If People Did Everything in Sync. Part 2

Another peak into a world where everyone is in sync with each other.
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  1. Merly Ocfemia

    Merly Ocfemia

    59 perccel

    It will feel like there is a mirror beside u

  2. ashutoshpal78


    6 órája

    The first one had my heart pacing for the poor coffee

  3. Gilbert D

    Gilbert D

    10 órája

    This comment is not about the video but........ A glow squid holding glowstone dust on a glow item frame on a glowing glowstone block on top of glow lichen on a glowing glowier glowstone

  4. Manbehind Murder

    Manbehind Murder

    10 órája

    Bots lol

  5. HotHot Boy

    HotHot Boy

    16 órája

    They are Dude Perfect's lost member

  6. Wide Darth Vader

    Wide Darth Vader

    21 órája

    NPCs in Video Games

  7. Alexzander Smith

    Alexzander Smith

    22 órája


  8. Atok Gaming

    Atok Gaming

    22 órája


  9. Maddøx



    00:17 how😂

  10. Imam Malaysia

    Imam Malaysia


    0:15-No trespassing:The trespasser will be shot,and the survivor will be shot again Daniel-K

  11. Aquaz0ne



    DANCE MOVES 100.

  12. Muratcan Yükselir

    Muratcan Yükselir


    They were room mates, they said

  13. Kevin Tizolmendez

    Kevin Tizolmendez


    That had to take so long to make it perfect and vary cool and love your videos

  14. falling down a hill

    falling down a hill


    Wha- How?- HUH??

  15. Sports Person

    Sports Person


    What does sync mean

  16. Ahsan Khan

    Ahsan Khan


    *Plot Twist* He just edited and duplicated himself to make it look like there were two people

  17. K&



    Like this video At least for how much they struggled to all this in sync and record it

  18. punjabi shayari

    punjabi shayari

    2 napja

    It was satisfied

  19. BiaPisicuta RO.

    BiaPisicuta RO.

    2 napja

    best friends be like.

  20. DevilG Studios

    DevilG Studios

    2 napja

    But what if... they shoot each other???

  21. EbbtideCheque


    2 napja

    Love it

  22. ͡


    2 napja

    Dis guy a legened

  23. shadow_sky


    2 napja

    I wonder how many times they had to keep re-doing the cup one

  24. Laraib .F.W

    Laraib .F.W

    2 napja


  25. Ashley


    2 napja

    Twins be like:

  26. Alex Thao30

    Alex Thao30

    2 napja

    You and him has been practicing ti do the same thing but opposite ways

  27. Kyle Ocampo

    Kyle Ocampo

    3 napja

    What if somebody bought a iphone would i buy one to?

  28. joaki obias

    joaki obias

    3 napja

    Plot twist:theres a mirror

  29. Lakshay Dang

    Lakshay Dang

    3 napja

    Okay but..i dont understand why the same outfits..

  30. Vennela J

    Vennela J

    3 napja

    How did he get this idea!

  31. Nargon46


    3 napja

    Holy crap that stumble on the path tho

  32. Lillie Greenleaf

    Lillie Greenleaf

    3 napja

    I don't think I wanna know how many trys this took...

  33. ChillinCloud


    3 napja

    Actual title: If brain linking was a thing

  34. Majesty Akinyemi

    Majesty Akinyemi

    3 napja

    I the skill the pull off

  35. voltifer


    3 napja

    This is basically Cyberpunk

  36. Shadow Angel

    Shadow Angel

    3 napja

    so you mean sims?

  37. Shinobibxndits


    3 napja

    I bet it was a pain in the ass making this video but if it was ur first try which seems impossible then good job! Well that’s impressive! 😆 👍🏻

  38. Riley is a Roblox Player

    Riley is a Roblox Player

    3 napja

    When your the bestest friends in the world and when you are so similar to eachother

  39. dharma darshan

    dharma darshan

    4 napja

    This proved :-For every action there'll be equal n opposite reaction...👍

  40. katsuki bakugou

    katsuki bakugou

    4 napja

    The odd shoes tho

  41. ROS Football Gaming

    ROS Football Gaming

    4 napja

    Must have taken so many tries

  42. Rishabh Shrivastava

    Rishabh Shrivastava

    4 napja

    Creative minds🙌🏻

  43. Nusrat Parween

    Nusrat Parween

    4 napja

    I really like their duo skills

  44. CoinFlipSituation


    4 napja

    Just imagine how long this took to get right-

    • SpaceFighter2004


      2 napja

      Especially the fence one

  45. Ler Moo

    Ler Moo

    4 napja

    Okay but the swap shoes, just why

  46. Kimberly Blevins

    Kimberly Blevins

    4 napja

    this must have taken a LOT of sync training

  47. Ghostgal 847

    Ghostgal 847

    4 napja

    What I wanna know is how you put on a shoe that quick

  48. AnonymouXX


    4 napja

    This is satisfying ngl :D

  49. AnonymouXX


    4 napja

    So basically, cyberpunk...

