history of the entire world, i guess


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  1. Royal Pandas

    Royal Pandas


    How long do you spent on google to make this video chief?

  2. First World Problems

    First World Problems

    11 perccel

    Mann, Australias history is so ancient, mysterious and secret that it's not even in the video.

  3. Generic Noob

    Generic Noob

    14 perccel

    put playback speed on 2 *i dare u.*

  4. Naman Sharma

    Naman Sharma

    26 perccel

    Here is the short version: Our universe was in a hot dense state, And nearly 14 billion years ago expansions started, WAIT! The earth began to cool, The autotrophs began to drool, Neanderthals developed tools, We built a wall, We built the pyramids, Maths science history, Unravelling the mysteries, It all started with a Big Bang, BANG!!!!

  5. shamma alneaimi

    shamma alneaimi

    58 perccel

    India 2021: you have virus in your computer India from the days: you have virus in your horse

  6. The Ascendunt

    The Ascendunt


    The problem with history videos is they lump India and Sri Lanka together. They were never together! Tamil kings from South India never conquered the entire island back then. And even when the British colonized, they were separate. British Raj and British Ceylon.

  7. Sniper



    It's satisfying hearing him say "fuck" for some reason

  8. Ton5meire



    “Some of them even doubled up” Me when I first watched it: Huh, cool Me after watching it about 70 times currently on the 71st time: WAIT

  9. katethe_great_ VODs

    katethe_great_ VODs


    A classic. ✨the sun is a deadly laserrrrr✨

  10. The Outcast

    The Outcast

    2 órája

    This video just about sums up my ADHD-

  11. Ben Pratka

    Ben Pratka

    2 órája

    30 seconds in and depressed

    • Controller RelaxFN

      Controller RelaxFN

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  12. Gay Satanic Clowns

    Gay Satanic Clowns

    2 órája

    My username used to be Alexander III of Macedon but this was better.

  13. Kevin Luji

    Kevin Luji

    3 órája

    Thank you for this 🙏🏽

  14. Decentish


    3 órája

    “Nothing was never anywhere”- bill wurtz

  15. Toxic_canTlope .!

    Toxic_canTlope .!

    3 órája

    My huantities teacer spending 2 months on how humans evolved but then bill wurtz just did it in 19 mins

  16. Kim Nguyen

    Kim Nguyen

    3 órája

    boo your bad

  17. shiners


    4 órája

    this video teaches us faster than a real school

  18. xClqce


    4 órája

    Hi anyone wanna be friends

  19. •cupcake Cutie uwu :3•

    •cupcake Cutie uwu :3•

    4 órája

    11:59 AAH SO FUNNY

  20. Maral


    4 órája

    it makes so much sense

  21. Andy Peiffer

    Andy Peiffer

    4 órája

    I learned more in 20 minutes on HUeye than 12 years in school

  22. Fun with Mason and Kyler

    Fun with Mason and Kyler

    5 órája

    The sun is a deadly laser

  23. Fulcrum


    5 órája

    Join the Rebellion today! ✴ We, the Rebel Alliance, do therefore in the name-and by the authority-of the free beings of the Galaxy, solemnly publish and declare our intentions: To fight and oppose you and your forces, by any and all means at our disposal;To refuse any Imperial law contrary to the rights of free beings;To bring about your destruction and the destruction of the Galactic Empire;To make forever free all beings in the galaxy.To these ends, we pledge our property, our honor, and our lives. Who will join us?

  24. Grandpa


    5 órája

    Everything started with a thought "Hey I wanna do something"

  25. Isabella Page

    Isabella Page

    6 órája

    And yet still the best thing that I have ever Fixed my gaze upon

  26. Cheedacheese


    6 órája

    “Aaand now everything’s huge, including bugs. Wanna see a map of the earth? Aw f*ck now everything’s dead.”

  27. Julian Calhoun

    Julian Calhoun

    6 órája

    hey, can we go on land? NO why? THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZEEERRRR

  28. Toyota F1

    Toyota F1

    6 órája

    1:12 3:03

  29. alyssaisstartinsomethin U-U

    alyssaisstartinsomethin U-U

    7 órája

    I like the music in this :D

  30. Aditya Deka

    Aditya Deka

    7 órája

    TIME trade mark gee I should of thought of that

  31. Luca Treby

    Luca Treby

    7 órája


  32. Crypt


    7 órája

    “Christofer Columbus probably smoking crack” You could make a religion out of this

  33. Malakai Studer

    Malakai Studer

    7 órája

    My brain "the facts SO HELP ME" me hmmm.

