I Jumped the World’s Most Extreme Skydive (Near Death Experience)

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  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory

    15 napja

    This took years for Ammar to plan... Such a delicate yet challenging jump, watch all the way to the end to see how he pulls it off... To celebrate, we created a collection called “Moonshot” on Seek Discomfort for the dreams so big they scare you just thinking about them... See the collection here:

    • #PadCrewX Studios

      #PadCrewX Studios

      3 napja

      I have been skydiving a couple of years ago to raise money for my nephew's wheel chair he has spina bifida, it was all inspired by Ammar and the yes theory crew and the yes theory family,that day I fell in love with it I want to do it agai

    • Ziggy Builds it!

      Ziggy Builds it!

      3 napja

      Thanks for this awesome video, it’s been over ten years since I’ve done any jumps and boy did this get the emotions rushing back in 😂👌💕 there really is something so special about skydiving, I’m gonna take my best friend for his 70th birthday, he’s never been and is an adrenaline junkie.

    • AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES

      AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES

      4 napja

      Wait can FIRST strap a stranger to your body and jump BEFORE you're even allowed to jump alone? Really? Why ? I mean ..ok ..if you need to do it with an instructor ..but with strangers ?

    • olivier guntenaar

      olivier guntenaar

      5 napja

      My biggest dream is to see earth from space and being weightless!

    • Abood


      8 napja

      I can't wait to skydive (not old enough)its one of my dreams to free-fall throughout the air and feel the surreal experience.

  2. Bibek Bam

    Bibek Bam

    34 perccel

    I was dreaming to skydive dream is to dream jump ..but after my family member died from jumping off Its emotional now I want to do sky jump .

  3. Nareg Hannessian

    Nareg Hannessian

    40 perccel

    Ever since I was little I have wanted to go Wing Suit Gliding! I hope you can take me to go skydiving so that I can actually start my journey of this goal of mine!

  4. Brandon Slaboda

    Brandon Slaboda

    41 perce

    First, that was an amazingly put together story of triumph over the barrier of fear, and what lays beyond that barrier. Really enjoyed this one guys and gals.....and to answer Ammar's question, one of my dreams that I have had for the last couple years of my life, and have been unequivocally drawn to, is to run an ultra marathon, out west somewhere. I have the deepest passion for the sport of running, and I believe that there is some much to be learned about ourselves, the world around us, and our place in it when we are in the zone of running. I think an ultra is one of the most mentally taxing things that we as humans can do only because of how much pain we go through for so long, forcing us to make conscious choices to push through the pain and find new limits we may never have thought we could have reached. Beyond that it takes a village to accomplish this goal. Yes you are running the miles, but you need a whole crew to help you get to that goal. I have always wanted to run one, but finances and some life stuff always seem to keep me from committing. Watching you guys do what you do, always brings me back to just doing it, no questions asked. So for that, I am grateful! Cheers!

  5. Jude Morton

    Jude Morton

    49 perccel

    This is such a amazing things I’m 14 but personally one of the biggest things on my bucket list is skydiving so this really touched my heart and I really wanna live life like you all do. SEEK DISCOMFORT

  6. TitoDonGotti



    Tell me why I just got laid off and now want to be part of this Red Bull team?

  7. Mateo Porras

    Mateo Porras


    Truly an unbelievable adventure:) My dream that I would love is to accomplish is to someday become prime minister of Canada hahahaha seems unrealistic huh

  8. diego herrera abad

    diego herrera abad

    2 órája

    I would love to fall with a wingsuit from the Tajumulco volcano witch is the highest in Guatemala and all Centroamérica (I'm from Guatemala btw)

  9. Brad Stephens

    Brad Stephens

    2 órája

    I want to try my best to be the greatest skydiver that ever lived. Congratulations to your accomplishments, brother!

  10. Syakirin Zaini

    Syakirin Zaini

    3 órája

    dear Ammar, happy fasting in the month of Ramadhan 🤗 . Love from Malaysia 💕

  11. Sashi Pearl

    Sashi Pearl

    3 órája

    first of all I want to say that this is truly amazing! the content you guys put out is extremely high quality and adds value to the lives of everyone watching and I think that's absolutely amazing. My dream that I want to take to the highest of heights is to live a fulfilling life of no regrets. In late 2020 I lost my boyfriend of five years tragically and it made me put my life into perspective and realize how fragile life is and how it's practically impossible to know when our last day will be. So, I have made it my mission to enjoy each day as much as I possibly can by doing small things that will make me happy, whether its baking something or going for a walk I try to do something each day that will make me happy. I can't wait for everything to open up again so that I can try new things and get out of my comfort zone. Also, thank you so much for everything you guys have done and for creating such a wonderful community of amazing individuals across the globe. Sending you lots of love from Canada

  12. Ariel Prospel

    Ariel Prospel

    3 órája

    I’ve seen that the best things are hidden on the other side of fear, I’ve been wanting to go skydiving sooo bad to discover that other side🙌🏽

  13. Jack White

    Jack White

    3 órája

    I’ve always wanted to do something like this, and it warms my heart that you made your dream come true :)

  14. Loli Lolland

    Loli Lolland

    3 órája

    7:19 the earth is a ring confirmed

  15. Kirsty


    4 órája

    I wish I could have given a super like for this video. Chills the whole way through.

