Smoking Savage

    Smoking Savage

    3 órája

    what if doomguy was here

  21. Allayyıldız Allayyıldız

    Allayyıldız Allayyıldız

    4 órája

    Where Hazbin Hotel ??

  22. valdireneoliveira72


    4 órája


  23. Olive Garden

    Olive Garden

    4 órája


  24. ksi


    4 órája

    13:39 if you listen closely you can hear a extra sound while he falls :0

  25. JaneDark94


    5 órája

    6:07 THAT'S how to break the 4th wall! xD

  26. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    5 órája

    9:12 “WHERE’S MY BABY?!” Blitzo saying that is the cutest thing ever

  27. Salty Squid

    Salty Squid

    5 órája

    hey vivsi! You probably won’t see this comment but i’m making a show inspired by helluva boss! I hope that’s okay, don’t worry i didn’t down right rip off your show haha! But i didn’t take some inspiration, I’ll credit you though. The show is gonna be called Down In Hell

    • oiuet souiu

      oiuet souiu

      5 órája

      Does Verosica have a crossed out heart tattoo with possibly Blitzo's name!? 4:42 If not, what does that say?!

  28. melatonin!


    5 órája

    where do i listen to the song she sang?

  29. Kal Treike

    Kal Treike

    5 órája

    Its funny, you'd figure Blitzo for the kind of sympathetic loser who only comes out with pyrrhic victories in the end despite his spirit, but in this series, he seems to genuinely succeed every time through a combination of hidden talent, drastic improvisation, and dumb luck that would seem more akin to a Hollywood underdog! One thing I ain't gonna last...

  30. Gasury


    6 órája

    si vas y la paras de pecho

  31. james watkins

    james watkins

    6 órája

    lol shes so tall.

  32. Ebru Gunduz

    Ebru Gunduz

    6 órája

    I got recommended here from a friend on the Beastars Discord. so 6:00 was just... it's comedy gold and the irony is exquisite.



    6 órája

    oh my god the 4th wall break XD i did not see that coming

  34. The Donut

    The Donut

    7 órája

    *pop genRE Music*

  35. Royale high

    Royale high

    7 órája

    OH THIS WONT STAND* lol he looks like a beady eye ass

  36. Zelnyair


    7 órája

    I wish I could find it funnier than I currently do. Please help me to like it more.

  37. Ethan Ruiz

    Ethan Ruiz

    7 órája


  38. Plant Gacha

    Plant Gacha

    7 órája

    WAIT, VEROSIKA SAID “So, your sister says hi.” BLITZO HAS A SISTER

  39. Leo Mugambi

    Leo Mugambi

    8 órája

    When is the next episode of hazbin hotel coming out

  40. Jeslyne Phongmany

    Jeslyne Phongmany

    8 órája

    Blitz is my favorite character now lmao

  41. Dr Smartz

    Dr Smartz

    9 órája

    Is that Brandon Rodgers?

  42. Johnny Gregory

    Johnny Gregory

    9 órája

    Hey 10:52 (background check)

    • Johnny Gregory

      Johnny Gregory

      9 órája

      Technically in-between 10:52 and 10:51

  43. Hem Rainsford

    Hem Rainsford

    10 órája

    Does Verosica have a crossed out heart tattoo with possibly Blitzo's name!? 4:42 If not, what does that say?!

  44. _itsm3agen_


    10 órája

    6:03 yup prrty much

  45. Sir Pat

    Sir Pat

    10 órája

    I can't believe Verosika's VA is the same VA as Ladybug from Miraculous Ladybug.

  46. Delvina Maya Purple

    Delvina Maya Purple

    10 órája


  47. Itzjollybee _yt

    Itzjollybee _yt

    10 órája

    this was gay delete it

  48. Mr_Mischief7


    10 órája

    6:08 everyone just got caught lackin

  49. Tenisha Moodley

    Tenisha Moodley

    10 órája

    Love having Luney have a bigger role in the show. Such a great episode!

  50. Atomic Samurai

    Atomic Samurai

    10 órája

    The other once were so much better

  51. xL0TISx :P

    xL0TISx :P

    11 órája

    “Ooo~ fish”

  52. xL0TISx :P

    xL0TISx :P

    11 órája

    Imp= SIMPP

  53. Lolbit Da Fox

    Lolbit Da Fox

    11 órája

    When Vortex said he had a gf I was just like: NOOOOOO Poor Loona doe XD

  54. TheGachaPeeps


    11 órája

    Verosika is beautiful.

  55. Reniii


    12 órája

    Blitzo’s favorite word: HOLES

  56. __


    12 órája

    What in the hell is that credits song?it sound good,but shazam cant find it-thx Blitz

  57. Prehistoric Tank Studios

    Prehistoric Tank Studios

    12 órája

    I'm getting intrigued with Blitzo's personal life, he hits off with that owl prince Stola, he has a personal vendetta with that clown, he dated Verosica and now he has a sister in rehab, this is getting very juicy indeed.

