I LET HER WIN ❤️ #shorts

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  1. yovana alitzel quiroz rivera

    yovana alitzel quiroz rivera

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  2. Matfeos Konstantinidi

    Matfeos Konstantinidi

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  3. Arden 66

    Arden 66

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    Ngl I bet the dog was mad u shortened his lmao

  4. Amara 3 Roses

    Amara 3 Roses

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    But no candy

  5. Amara 3 Roses

    Amara 3 Roses

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  6. Amara 3 Roses

    Amara 3 Roses

    26 perccel

    Um really cut but plz don’t feed your dog candy it will die

  7. As nne Randles

    As nne Randles

    32 perccel

    So cute 💕

  8. Shahad Mushtaq

    Shahad Mushtaq

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  9. Isabelle Victoria

    Isabelle Victoria

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  10. Dragan Kojic

    Dragan Kojic

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  11. Lisa Smith

    Lisa Smith

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    That's cute as pie awwwww so cute

  12. gacha Wolfgang

    gacha Wolfgang

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    That is so cute

  13. Moises Camey

    Moises Camey

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  14. ¿Someone?


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    Well it’s ether his dog is going to die as he ate sweets or he’s eating dog sweets

  15. delta rs

    delta rs

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  16. Jermaine Davis jr

    Jermaine Davis jr


    So nice 😍

  17. Diego Pinheiro

    Diego Pinheiro



  18. Roberto Martínez Tenorio

    Roberto Martínez Tenorio


    Love dog

  19. Rodrigo Marques

    Rodrigo Marques



  20. DizOne Schatz

    DizOne Schatz


    Oh so cut I omost cry😭😭

  21. Yuri Rodrigues

    Yuri Rodrigues



  22. TheRealCreeperz



    Nobody concerned about him feeding his dog candy ok-

  23. rebecca zamolo

    rebecca zamolo


    Shes adorable omg i want her

  24. Omar Hassan

    Omar Hassan



  25. Savitri Dindial

    Savitri Dindial


    He is so cute

  26. Vava Floreková

    Vava Floreková



  27. Vincent Hallbaum

    Vincent Hallbaum


    My last braincell just dieeeeee-

  28. Sonia Coto

    Sonia Coto

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  29. Carmela Vázquez

    Carmela Vázquez

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  30. Ashutosh Dayal

    Ashutosh Dayal

    2 órája

    you like dogs Me too my favorite in the world is dogs

  31. Інна Лукова

    Інна Лукова

    2 órája

    Ты такой розумнтй

  32. N/a Sorry

    N/a Sorry

    2 órája

    Pleaseeeeee dontttt feeeddddd dogggsssss candyyyyyyy

  33. Rodrigo Fedeli

    Rodrigo Fedeli

    2 órája

    awwww so cute🥰🥰😘

  34. Christopher Adrián Ramón González

    Christopher Adrián Ramón González

    2 órája

    Lo dejo ganar que amable: todos respondan esta pregunta quien sería así yo si

  35. Stefanny Beatriz

    Stefanny Beatriz

    2 órája

    Só eu sou Brasileira aqui?

  36. Stefanny Beatriz

    Stefanny Beatriz

    2 órája

    Ele é fofo😃

  37. XLA 4MXD

    XLA 4MXD

    2 órája

    This so funny

  38. Brigitte Stephania Palacios Rodriguez

    Brigitte Stephania Palacios Rodriguez

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  39. james davis

    james davis

    3 órája

    Everyone:aww so cute Me:aww so cute ☺️ LOL

  40. Marcelina Zaczek

    Marcelina Zaczek

    3 órája

    Aw so very very cute

  41. El Pollitogamer

    El Pollitogamer

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  42. Neelam Haldar

    Neelam Haldar

    3 órája

    So cutest ❤️❤️❤️ dog 🐕🐕🐕

  43. Yaslin Zambada

    Yaslin Zambada

    3 órája

    he is so nice to the dog



    3 órája


  45. dark yigima

    dark yigima

    3 órája

    Why Is He Feeding The Dog Sweets

  46. Wonka Willem

    Wonka Willem

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  47. Brody Gheno

    Brody Gheno

    3 órája

    next thing you know the dog died bc it’s not supposed to eat fruit roll ups

  48. Spirited_Ghoul


    3 órája

    Should that dog even have candy? -

  49. Sybork cat

    Sybork cat

    3 órája

    yalnız köpeğin hiç umrunda değil

  50. Mahee Kaur

    Mahee Kaur

    3 órája


  51. Denise Bennett

    Denise Bennett

    3 órája

    Your so nice

  52. Diego Molina

    Diego Molina

    3 órája

    That is very nice of yoy

  53. poornika chauhan

    poornika chauhan

    3 órája

    I have one puppy🦮

  54. poornika chauhan

    poornika chauhan

    3 órája

    He loves his dog

  55. Janaejah Paige

    Janaejah Paige

    3 órája

    Tooooo cuteeee



    3 órája

    awww so cute 💕💕

  57. Yesenia Aguirre

    Yesenia Aguirre

    3 órája

    QUE LINDO 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😫😭😭Que lindo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭es amor 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  58. Monica Reyes