  16. Aditya Suresh

    Aditya Suresh

    5 órája

    total fascinated and mesmerized by that jump which loooks impossible for a person who has a fear of heights but also at the same time has a very strong urge/desire to atleast experience skydiving once in his lifetime,AMAZING WORK AMMAR thanks for inspiring thousands to take up things which seem impossible to them,Seek Discomfort all the way!!

  17. Jäger.mainDaddy


    6 órája

    Live life to the fullest don't be afraid of death make death scared of you

  18. Afdhal N

    Afdhal N

    8 órája

    The nondescript distribution ophthalmoscopically add because butter supposedly stroke between a grateful gratis bugle. animated, alleged plier

  19. Ram Adesara

    Ram Adesara

    8 órája

    The song at 28:30 is Forza by Kollen if anyone was wondering

  20. Afdhal N

    Afdhal N

    8 órája

    The able bookcase metrically mug because drizzle peripherally fear minus a pleasant apparatus. rare, kindhearted machine

  21. Yaion


    8 órája

    My biggest dream is to stand on the moon

  22. Trevor Atkinson

    Trevor Atkinson

    9 órája

    That O2 instructor Jay Stokes, is the president of the USPA.

  23. ukbishan


    9 órája

    Yes a great story told brilliantly... I only wish I could do a sky dive here. Congratulations 👏👏👏

  24. Pine Films

    Pine Films

    9 órája




    10 órája

    ive been so afaid of heights all this time, but now seeing Ammar complete his dream im just so inspired and some small fear of heights is not gonna stop me

  26. Tayven Potdar

    Tayven Potdar

    10 órája

    My dream: Ocean diving

  27. Peter Hentzen

    Peter Hentzen

    11 órája

    This is awesome Ammar what you did and whent though and you still do you'r dream of a halo jump this is so awespme I with that I chould try that to but I live in Denmark and have social anxiety just to go out among other people but one of my dreams are to skydive one day but to be honost Im afried that it well never hapon. But it is so awesome to see you do it. Sean MacCormac you are also awesome with your breathing rutine I will try that in my day to day problem and my social anxiety problems dude again you are awesome.

  28. Nova Alifianda

    Nova Alifianda

    11 órája

    Wowww i just see film or content wowww amazing

  29. johnny ruby

    johnny ruby

    11 órája

    i felt that when the coach was talking about bringing the pace of the activity to the pace of your breath

  30. thetannedcalf


    12 órája

    The thing that blows me away the most about your experience is that you have so many people around you that are supportive and so full of love. Literally a van full of people went with you to hang out and provide that sense of calm needed. The love that emanates is so powerful. I've been misty eyed throughout this entire video. I'm so freaking happy that you got to experience this.

  31. Ferdi Mendes

    Ferdi Mendes

    12 órája

    Your flare sucks. The lack of to be exactly.

  32. Gunye R6

    Gunye R6

    13 órája

    My dream is to help 1 million people before I died I have no idea how but there it is

  33. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    18 órája

    The gems you find when the HUeye algorithm doesn't recommend a video from 7 years ago.

  34. Ryan Fun Show

    Ryan Fun Show

    18 órája

    im suprised u survuved from the car crash

    • nieooj gotoy

      nieooj gotoy

      18 órája

      This is my dream!

  35. 2012 honda civic

    2012 honda civic

    18 órája

    Solo sky dive

  36. Butterfly 2143

    Butterfly 2143

    19 órája

    Your coach is amazing. That breathing lesson is so simple yet so true.

  37. Hypoxia


    19 órája

    Haha ayyy Hypoxia!! Good stuff loved the video, cant wait till I get to do my own jump.

  38. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez

    19 órája

    Definitely going to have to skydive this summer man. Looks amazing love what you guys do

  39. Zachary Corby

    Zachary Corby

    20 órája

    My biggest dream is to get over my anxiety and fear of dieing I’ve had it for so long now, I’ve found ways of doing little things to not provoke the fear that I instilled in myself

  40. Voxey iwnl

    Voxey iwnl

    20 órája

    This is the definition of Bros being bros

  41. Ddd Fff

    Ddd Fff

    22 órája

    the dream? travel the world by car

  42. Tucker Pearce

    Tucker Pearce

    22 órája

    How can people watch these and not be subscribed? Well done Amar, love the positive attitude.

