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How To Beat The DEATH GOD'S Game In "Death Note"

A God of Death has just given you the power to wipe out anyone in the world by writing down their name, but a genius detective is predicting your every move, and trying to end you. What do you do?
Thank you for watching Death Note explained and review of how to beat.
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  1. Claire DReyes

    Claire DReyes


    How many u say "ok"??????????

  2. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123lol Ye

    Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123lol Ye

    2 órája


  3. R.I.P. Ple Gaming

    R.I.P. Ple Gaming

    3 órája

    Did you know there is a 2017 sequel to this movie series

  4. Derth Vooder

    Derth Vooder

    4 órája

    Nobody talking about the ''My ex girlfriend'' thing at 4:31?

  5. The Brute Gunner

    The Brute Gunner

    6 órája

    LMAO “my ex girlfriend”

  6. robert tarasiuk

    robert tarasiuk

    7 órája

    Ew that gosh is ugly



    7 órája

    Jojo bizzare adventure Kira yoshikage =from jojo bizzare adventure Kira = death note lol

  8. Zal3 Diamond

    Zal3 Diamond

    8 órája

    Wait so light is the protagonist but is a bad guy and L is antagonist but is a good guy?

  9. Brenden Jones

    Brenden Jones

    11 órája

    it's kinda stupid to kill criminal's because what if they changed their ways what if they have 2 kids and a pregnant wife with a nice house a nice car and a high paying job you would be ruining his life and his family's because all of his kids would grow up without a father and the wife would have to work a lot to feed 3 children and the kids could be lead into a never ending depression

  10. Ava Cooke

    Ava Cooke

    11 órája

    Who makes Best videos

  11. dio mellon

    dio mellon

    11 órája

    If he got the death note we would all be dead.............

  12. TomTheMot


    12 órája

    Queen Elizabeth is typing...

  13. Khitrell


    12 órája


  14. Surgarrr_


    13 órája

    Cinema Summary: Killing is fun and all Me: ... What did he just say..? 😳

  15. Gremmy


    15 órája

    ok ok, this live-action is wayyyyy too different to the anime

  16. Zetro Art

    Zetro Art

    19 órája

    L looks like the deathgod cuz his eyes look simliar

  17. danica almario

    danica almario


    Just ask

  18. danica almario

    danica almario


    Can you just write their names




    what if kira writes ruyks name

  20. Marshall Bernarte

    Marshall Bernarte


    Just make the deaths Diseased based. Hell, play plague ink and make it to where you are immune. Therefore people will be working for a cure. Or better yet. Write "(Persons name) is torn by a Satyre." So you can give a culprit so L is not needed.

  21. Majari Gamo

    Majari Gamo



  22. Unknown Messenger

    Unknown Messenger


    I’m just glad he used the Japanese one and not the American one

  23. von alibin

    von alibin


    I watch your videos instead of watching the complete movie

  24. Soren Vogel

    Soren Vogel


    the fbi: watching this: Hmm... Interesting.... Go on...

  25. Sunion Bro

    Sunion Bro


    What if the death note exists and this is all bad advice he’s giving so the user will be easier to find

  26. ꧁Sky Bubble꧂

    ꧁Sky Bubble꧂



  27. Ruben Huerta

    Ruben Huerta


    4:30 1:Otoroshi 2:Tenjo-kudari 3:mY eX-gIrLfRiEnD

  28. Daco



    Yeah your first argument is very logical but would you really ne that carefull if you thought it was fake?

  29. het_muisje



    Do this but with the real anime then there light is a full on genius

  30. Paul Edward Z Madanlo

    Paul Edward Z Madanlo


    Just burn them

  31. Bryson Wiebusch

    Bryson Wiebusch


    The anime is 100x better

    • Sprite Man

      Sprite Man

      15 órája

      For me it’s worse

  32. Janice Wright

    Janice Wright

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  33. Jesús Trejo

    Jesús Trejo


    Write down the monster's name to see if it works Lol "The Human Whose Name Is Written In This Note Shall Die."

  34. Nariko Sellards

    Nariko Sellards


    The petite rhinoceros ultimately treat because australia ganguly shave via a quizzical bracket. hissing, combative panty

  35. SHADOW



    I love his editor haha look at the 3rd one 4:31

  36. 2 ideots with a phone

    2 ideots with a phone


    Watching my man's eat candy is the most visually appealing thing ever

  37. George Hennen

    George Hennen


    all of those movies are crap besides the anime. they just look bad and were badly done. When they were made doesn't matter because transformers were coming out.