  58. Thunderbuttes Or thunder

    Thunderbuttes Or thunder

    12 órája

    I’m wanting to be in a episode but maybe I’ll ask

  59. the dark Crow

    the dark Crow

    12 órája

    Need more episode

  60. Soap Demoman

    Soap Demoman

    13 órája

    i have wacthed you videos and can i say somethin... OH ASHLEY

  61. K-on Rose

    K-on Rose

    13 órája


  62. Bart Duckson

    Bart Duckson

    13 órája

    I can totally see this being a series on adult swim

  63. this guy

    this guy

    13 órája

    I love when blitzo Lokey said "don't let her access any of your holes" to moxxie

  64. Paula Ellis

    Paula Ellis

    13 órája

    Fun fact: blitzo is brandon rogers

  65. Blue Boba

    Blue Boba

    14 órája

    Now I wanna see everyone else’s human disguises

  66. Stevettm


    14 órája

    We need more of Millie being a badass and Moxie being drunk

  67. Lily Afton

    Lily Afton

    14 órája

    millie is a FUCKING BADASS

  68. Christian Schmid

    Christian Schmid

    15 órája

    6:03 those are called simps/otaku's/perverts/those peple who DROOL over people.

  69. kan-edgy bro-ken

    kan-edgy bro-ken

    15 órája

    I'm 8

  70. Camy Pasteria

    Camy Pasteria

    15 órája

    If verosika's eyelashes get any longer, It could stab someone.

  71. Hey It's Ashton Here

    Hey It's Ashton Here

    15 órája

    3:57 I- Who- Demon Elvis 0-0

  72. Tyler •Foulk

    Tyler •Foulk

    15 órája

    This shit is wack

  73. yxami


    15 órája

    I wonder how blitzo’s human form looks like. I’d probably so cool!

  74. Maryn Mancini

    Maryn Mancini

    16 órája


  75. Jordan Roberts

    Jordan Roberts

    17 órája

    This has everything I need; drunk Moxxie and Millie action scenes.

  76. LadyKatherineFeyQueen


    17 órája

    Nice that they managed to get some business an win back the parking spot.

  77. Chris Dimas

    Chris Dimas

    17 órája

    2:22 my homies when i get a girl

  78. roxas cruz

    roxas cruz

    17 órája

    Me: -immune to mating cry- Ummm no.

  79. A Big Transformers Nerd

    A Big Transformers Nerd

    17 órája

    Wait wait wait, Verosika went to rehab? I think I know where she might’ve gone... *looks at Hazbin Hotel*

  80. Luna the Wolfgon48

    Luna the Wolfgon48

    17 órája

    7:02 I love that tune

  81. Vaughn Pflug

    Vaughn Pflug

    17 órája

    Loona's fuckin adorable and I love her

  82. . MiX

    . MiX

    17 órája

    Can you just tell me how did someone like Moxy end up in Hell?!

    • . MiX

      . MiX

      17 órája

      @GeekyTheArtist Oooohh I see... Thank you for explaining. ^ ^

    • GeekyTheArtist


      17 órája

      Imps are a Hellborn species (alongside Hellhounds, Succubi, and Incubi) so his beautiful kind soul was born into a life of sin

  83. Hakono Poutapu-Matenga

    Hakono Poutapu-Matenga

    18 órája

    Idk why but this always gets me😂: 11:43

  84. Rainbow Mane

    Rainbow Mane

    18 órája

    Milllie is an awesome fighter!!!

  85. Itsyaboyajax 6

    Itsyaboyajax 6

    18 órája

    I think I simp for both Loona and Vortex now..

  86. Fahima Sajna

    Fahima Sajna

    18 órája

    She is not a hero

  87. Hot Rod Mercury

    Hot Rod Mercury

    18 órája

    "shut up da- Blitz" Plot thickens even more.

  88. . MiX

    . MiX

    18 órája

    Poor Loony

  89. Mystical Keyblade

    Mystical Keyblade

    18 órája

    Blitz is a tsundere towards Moxxie

  90. Fay Redmon

    Fay Redmon

    18 órája

    How come you haven't been demonetized yet like as much as how much the cuss words this show says I don't understand how come you have not demonetized I don't care really but honestly this is like the best series I've ever seen in my entire life

  91. Peter Storm

    Peter Storm

    18 órája


  92. Weeblyish


    19 órája

    Moxxie: "...OOoOoOOoO fIsH."

  93. Beyblade Masters heroes of bey Power

    Beyblade Masters heroes of bey Power

    19 órája


  94. Syberski Wolfmoon

    Syberski Wolfmoon

    19 órája

    Park behind her Blitzo, so she cannot get out.

  95. Molten Freddy

    Molten Freddy

    19 órája

    We need a god damn full version of this song

  96. Scp 6789

    Scp 6789

    19 órája

    Hey viv you have a copyrighter called Teen-Z they changed some of them to not to be noticed but there is one character that gives it all away

  97. Adrian S. Fernandez

    Adrian S. Fernandez

    20 órája

    Did Blitzo called Verasika a c**t?

    • Zack Tootie Villian

      Zack Tootie Villian

      19 órája


  98. wolf slayer of kings

    wolf slayer of kings

    20 órája

    vrosica move your car before I run it over with my panzer!!!

  99. R.M. Rähm

    R.M. Rähm

    20 órája

    so friggin amazing

  100. Da epik seiila

    Da epik seiila

    20 órája

    When Millie and moxxie have their first kid they better name them mollie