  43. Nude Matter

    Nude Matter

    22 órája

    you guys never seen to inspire me, literally gave me chills within seconds of the video. one day I will go on an adventure with u guys I know it

  44. Nude Matter

    Nude Matter

    22 órája

    im soooobbingggg im incredible proud of Ammar

  45. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez

    23 órája

    The grateful gratis shell metrically imagine because honey metabolically heap down a shiny team. gabby, inquisitive pizza

  46. Sarah Deaver-Newman

    Sarah Deaver-Newman

    23 órája

    I would love to go and rehabilitate baby monkeys who are rescued from pet trade and get them ready to return to the wild!!!😍

  47. DaFive HD

    DaFive HD


    Your awesome

  48. Nude Matter

    Nude Matter


    im in the 58 second and already have chills all over my body and a tear waiting to fall out of my left eye. LOS AMOOOO

  49. RevollutionZ



    Ammar you and I share the same of getting of the highest point and jumping and I'm happy that you achieved it after what you went through. I've always loved heights since I was a kid and wished I could fly just like you. Ive only sky dived once and It was the day before I turned 18 and was a great start to the year 2019 but it was the greatest experience of my life and I enjoyed every single second of and the feeling of freedom was amazing and I wish I could do it again!

  50. GenderQueerYo Sean Diaz

    GenderQueerYo Sean Diaz


    This is my dream!

  51. Asianboyyy117



    this is awesome. i have no words. i know there are many things in the background and internally you probably had to deal with that we never will see. congrats man!

    • Asianboyyy117



      also wat shoes are u wearing for the halo jump

  52. The_Slayer1047



    I want to go skydiving get a solo skydiving license, and eventually perform a HALO

  53. Athina Sonitis

    Athina Sonitis


    I wasn't going to comment because I'm seeing this video a little late but why not... my biggest dream is making my art known (photography and videography) and simply inspiring others to do the same-- plus a skydive with yes theory would be epic

  54. Lenny Costello

    Lenny Costello


    This video was amazing I have to start doing something whit my life starting RIGHT NOW

  55. Tel Aviv Dripstein

    Tel Aviv Dripstein


    Best channel on HUeye

  56. anthony stokes

    anthony stokes


    So beautiful I think ill kill myself now knowing I've missed out on so much and will never experience that

  57. Nomli Nouas

    Nomli Nouas


    This was sensational, especially in the end, Amazing video ❤ and god job ammar

  58. Technical Batraji

    Technical Batraji


    I literally had goosebumps while seeing this❤️❤️🪂✈️

  59. Shaggy 69

    Shaggy 69


    This is an incredible story, just taking fear head on. I really want to skydive now

  60. High Stereo Love ♥ Best Reggae Music

    High Stereo Love ♥ Best Reggae Music


    27:30 who’s cutting the onions?! Goosebumps all over my body 🥺❤️💕

  61. Alexia Landers

    Alexia Landers


    I’ve always wanted to sky dive and this video gave me extreme goosebumps

  62. Rantceck



    weird flex

  63. Teis Aalbæk-Nielsen

    Teis Aalbæk-Nielsen


    Ammar, I fucking love your outlook on life! I love the Love over Fear thought. Hopefully I will be going to LA this summer to study a semester over there. I come from Denmark and would love to meet you and the Yes Theory team! My ultimate dream is to break out of my comfort zone, and that is something I'm doing by going to America for a semester. I want to try alot of cool stuff while I'm there. I want to learn to surf, I want to meet cool people, and most of all I would love to try sky diving! Much love from Denmark!

  64. Sean Connolly

    Sean Connolly


    My dream is to make sure my family and friends never have to worry again. I don’t know how I’m gonna get there or where to start but I know it will happen

  65. Elzo Hultink

    Elzo Hultink


    Ammar thank you to take us with you on this experience! Tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms, It was more then 16 years ago that I did my last Skydive but al the drills and safety instuctions were flying through my head while watching the video! Again I say THANK YOU and keep up the good things you guys are doing! #loveoverfear

  66. All Seasons Fishing

    All Seasons Fishing


    I can’t tell if it is slowed down or just that gracefully of a jump

  67. irina andreea

    irina andreea


    This channel is like food to my soul. It helps me see this world through another perspective, a bigger, better and full of hope one, so inspirational and truly admiring how you chose to share every experience or small step you take with the whole world! I hope i'll never stop hearing from you guys, but even if that happens, i'm sure all of the seekers will continue the legacy. 🌑

  68. Mohammad Uzair

    Mohammad Uzair


    These goosebumps that I got while watching this video. That feeling is what I dream of to get everyday!

  69. Adrian



    How come they were holding together? Why not jump belly down and enjoy the view? Great video..




