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I got the Galaxy Buds Pros.

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    NOOOOO god damn it more in ear earphones. The reasons why I loved the beans so much is that they were good wireless buds without the in ear and felt different. I hate in ears with a passion because they don't "Fit" most of the time. Maybe 1 and every 300 times I'll get a snug fit

  2. Sir.banana


    3 órája

    I love my galaxy pros but yeah the touch control on the side can be annoying as hell

  3. Dr. Bob

    Dr. Bob

    5 órája

    The beans are in the Bose Soundglasses case

  4. Mr. Webb

    Mr. Webb

    6 órája

    honestly i hate having buttons on earbuds like that bc it hurts to press it

  5. Oscar Sofit

    Oscar Sofit

    10 órája

    Please test Huawei freebuds pro. This pods is sick! Imbalance pods for Android.

  6. Ayush Raj

    Ayush Raj

    12 órája

    tech reviewers: "this is the sound quality of the mic of galaxy buds pro" this guy: "I sell stolen milk to people waiting for traffic light"

  7. Daisy Carson

    Daisy Carson

    17 órája

    Can you react to the iLuv earbuds please

  8. Maestro's ACOG

    Maestro's ACOG

    18 órája

    Ok he just insulted Ramen noodles by comparing them to that charger, not cool man.

  9. Timothy zephyr

    Timothy zephyr

    23 órája

    where do you find the analytics for the headphones?(the line and stuff)

  10. Gosha Tabak

    Gosha Tabak


    could you try the huawei freebuds 3? interesting how u would compare those to airpoods




    There needs to be a Netflix special on HUeyes comment section, because there are some talented writers here!

  12. Netherese



    this guy funny LOL

  13. Caiodipaula Caiodipaula

    Caiodipaula Caiodipaula


    Well the buds do have a option on the app to block touch control

  14. Anthony Calderon

    Anthony Calderon


    Isn’t there a bean right by the ducky in this vid? I swear it’s one.

  15. HZ Cano

    HZ Cano


    I Love your videos

  16. g w

    g w

    2 napja

    "it just works" -Todd "dank pods" Howard during the release of skyrim audio edition 2021

  17. Gucci Pucci

    Gucci Pucci

    2 napja

    get the galaxy buds plus instead

  18. L T

    L T

    2 napja

    I always know when someones using airpods to talk on the phone. They have a very distinguished fucked up sound

  19. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson

    2 napja

    I swear I just bought the galaxy buds + and now these come out lol

  20. Kender85


    2 napja

    "Its empty" killed me lol

  21. Yahir20


    2 napja

    Review razed nari ultimate

  22. Dávid Kocian

    Dávid Kocian

    2 napja

    You should try samsung galaxy buds + i think they are best for touch controls because there is a obvious separation between touch panel and body so you knew exactly how to hold them

  23. Cardboard Box

    Cardboard Box

    2 napja

    could you review the google pixel buds?

  24. Systemic Stupidity

    Systemic Stupidity

    2 napja

    I like Salt and Vinegar chips Mate.

  25. YourMoralCompas


    2 napja

    Hehe, gotta finger it all out.

  26. ExstasyCo


    2 napja

    Well actually sony wf-1000xm3 cost only 200 AUD lmao

  27. Frozen Photon

    Frozen Photon

    2 napja

    The biggest advantage of the beans is that they aren't IEMs, for a minority of people IEMs cause problems such as ear infections or migraines. There are just not that many good buds though, at the moment I think the original airpods, the surface buds and the beans are the only ""highend""ish options. Wish there were more to choose from but there ain't, so for the options available the beams are really really good!

  28. JohnJohn JohnJohn

    JohnJohn JohnJohn

    2 napja

    You should try the Jabra Elite 75t as i'm curious your thoughts on them

  29. Weed Cat

    Weed Cat

    2 napja

    At this point, these videos of other earbuds are mostly just him complimenting the AirPod pros xd

  30. Smiley378


    2 napja

    I got my Galaxy Buds Pro for free for buying the new S21 Ultra

  31. DerkuiDerkui


    2 napja

    The one thing I liked about the Beats Studio 3 is they had button controls

  32. Jaded Daisy

    Jaded Daisy

    3 napja

    "Da magENnetS!"

  33. Dissono


    3 napja

    DankPods please tell me what to buy. Airpods are about the same price or even cheaper than the Galaxy Buds but I use a Pixel phone (Android). Should I buy them even if I miss out on some features? (They cost 170-190€ here)

  34. Alan Chen

    Alan Chen

    3 napja

    is this a samsung or sony video?

