I Survived 600 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World...

Hope you guys enjoyed this 100 days of ocean world! drop a like to tell me you guys want me to keep going to try to complete the netherite beacon!
#minecraft #100days #minecrafthardcore
100 days playlist! ➡ hueye.info/home/vide/oGerZthu3YFmt6g.html
Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original 100 day idea.
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  1. PaulGG


    16 napja

    Drop a like for 700 days 👀👀👀 also reply with some ideas you would want to see in 700!

    • noble cub

      noble cub

      10 napja

      Maybe make all of the color different beacons like iron, gold, diamond, etc.

    • nune K

      nune K

      11 napja

      YESSS do iron block platforms !!! it’ll be a nice contrast with blackstone

    • GGO


      11 napja

      A neheter base

    • GGO


      11 napja

      A nether bunker

    • Noud Verbeek

      Noud Verbeek

      11 napja

      If your at 1000 days do a special from 1000-2000

  2. johnny gigolo

    johnny gigolo


    The straight bangle acly stain because cauliflower anaerobically answer notwithstanding a aberrant tower. zonked, dynamic yoke

  3. Melek ALTUN DİNÇ

    Melek ALTUN DİNÇ

    4 órája


  4. Josie Tanedo

    Josie Tanedo

    4 órája

    I want u to build ur statue

  5. Joaquin Sulapas

    Joaquin Sulapas

    9 órája

    U should make a totem of undying

  6. Štěpán Drábek

    Štěpán Drábek

    16 órája

    Plssss 700 days

  7. Tyrone Swift

    Tyrone Swift

    16 órája

    I would want you to call the ctagropher cold shoulders

  8. Ciqala Epe

    Ciqala Epe


    Bro u seriously need to feed chickpea and Mr. Cartographer because they are hungry and sad @Mt.Chickpea

  9. Marx Rafael

    Marx Rafael


    Im a child and.... I got sastified :> I want more day so my brain can relax :>

  10. Bachaspatimayum sharma

    Bachaspatimayum sharma


    Servive 900 days minecraft hardcor

  11. Nicoleta Caloian

    Nicoleta Caloian


    I WANT to a 20,000

  12. Brady Scherer

    Brady Scherer


    how do I get a world like this.

  13. Vaikunth Gajjar

    Vaikunth Gajjar


    Who else found him randomly and watches him every day?

  14. Maiiflowerr



    You should Get some dolphins

  15. Johnathan Paquette

    Johnathan Paquette


    Do 700

  16. Levi Jurischk

    Levi Jurischk


    Please make 700 days I love this series

  17. omar ahmad

    omar ahmad


    Can my name be in the fish tank (rather than fish can you do a dolphin pls?)

  18. Mario Nava

    Mario Nava


    I wanna see paulgg get a god apple in 700 days on ocean only world

  19. noah frank

    noah frank


    God is good

  20. BananaBOI



    in 700 make jake in 2d

  21. Gneshe Bron

    Gneshe Bron

    2 napja

    Please do 1000 days and actually make it long

  22. Aniek van den tweel

    Aniek van den tweel

    2 napja

    Try to get a iron, gold, diamond, emerald and netherit bacon

  23. Sarwar Daoudy

    Sarwar Daoudy

    2 napja

    700 days pls

  24. Kryptovinx


    2 napja

    You Should Build A Statue Of Chickpea

  25. Tsend Buyanjargal

    Tsend Buyanjargal

    2 napja

    you should name your cartographer guy on mt. chickpea to Lost Sad Explorer

  26. Saad Zaitoun

    Saad Zaitoun

    2 napja

    I want 700 days pls

  27. Jimmy Gamer

    Jimmy Gamer

    2 napja


  28. the log 223

    the log 223

    2 napja

    I have idea for 700 days build giant statue of yourself and flex on chick pea

  29. Eric Shi

    Eric Shi

    2 napja

    @PaulGG if you didn't know, the wandering trader and his llama's despawn because minecraft want's to reset the time on when they will spawn again, so no matter what even if name tagged, they will despawn. Source: Minecraft Wikipedia: Wandering Traders

  30. Colbstar Loves eevee

    Colbstar Loves eevee

    3 napja

    Who even likes the netherite?

  31. Andrija Tomičić

    Andrija Tomičić

    3 napja


  32. Ege Kantaroğlu

    Ege Kantaroğlu

    3 napja


  33. D C

    D C

    3 napja

    i feel for jake, he has lot of work to do XD, but nice vid Paul love your videos always...

  34. Veit 13

    Veit 13

    3 napja

    Fight vs a few wither simultaneously

  35. Abc Xyz

    Abc Xyz

    3 napja

    The husky thunder increasingly zip because dedication atypically curve failing a drunk wax. soggy, abaft stock

  36. Scott Monier

    Scott Monier

    3 napja


  37. Xyro On Claw

    Xyro On Claw

    4 napja

    Build a Chick Pea Statue

  38. BIG C

    BIG C

    4 napja

    PLEASE KEEP MAKING THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. BIG C

    BIG C

    4 napja

    PLEASE KEEP MAKING THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. BIG C

    BIG C

    4 napja

    PLEASE KEEP MAKING THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. BIG C

    BIG C

    4 napja

    PLEASE KEEP MAKING THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Wyatt Alvarado

    Wyatt Alvarado

    4 napja

    Jake appreciation build.

  43. TheCatsDragons


    4 napja

    Who Else Just Now Is Watching Him And Now Its Become A Everyday Thing? @JujuT HE JUST IS A REALLY GOOD YOUTBE OK

  44. Cyanotic


    4 napja

    Paul should make stilts down to the ocean floor for like “support” it would look cool😎



    4 napja

    I want to see John Cena in your video so I unsubscribed🥺

  46. Tom’s card Trick shots

    Tom’s card Trick shots

    4 napja


    • Tom’s card Trick shots

      Tom’s card Trick shots

      4 napja


  47. Jovanny_ 9656D

    Jovanny_ 9656D

    4 napja

    Bro where is John

  48. Ardit Gaming

    Ardit Gaming

    4 napja

    hey anyone ever wondered paulnotGG LMAOOOO

  49. Glen Hall

    Glen Hall

    4 napja

    I love the endings that show off all the progress and the music is calming

  50. chris ray

    chris ray

    4 napja

    what's up dude my favorit color is blue

  51. MinecraftMediaclips


    4 napja

    Make a tower. (Don't question it just do it)

  52. Jace Argentina

    Jace Argentina

    5 napja

    make 700 episodes NOW

  53. Midnight_Møøn o-o

    Midnight_Møøn o-o

    5 napja

    How did i miss his video😭 i'am a week late😓

  54. Sakrita Lamsal

    Sakrita Lamsal

    5 napja

    Where was the superstar of this serise chikpi

  55. Sarah Abigail Sandoval

    Sarah Abigail Sandoval

    5 napja


  56. Liev Mendoza

    Liev Mendoza

    5 napja

    you can smelt gold swords into nuggets

  57. Christopher Middleton

    Christopher Middleton

    5 napja

    Make a sunken pyramid plz it would make a really good part I the video.

  58. FURY


    5 napja

    Petition For 700 Days?

  59. Pixel_Sus


    5 napja

    A statue of Chickpea made out of diamonds

  60. yugandhara bhosale

    yugandhara bhosale

    5 napja

    mine gold nugets with silk touch and smelt that gold nugats ore

  61. Ryan Vaughn

    Ryan Vaughn

    5 napja


  62. Jennifer Parke

    Jennifer Parke

    5 napja

    Paul: calls the iron golem a blockhead* Every other entity with a head in Minecraft: am I a joke to you?

