I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER

Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here


  1. Davie504


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    thanks for the nice comments 🙏🙏🙏

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      Samuel Chng

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    • Brave


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      Sei un grande

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      Pedro Xavier

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      god 504

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      fateh zaki

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      Stay funky bro

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      Erick Wilcox

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      You’re the man Davie! Keep up the great content, seriously we all love your videos!

  2. Guy XVIII Schwartz

    Guy XVIII Schwartz

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    Wholesome video! I've been a subscriber since the 'silent' era and been watching you grow and it is amazing! You are one of the funniest AND funkiest bassist I know. btw I always post gifs of you in bass forums whenever someone talks about SLAPP or Picks, then we start talking in "Davie quotes". the impact is real! OMG

  3. Titus Mathew

    Titus Mathew

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    man I really liked this video Davie. you're a good man.

  4. John Waters

    John Waters


    I'd like a bass battle between Davie 504 and David Pastorius

  5. Kelly Velázquez Luna

    Kelly Velázquez Luna


    I love u, and I love your videos, are really funnies ❤️

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  7. Nahom Hailemichael

    Nahom Hailemichael

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    The realest person ever 🙌

  8. Inaugurated


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    I've watched videos of yours, but never gave a like or even subscribed. But, this one made me do both

  9. Eitan Matok

    Eitan Matok

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    I've been watching some of your videos and this one made me hit the subscribe. Watching the real you was fantastic. Such a nice personality.

  10. Shayning


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    the bloopers behind the scenes are hilarious!



    3 órája

    Imagine if he falls off his chair as the last few seconds of the video.

  12. Giovanni Proc82

    Giovanni Proc82

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    • Giovanni Proc82

      Giovanni Proc82

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      Sadly,it was a joke

  13. chief1223


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    "I'm actually becoming what I was making fun of, if that makes any sense." It does. "Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you." -Friedrich Nietzsche I understand that you would follow this passion as long as it pays the bills, but what if something happens to the YT model and that is no longer the case? Do you have any other ideas on how to continue following your passions but also keep making a living while doing so?

  14. Wizard King

    Wizard King

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    I got you by algorythm and have no idea who you are but I enjoyed the video. nice experience to get your mind shared to us.

  15. Cedei Eliaga

    Cedei Eliaga

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    Now you that you have 9M subs...can you give me bass?🥺🥺🥺

  16. Cedei Eliaga

    Cedei Eliaga

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    Whatttttt last time I watched this channel you only have 4M subs

  17. PANDEW


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    Slap from Sri Lanka💕 Love you dave

  18. CLaD


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    very epic

  19. Corene DePhillips

    Corene DePhillips

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    You say this video was a therapy session for you but I think it was one for me too :--)

  20. Dalton Wynn

    Dalton Wynn

    7 órája

    Dude, this was fantastic. Being vulnerable is a really great way to let some things off your chest, and to connect with your followers in a more intimate way. You should do it more often, maybe it could be a series. Like “a day in the life” sorta thing.

  21. Lazenby


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    4:01 I wonder who the first person was

  22. Bobby Biggs

    Bobby Biggs

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    you're awesome

  23. Viggo Wolff

    Viggo Wolff

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    Thank God for music!

  24. Proxty


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    how could people hate on this man? im so confused.

  25. Emīls Vecozols

    Emīls Vecozols

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    Davie..? Where was the part where u spoke normaly?

  26. SlashingBee 34

    SlashingBee 34

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    Yea im not english im polish

    • SlashingBee 34

      SlashingBee 34

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      And you guys of course

    • SlashingBee 34

      SlashingBee 34

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      Yes yes this video is cool and i sub couse when i type this comment thares 9,1mln subs im this 1,

  27. Jonas Nilsson

    Jonas Nilsson

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    about the hate, and why... hmm... in position of being the god... it's cuz of revenge. someone was mean to that person, or it's a troll.. So when they hate on you, they hate on themself...

  28. Blaise Casareno Echas

    Blaise Casareno Echas

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    I'm so glad I met Davie504, especially during this Pandemic. He is so nice and real person. More videos to come Davie!

  29. Domineco Garamella

    Domineco Garamella

    12 órája

    Thank you for sharing my dude. Im sure that wasn't easy and you killed it! You just keep doing you and Ill keep coming back.

  30. lesserclaypool


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    Keep going Davie!! We're all rooting for you man!! Ignore the haters. No need to apologize, your content is awesome.

  31. ItsWhiteGoat


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    You deserve all the support from us. Stay awesome that's all I am asking from you and keep kickin' and slappin' that bass I've been watching you for a long time now I usually have this bad habit where I barely press subscribe on any youtuber but for some reason you always seemed so genuine and caring about your viewers and this video just shows it again. You kinda made me feel motivated to do more music stuff again and I do really appreciate you for that you got the type of humor I share a lot since I am also a very ironic and sarcastic personality who behaves sometimes in a way you do but like slightly differentely but you get the point probably. I've been struggling a lot about actually dedicating my life into doing something that I am gonna be enjoying for a life time like being a youtuber and you got all of that you should be more than proud of yourself if you keep content interesting and you keep them pushing every now and then the future is gonna look even brighter for you than it already is! :) For me though I really have to rethink my life choices and think a lot about the possibility of me failing because I might not get as far and you don't have to worry about that at all anymore you should stay absolutely dedicated with your viewerbase Davie much love dude. Keep the B A S S slappin'

  32. Kranioklast


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    1. HUeye subscriptions don't do much for the algorithm. 2. Your videos are funny and I like them, but you just play a funny character, regular users moslty stay for personality. To have hundreds of thousands of views per video is already ridicoulusly high for your content. 3. You have a quite niche theme, to have hundreds of thousands of views per view is already ridicoulusly high for your content Conclussion: You should not bother and take every video that get hundreds of thousand of views as a gift. It's not realistic and clever to aim for more. Do what is the most fun for you, you are in the position to do that.

  33. Chelsea1905 FC

    Chelsea1905 FC

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    Love you bro 👏👏👏

  34. Its DJ

    Its DJ

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    Loved this video

  35. Ulrika Sjöberg

    Ulrika Sjöberg

    14 órája

    Thanks for just being honest and yourself too day 💕 and I love all of your content tank u davie 💕💕

  36. Tzͨuͪyͦuͧ


    14 órája

    Im not sure i understand what happened Ive not watching davie for long time The comment is also making me confused Anyone can fill me in quick as to what happened? Is there drama??

  37. Sakxam420


    15 órája

    This was Wholesome. 💖

  38. mrBubbleFish


    15 órája

    "This is not normal" -me

  39. Gabriel Born

    Gabriel Born

    15 órája

    When he's not playing the character seems that he's playing the character lol

  40. Olga Luna

    Olga Luna

    15 órája

    Thank you for being so transparent! I am so glad I found your channel last year🤗

  41. Ranuzej


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  42. Renu Choudhary

    Renu Choudhary

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    Y not Davie 404 lol

  43. Sobrino Carrillo Emiliano

    Sobrino Carrillo Emiliano

    16 órája

    I was a subscriber from long ago, and I used to watch every single one of your videos. Suddenly, youtube stopped recommending your videos and I slowly left the channel. It was until now I realized that was an error, you're just AMAZING

  44. kjah_boss


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    You rock!

  45. ur_bass07


    16 órája

    Davie, you inspired me to want to learn bass, right now im waiting on my first bass. Thank you.

    • The Federal Bureau of Investigation

      The Federal Bureau of Investigation

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  46. Mauro Sanchez

    Mauro Sanchez

    16 órája

    Don't take it personal but it's strange reading people expecting that 'speaking normally' is speaking American English xD It's like if I was expecting him for speaking spanish because I'm from a spanish native country and that's all I know or believing that the normal people come from my country xD I'm not trying to make a fight here but really took my attention

  47. Bernardo Juanicó

    Bernardo Juanicó

    16 órája

  48. davidashimself


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    Ive seen about 30 of your videos and never subbed, you were always just in my recommended, i watched this today, I subbed, the real you is worth watching.

  49. ʟᴇᴛᴛᴜᴄᴇ


    17 órája

    i didn't hear "what's up, slappers" intro now. what's going on

    • Cat masters ꤶ

      Cat masters ꤶ

      3 órája

      @ʟᴇᴛᴛᴜᴄᴇ "Play's guts theme"

    • ʟᴇᴛᴛᴜᴄᴇ


      10 órája

      @Cat masters ꤶ o...

    • Cat masters ꤶ

      Cat masters ꤶ

      14 órája

      Its call getting old my friend 😔

  50. Zumorito Takamo

    Zumorito Takamo

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    Damn, I excited about that *ANOTHER PLAY BUTTON BASS*

  51. Smokey McPotgrower

    Smokey McPotgrower

    17 órája

    Very cool bud

  52. Japperenard Christian

    Japperenard Christian

    17 órája

    Davie can’t says 2 sentences consecutivly without cut.I watch since 1 years and I just see it now...

  53. Apollo Eclipz

    Apollo Eclipz

    17 órája

    we need some more of this davie ^^^

  54. Adolf Swampius Shrekler

    Adolf Swampius Shrekler

    17 órája

    I unsubbed u before Now I subbed again Slapper

  55. Mick Silva

    Mick Silva

    17 órája

    I like you Davie. You videos brighten my days. You have a wonderful gift, thank you for bringing joy to the world.

  56. Alexander


    18 órája

    This video was genuinely entertaining, Davie. Thank you for making this, I hope to see this version of you, the real you, in more videos. It's a lot more entertaining than your made up personality.

  57. Nah u Don't know me

    Nah u Don't know me

    18 órája

    Can't wait for diamond playbutton bass

  58. coma13794


    18 órája

    This was amazing. Thank you. The character is great, but I think you undervalue your own personality. Make videos that make YOU happy rather than what you think people want. If you are truly enjoying what you're making, that will come through in the content. You have so much talent and a unique style. I think you can phase out the character and just be yourself.