  34. Bxbes_


    7 órája

    I learned everything and nothing

  35. WrangWrang is me

    WrangWrang is me

    7 órája


  36. Mirkwood


    7 órája

    This is so good it can replace the entirety of World Studies.

  37. Noor Aziz

    Noor Aziz

    7 órája

    Do you need a hug?

  38. Tron Playzz

    Tron Playzz

    8 órája

    HUeye, why now? Why? When i needed you the most you didnt come, now you dicide to show up? Why?

  39. Jonathan Helms

    Jonathan Helms

    8 órája

    He can’t even draw yet it’s still amazing

  40. zenab


    8 órája

    This has more views than most music videos 😭

  41. Samantha


    8 órája

    Who’s here to study for the AP exam

  42. WiFi gaming

    WiFi gaming

    8 órája

    i told my teachher to play this at lunch

  43. Space Suit

    Space Suit

    8 órája

    Taste the S U N

  44. ꧁Vase Girl꧂

    ꧁Vase Girl꧂

    8 órája

    The thing inventor part said it was 2028... How long was a sleeping for?

    • Portable hole from the future

      Portable hole from the future

      8 órája

      This was uploaded in *2017*

    • Portable hole from the future

      Portable hole from the future

      8 órája

      He made that part up

  45. Ian Eons

    Ian Eons

    8 órája

    Are we just going to ignore the fact he didn't capitalize the title

  46. Cakechees 1

    Cakechees 1

    8 órája


    • Portable hole from the future

      Portable hole from the future

      8 órája


  47. livio


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  48. Gamin' Skuyy

    Gamin' Skuyy

    9 órája


    • 〪Yottento


      8 órája


  49. Seraph


    9 órája

    WAIT HOLD UP- 'it's a bird it's a plane-' HOLD UP YALL HOLD THE FUCK UP-

  50. Polar bear

    Polar bear

    9 órája

    When you have 112 million more views than your channel subs.

    • Portable hole from the future

      Portable hole from the future

      8 órája

      Actually 117m views minus 4m subscribers equals 113m views

  51. Abygail Swinderman

    Abygail Swinderman

    9 órája

    My brain cant physically function what he is saying

  52. Anime Addict3d

    Anime Addict3d

    9 órája

    My teacher put this on for our science class

    • Portable hole from the future

      Portable hole from the future

      8 órája

      I wish all my teachers did that ;^(

  53. Soapy


    9 órája

    If school taught like this the world would be made of geniuses lmao 😂

  54. Butter The impostor

    Butter The impostor

    10 órája

    If only this video could be made in 2020 so coronavirus could be mentioned as the other time China fell apart but this time not literally

    • Portable hole from the future

      Portable hole from the future

      8 órája

      Maybe we could make an religion out of that!

    • Portable hole from the future

      Portable hole from the future

      8 órája


  55. Slipbers World

    Slipbers World

    10 órája

    I will remember this, unlike what I learned in school

    • Portable hole from the future

      Portable hole from the future

      8 órája


  56. Lisa Glynn

    Lisa Glynn

    10 órája

    You don’t need a when, that’s how every it gets. Everywhen

  57. TheRosf


    10 órája

    *the sun is a deadly laser*

  58. amelia zoaks

    amelia zoaks

    10 órája


  59. ً


    11 órája

    This is the 15th time I've watched this because i have nothing to do

    • Yuko


      10 órája

      Don’t worry u will become star and make solar system

  60. RhoGMB _

    RhoGMB _

    11 órája

    how is this guy not on wikipedia

  61. m r

    m r

    11 órája

    Learned more in 19 minutes than in my hole life

  62. Chef Dro Tv

    Chef Dro Tv

    11 órája

    Egyyyyyyypt 🎶 Oh and Chinnaaaaa 🎶 Love it lmao 😂

  63. Selda Kurt

    Selda Kurt

    11 órája

    I lost half of my brain cells watching tis

  64. Sara


    11 órája

    i love how a 20 minutes video still manages to say more about asian and african history than my country's school system

  65. Panos Kasaris

    Panos Kasaris

    11 órája

    This is how history of the world should be taught

  66. Jake Zacarias

    Jake Zacarias

    12 órája

    *some of it’s water.* *fuck it.* The words from a wise man.

