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How To Beat Final Destination 3

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You just survived a roller coaster accident and now Death is hunting you down. There’s no way to escape it and it won’t stop it’s rampage until it gets every single survivor. What do you do?
Thank you for watching Final Destination 3 explained and review of how to beat.
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      My birthday is on the 29th!! Want a coincidence!

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      Congrats on 1M subs

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      they had fake eyes and they coud go blind at the tanning area they probly did not see it

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      Dude that displate ad was sooo smooth.

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      When you said deaths plan I thought of gods plan

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    that sponsor transition was smoother than a hospital floor

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    i'm fucking lazy, i would just give them all strokes, heart attacks, and aneurysms. or have some birds attack them or something like that.

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    Final Destination 3: Kills 2 people Cinema Summary: Oh no ,anyway

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  6. morah g

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    I'm excited for A quiet place 2. Also I would beat this by getting pregnant and kidnapping one of the other people in the death game for 9 months

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    I didn’t even realize that was an ad at first

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    Ok i feel like those girl and evrybudy is fucking stupid

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    Nice iron maiden reference

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    I love how you can just put ur sponsorship in how they can survive 🥰😊😁

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    Honestly Ashley and Ashlin died because them and I thought what you thought too

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    Are these videos a parody?

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    am i the only one that doesnt drink diet soda because it has die in it

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    Dear Death, this was cheating, you were supposed to skip emo kid, sister and the dude and those are YOUR rules, not mine!

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    I love the stories it's just great I always get nightmares from these thanks

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    I hope final destination isnt like saw just an endless 8 movies lol

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    Bro I was watching the pacifier

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    This is liked a really twisted game of Uno

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    This video taught me that more people die from diarrhea than they do from car crashes

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    What the heck



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    Can you do the Final Destination/Final Destination 4 Next.

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    You make horror movies seem less scary

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    Displate Me:oohhhh can i put my whole knives collection on top of my couch

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    How to survive BURIED by Ryan reynolds

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    Page Segovia

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    Most iconic film in the series tbh, great cast and super disturbing kiills

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    Your voice is so cool can you make a video again im waiting pls

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    15:03 the premonition number 180 appears on the phone number on the truck door when the driver opened it.

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    ive had to create like 4 different accounts on yt recently and ur the first person i had subbed to everytime

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    Oh my goooooooood D:

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    it's not that they die, it's HOW they die that traumatized me as a kid.

  40. The Joke is I Insult Random People on the Internet

    The Joke is I Insult Random People on the Internet

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    I doubt that a fall like that would kill me.

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    Happy 1 million subscribers. This dude has some of the best videos on youtube.

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    RIP the other passengers and the driver

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    I didn’t know you would continue!

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    Frankie deserved it anyways for not listening

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    I will personally supervise all nude women in tanning beds to make sure they don't burst into flames.

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    180 is 60 multiplied by 3, and take that 0 out of 60 and u get..... 6,and multiply that by 3 and get 18 aka 6+6+6, the number of the beast 666

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    Final destination scares me alot it scares

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      @JACOB FREDMAN Very everything



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      @meme lord bruh whats wrong with your mind

    • meme lord

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      But this one isnt scary im older when they have there deaths its funny

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    How to Survive Final Destination Have an OCD

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    Just had 1 million 1 million more than I will ever have ur a great tuber and I love ur content

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    *Why is there a picture of 9/11*

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    Next do how to survive HUeye

  54. Rage Player

    Rage Player

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    But if she got another vision in the train, wouldn't that mean that it is 100% preventable just like all the other cases? I guess pulling the brake and prying the doors open wasn't the correct decision, since it played out like the original.

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    tha transition was smooth

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    Did this dude just say the girl should die cause she flipped someone off?

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    dam so lesson learned don't have freinds dont go to amusement perks and just kinda sit inside and chill.

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    the vally girls did have it coming tho

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    What a great day for cinema summary video 🙏

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    Damn, even the camera man didn't survive? This is a tough one to beat...

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    POV: his at 1m congratulating

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    I love your vids there the beast

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    Angry crimson


    They did not know if Franky died or not.So them doing nothing was a risk in their minds.

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    That's not fair at all

  70. isaiah King

    isaiah King


    That's no fair at all

  71. isaiah King

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    That's no fair

  72. Nizar Tabbai

    Nizar Tabbai


    you can never save a life, all you do is delay a death.

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    do the fourth one, its called "The Final Destination"

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    Tip to survive: lock your self in an empty room

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    dexter does gaming


    Congrats On 1MIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Antonio de Lugo


    It feels like there’s no way to win even if you play it perfectly :/

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    The 2 girl in the tanning bed could have totally avoided their death if they weren't just screaming. Death really did take it easy on them.

  78. Matteo Franceschetti

    Matteo Franceschetti


    I like the fact that there are so many rules and if you do certain things death will spare you continuing with the pattern and the rules of this "game", but then all of a sudden at the end death just goes "well fuck It I'm bored let's kill everybody"

  79. ruralair



    Once they found out that everything cycles back to the first living person on the list, I think suicide would have been a much more viable option than anything else. It's nearly impossible to prevent, and they're just going to die anyway. Maybe I'm cynical and don't care about my life enough, but it makes sense to me.

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    I need this dude as my horror movie partner cause he know what to do

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    End to the blood is going to there head end it's Bad end it can kill them

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    Just remember, death ALWAYS gets the last laugh.

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    can we get 200k subs without videos challenge


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