  38. M0BI



    I would probably accidentally write my name

  39. dominique teologo

    dominique teologo



  40. fatu lui

    fatu lui

    2 napja

    death note looking like my satan.........not gonna lie the dood lokkin like bendys dada

  41. Brianna Potts

    Brianna Potts

    2 napja

    This is my absolute favorite anime but I’ve never seen the movie, well this version 😭

  42. Gods Doggit

    Gods Doggit

    2 napja

    Kinda wish they used the anime instead... its 20x better but still. Great video :D

  43. Stacey Vasilovich

    Stacey Vasilovich

    2 napja

    Who ever were these actors THEY ARE SUCH GOOD ACTORS

  44. SawFS GT

    SawFS GT

    2 napja

    This dude is the lucky and unlucky dude in every game

  45. Bernie Garcia

    Bernie Garcia

    2 napja

    Wow i cant belive this

  46. Thengking 78

    Thengking 78

    2 napja

    How to not die from death note: Be the camera man

  47. bryan chau

    bryan chau

    2 napja

    isn't this suppose to be to beat the death god's game? it just seems like a summary of what happened

  48. Mailer Z

    Mailer Z

    2 napja

    I hope you like my tribute to Death Note:

  49. Erik Xu

    Erik Xu

    2 napja

    imagine what would happen if you wrote someone's name and then erased it lmao

  50. Whoompee Wekoo

    Whoompee Wekoo

    2 napja

    HoW to survive death note 1.) Don't get involved with the main character 2.) Lock yourself in your room for the rest of your life 😀✨

  51. mm mm

    mm mm

    2 napja

    *Anime fans have entered the chat*

  52. Lopi robinson

    Lopi robinson

    2 napja

    I just don’t understand how anyone could catch onto a killer who leaves zero, ZERO evidence that could logically link to a killer. There, is, no, evidence. You could kill the person closest to you and what are the cops going to say. “He must have a magic book.” What?? Lmfao you wouldn’t get caught unless the universe believed in magic. I would just make sure the book is hidden. No one would think to look for a book cause books can’t kill people. Get it? The only way they would look for a book is if you beat someone with it and the autopsy identified the wounds as cause by something like a book. Is there even a law that specifies death by magic?

  53. Phoenix Young

    Phoenix Young

    2 napja

    He's the grim rapper in Japan

  54. Phoenix Young

    Phoenix Young

    2 napja

    Wait that's not the point - _-

  55. Lopi robinson

    Lopi robinson

    2 napja

    Dude it would be so easy to kill with a magic book because magic wouldn’t even be considered a cause. No prints. No evidence. There’s nothing anyone could have on you. Unless this world believes in magic.

  56. Phoenix Young

    Phoenix Young

    2 napja

    I saw a pic and it was hwat

  57. Phoenix Young

    Phoenix Young

    2 napja

    Lemme just look it up -_ -

  58. x yx

    x yx

    2 napja

    You can kill anyone just make it not connected to you,like being run over,falling off a cliff,or have piano drop on them.

  59. Martin Berényi

    Martin Berényi

    2 napja

    I would start with killing from random countries and if I would see the L in the tv I would check something like facebook and see if random peoples from other towns or other countries said something about L. And if not then I would wait 2 days and write down the name of the fake L then idk what would happen but I would try and find out something.

  60. Harun Hasanovic

    Harun Hasanovic

    2 napja

    This might make be insane but i think kira is a jojo refrence

  61. IRUH


    2 napja

    If you want to beat death note you need to kill ruk first

  62. Go BananaZ Toys, Dolls and Games

    Go BananaZ Toys, Dolls and Games

    2 napja

    Kira? That is my name

  63. Arun bhardwaj

    Arun bhardwaj

    3 napja

    Me watching 👀: just in case

  64. Kropout


    3 napja

    the movie's cgi and cast looks worse than the anime

  65. That one short kid

    That one short kid

    3 napja

    Nice burn on your ex

  66. Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson

    3 napja

    Damn kaiji really needs to calm the fuck down

  67. ungubungu


    3 napja

    And if your not the owner of it don't piss off it's owner

  68. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff

    3 napja

    omg i love this anime it is my second favorite oh wait i just started watching and this is some weird netflix adaptation...