  50. *iLee*


    4 napja

    Why dose he look like the dad from the EB family



    4 napja

    I love ur vids

  52. Shyness Breakthrough Community

    Shyness Breakthrough Community

    4 napja

    Very impressive - like you two are twins!

  53. supershermando64


    4 napja

    It's almost like having a mirror but in real life

  54. adnan ulhaq

    adnan ulhaq

    5 napja


  55. OfficialRVG


    5 napja

    They're like programmed pedestrians from gta lmao.

  56. Rage Dubstep

    Rage Dubstep

    5 napja

    This is content

  57. Unknown Human

    Unknown Human

    5 napja

    The Sims 4 in a nutshell:

  58. GamerDragon _SuperFox

    GamerDragon _SuperFox

    5 napja

    Twins doing everything the same way be like:

  59. Ryne Tehansky

    Ryne Tehansky

    5 napja

    U don't know how many times they tried this

  60. IMNNO


    5 napja

    Pretty much every NPC

  61. Fabio Sempre

    Fabio Sempre

    5 napja

    This would be very weird-

  62. Mr. Haiqal

    Mr. Haiqal

    6 napja

    On games always like this

  63. QuartzTv


    6 napja

    What my mom expects when she wants me to be like someone

  64. Harvi Raymond kv

    Harvi Raymond kv

    6 napja

    This is Just a regular day in GTA Vice city

  65. The Best Of RAnDoM!

    The Best Of RAnDoM!

    6 napja

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the amount of athletic-ness and perfection in this video? °•°

  66. Wan Indra

    Wan Indra

    6 napja

    That is how we expect twins

  67. HeavenlyWally


    6 napja

    It’s the ice climbers in smash

  68. Ohh really!!!

    Ohh really!!!

    6 napja

    Sometimes I thought u gyzs could be dude perfect hhaha

  69. Dude On A Cow

    Dude On A Cow

    6 napja

    Proof that someone can make clean entertainment and everyone will love it.

  70. Emma Topping

    Emma Topping

    6 napja

    Kudos to these guys- this probably took so long to film because they had to do everything at the same time! Lots of patience.

  71. Suchi


    7 napja

    Imagine how long it took to perfect these tricks!!

  72. A Garcia

    A Garcia

    7 napja

    During a fight.. 😂😂

  73. Nathan Jesser

    Nathan Jesser

    7 napja

    How do they DO it?

  74. Crazy Blacksmith

    Crazy Blacksmith

    7 napja

    Every time they switched places or objects.

  75. Xx MU xX

    Xx MU xX

    7 napja


  76. Mika Bardakjian

    Mika Bardakjian

    7 napja


  77. ЯK3Y


    7 napja

    HUeye literally took 6 days to notify a new video for me

  78. noah lanchester

    noah lanchester

    7 napja

    The shoe 😟

  79. The Empire

    The Empire

    7 napja


  80. That one guy In the group

    That one guy In the group

    7 napja

    Does the shoes even fit in?

  81. Jayson Tatum

    Jayson Tatum

    7 napja

    Again funniest person on HUeye I love his vidoes

  82. Cash Austin

    Cash Austin

    7 napja

    Do you live in Wisconsin?

  83. Stitch Owana

    Stitch Owana

    7 napja

    Sync train everyone has to say it the exact same way the first person who comments on this

  84. Little Wall

    Little Wall

    8 napja

    Anyone else find this video oddly satisfying??

  85. Azfar Farhan

    Azfar Farhan

    8 napja

    You tried to kiss your crush and your crush kiss you back

  86. Artistic Annie

    Artistic Annie

    8 napja

    How do they do that so perfectly?!!!!!!!!!

  87. A-ιąŋシ


    8 napja

    Imagine if all people in the world sneeze

  88. Wanda Vision

    Wanda Vision

    8 napja

    He does all the funny things ..... And in his face he has the seriousness of U.S president 😅

  89. CrazyKittyCat777


    8 napja

    REEEEE YOUR VIDEOS ARE SO GOOD!!! keep up the good work! :DDD

  90. John Doe

    John Doe

    8 napja

    When you play 1p and 2p at the same time

  91. ArthyBil Channel

    ArthyBil Channel

    8 napja

    0:07 Dude Perfect not gonna like this.

  92. jawora7928


    9 napja

    Why i thought there was a pigeon not a shoe

  93. Shehryar Baloch

    Shehryar Baloch

    9 napja

    Mind blowing work 🤩🤩🤩 I mean seriously just look at this how it is well synced

  94. Hal Sigmund

    Hal Sigmund

    9 napja

    I'm not sure why, but I got a syncing feeling from this video.

  95. ????????


    9 napja

    If people did everything Nsync

  96. Jet Donovan

    Jet Donovan

    9 napja

    This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!

  97. Yuri Anderson

    Yuri Anderson

    9 napja


  98. Anastasia Sugata

    Anastasia Sugata

    9 napja

    When you have the same shoe size

  99. 黒

    9 napja

    The last one isn't almost synched. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  100. 黒

    9 napja

    The last one isn't almost synched. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE