If people got their equipment confused. Part 2

A few additional moments of confusion. What are some other ways I could confuse equipment?
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  1. CheerGamer55


    15 perccel

    0:28 I mean...

  2. Hitakshi k

    Hitakshi k

    40 perccel

    Sleeping with tisssue got me

  3. Chulabebe


    3 órája

    That gave me anxiety and an eye twitch 🤣



    6 órája


  5. Linh Lina Nguyen

    Linh Lina Nguyen

    9 órája

    Haha so funny

  6. rey nd

    rey nd

    9 órája


  7. organic grass

    organic grass

    12 órája

    5 minute crafts be like

  8. Inspiration & Fact

    Inspiration & Fact

    14 órája

    His video is full 🌕 of madness as well crazy 🤪 ness

  9. Christene Morris

    Christene Morris

    15 órája

    “Honey the weird kid is mowing the snow again !”

  10. Wyaa


    16 órája

    the neighbors:this man needs medical attention

  11. Abigail Cancel Otero

    Abigail Cancel Otero

    18 órája

    If i was his neighbor i would cancel all my streaming apps and sell my tv bc i wouldn’t need it this would be my entertainment

  12. Fr Jsh

    Fr Jsh

    22 órája


  13. Oahf Wate

    Oahf Wate

    23 órája

    This guys fynny going to the easy field of

  14. Kakyoin The Microorganism

    Kakyoin The Microorganism


    Him vacuuming the bread out of context is amazing

  15. Creeper Gaming

    Creeper Gaming


    God:makes humans smarter Also God: what is this guy doing

  16. drgdfhg




  17. SlingSlang



    [Insert Mark Zuckerberg joke here]

  18. Cason Jones

    Cason Jones


    i’m suprized he had the guts to put that stuff in the washing machine

  19. Potterhead, Directioner, Fantom, etc.

    Potterhead, Directioner, Fantom, etc.


    The commitment level of this man is just ✨ *chefs kiss* ✨

  20. Holly Olmstead

    Holly Olmstead


    Does anybody get OCD from this?!😂

  21. SpitfireKitty



    What if you do all these things normally?

  22. kirito 13

    kirito 13


    You should be grateful for the foods not to throw it on the floor and wist it

    • Obi-sad Kenobi

      Obi-sad Kenobi


      yeah dont wist food

  23. •Winn_Pyxie•


    2 napja

    *Yeah, I normally confuse the snow shovel with the vacuum.*

  24. Momina Ansari

    Momina Ansari

    2 napja


  25. Yashwanth Kumar Murugesan

    Yashwanth Kumar Murugesan

    2 napja

    That tissue paper ultimate 🔥🔥🔥

  26. ShaneLeys


    2 napja

    I like the last part how he pushed the mower 🤣

  27. rose lynn

    rose lynn

    2 napja

    His new neighbors: 👁️👄👁️

  28. Kylah Duncan

    Kylah Duncan

    2 napja

    I mean you could actually heat stuff with a lighter

  29. Kylah Duncan

    Kylah Duncan

    2 napja

    You could actually hear stuff with a lime

  30. Sasha Braus

    Sasha Braus

    3 napja

    Always brightens my day 🤣

  31. campbell gauvreau

    campbell gauvreau

    3 napja

    His neighbors must have been rly rly rly confused when he used the lawnmower

  32. Mimi Singer

    Mimi Singer

    3 napja

    😮 Did he actually put his dishes in the dryer

  33. Epic Z

    Epic Z

    3 napja

    the neighbors watching: he is out of his mind

  34. Annaberry Smootiez

    Annaberry Smootiez

    3 napja

    this video is so cursed 😶

  35. Ravi Yadumurthy

    Ravi Yadumurthy

    3 napja

    Washed clothes into the oven lol

  36. Eclipso_Gaming


    3 napja

    yum. milk covered cereal.

  37. Owen Barraclough

    Owen Barraclough

    3 napja

    0:50 literally every vacuum advert

  38. Gimdxtr


    3 napja

    Daniel: (Mows the snow) Neighbor kid: "Mum that guy is mowing the snow again"!

  39. Amrith Madhu

    Amrith Madhu

    3 napja

    So half of the money he earns from these videos would be required to mend the equipments that he broke..

  40. Anime lover

    Anime lover

    3 napja

    Daniel: vacuuming snow and mowing snow Neighbors: 😐 what the heck did I just see

  41. JujuA X

    JujuA X

    3 napja

    "Poor guy ruining his house for out entertainment" Wife: *yeah.. BUT HE WILL MOST DEFINETLY CLEAN IT ALL UP*

  42. Mya Cahoon

    Mya Cahoon

    4 napja

    Wow I wonder what his wife would think of him

  43. Sanjana Shyam

    Sanjana Shyam

    4 napja

    Everything he did made me cringe... I’m gonna bet that he had to practice many times so that his face could act normal.

  44. Kyle Moe

    Kyle Moe

    4 napja

    This channel is funny. Great skit, but I'd rather he just run, or mow his snowy yard more

  45. Vala Red

    Vala Red

    4 napja

    While I’m laughing my ass off, I am also thinking “glad it’s not my husband breaking all our crap for videos.” 😂 Bless his wife and her good attitude!

  46. Kiran Bhandwalkar

    Kiran Bhandwalkar

    4 napja

    00:37 You expected him to sit on the sofa, Don't lie!

  47. Marley Magoo

    Marley Magoo

    4 napja

    Imagine if he ruled the world :/

  48. JJ's animations

    JJ's animations

    4 napja

    Neighbors: "he's back at it again :| "

  49. Maroblox


    4 napja

    0:14 THIS HAPPENED TO ME ONCE but with the trash

  50. Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert

    Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert

    4 napja

    Okay but I can’t when Daniel straightened his jeans 🤣 At least he didn’t iron his hair 😳

    • Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert

      Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert

      3 napja

      @Sabrina Pederson n o

    • Sabrina Pederson

      Sabrina Pederson

      3 napja

      Don't give him ideas!!! Lmao

  51. Team Palta

    Team Palta

    5 napja

    People in the 3081:

  52. rozia naureen

    rozia naureen

    5 napja

    Ironing clothes was excellent 😅😅😅😅😅

  53. Siekaa¿Bęrry


    5 napja

    He Just Sacrificed His Bowls, Spoons, And Plates For 1 Video-

  54. MrAwesomedude808


    5 napja

    0:54, this guy is why companies don’t cover accidental damage under warranties! And 1:29 proves that he keeps lawn mower repair shops in business!

  55. Easterman


    5 napja

    The leafblower got me

  56. Rkm Rkm

    Rkm Rkm

    5 napja

    Hmm interested

  57. Иза Харитонова

    Иза Харитонова

    5 napja

    Meanwhile in Australia.

  58. Isabella Heredia

    Isabella Heredia

    5 napja

    lets take a moment of silence for all the equipment that has been harmed in the making of this video

  59. Just Chilled

    Just Chilled

    5 napja

    pov: your rich but don't have a stove 0:43

  60. Mrs Lollipop

    Mrs Lollipop

    5 napja

    Ok but imagine your looking out your window and see your neighbor MOWING the snow.

  61. ImPaintingSpace


    6 napja

    Just think about how much equipment he broke for this 😂

  62. darkhsouls


    6 napja

    0:40 lol

  63. Bryson Causey

    Bryson Causey

    6 napja

    Wait never mind

  64. Bryson Causey

    Bryson Causey

    6 napja

    He is messing up his stuff by making this video

  65. Sneaky Gonzales

    Sneaky Gonzales

    6 napja


  66. Swen Oyme

    Swen Oyme

    6 napja

    Your neighborhood mist love you

  67. Troy Sylvester

    Troy Sylvester

    6 napja

    Haaaaaaaaaaaa this guy is funny

  68. walid ait hamouali

    walid ait hamouali

    6 napja

    You have a new subscriber and that's me

  69. ZAHO


    6 napja

    1:20 l feel now 😂

  70. Đan Phạm

    Đan Phạm

    6 napja

    what people in mobile game ads be like

  71. Salatut Elämät Remixer

    Salatut Elämät Remixer

    6 napja

    This guy is pure gold. I laugh so hard when watching these😂😂😂😂

  72. askavee


    6 napja

    He a little confused, but he got the spirit.

  73. Austin


    6 napja

    1:13 ok but like who didn’t do this as a kid lol?

  74. LA Bauer

    LA Bauer

    6 napja

    Oh my dog! You made my bad day great. Thanks. I mean, THANKS GRRR!!

  75. Craftonix


    6 napja

    Where do you live? . . . WiTh So MuCh SnOw!?

  76. neda the panda

    neda the panda

    6 napja

    The 1st one tho 😓

  77. Ritu Chauhan

    Ritu Chauhan

    7 napja

    1:01 also him taking the blanket to the bathroom

  78. Raging Pros

    Raging Pros

    7 napja

    Your Sacrifice will not be in vain, random stuff that was destroyed



    7 napja

    I bet the neighbour be thinkin he gone cray cray

  80. Atro


    7 napja

    Yes a hand is equipment and so is a cup

  81. Bored Memes

    Bored Memes

    7 napja

    His Neighbours: Why are the comments taking about us again?

  82. THOR The God of Thunder

    THOR The God of Thunder

    7 napja

    “Honey, The neighbor is mowing the snow again!”

  83. Comics-o-Audio


    7 napja

    Feeling sad for all the equipments....😂😂

  84. Sofia Stringer

    Sofia Stringer

    7 napja

    The only thing wrong with the cereal clip is that you should have used a fork. Great Video though👍

  85. Angelus Avila

    Angelus Avila

    7 napja

    this man so cute

  86. Camden Braun

    Camden Braun

    7 napja

    his neighbors probley think hes crazy but I love it

  87. Earth


    7 napja

    1:29 POV: You're driving by and you see that.

  88. Winter Smiley

    Winter Smiley

    7 napja

    You are the funniest person ever

  89. 19 093 Sachin

    19 093 Sachin

    8 napja

    Always amazed us😂😂😂

  90. Ecstasy


    8 napja

    The speed Daniel had when we walked away from the loud dryer... Misophonia?

  91. Lukas RS

    Lukas RS

    8 napja

    0:58 That's not how to use it

  92. LoneBerseker


    8 napja

    0:57 i nearly died laughing xD

  93. Srikanth Polaki

    Srikanth Polaki

    8 napja

    If a person do this in general he is an idiot but if does it on HUeye he is a star.... 😂😂😂

  94. Justin Langley

    Justin Langley

    8 napja

    LMFAO the last one got me ! the neighbours be thinking what the F%&k Is this man DOING!!

  95. Purnima Gautam

    Purnima Gautam

    8 napja

    if i were his neighbor.. i would not need any other form of entertainment. he would be enough 😂😂

  96. Snicker Studios

    Snicker Studios

    8 napja

    ...your telling me you don’t...vacuum your...snow...👁👄👁

  97. Random Dude

    Random Dude

    8 napja

    Mans living in 2050

  98. John Acuña

    John Acuña

    8 napja


  99. R̆̈ Ă̈ M̆̈ Y̆̈ Ĭ̈ Ă̈ H̆̈

    R̆̈ Ă̈ M̆̈ Y̆̈ Ĭ̈ Ă̈ H̆̈

    8 napja

    The neighbors are like: ʜᴇʀᴇ ᴡᴇ ɢᴏ ᴀɢᴀɪɴ But seriously your videos are hilarious 😂

  100. Michelle Burt

    Michelle Burt

    8 napja

    I love the lawnmower bit! Omg!!