    • weeb


      3 napja

      no it’s not the Netflix adaptation is American this movie is Japaenease

  69. Toshinori Yagi

    Toshinori Yagi

    3 napja

    where can i watch this im in the uk btw

    • weeb


      3 napja

      123 series, u can watch any show and movie for free

  70. Thealrdy Fox

    Thealrdy Fox

    3 napja

    death gods game tf i dont remember there being any game

  71. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet

    3 napja

    just write with a pencil

  72. Jacker Maker

    Jacker Maker

    3 napja

    The nasty hemp echographically damage because year summatively empty amidst a strange woolen. daffy, tiny feature

  73. Ketut Silawati

    Ketut Silawati

    3 napja

    4:30 my ex rly got me

  74. Sean Chambers

    Sean Chambers

    3 napja

    The auspicious mine locally strengthen because trigonometry experimentally apologise vice a unable year. eager, good airplane

  75. Vince Christain

    Vince Christain

    3 napja

    You fool. Magic does exist and its evil

  76. STIX


    4 napja

    How to beat death note .....don’t die

  77. Anubis Zero

    Anubis Zero

    4 napja

    Lol if you're gonna kill people you might as well take their money as well 🤣

  78. Henrik Hetland

    Henrik Hetland

    4 napja

    Like I love how you try to make things as sensible as possible, but this is just dark lol

  79. theanimemarker_xX


    4 napja

    I think I watched this but it doesn’t say I watched this so I’m just rejoin because your my favorite how to beat youtuber :)😌

  80. Funny Bone

    Funny Bone

    4 napja

    9:27 Wouldn’t that be incredibly suspicious. Bill Gates is gone, and out of nowhere he grants his entire net worth to some random kid he met 1 week ago, or never in his life?

    • Andrea



      They could also make it so that bill gates decided to randomly pick like 5 people to donate to when he dies

  81. Shadow Less

    Shadow Less

    4 napja

    What happens if the book runs out of pages?

    • weeb


      3 napja

      it won’t. There’s a rule in the book that says the pages of the death note are unlimited.

  82. FaZe A&A

    FaZe A&A

    4 napja

    This can’t be real plz not

  83. Simohamed Chafik

    Simohamed Chafik

    4 napja

    is this real

    • weeb


      3 napja

      no lol

  84. Im a Cup

    Im a Cup

    4 napja

    L: *finds a murderer* murderer: nooo howwwwww...... L: ...L...

  85. Mr Logical Mind

    Mr Logical Mind

    4 napja

    2:06 "Killing is fun and all..." Wait, what?

    • weeb


      3 napja


  86. Hassie Vivienne

    Hassie Vivienne

    4 napja

    The difficult leg minimally copy because sink geometrically introduce as a bouncy okra. momentous, strange wolf

  87. L Death Note

    L Death Note

    4 napja

    Are u gonna do how to beat death note netflix movie 2017

  88. Emily Russell

    Emily Russell

    4 napja

    The main charecter is the main charecter in battle royal

  89. Dualityy


    4 napja

    If i get my hands on Death Note i would want to be hired as a Hitman

  90. Darth Jar Jar Binks The real Sith lord

    Darth Jar Jar Binks The real Sith lord

    4 napja

    I would just freak out people by killing bad leaders around the world, untill I can change the world for good.

  91. Noah Moustapha

    Noah Moustapha

    4 napja

    Guys Ryun legit messed up lights hole room because she didn’t give him apples 😂

  92. Kamilis Mėlinauskas

    Kamilis Mėlinauskas

    4 napja


  93. Gacha Anna OwO

    Gacha Anna OwO

    5 napja

    why am i watching this i understood nothing

  94. Mr bread Gaming

    Mr bread Gaming

    5 napja

    This guy is everywhere in horror movies.

  95. Camden Rafftery

    Camden Rafftery

    5 napja

    If only this existed...there would be no more Justin Beiber.

  96. Christian Rojas Hernandez

    Christian Rojas Hernandez

    5 napja

    4:31 LOL UR EX LOL LOL 😂

  97. Brent Gould

    Brent Gould

    5 napja

    i say fallingbed's comment now im not watching the rest but he's probably not real but if he is he's probably in my room watching me type and im risking to watch the rest of the video because the internet could lie it said he was a like animation character idk what it said but i 50 50 am sure he is real/fake

  98. Crazy Ubiquitous

    Crazy Ubiquitous

    5 napja

    4,554,556th view!!!!!!!!!!

  99. The Goober

    The Goober

    5 napja

    The on person who could beat this the queen of England

  100. Felix Ruiz

    Felix Ruiz

    5 napja

    4:30 my ex got lol

    • Felix Ruiz

      Felix Ruiz

      5 napja

      I ment to say gf