    This is beautiful ❤️

  71. Kelly Malcolm

    Kelly Malcolm


    The abnormal care frequently blind because cement electronmicroscopically walk below a adaptable quality. necessary, worthless cucumber

  72. Simon Jepsen

    Simon Jepsen


    Way to go. Just saying

  73. Adde Azzzo

    Adde Azzzo


    Climp mount Everest

  74. xuka



    26:15 is what your looking for

  75. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo


    Them: (doing this) Me not being able to breathe when I stick my head out the car window going fast:👁👄👁

  76. Bachelor Party

    Bachelor Party


    Hi Yes Theory, We’re a new band from SA Texas, and we’re wanting to seek discomfort with our next music music video. Both of us are terrified of heights, but we think that conquering our fear and creating the best soundtrack to a new single is the only way to go. Please consider us.

    • Lanz-apex



      Sounds awesome guys!

  77. Tristan Rodela

    Tristan Rodela


    This made me cry because he’s just accomplished his dream and I know that I won’t ever be able to strictly because I don’t have the money to but this guy definitely made my night and opened my eyes on how peaceful sky diving is

    • yasio bolo

      yasio bolo


      My dream is to inspire and impact people’s lives like you do! I want to live outside my comfort zone and have a friendship as strong as you all do! I want to skydive!

  78. Nathan Gilbert

    Nathan Gilbert


    Check out paramotoring just imagine running into the sky and having the freedom to fly where you want to.

  79. Max CT

    Max CT


    My dream is to become a professional drifter in formula drift japan or a professional rally driver in the wrc.

  80. anissamalia


    2 napja

    I hold my breath when Ammar jump from 25000 feet

  81. NME


    2 napja

    My dream is to take my Beatboxing at the highest of heights

  82. jorris h

    jorris h

    2 napja

    the cameras proving the earth is really a doughnut 7:27

    • Lanz-apex



      It’s fisheye

  83. Ava Skye

    Ava Skye

    2 napja

    I didn’t even get to experience it and I know that moment when you let go must of been euphoric. My dream is to live life as fully as I possibly can, eveytime i see one of your videos it gives me hope that I can achieve that dream.

  84. Tape


    2 napja

    Fun fact: you can only skydive without a parachute once!! (•̀ᴗ•́)

  85. Big Boi

    Big Boi

    2 napja

    My biggest dream is to become a UFC champion and if I achieve that I’d love to skydive with y’all!

  86. Andrew Benoit

    Andrew Benoit

    2 napja

    I have always wanted to go skydiving, it looks amazing, and going with Ammar and the yes theory crew would be absolutely unbelievable. Good job dude!!

  87. Addie Oracion

    Addie Oracion

    2 napja

    Travel the world, create art, inspire others.

  88. Johnny Joestar

    Johnny Joestar

    2 napja

    I want to become a mangaka.

  89. Rodrigo Ferraz

    Rodrigo Ferraz

    2 napja

    Im not doing this because I think I might win the sky dive, there's probably way better answers than mine, but my dream is to actually be able to live a life where I'm not stuck in a place, I want to feel free to travel the world just like you guys do. There're too many beautiful places to visit and too many awesome people to meet that I feel like I can live life without getting to experience those kind of feelings as seeing new landscapes and meeting new people from around the world.

  90. Octavian Gogea TopUs

    Octavian Gogea TopUs

    2 napja

    Just love&gratitude

  91. Rawan


    2 napja

    ammar i'm clapping for you behind the screen this is beyond good.

  92. Addie Oracion

    Addie Oracion

    2 napja

    My dream is to inspire and impact people’s lives like you do! I want to live outside my comfort zone and have a friendship as strong as you all do! I want to skydive!

  93. Hex_


    2 napja

    This was a SICK video - awesome stuff guys

  94. Jordan Milward

    Jordan Milward

    2 napja

    My dream, my life goal, is to try to do whatever it takes to live my life to the fullest. To even just take one step closer to that goal every day. To live without fear and to die without regrets.

  95. Miles Luley

    Miles Luley

    2 napja

    Can I just say, holy sh*t you are brave

  96. LifeIsAwe_some


    2 napja

    -"OMG where do I put these cups!?" -"Uhhh......Eat them!" Lol I was laughing sooo hard 😂 20:05

  97. Cameron Masonthe1st

    Cameron Masonthe1st

    2 napja

    Girls: boys only want one thing and it’s fricking disgusting Me: 14:05

  98. Zonel


    2 napja

    I wish I could one day inspire people the way you are doing... That's my dream

  99. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    2 napja

    I still can’t tell whether sky diving is absolutely terrifying or peaceful

  100. Alexander Brænd Østbye

    Alexander Brænd Østbye

    2 napja

    I got an adrenalinet rush from this!