  59. Ryan Havens

    Ryan Havens

    18 órája

    Keep up the awesome work Davie! Also about the views, I've been a longtime sub and I noticed that as well. At first I thought maybe it's because our generation grew up and the younger kids aren't as easily amused. That's definitely not the case though. Turns out it has something to do with HUeye. The bigger you get the more they restrict how much you get offered up to people. I don't even get your notifications anymore. I have to pull up my subscriptions to see if you have posted anything. There's a lot of larger channels that have issues like this. They can't have you be getting so much reach you could do something positive with it HUeye and the 0.1 percenters disagree with.

  60. hUrs


    18 órája

    Davie, at first I was not going to leave a comment. But in the last minute, you said something that really touched me. It's weird but in some way hear that coming from you really helps me. I hope you are doing fine, I hope you to succed, I hope you happines. Sorry for my English. Thank you Davie, for real. Love from Chile

  61. Phantom


    19 órája

    I just wanted you to know that I really love your videos no matter what you post. I feel that kind of pressure too in most things I do and I hope this comment can ease a bit of it. Many people still watch your videos and will love you no matter what happens. I appreciate you sharing more personal things with us

  62. Fake Name

    Fake Name

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    I'm gonna like this new Davie504, he a sweet boi.

  63. Autus


    19 órája

    I don't ever comment on your content, admittedly. I've been following your channel for years now, and while I don't watch every video, I do check in to see what all you've been making. I'm really thankful that you gave a bit of a peek into the life of the person behind the Davie504 persona. I know it isn't easy on you and that you bend over backwards to keep your followers entertained and happy. I just want you to know that it's wholeheartedly appreciated. You're an amazing dude and I hope that you continue to grow and evolve, not only as a content creator but as a person. Never stop pushing yourself to be the best you can be!

  64. Arya Cheryl

    Arya Cheryl

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    Sono commossa... Non ti seguo da tanto tempo ma i tuoi video mi piacciono un sacco ! Continua cosí, vai alla grande ! 👍😃

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    I really love your videos 🖤🖤

  66. Little Defender

    Little Defender

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    Hopes on you

  67. Cas


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    You are a sweet and talented person. Respect!

  68. Andrea Mendoza

    Andrea Mendoza

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    I love him

  69. Brad Hunter

    Brad Hunter

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    Davie you are the best youtuber of all time I love you videos keep up with the amazing videos and stay save bro

  70. Cody Ellsworth

    Cody Ellsworth

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    Good stuff.

  71. EJT006Cleetus


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    This video made me 😭

  72. Hayate Amatsukaze

    Hayate Amatsukaze

    22 órája

    Anyways, It looks like the background noise is kinda wet. It must be raining.

  73. espltdm155


    22 órája

    I think low views don't necessarily mean your videos aren't good. Sometimes I don't watch because you come out with stuff too quickly and I don't have time to keep up

  74. Hayate Amatsukaze

    Hayate Amatsukaze

    22 órája

    2:15 laugh reveal

  75. GMVT Garcia de Moura - Vídeos e tutoriais

    GMVT Garcia de Moura - Vídeos e tutoriais

    23 órája

    Davie always Epic 😎

  76. Jan


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    this davie better

  77. VDKarl


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    Cheers Davie ! Keep it up, you are awesome and I don't play bass

  78. drakness / تركي الدايل

    drakness / تركي الدايل

    23 órája

    i hope u live a long life and enjoy your life my man and i am very proud of you

  79. Zebastian Aesir

    Zebastian Aesir


    Brother, we love you! Love from Sweden!

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  81. Matt Hargett

    Matt Hargett


    We're so proud of you! Your community will be here for you through all the good and bad. We all can strive for more happiness.

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    I love you for this

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    Thank you Davie.

  84. T0ruK



    Yes it's normal to have many personalities

  85. Gabriela Klaudija Rutčić

    Gabriela Klaudija Rutčić


    Thank you for an honest video, loved it. 😊

  86. leeartlee915



    So.... we’ve always known the real Davie?

  87. Tanuj Vijay

    Tanuj Vijay


    You're just amazing

  88. Faded Fonzie

    Faded Fonzie


    Bruh...the zoom ins always have me....dead lmao

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    Congrats Davie504!!! ps we have the same uncle !

  90. The Punisher

    The Punisher


    deep bro

  91. Lazarus 666

    Lazarus 666


    I am Proud of you Davie! Well Done! See you later!

  92. darklighter66



    Different personas for different settings, perfectly normal.

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    Hearing Davie laugh is a different kind of happiness

  94. ErisedyM



    When this is the first Video you see of this guy because recommendation

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    10 million sub pp reveal

  96. Luis Alberto Solano Araúz

    Luis Alberto Solano Araúz


    I like normal speaking, way better.

  97. Look How She Ate That

    Look How She Ate That


    We stan you, king. ❤️

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    Jesse Cabaniss


    Thanks, man. I really enjoy your content.

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    Another till the end. Thanks for the hard work!

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    I love you Davie. I really do hope you have a great day with your family and friends. Thank you for everything. 🐈 💕