  35. Clouded Cheese

    Clouded Cheese

    3 napja

    You should try the different LG tone Frees.... I think theyre pretty good

  36. Rayan Behr

    Rayan Behr

    3 napja

    100$AU cheaper in this currency is 50S here so idk, that’s not worth it. so Just go for the AirPods if you have an iPhone

  37. Archer Pracht

    Archer Pracht

    3 napja

    you bought the $200 magic beans

  38. Fahrenheit38


    3 napja

    If you buy your samsung phone from samsung you get the buds for free. Can't beat that deal, I got my buds plus when I bought my note 20 ultra and while I'm sure they arnt as good as the pros they are still great

  39. BerserkJeffy


    3 napja


  40. RTX oN

    RTX oN

    3 napja

    10%Review 89%Roasting Samsung 1%...

  41. My Self

    My Self

    3 napja

    So when do I get active noise cancelling wired earbuds

  42. Plant_btw yt

    Plant_btw yt

    3 napja

    2:57 its like trying to plug in an outlet at night

  43. large posterior

    large posterior

    3 napja

    Big ol agree on the wireless bud touch control point. Shit sucks.

  44. joe wolsky

    joe wolsky

    3 napja

    I have tried them all constantly swapping them and I can say hands down the Sony’s are the best by far.

  45. Spökjakt Movies

    Spökjakt Movies

    3 napja

    Dankboi dosent know, but in the app, there is a an anti-wind mode on the Sony's.

  46. Yuri Reed

    Yuri Reed

    3 napja

    As someone who has wireless earbuds with touch controls, his rant on why they're a terrible idea is literally what goes on in my head whenever I use those earbuds. It's like the littlest, inadvertent action will cause a reaction, but when you actually want to use the touch control to turn on ANC, play/pause, etc; they become as stubborn as a 5 year old on Christmas Eve. It literally is the embodiment of the quote, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

  47. Minebro 0003

    Minebro 0003

    3 napja

    Im tired so i heard blah blah blah blah your listening good djdnsnfyeindrh

  48. Ryan Wall

    Ryan Wall

    3 napja

    Try pixel buds. Great touch controls, in my experience.

  49. Joab Castillo Diaz

    Joab Castillo Diaz

    3 napja

    You are such an Apple shill the whole content of this review is biased garbage, completely worthless.

    • Joab Castillo Diaz

      Joab Castillo Diaz

      2 napja

      @Matthew Ockey Lmao

    • Matthew Ockey

      Matthew Ockey

      2 napja

      Shut up

  50. Amelia R. Wilder

    Amelia R. Wilder

    4 napja

    Crazy Sony began its journey with a failed rice cooker back in 1946. If it didn't fail, most likely we wouldn't have the PlayStation.

  51. Rudraksha Singh

    Rudraksha Singh

    4 napja


  52. Ben F

    Ben F

    4 napja

    Hello, I'd like to suggest the Audio-Technica ANC300TW, terrible name, but there are buttons for controls and they retail in Australia for $269 dollarydoos. Bit chunky case, but its not as big as the sonys, been using it as my daily since its launch last year. Also, renamable in the app, so it can be shortened as anything u'd like. Unsure about sq as these are the most I've spent on a true wireless bud.

  53. Tyler G Grube

    Tyler G Grube

    4 napja

    Please look up "Soundpeats" they have an entire line of different wireless earbuds of different grades I go back and forth between the "cheaper" and more "expensive" ones. I really would like what your opinion is on these because I have enjoyed them for the past year and a half.

  54. MiniRogue


    4 napja

    do a meetup at sailsbury trainstation.

  55. AV Gaming

    AV Gaming

    4 napja

    Hey man, I think its time you touch the Bose products. I think these will be great for people to know about that are too... "stuck" to phone manufacturers exclusively making wireless buds

  56. KKBrenden Peery

    KKBrenden Peery

    4 napja

    Are The Beans in the Bose headphones case? I did extensive research (ie. Looking at the videos and looking for the Beans by the Rays Con😁)

  57. who dis

    who dis

    4 napja

    Jays t-seven test please?

  58. FireFox Gamer

    FireFox Gamer

    4 napja

    So they ARE tuned by AKG.

  59. random videos

    random videos

    4 napja

    Funny how when I clicked this video I got an ad for Samsung galaxy bud pros

  60. woof woof

    woof woof

    5 napja

    red rock deli honey soy chicken hits different

  61. Niek Seip

    Niek Seip

    5 napja

    Maybe the beans are in the case of the sony wh1000xm4’s

  62. ChickenNinja99


    5 napja

    Galaxy buds plus Review?

  63. Emilio Moreno

    Emilio Moreno

    5 napja

    I think the beans are in the case for the Bose Audio Sunglasses. I just watched that video and saw you dump them in there.

  64. Poundland Gang

    Poundland Gang

    5 napja

    you should check out Xiaomi's true wireless buds! maybe do a review. they're also CHEAP

  65. Axolotl777


    5 napja

    Why is everything so fucking expensive in AU?

    • Matthew Ockey

      Matthew Ockey

      2 napja

      Our dollars are worth less

  66. The Pigs Are Rebelling

    The Pigs Are Rebelling

    5 napja


  67. Herne Liedel

    Herne Liedel

    5 napja


  68. Talha Jawed

    Talha Jawed

    5 napja

    I miss the puk cell

  69. Teddy bear 5

    Teddy bear 5

    5 napja


  70. jshap


    5 napja

    review the pixel buds, pretty superior to all non airpod buds imo

  71. iiDxputy


    6 napja

    No, Don't Lie. You Sold Them At Cashies Mate,

  72. Guillermo Quinteros

    Guillermo Quinteros

    6 napja

    14:28 he turned into mario lol

  73. Jesus Tyrone Christ

    Jesus Tyrone Christ

    6 napja

    TBH, my no-brand $15 Chinese earbuds are like 70% of what all of these can offer, but they have even smaller case.

  74. かぼちゃあたまジョス


    6 napja

    But buds's touch control can be turned off

  75. Ilya Sullivan

    Ilya Sullivan

    6 napja

    You should test the Google Pixel Buds

  76. Finnian Clemans

    Finnian Clemans

    6 napja

    you need to have a reddit reading channel

  77. Dominic McCloy

    Dominic McCloy

    6 napja

    U should try the skull candy earpods i rlly like them personally and want to hear what u have to say, i think they’re called the sesh evo in particular

  78. Omar Gaiter

    Omar Gaiter

    7 napja

    He lost the beans I unsubscribed

  79. Oliver Hilton

    Oliver Hilton

    7 napja

    _Dankpods is the kind of guy who listens to Xzibit in 2021 to test soundstaging_

  80. Theladval


    7 napja

    Review the marshall london

  81. Jono


    7 napja

    As a fellow Aussie, in love with Kmart, I think you should see how far off a set of true wireless earbuds are in comparison to the beans!

  82. Titanium 1257

    Titanium 1257

    7 napja

    I will say, the touch controls on my Taotronics 79s are pretty forgivable, there's a big deadzone around the edge of it. You can easily ignore them so I'd say those are exempt from loss of points imo

  83. Loli Pop

    Loli Pop

    7 napja

    Can you try Haylou GT1 pro?

  84. Rory Veltman

    Rory Veltman

    7 napja

    The important evening interestedly prepare because barbara subcellularly expect about a far-flung production. aggressive, xenophobic ex-wife

  85. Yung Alien

    Yung Alien

    8 napja

    dude, you gotta try the Jabra 75/85Ts

  86. Xenitho


    8 napja

    Hey! I just bought the anker Soundcore life dot 2 and wow very impressive , maybe give them a try , I did lots of research on Rtings thanks to you ! 50$ great value

  87. Peccavi


    8 napja

    Frank Squad

  88. johan


    8 napja

    The airpods are unusable With Android (my opinion

  89. Blasian62


    8 napja

    The Samsung Level On Wireless and Pro headphones had really good touch controls.

  90. Matthew Tan

    Matthew Tan

    8 napja

    Hey - Can't you turn off touch control through the app?

  91. anonymous anonymous

    anonymous anonymous

    8 napja

    Frank is a she

  92. ItsRowan 365

    ItsRowan 365

    8 napja

    You should make an AirPods Pro review

  93. Mathiaboy 07

    Mathiaboy 07

    9 napja

    Review your iPad with green cas.

  94. TriggaHappyYT


    9 napja

    I can't wear anything with the rubber tips and I've tried everything to miss matching sizes from diffrent manufacturers to cutting them..... then I tried the Bean's lol, they are the only things that stay in my ear and I'm happy I don't have carry around over the ears anymore. Everyone hates on the beans but the sound is rather good for the design and fit, everyone's diffrent and might actually hear things differently that's why I'm interested in the Nura headphones now.

  95. Glen Goldsbury

    Glen Goldsbury

    9 napja

    I wonder if the lack of physical buttons is to help the water proofing?

    • Qibcentric's Playground

      Qibcentric's Playground

      8 napja

      Not really. My jaybird vista has buttons (tho u need more force to press) and they're IPX7 certified too And they can also handle a shit ton of torture, drops and steps

  96. Stealth Pro

    Stealth Pro

    9 napja

    Why does he hate all products? 🤔

  97. Stas Omelyanchuk

    Stas Omelyanchuk

    9 napja

    Can you do a follow-up video with the Jabra 85t? I really want to see how they hold up against more expensive anc earbuds.

  98. Lutonakis


    9 napja

    0:39 wow that autofocus is super fast

  99. Maximilian Moryakhin

    Maximilian Moryakhin

    9 napja

    Activating siri with galaxy buds?

  100. Bongoer Cat

    Bongoer Cat

    9 napja

    You can actually turn off the touch controls though