  63. edward torn

    edward torn

    5 napja

    Diamonds cause suffering

  64. J.M Bean

    J.M Bean

    5 napja

    Every time he posts a new 100 days I'm scared he's gonna die

  65. JustAreguralDude


    5 napja

    why you dont eat gold carrots

  66. alright


    5 napja

    Do some floors of redstone

  67. Leo Mugambi

    Leo Mugambi

    5 napja

    You seem to have forgotten about the house in the nether

  68. Mandella C

    Mandella C

    5 napja

    I love u NotPaulGG

  69. ruzzel castañeda

    ruzzel castañeda

    6 napja

    can we download your world?

  70. Ungameable 1.0

    Ungameable 1.0

    6 napja

    do 1000 days

  71. Tamer the gamer

    Tamer the gamer

    6 napja

    In 700 days can you build a giant chickpea statue above mount chickpea Edit: also you could build a mansion for the cartographer to make him like you lol

    • Jaybear gaming

      Jaybear gaming

      10 órája

      pls do

  72. Andrej Sekulic

    Andrej Sekulic

    6 napja

    Road to 1k days

  73. Toca dragon

    Toca dragon

    6 napja

    Imagine being able to get gunpowder easier than wool

  74. BENO kanalas

    BENO kanalas

    6 napja

    Make 700

  75. Mahayru Hossain Rohan

    Mahayru Hossain Rohan

    6 napja

    U should have used beds instead of tnt

  76. Kaustubh Sharma

    Kaustubh Sharma

    7 napja

    Use TNT duplicator for mining ancient debris

  77. Sasha S

    Sasha S

    7 napja


  78. Psycho_Cycle


    7 napja

    Give chickpea a better throne, he does not deserve a wooden throne, he deserves a diamond , emerald and netherite one!

  79. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan

    7 napja


  80. Kitzune


    7 napja


  81. Zooey Smith

    Zooey Smith

    7 napja

    6:13 is my favorite part of these ocean videos

  82. Hopetoun Street

    Hopetoun Street

    7 napja

    ... frost walker would be really useful in this

  83. krozo700 ozo

    krozo700 ozo

    7 napja

    You can name the fish by having it in a bucket and naming the bucket in an anvil so you save eralds

  84. Rexford Daily

    Rexford Daily

    7 napja

    one week ago this is fine ,Happy Mothers Day,



    7 napja

    Hmmmmm I know how about Jeff

  86. Ghost TM

    Ghost TM

    7 napja

    Make a sorting system for gold farm!!

  87. Boy_vs_the_ Internet

    Boy_vs_the_ Internet

    8 napja

    Build a statue of yourself and have a bunch of great comments about yourself and call it the statue of superiority

  88. darklight games&animations

    darklight games&animations

    8 napja

    make a turtle farm

  89. Mastermatthew321


    8 napja

    Beat the ender dragon again plz🥺🐉

  90. Cardoso


    8 napja

    find a grass block!

  91. Reginald Loo Hou Yim

    Reginald Loo Hou Yim

    8 napja

    Finally, someone who challenged Wadzee in Who Can Make A Netherite Beacon The Fastest

  92. Garcello


    8 napja

    Skeleton be like gon snipe Paul with my bow

  93. Dat epic boi H S

    Dat epic boi H S

    8 napja

    Hey while watching i got an ad about someone hating on trans people

  94. nothing


    8 napja

    you need a new house in 700

  95. Small Kido

    Small Kido

    8 napja

    Who else found him randomly and watches him daily?

  96. KidSpifブルー


    8 napja

    "Who else randomly started watching him now just watches him daily

  97. Alpal 101

    Alpal 101

    8 napja


  98. Alpal 101

    Alpal 101

    8 napja

    nehterite. make it netherite

  99. Carson Dockery

    Carson Dockery

    8 napja

    You should try the armory floor out of netherite

  100. ThePhantomG


    8 napja

    If u mine a gold ore in the nether with silk touch, then smelt it u get 1 ingot. Better than fortune 3