    Monica Reyes

    4 órája

    Que lindo 😢😭



    4 órája

    Why is he eating candy👁👄👁

  60. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    4 órája

    Cutest little thing ever

  61. Will Tock

    Will Tock

    4 órája

    When you have no friends

  62. canal versátil

    canal versátil

    4 órája

    Que fofinho

  63. Shanta kar Purkayastha

    Shanta kar Purkayastha

    4 órája

    So cute ❤️❤️

  64. Kai Qing Khor

    Kai Qing Khor

    4 órája




    4 órája

    Cachorros não podem comer doces aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  66. Rosiclede Silva santos

    Rosiclede Silva santos

    4 órája

    😘😘😘 que amor

  67. Aldo Trevino

    Aldo Trevino

    4 órája

    Sooo cute

  68. Elena Carangia

    Elena Carangia

    4 órája


  69. Aidil Ikhwan

    Aidil Ikhwan

    4 órája


  70. Willer de souza mendes

    Willer de souza mendes

    4 órája


  71. Pao Meraz

    Pao Meraz

    5 órája

    que lindos ✨😍🌟💟❤️💋💞😘😨

  72. •isa.•UwUafton


    5 órája


  73. Tiffany Frye

    Tiffany Frye

    5 órája

    cute dog

  74. Min Yoongi

    Min Yoongi

    5 órája

    Good job, your dog might start having seizures in the future from giving him/her candy 🙂 you're a great dog parent, I'm proud of you. (Sarcasm) and yes, giving your dog can cause seizures. The candy lowers their blood sugar levels and causes liver failure. Vomiting, lethargy, and seizures.

  75. nazeer dheen

    nazeer dheen

    5 órája


  76. Evie Simpson

    Evie Simpson

    5 órája

    Doggie is the best at the game 🐶

  77. epifania Rodriguez

    epifania Rodriguez

    5 órája

    That is sooo cute

  78. زينب الياسري

    زينب الياسري

    5 órája

    واو جنة كلبي😚

  79. cecilia nwanneka

    cecilia nwanneka

    5 órája

    Good dog

  80. Erick Edu Olivares Muñoz

    Erick Edu Olivares Muñoz

    5 órája


  81. Alessia Herrera

    Alessia Herrera

    5 órája


  82. Vanessa Castrillon

    Vanessa Castrillon

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  83. Vanessa Castrillon

    Vanessa Castrillon

    5 órája


  84. Zinnet Yalçın

    Zinnet Yalçın

    5 órája

    Dog so cute🥰🥰

  85. Heri na

    Heri na

    6 órája


  86. TPYoda


    6 órája


  87. Gineth Gonzalez

    Gineth Gonzalez

    6 órája


  88. Deidara_is _Underrated

    Deidara_is _Underrated

    6 órája

    Wait she can eat that

  89. SenzaSugaR


    6 órája

    Why are you giving your dog candy?! Thats poisonous for such animals lime dogs or cats!

  90. Carl


    6 órája

    dont feed dogs candy or else itl go blinde

  91. Sara Pearson

    Sara Pearson

    6 órája


  92. Kayla Chirillo

    Kayla Chirillo

    6 órája


  93. Logan Trudel

    Logan Trudel

    6 órája

    Shouldn't feed your dog that...

  94. SlimeLime


    6 órája

    Did he just poisen his dog

  95. Angela Engelhardt

    Angela Engelhardt

    7 órája

    The dog is so cute

  96. T K

    T K

    7 órája

    Sorry son pressed wrong button. Love the video

  97. JoeNoodle Mobile

    JoeNoodle Mobile

    7 órája

    How does this shitty content get you 1.7m likes

    • Bubbs


      6 órája

      Not defending this guys content but seriously? Act like your videos are the pinnacle of HUeye

  98. Елена Тухтиева

    Елена Тухтиева

    7 órája

    Ты в курсе что собакам нельзя сладкое у них потом проблемы со сдоровьем😧

  99. Koa


    7 órája

    Dogs aren't supposed to eat that stuff....

  100. Gili Tam

    Gili Tam

    7 órája