How To Beat EVERY TRAP In "No Escape"

This movie is also known as "Follow Me".
You and your friends are trapped in a prison, and forced to play the world’s most dangerous escape room. You’ll have to solve every puzzle, survive being tormented by gangsters, and risk your life to escape before the time runs out. What do you do?
Thank you for watching No Escape and Follow Me explained and review of how to beat.
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  1. rockman124


    19 napja

    have a damn good day

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      Hehe Boi

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      @Cinema Summary You 3

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      @Burger man123 you too

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      You too

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      @Cinema Summary hi

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  2. Anthony Bechara

    Anthony Bechara

    4 órája

    he had the right to kill him like what the fuck

  3. Lord Kirby

    Lord Kirby

    7 órája

    Who else noticed that George Janko is in this

  4. Mr gamer pro 55

    Mr gamer pro 55

    10 órája


  5. Kuro Jen

    Kuro Jen

    12 órája

    The plot of the movie is similar to the movie The Game (1997), which you did an explained video about. After first watching this video, the ending of this movie bugged me and I was binge-watching youtube until I came across your video again. And I was like "oh! so that's why the ending sounded familiar" THE GAME: explained (

  6. Khoa Do

    Khoa Do

    14 órája

    something told me by the way this douche has been acting, the movie would be about everyone pranking him to make him learn a lesson but i didn't expect him killing that dude so cruelly at the end.

  7. Khoa Do

    Khoa Do

    14 órája

    not gonna lie, this movie is dark as fuck...

  8. KomoMn


    15 órája

    lol this movie was funny

  9. Yuma


    15 órája

    thats fucked up man bruh

  10. punchy


    16 órája

    Imo Cole did everything perfect, right up until he decides to be a hero.

  11. (STUDENT)Allison Chumley

    (STUDENT)Allison Chumley

    16 órája

    led the fucking couintry

  12. Vv Ss

    Vv Ss

    16 órája

    I felt sad seeing him in shock while realizing that it was just an act

  13. helmi abderrahim

    helmi abderrahim

    16 órája

    Even if he didn't beat up the guy at the end What did they think his reaction would be after seeing all of his friends die

  14. Javionthegoat


    16 órája

    what the fuck is this movie

  15. Luv Bug

    Luv Bug

    18 órája

    that’s there fault -.-

  16. mooncat candy studios

    mooncat candy studios

    20 órája

    It’s not “no escape” anymore

  17. Sin


    20 órája

    14:08 dude, thats kinda overexaggerated.

  18. Sky _Child

    Sky _Child

    20 órája

    *Casually escapes from no escape*

  19. Ex0


    21 órája

    in the end like what did they expect

  20. j blue

    j blue

    21 órája

    very entertaining subsribed keep up the good work

  21. MemesAren’tDead 1442

    MemesAren’tDead 1442

    21 órája

    When someone warns you before you enter that everything is not real that’s already a red flag

  22. SeaKettle


    21 órája

    This movie is sick and so damn twisted, there is no way Cole could come out of this mentally ok

  23. th3_ _w0lf

    th3_ _w0lf

    22 órája

    15:21 aaaaaaand how do you know this?

  24. th3_ _w0lf

    th3_ _w0lf

    22 órája

    You had the best chance to call the video "how to escape, no escape"

  25. DiamondCompass


    22 órája

    How to beat “No Escape”: Don’t have trash friends

  26. Rudy Zibar

    Rudy Zibar

    22 órája

    Public experiment gone wrong gone bad gone sexual gone torture devices gone life long trauma. Just a prank bro, cameras right there

  27. Kristiniqua


    22 órája

    Also if they were ALL there at the end, at least one of them could have stopped cole from beating the dude to death. Like tf.

  28. Daegu and Busan boys

    Daegu and Busan boys

    23 órája

    These vids make me not wanna go to japan or anywhere else

  29. Warren Dicey

    Warren Dicey

    23 órája

    *blood is pouring out his mouth ITS A PRANK BROOOOO!!!!!!*

  30. Marcia Clarke

    Marcia Clarke

    23 órája

    Thats not a good prank it was too real

  31. Shano TO

    Shano TO


    well technically he does escape at the end




    How to escape the unescapable escape

  33. Random Name

    Random Name


    Prank (Gone Wrong)

  34. New Einstein

    New Einstein



  35. New Einstein

    New Einstein


    *happy days*

  36. ty weatherwax

    ty weatherwax


    You should do how to beat TRIGGERED

  37. Man Jams

    Man Jams


    How to beat truth or dare

  38. AngieTheAnxiousBean



    Wow I think this movie ending was... really really amazing as a viewer. Close to The Circle too.

