I tried speedrunning Bad Piggies and barely preserved my sanity...

I wasn't expecting this much emotional torment to come from a Bad Piggies speedrun. I made it through and preserved my sanity though... barely.
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Edited by: @The Suited Bird
Watch the world record speedrun here: hueye.info/home/vide/aXGLaKyZ2Jt_yNo.html
Watch my Angry Birds speedrun video here: hueye.info/home/vide/iWGNqL2vsqd43bg.html
My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!
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  1. Mari



    Woooooooow i haven't seen this in years!!! Way ahead of its time, such an amazing game. My cousins and I would literally compete to see who could get the best time, but also get all of the stars clearly.

  2. Ferrari315



    I love this game and the speedrun is super fun. Keep going!

  3. Andrija07lol Ivanovic

    Andrija07lol Ivanovic


    TNT solves every problem like grandma

  4. Aaron Robb

    Aaron Robb

    3 órája

    the most entertaining and creative game ever??? hek yeahhhh

  5. Casual Woomy

    Casual Woomy

    9 órája

    We live in a society where bad piggies has a speed run categories

  6. Jacob Cain

    Jacob Cain


    Speedrun Cell Lab

  7. Trey Sullens

    Trey Sullens


    I want to see a blind speed run without having the machines already made

  8. Pauli



    I just came back to bad piggies and then I saw this

  9. Mr Confusing

    Mr Confusing

    2 napja

    I remember only playing this game so I can access one of the sandbox levels to mess around

  10. pigsuperhero entertainment

    pigsuperhero entertainment

    3 napja

    still waiting for wr...

  11. bobux man

    bobux man

    3 napja

    3:14 but we wont talk about that were gonna talk about funny-funny pig Pig: Scream in pain

  12. spoodermn 21

    spoodermn 21

    3 napja

    Love this game bro epic

  13. Matías Rojas

    Matías Rojas

    3 napja

    actually the hat belongs on special levels belongs to the other pig

  14. i go in the way i go everyday

    i go in the way i go everyday

    4 napja

    JPEGMafia must love this game "Damn, Piggy"

  15. martin kullberg

    martin kullberg

    5 napja

    This game often gave me laugh attacks! Cause off the cracking, breaking makeshift piggy machines !🤣

  16. Frug Dug

    Frug Dug

    6 napja

    I would be Leonardo Da Vinci on this thing with the balloons

  17. Basement Dweller

    Basement Dweller

    6 napja


  18. HBC


    7 napja


  19. Tom Riggin

    Tom Riggin

    7 napja

    Wait.. u don't even 3 star these

  20. Tom Riggin

    Tom Riggin

    7 napja

    I wanted to see one where u get all three stars on all levels.. and in one try

  21. Duck


    8 napja

    i find it strange you play all the games i used too

  22. Snowy Foxtrot

    Snowy Foxtrot

    8 napja

    is he using Bluestacks?

  23. L3G0DUDE28


    8 napja

    Everyone (especially me xD) : *quits bad piggies* Everyone now : plays bad piggies agian

  24. KinAnimates


    8 napja

    Bruh I cried trying to do this

  25. Lexie


    9 napja

    Anyone remember the videos from the app? With those weird French videos 🤔 my childhood right there

  26. Engineer gaming

    Engineer gaming

    9 napja

    I remember playing this when I was like 4

  27. Ray's life

    Ray's life

    11 napja

    Classic game

  28. tom wylie

    tom wylie

    11 napja

    nice video

    • Arthur r s

      Arthur r s

      11 napja


  29. Denofu


    11 napja

    I remember getting bad piggies for my birthday a long time ago for pc on a disk, i don't have a disk drive on my pc anymore so can't play it :/

    • Denofu


      10 napja

      @Ice Sabed I don't have an ios.

    • Ice Sabed

      Ice Sabed

      11 napja

      It’s back on ios

  30. Fish Biscuit

    Fish Biscuit

    11 napja

    thanks rovio

  31. Future Pizza9064

    Future Pizza9064

    12 napja

    I played this at McDonald’s and loved it

  32. ElBurro14


    12 napja

    Yoo i forgot this existed

  33. SFjuhis PST

    SFjuhis PST

    12 napja

    My childhood favourite! Fuck yeah!

  34. Tiago akihiro fujita

    Tiago akihiro fujita

    13 napja

    Ngl the music kinda bangs

  35. Hayato


    13 napja

    you are from czech rep.?

  36. ShazTheGamer


    13 napja

    Plz don't mess up again in the WR attempt! ;)

  37. ShazTheGamer


    14 napja

    One of my favourite mobile games since I'm a kid. GG!

  38. Aidan Jones

    Aidan Jones

    14 napja

    I tried to hit the play button in the beginning

  39. Thomas


    14 napja

    “Its a puzzle game” *proceeds to skip the puzzle part*

  40. C3A1


    14 napja

    this game was my childhood

  41. Nicholas Valiente

    Nicholas Valiente

    14 napja

    I never played this game as a kid because I thought you had to buy it but now I know it’s free

  42. Among You!

    Among You!

    14 napja

    Rip Abode Flash... ;( the only thing our childhood loved.

  43. Manfred


    15 napja

    Please do the other ones too

  44. Late


    15 napja

    You a chad if you had the physical disc of the game!

  45. ip destroyer

    ip destroyer

    16 napja


  46. Nico


    16 napja

    old memories go brrrrrrr

  47. coral gamin

    coral gamin

    16 napja

    I remember this game from like 4-7 yrs ago

  48. fallen angel

    fallen angel

    16 napja

    U didn't speed run it stop saying u did >:(

  49. fallen angel

    fallen angel

    16 napja

    Yeeeaaaah u cheated

  50. Benjamin Chen

    Benjamin Chen

    16 napja

    What's the point of speedrunning it if everything is prebuilt? Building them is the fun part

  51. 0


    16 napja

    you've truly earned your gamer title if you played this in 2012/2013

  52. VALLEY


    17 napja

    i love this game so much, I've played it a lot and it's just amazing, good ol times

  53. Roman Sisson

    Roman Sisson

    17 napja

    Bru I still have this on my phone

  54. -Wolford-


    17 napja


  55. Stupid mario bros

    Stupid mario bros

    18 napja

    I still don’t know why this game was taken off the App Store

    • Futaba Fan Waffles

      Futaba Fan Waffles

      16 napja

      rovio decided they'd stop updating everything so they wouldnt have to keep up with new phone releases but that didnt work so rovio just decided to delete everything

  56. DekuCake


    18 napja

    When he says the game is "very interesting" or something along those lines, he sounds like he's saying it sarcastically lol

  57. l3lu boiツ

    l3lu boiツ

    18 napja

    This game is extremely stupid sometimes

  58. Mitch Plays

    Mitch Plays

    18 napja


  59. TheLegend27


    19 napja

    Not sure if you made a vid already but you should do when pigs fly

  60. Algoo


    19 napja

    I remember the sandbox mod where I would make squadrons of aircraft. Very fun game.

  61. Lord Pikmin

    Lord Pikmin

    19 napja

    Do more Bad Piggies

  62. Jose Aguirre

    Jose Aguirre

    19 napja

    Where’s the wr

  63. The Drip Doge Gamer JAYCOOLROCK 727 Aka JayThaNerd

    The Drip Doge Gamer JAYCOOLROCK 727 Aka JayThaNerd

    19 napja


  64. GSM 2017

    GSM 2017

    19 napja

    100 K likes: master it

  65. jeppodl0ga


    19 napja

    ok, but you create earlier your creations to beat level,so it have no sense

  66. soulmin


    20 napja

    damn my childhood game

  67. Rohan Jain

    Rohan Jain

    20 napja

    where wr

  68. Connor McKeown

    Connor McKeown

    20 napja

    How did you get it on computer?

  69. HamiSmAd


    20 napja

    Bow speed run getting over it

  70. Greentoes B status

    Greentoes B status

    21 napja


  71. abood ayyad

    abood ayyad

    21 napja

    my best game

  72. Cifer


    21 napja

    So the speedrun is basically click the complete button

  73. Jax Roblox

    Jax Roblox

    21 napja

    am i the only one who thinks the vehicles being prebuilt is cheating

  74. Wymer Hechanova

    Wymer Hechanova

    21 napja


  75. 12 ICT - 1 Jipsy Gatpayat

    12 ICT - 1 Jipsy Gatpayat

    21 napja

    This brings back alot of memories specially the struggles to get the stars

  76. fat penguin

    fat penguin

    22 napja

    You can kinda hear him losing his sanity the further we get to the video

  77. itsRigel


    22 napja

    This is my frist game on my old samsung Tab 2

  78. Cas 0

    Cas 0

    22 napja

    6:18 we saw that cut

  79. Julian '

    Julian '

    22 napja

    I want to see a TAS of this game

  80. Arifin AqilHabiburrahman

    Arifin AqilHabiburrahman

    23 napja

    it past 100k likes

  81. James Schwarz

    James Schwarz

    23 napja

    I remember building a multi stage rocket when I was 8 in this game.

  82. Juanfe Castillo

    Juanfe Castillo

    23 napja

    mi infancia :c

  83. Radu_2440


    23 napja

    Nostalgia intensifies



    23 napja

    In this game i just wanted to make planes

  85. Styxl


    23 napja

    Lol you actually have to do it now

  86. HamzaPlayz


    24 napja

    Best game ever

  87. Player Ramdoom

    Player Ramdoom

    24 napja

    1 chapter speedrun

  88. E


    24 napja

    Angry birds Rio and this game was my childhood

  89. DEAD FISH Yum


    24 napja

    Did you skip some of them I think you edited

  90. Fukernut Asfuk

    Fukernut Asfuk

    24 napja

    I remember trying to make nuclear bombs in this games free mode

  91. The wrath of Dumbledore

    The wrath of Dumbledore

    24 napja

    You... think you... have played this game a lot? I have 10.000 cakes... witch is half of what i have fed the queen in one lifetime

  92. Kiritsugu Emiya from Your Neighboring Channel

    Kiritsugu Emiya from Your Neighboring Channel

    24 napja

    Legends has it that he still dropped his hat.

  93. Pavel Horák

    Pavel Horák

    24 napja

    Konečně vím odkud jsi lol

  94. Ben Kearney

    Ben Kearney

    24 napja

    I remember making a plane in this game

  95. Chicky plays Minecraft

    Chicky plays Minecraft

    24 napja

    do the WR!!!!!!!!

  96. kartoffel stakit

    kartoffel stakit

    25 napja

    This is actually cursed to watch for you to Call a speedrun

  97. hanzXtian


    25 napja

    took me years to perfect starts all the levels

  98. Ghostplay7 ghost

    Ghostplay7 ghost

    25 napja

    This game were my childhood

  99. Mysterious Breed

    Mysterious Breed

    26 napja

    Dude wake up, it's 2014 Vine didn't die, what are you talking about Let's shoot a spring at king pig

  100. Jr's World

    Jr's World

    26 napja

    Wow, I thought the game was dead! :o