How to NOT Buy Anime Figures | Trash Taste #4

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  1. Becca Rangel

    Becca Rangel

    11 órája

    Shounen Jump figure is the coolest one.

  2. Sorrow Pepe

    Sorrow Pepe

    12 órája

    I miss this kind of special episode, pls make more :'(

  3. Lunar Melody

    Lunar Melody

    20 órája

    Levi on the couch is best figure

  4. fireplace


    22 órája

    Joey had his reasons for volunteering to put up the Rias figure: 28:12 .... lmao

  5. Deepanshu Bangar

    Deepanshu Bangar


    Fav. Figurine: Rias Gremory🔥

  6. That one weeb

    That one weeb

    2 napja

    C.C. rimuru and rias are the best figures

  7. Mimi Draws

    Mimi Draws

    2 napja

    I also personally find Nendoroids stressful. They're expensive, the pieces are very small and easy to lose, and they're a pain in the ass to pose. That being said, I own quite a few Nendoroids. Most of them are in they're boxes right now because I lost some of the stands for the figures. I recently just into collecting regular anime figures and OH BOY am I hooked. I love being able to just quickly put them on the stands and just display them straight from the box. Granted, some figures have hair pieces to attach or arms, but that is nothing compared to all the tiny pieces Nendoroids come with. All in all, For those who want to start collecting figures, I wouldn't recommend Nendoroids. I would recommend regular anime figures as they are just much easier to maintain.

  8. Will Robson

    Will Robson

    3 napja

    Come on, it’s not fair to hate on pop vinyls, just cause you choose to dislike them doesn’t mean you can dump on other people’s collections/collectables Not cool 😕

  9. 黒 Kuro

    黒 Kuro

    3 napja

    Joey: Akihabara is heaven for otakus Captions : tAcOs

  10. Tofoo Yt

    Tofoo Yt

    3 napja

    Garnt opening everything Connor got

  11. Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez

    3 napja

    Can someone tell me where Connor got his shirt from I looks really dope I would for sure rock that i really want to buy one

  12. xd Jagawaki

    xd Jagawaki

    4 napja

    Ok so for the challenge that Gigguk had to do the one when he had to buy a Furry or an non human thing, he could of got Ken Kaneki. Ok so I know that Ken was a human at the start but then he turned into a Ghoul, and Ghouls are not Humans. U n U

    • xd Jagawaki

      xd Jagawaki

      4 napja

      Or anyone from the manga or anime

  13. John Zachary

    John Zachary

    4 napja

    Honestly i am waiting for Garnt to watch FMA

  14. 124TreeTop


    5 napja

    28:11 joey is sneaking a peak

  15. Scott Perkins

    Scott Perkins

    6 napja

    Anywhere we can get a pick of the uncensored dakimakura? Asking for a friend.

  16. AnimeGURU475


    6 napja

    Do this again for your new office!!!

  17. Maxuno Aleate

    Maxuno Aleate

    7 napja

    [31:12] Sad Levi.

  18. Noah Vargas

    Noah Vargas

    7 napja

    Joey's expression at 28:12 is gold 😂

  19. Saber


    7 napja

    Garnt went and said. Rin tohsaka? Nah ishtar. Its like he went out his way to not get rin because itd be a normie thing, just to get the exact same person really.

  20. Yejun Kim

    Yejun Kim

    8 napja

    I really want to buy Joey's shirt. Does anyone know where to get one?

  21. Marah Tarape

    Marah Tarape

    9 napja

    CDawg’s dropping the truth bomb on Nendoroids 😆 really stressful to decide on the pose

  22. Kyler Massey

    Kyler Massey

    9 napja

    I'm sorry I just can get over Shaun calling rias riza

  23. Trinity NiGHTS

    Trinity NiGHTS

    9 napja

    I'm so jealous of that Tanya figure!

  24. Im A gAyMeR

    Im A gAyMeR

    10 napja


  25. K J

    K J

    10 napja

    This is the first time I've saw or heard someone talk about Angle Beats, it cool show

  26. BombedDTL


    10 napja

    Could someone tell me who is on the wall scroll or the series that it is from that appears after a cut in the video above Garnt's head at 49:17?

  27. Golden Otacool

    Golden Otacool

    11 napja

    28:09 Joey just doing a quality check

  28. Huy Pham Duc

    Huy Pham Duc

    11 napja

    His shirt was like "i took a good poop today". And he actually took some poop-like food in his mouth

  29. Vocal Heart

    Vocal Heart

    11 napja

    Connor and Joey: woah crazy diamond Garnt: *tinkering away with his back facing connor the entire time*

  30. Rei Zak

    Rei Zak

    11 napja

    Me, a collector of nendoroids: UwU

  31. noodle


    11 napja

    My favorite figure was honestly Rimuru, it looked cool and Rimuru’s a great character.

  32. SaTuRoChAn


    12 napja

    The Levi figure is so awesome 💚

  33. lity fity

    lity fity

    12 napja


  34. Ace


    13 napja

    31:05 personal time stamp

  35. Centhra Kaze

    Centhra Kaze

    13 napja

    This was a lot of fun to watch all three of you do this challenge and then come together for this video. I will say I’m happy Japan hasn’t forgotten about some older anime’s. But can I just say I’m jealous of that Shonen Jump. I’ve been a fan since 2004 and it was the happiest moment when each month I got the newest issue. Thank y’all again.

  36. f1r3 hunt3rz

    f1r3 hunt3rz

    13 napja

    It's not "nokdu", it's natto. Subtitles are wrong, if you're wondering.

  37. Yi Qing Tan

    Yi Qing Tan

    13 napja

    I've watched this 3 times in the last two days. I love that Joey is so sporting, Connor's voice is nice and he's so competitive haha, Gigguk is so nicely and serendipitously clueless and passionate

  38. BlackBamboo Smith

    BlackBamboo Smith

    14 napja

    oh no. they spelled 'thai' to 'tai'. thai and taiwanese be like D:

  39. Slyder Ace

    Slyder Ace

    15 napja

    1:03:50 I agree with Connor. Just because it has to be censored on YT doesn't make it hentai!! No fucking way is Rias considered hentai!

  40. Sinstation JDF

    Sinstation JDF

    16 napja

    Episode 4 and I'm still terrified over how similar the cat doll behind Gigguk is to my childhood one-- Like what are the chances for an old doll of the same size and the same pattern to exist in two different, faraway country--

  41. Mila Burhanzai

    Mila Burhanzai

    16 napja


  42. Shuichi Saihara

    Shuichi Saihara

    16 napja

    Cute the grookey

  43. Leo Ascart

    Leo Ascart

    17 napja

    While they're talking. . .I'm laughing in my mind with Joey's"I Took A Good Poop Today."T-Shirt😅

  44. Alex Perez

    Alex Perez

    17 napja


  45. Jordan Carter

    Jordan Carter

    17 napja

    I absolutely loved this. Watched all 3 perspectives and enjoyed seeing everyone's reactions to the figures

  46. Brian Zoidberg

    Brian Zoidberg

    20 napja

    The boys: You should watch this anime! Me: Ok, what is it? Them: {Name spoken in Japanese i cannot pronounce, spell, or begin to find online) Me:

    • Lul XD XD

      Lul XD XD

      9 napja

      @Brian Zoidberg thats a good one

    • Brian Zoidberg

      Brian Zoidberg

      17 napja

      @Jordan Carter it was thanks!

    • Jordan Carter

      Jordan Carter

      17 napja

      Katanagatari is the one they were talking about on the wall scroll that Connor got. If that's what you were looking for

  47. Konstantin Corkovic

    Konstantin Corkovic

    21 napja

    Are they intentionaly not removing the Rias figurine from the desk?

  48. nihongochild


    21 napja

    Not gonna lie, the Mike figure was pretty fire

  49. Blzz 42

    Blzz 42

    21 napja

    Coolest figurine was the Jotaro that wasn’t bought 😢 😂

  50. JHR4


    21 napja

    Yo, the office looks so barren

  51. Destiny Heero Prime

    Destiny Heero Prime

    22 napja

    one dislike for no mobile suit Gundam love :'( edit: where can I read that doujinshi

  52. Dxnz


    22 napja

    26:36 best.

  53. Dxnz


    22 napja

    Cool figures

  54. Peter Schelin

    Peter Schelin

    23 napja

    Connors gag reflex deserved my subscription

  55. Andiemay


    23 napja

    me: " that pop doesnt look that ba-" connor: "theyre fucking ugly dude!" me: "ugly, so fucking ugly"

  56. PB &Jaye

    PB &Jaye

    24 napja

    Y'all gotta do this challenge again sometime. It was a real treat

  57. Remember Bubblebutt

    Remember Bubblebutt

    24 napja

    Press F for Mike, who fell off his chair.

  58. Harsh Mondal

    Harsh Mondal

    25 napja

    Rias lmao

  59. Sorry My Bad

    Sorry My Bad

    25 napja

    28:12 Joey Your welcome.

  60. Jv


    25 napja

    Who’s back here after they tweeted that the mike figure broke? 😥 RIP MIKE WAZOWSKI FIGURE 2020-2021

    • Brick Boy123

      Brick Boy123

      22 órája


    • Nicholas Dennis

      Nicholas Dennis

      3 napja


    • Pigeypigeonz


      7 napja


    • Edmar Saguibo

      Edmar Saguibo

      23 napja


  61. Lemon cat

    Lemon cat

    25 napja

    Is Connor wearing a tomie shirt

    • Lemon cat

      Lemon cat

      16 napja


  62. MultiSweetchocolate1


    25 napja

    I do photoshoots with nendoroids lol.

  63. Chitchat Daily With SBŚ

    Chitchat Daily With SBŚ

    25 napja

    My eyes trying to zoom in or simply magnifying on Rias :3

  64. Crotchwhistle Purple

    Crotchwhistle Purple

    25 napja

    12:07 I hate nendroids, because if I'm going to spend that much on a figure, it's not going to be chibi.

  65. koko


    25 napja

    I appreciate that Connor opened most figures out of the wrappers but GOD JOE!! WHY DON'T U OPEN THE BOXES. this is not even the first time! Couldn't pay attention half the time cuz I was annoyed that half the figurines were in boxes... I mean you Are going to take them out. Why don't u show EM!! UGH.

  66. 10Beans


    25 napja

    The tag that he thought went on a door was for a suitcase

  67. Jared Van Erem

    Jared Van Erem

    26 napja

    I want Connors Shirt! Does anyone have a link?

  68. Brenden Birmingham

    Brenden Birmingham

    26 napja

    Why y'all saying "bucks" if none of you are from or live in America?

    • Austin Neece

      Austin Neece

      25 napja

      Because "buck" doesn't only refer to dollars

  69. Msbeeboper


    27 napja

    As a resident of Sweden I gotta say, it can’t be worse than surströmming if you can open that container in a closed room and not have everyone else in the room suffering just as bad as the one eating it but it seems kinda comparable.

  70. TheGuardian103


    27 napja

    Tanya was the best one.

  71. Packed2steezy


    27 napja

    I think the Levi sitting gotta be my favourite.

  72. Delmar Karnes

    Delmar Karnes

    27 napja

    If anyone finds a LEGAL way to watch Katanagatari in the US... let me know.

  73. xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx

    xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx

    27 napja

    Smh we know connor won

  74. Willum Fowler

    Willum Fowler

    28 napja

    Best figure there was Mike wazowski

  75. Sapnil M

    Sapnil M

    28 napja

    Rias is the best figurine there 🤩🤩🤩😍😍

  76. imlatefortea


    28 napja

    I love the inmediate reaction to the funko pop lskdfjskld

  77. Derek Johnson

    Derek Johnson

    29 napja

    Gross lack of sports anime figures

  78. YaZui .I.

    YaZui .I.

    29 napja

    1:00:45 Neuron Activated- Gigguk 2020

  79. YaZui .I.

    YaZui .I.

    29 napja

    18:37 That redbull bottle on the left. I have never seen something like that in my life.

  80. レイン[REIN]


    29 napja

    I like Joey's shirt

  81. Squantanamo


    29 napja

    Treadmill Rohan was a quality purchase.

  82. Grim Knight

    Grim Knight

    29 napja

    Bruh, came back to rewatch only to find Joey saying "in anime" to the captions reads "anatomy" and now I can't unhear it.

  83. TinElbow


    29 napja

    I vote for a lewd figurine haul. So getting figures that is as close as possible to being cultured as heck, and demoneticing you, with out crossing the line.

  84. Ertghyj


    29 napja

    Nice shirt

  85. Roku



    Connor did a great job considering a lot of his figures were cheap af

  86. Ivano _

    Ivano _


    the mike figure is the best figure there😤

  87. Jay Mon

    Jay Mon


    I like how Mike falling over is a recurring event.

  88. zEscOOt



    I love how the biggest degenerate, had the biggest comeback for being a degenerate.

  89. Kendrick Raphael Ticoalu

    Kendrick Raphael Ticoalu


    0:38 "welcome to the trash taste podcast, the show where we talk trash about our tastes in anime." and Gioey lied

  90. Randomly Casual

    Randomly Casual


    28:11 i see what ur doing joey Edit: 57:36 AGAIN?!!

  91. Astro Wolvez

    Astro Wolvez


    I follow a lot of Japanese artist who will have nendoroids and take it with them everywhere and will do photo shoots of them wherever they are, especially at cafes.

  92. GT



    34:23 Eren in the corner keeping our eyes pure.

  93. Damian Leszczynski

    Damian Leszczynski


    i feel like i may have missed something between 3 and 4

  94. ɳɐɸɱɣ Ɖᴙσאϵ

    ɳɐɸɱɣ Ɖᴙσאϵ


    sorry but no matter what, Garnt wins, i mean comon, Rias on a Stripper Pole.. are u kidding me?! Garnt best boi, period! ^^ EDIT: CC and Kurumi...?! fuck me but Joe and Connor have cought up, sorry Garnt * ^^ *

  95. Pengunns



    Every couple of months I come back to this episode, life is good

  96. Heaven Joseph

    Heaven Joseph


    They keep calming Milim Meruem and all I can think about is a HunterxHunter and Slime cross over

    • Rimuru •Tempest

      Rimuru •Tempest

      14 napja


  97. Salvation Arin Winstonsin

    Salvation Arin Winstonsin


    my favorite figurine is the cells at work one

  98. frostだげ



    Favorite figure, My boo Rias

  99. Thanatos6669



    connor would have gotten the normie no matter what cause he listed sao before fullmetal

  100. Pizza Guy

    Pizza Guy


    This was 8 months ago? Wow if feels like a week