  39. hluuv



    He wouldn't get charged tho bc he couldn't have known, right?

  40. Bruce_Gaming



    when the world is, cinema is gonna be our king i stg.

  41. PokeMonLetsGo



    Pretty fucked up, extremely coordinated prank.

  42. Dome



    I wouldn't regret killing my friends if they pulled up a prank like that to me

  43. 「InFlamz」



    Damn, blame them for making an awful prank

  44. morah g

    morah g


    I swear bro these people need to learn how to ditch their fucking friends. Also that is an awful prank if anything I'd take you to court.

  45. Patricia Fergus

    Patricia Fergus


    No Escape: Wouldn't it be so ridiculous if a group of social media influencers tortured and psychologically manipulated their "friend" to the point where he killed someone. Me, knowing people like Daddy of Five, the Paul brothers, etc. exist: No, not in the slightest. In fact, are we sure this isn't actually a documentary?

  46. Siddharth Nair

    Siddharth Nair


    It’S jUsT a PrAnK bRo

  47. x cendre

    x cendre


    Your funny, that part inside the van where you said that youll feel if their going left or rigt and time it, hahaha i bet you can't do that in real life you could be crying while peeing your pants.

  48. x cendre

    x cendre


    Your beating it after you watch it, beat it as if you haven't watch the movies your tring to beat, think as if your experiencing it at first hand.

  49. Riley Mishina

    Riley Mishina


    Tbh who wouldn’t kill someone who you thought killed your friends

  50. Matthew



    Love your videos but a piece of advice... Don't be on camera. Like.... wtf is with the reverse hitler stache, you look like you own a van with "FREE CANDY" on the side

  51. Lukas Sørensen

    Lukas Sørensen


    So this is basically The Game with Michael Douglas

  52. Zemby7



    Douche tuber simulator

  53. Raycloud



    I wonder what Legal Eagle's opinion on this film would be

  54. jini roki

    jini roki


    Smart guy

  55. Fiona Android

    Fiona Android


    Tbh that guy would of been cancelled on tt then uncancelled if it had happened this year

  56. 李小美



    20:45 exactly what im saying like..if you made a prank like that then don't expect him not to kill someone, imagine seeing all your friends "die" and don't go mad killing the one who did it to survive? literally this teaches you to think twice before doing a prank like that

  57. DR3W_



    It’s just a prank bro

  58. Lotus



    bruhhhh, the twist at the end thoooo.

  59. Clxud The kid

    Clxud The kid


    Bro ur smart

  60. Clxud The kid

    Clxud The kid


    Dang now u might be one of my top ten utubers

  61. ODL_DRILLZ 24k

    ODL_DRILLZ 24k

    2 napja

    theres a youtuber in it

  62. gopro camera

    gopro camera

    2 napja

    They got inspiration form sampepper kill your best friend prank.

  63. Smurf_Apple


    2 napja

    These videos are all well and good but saying "I would do this" "I would do that" is easy when not in that kind of situation.

  64. Witty Euphemism

    Witty Euphemism

    2 napja

    So basically this movie is just a horror version of The Game, but without the upbeat ending? I can dig it.

  65. Buttersvevo


    2 napja

    Russian saw



    2 napja

    This reminds me of jigsaw

  67. Jeydan Henderson

    Jeydan Henderson

    2 napja

    Word to my mama I would’ve lost my mind lmfao that’s so Fucked



    2 napja

    His friends: He just couldn't handle the neutron style

  69. Just some guy with a Sword

    Just some guy with a Sword

    2 napja

    Pranking Our friend by making him think we were all tortured to death **Gone wrong!!**

  70. FutureYoutuber Kids

    FutureYoutuber Kids

    2 napja

    Damn they did him like that

  71. Acry


    2 napja

    remembers me to far cry 3 lol

  72. Iron Warrior

    Iron Warrior

    2 napja

    This is so fucked up. It will probably happen

  73. Toshii


    2 napja

    Hey I love u, yeah u right their 💓 .

  74. lee yan de

    lee yan de

    2 napja


  75. Way what Graham

    Way what Graham

    2 napja

    It’s a prank by the people and the main character kill the guy at the end

  76. Marcus Holloway

    Marcus Holloway

    2 napja

    "It was just a prank bro"

  77. Marcus Holloway

    Marcus Holloway

    2 napja

    Why does alexei look like Zach Efron 🤣

  78. Fiona Loise Lomeda

    Fiona Loise Lomeda

    2 napja

    You call those people friends? YOUR PRANK HAS GONE TOO FAR, ALEXI DESERVED IT! I would rather see my friend die instead of facing them everyday knowing that i killed someone, ill be going to a lot of therapy after this, my goodness

  79. Ninja Baiano

    Ninja Baiano

    2 napja

    This is probably entrapment. Ive seen some movies that end with, "it was all a ruse hahaha " Its kinda cheap omho i rate it a bit higher than "it was a halucination" tho.

  80. Lawrence Ng

    Lawrence Ng

    2 napja

    Cole looks like Logan Paul

  81. -ˏˋMilitiaˎˊ-


    2 napja

    It was just a prank Han!

  82. Muath Mahmoud

    Muath Mahmoud

    2 napja


  83. Ellie Paige

    Ellie Paige

    2 napja

    How did they fake the part where cole shot the scar guy?

  84. tiffistrash


    2 napja

    Those friends are so shitty bye😭 like that’s traumatizing af what did u expect the guy to do??

  85. AgentFlea


    2 napja

    I thought Alexi is a female name. Specifically female stripper name.

  86. kontroller kyle

    kontroller kyle

    2 napja

    omfg what a fucked plot twist

  87. Red Ranger

    Red Ranger

    2 napja

    18:14 bad idea, if they’re high ranking mafia they’ll just bribe the police and you’ll get caught again

  88. Gamer Jamie

    Gamer Jamie

    2 napja

    How do you know about the black web

  89. It’s me Landyn

    It’s me Landyn

    2 napja

    Why does the vloger look like Logan Paul

  90. Sin ArchBishop

    Sin ArchBishop

    2 napja

    dude... that's what i call a plot twist ...

  91. Jacob Zhang

    Jacob Zhang

    2 napja

    This is one of the worst movies ever made... too many useless plot twists.

  92. Piper Hayze

    Piper Hayze

    2 napja

    I would have just ran after leaving the first location. They just shot a women in the face the fact they don’t kill you and your friend in that parking lot means where ever they’re taking you in that van is a fate worst than death. You’re better off running the chances they’ll hit you are slimmer than you standing there. Or fight, ultimately death is better than getting into any van, because the only outcome is your torture, organ harvesting of sex trafficking

  93. Gossip Seeker

    Gossip Seeker

    2 napja

    41:31 - 41 :33 YOU DON'T BEAT PUZZLE, PUZZLE BEATS YOU *inserts russian accent*

  94. itz_diana


    2 napja

    No escape reminds me of jigsaw tbh

  95. Haadi Qureshi

    Haadi Qureshi

    2 napja

    i would never go back in, i would take the cars and speed away

  96. minimee 1712

    minimee 1712

    2 napja

    Ok the movie situation is fucked up but what is more fucked up is the person that wrote the script

  97. chris thegoat

    chris thegoat

    2 napja

    He has bad friends bruh

  98. Jammin Dragon

    Jammin Dragon

    2 napja

    What where they planning to do if he did leave in the car and get the police though? I mean they couldn’t have been confident he’d go back for them right? Would it seriously have just been “PRANK GONE WRONG, POLICE SHOWED UP (NOT CLICKBAIT)😱😱😱😱”

  99. Pizza Pup

    Pizza Pup

    2 napja

    I would beat by not going to Russia in the first place

  100. Marchal Miller

    Marchal Miller

    2 napja

    having to see my friends every day knowing they scarred my life me: hell naw get out of there you fool