  67. Brawl Stars

    Brawl Stars

    12 órája

    Who needs story and science teachers if you have this

  68. achievement unlocked

    achievement unlocked

    12 órája

    I have been confused In the first 5seconds

  69. LRC 々 BOT

    LRC 々 BOT

    13 órája

    This man is legendary

  70. Nora Lin

    Nora Lin

    13 órája

    Welp ur gonna need to update that soon cuz um need I explain? eh um 2020

  71. Philyshark7


    13 órája

    Will he ever made an update/extension for this

  72. Mateo Saeta Loureiro

    Mateo Saeta Loureiro

    13 órája

    I love how he says "pueblo"

  73. ¿_unknown user_¿

    ¿_unknown user_¿

    13 órája

    Bill wurtz the legend

  74. Starzzy


    13 órája

    Im now just call Europe 'France and Not France'

  75. adous brony

    adous brony

    13 órája

    I don't even know how many times I watched this video over the years 💜

  76. Charlotte Lol

    Charlotte Lol

    13 órája

    I'm only 5 minutes in and I feel like I know everything now how is this only 19 minutes it feels like 12 hours but not in a bad way

  77. Christian Quinto

    Christian Quinto

    14 órája

    So this is how it feels inside Gojo Satoru's domain huh

  78. NotYou


    14 órája

    why would you dislike this... just don't watch it

  79. Pirate Queen

    Pirate Queen

    14 órája

    I’ve never felt smarter in my life.... and I already forgot everything

  80. عبدالرحمن ش

    عبدالرحمن ش

    14 órája

    inside all of this we got 6 billion human. and every one of them has his opinion about what actually happened. so thats why we dont learn in more basic ways like this in schools

    • Listening noob

      Listening noob

      2 órája

      This is the unbiased way to explain this.

    • Heather


      12 órája

      This video is the scientific and historical explanation for the world. He included when most major religions were formed or discovered and explained most of the historical events from an unbiased stand point. But he used the scientific explanation because it is the most unbiased way to explain it. He didn’t take sides of any religions

  81. Enzo Prado

    Enzo Prado

    14 órája

    This has the best like to dislike i ever seen.

  82. •準Jimin•


    14 órája

    Woah I learned more in 20 minutes than I did in school for 5 hours

  83. iva racman

    iva racman

    14 órája

    day 1 of watching this every day

  84. fgm


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  85. Lil Boi

    Lil Boi

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  86. monii


    15 órája

    canada is an introvert

  87. IDKanymore


    15 órája

    1:39 SpAcEdUsT

  88. Kevin Murphy

    Kevin Murphy

    15 órája

    Can i bye space dust not yet but coming soon to a dank river nere you

  89. Varis


    15 órája

    ✨𝓎o𝓊 𝒸𝒶𝓃 𝓂𝒶𝓀𝑒 𝒶 𝓇𝑒𝓁𝒾𝑔𝒾💍𝓃 o𝓊𝓉 o𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈✨

  90. Chinh Nguyen

    Chinh Nguyen

    15 órája

    No wonder most stuff made in china breaks easily China's whole again... Then it broke again

    • fgm


      15 órája


  91. Shay Halverson Studios

    Shay Halverson Studios

    15 órája

    "Lets invent a thing inventor" said the thing inventor inventor after being invented by a thing inventor.

  92. Sarah Salzmann

    Sarah Salzmann

    15 órája

    Is there one of these for 2020 yet?

  93. Shady Griffen

    Shady Griffen

    15 órája

    and in the end we get covid

  94. adriel lolo

    adriel lolo

    15 órája

    11:59 or 12:00

  95. ghh


    16 órája


  96. Chi Shen Chong

    Chi Shen Chong

    16 órája

    Who else always came back to this vid and never finished it

  97. Samantha Watkins

    Samantha Watkins

    16 órája

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  98. Chopper Man

    Chopper Man

    16 órája

    over 100mil people have gained *big brain*

  99. Fernando Gimenez

    Fernando Gimenez

    16 órája

    1:49 "furry clouds"

  100. IDIOTBOY 2D


    17 órája

    11:57 Mahajapit?