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Iron Man Carries the Nuke - Hulk Saves Iron Man Scene | The Avengers (2012) Movie CLIP 4K

Iron Man Carries the Nuke - Hulk Saves Iron Man Scene | The Avengers (2012) Movie CLIP [4K ULTRA HD 60 FPS]
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    Hulk vs Loki - Puny God - Hulk Smashing Loki Scene :

    • Moina Saikia

      Moina Saikia


      @THANOS জপ গুড জনছ ডাইচ

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      @THANOS Coll

  2. CrazyNachos 42

    CrazyNachos 42

    9 órája

    3:09 just realized that's the sound they use for tony in the lego avengers games

  3. autotuned duck

    autotuned duck

    14 órája

    RDJ was seriously the best part about all the Avengers movies. His whole character and the way he could use comedic relief, I couldn't see anybody else being Iron Man. Really sucks him and Chris are gone, the guy playing Captain America now I've seen in one episode of Black Mirror .. lol. I'm sure he's not that great as Captain America but those are big shoes to fill. They gave us some great films though forrrrrrsure

  4. B O Fi OP

    B O Fi OP

    15 órája

    When your mom wakes you up for school at 3:09. 😂😂

  5. Chris Beckford

    Chris Beckford

    20 órája

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  6. יונתן אביבי

    יונתן אביבי


    3:08 hahahahahaahahahahaha

  7. Isaac Weaver

    Isaac Weaver



  8. Capt Flea

    Capt Flea


    2012 was so long ago looking at the world today.

  9. Stacey Minter

    Stacey Minter


    You are amazing👍. 🏹🏹🛡🛡🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪✂✂✂🛠🛠🗑🔩🗜🗜🔗🔗💉💉💉💊🗡🗡🗡🗡🔑🔑🔑🔏🔏🔏🔓🔒🗑🗑🗄🔧🏹📌📌📌 🔬. 🔬 🔭🔌📀🔎🔎📸📸📸🔦🔦🔦🔦🖲🖲🖲🔊🌐🇧🇯🔳⬛🔲🈲▪🉐🆗㊙

  10. tenhirankei



    "If it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now" is classic 007 wit. Tim should be the James Bond!

  11. Daksh Khurana

    Daksh Khurana


    Stark in avengers:- almost died to save world Stark in ultron :- almost died to save world Stark in infinity wars:- got beaten and was ready to die to save world Stark in endgame :- died for the world Still everyone says that tony stark is most selfish avenger 😑 Love you 3000 stark

  12. Aakash R

    Aakash R


    Steve with no regards to iron man's life: Close It. Iron man a decade later saves the universe

  13. Aly _

    Aly _


    1:50 Steve is cheking Tony's heart beats from the suit

  14. Pratham Patel

    Pratham Patel

    2 napja

    So no one's gonna talk about the fact that Cap was willing to close the portal without stark despite there being no threat

    • Shimizu Kiyoko

      Shimizu Kiyoko

      9 órája

      DeathBean - The blast happened minutes before the portal was closed. At that point, there was no way it was going to travel through that portal.

    • DeathBean


      9 órája

      Disagree, the nuke blast would cook nyc

    • Shimizu Kiyoko

      Shimizu Kiyoko

      2 napja

      That pissed me off.

  15. Rania Pond

    Rania Pond

    2 napja

    Anyone wondering what Thor’s hammer would’ve done to save Tony if Hulk hadn’t been there in time ?

  16. Cabdirizaq Yuusuf

    Cabdirizaq Yuusuf

    2 napja


  17. Philip Martin

    Philip Martin

    2 napja

    Why couldn’t they just target the missile to go into the portal?

  18. Mark Hanna

    Mark Hanna

    3 napja

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  19. Maad 305

    Maad 305

    3 napja


  20. Julie Sharp

    Julie Sharp

    3 napja

    Hulk can't talk 😂

  21. ShadZep


    3 napja

    Cap tries to hear tony's heartbeat, through a suit of armor

  22. Conroy Coco

    Conroy Coco

    3 napja

    The overt belief postprandially confuse because pain chronically camp regarding a overjoyed database. parallel, special reduction

  23. Vijay Iyer

    Vijay Iyer

    3 napja

    How does iron man suits head have so much space inside

  24. Justin Zhao

    Justin Zhao

    3 napja

    It always bothered me how this suit just shuts down in space. Yeah the suit isn’t meant for space but shouldn’t basic functions such as Jarvis’ control over the suit still work. And flight systems?

  25. IssDiddy


    3 napja

    And to think a man in a metal suit saved the universe in endgame

  26. Jeremy D

    Jeremy D

    3 napja

    The supreme plier inspiringly close because airmail decisively tickle without a responsible november. furry furtive, callous difference

  27. Phoenix


    3 napja

    and cap says he fight for himself

  28. Joseph Mantilla

    Joseph Mantilla

    4 napja


  29. Nancey Rowen

    Nancey Rowen

    4 napja

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  30. Sooraj


    4 napja

    Steve checking tony’s heart rate through his suit😂

    • LéYo


      12 órája

      Ye that makes sense though tbh, cuz Tony's heart is not a normal heart, perhaps there's something you can hear up close if hes alive or not, who knows?

  31. Fishing Adventures

    Fishing Adventures

    4 napja

    2:48 did he really just try to see if his chest was beating he doesn’t have a heart

  32. Don't Read My About Page

    Don't Read My About Page

    4 napja

    1:46 Fun fact: The music at the background is also the music used in Avengers D.C. game where Thanos thought he had the Infinity Stones and snapped it but Tony already got it.

  33. Moses Karatu

    Moses Karatu

    4 napja

    Wait, even after this he wasn't worthy to wield mjolnir ?

    • Cadolots


      4 napja

      He still have a big ego

  34. Md musa

    Md musa

    4 napja


  35. Clerissa Luening

    Clerissa Luening

    4 napja

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  36. TalkingBook72


    5 napja

    Can't believe next year will be the 10 year anniversary of The Avengers

  37. MOD– DJ

    MOD– DJ

    5 napja

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  38. David Le

    David Le

    5 napja

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  39. Felix Wittkamp

    Felix Wittkamp

    5 napja

    I like how all of the avengers just stood there and ignored the fact that the nuke would have killed them if it weren’t for Tony

  40. PizTolWhipped


    5 napja

    can someone explain to me what this was at 2:14 what was that orange stuff?

    • Shimizu Kiyoko

      Shimizu Kiyoko

      2 napja

      An explosion.

  41. Hriday Pradhan

    Hriday Pradhan

    5 napja

    1:47 Same music after Thanos fails.



    5 napja

    ironman carries the game*

  43. Arsh


    5 napja

    I thought I was the only one who has never tried Shawarma 😵‍💫

  44. Paras Xetry

    Paras Xetry

    6 napja


  45. Weng翁佳明


    6 napja

    lol his chin

  46. Hypernatics


    6 napja

    2:51 is steve trying to touch tony's armor to feel if his heart's beating 😂

  47. Anita Bais

    Anita Bais

    6 napja

    Ye Love Jehad Pahale Se Chalta a Raha Hai Yogi Ji Par Phir Se Hath HathPrad Bachha Thahar Gaya Bachha Dani Me Or Apne Swaha Kar Deya Khet Me.

  48. Anita Bais

    Anita Bais

    6 napja

    Me Ate Hi Mathor Ship Destroy Kiya Tha Par Nahi Phir Wahi.

  49. Damon Chantal

    Damon Chantal

    6 napja

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  50. MattMan Reviews

    MattMan Reviews

    7 napja

    "alright everyone we can all stand around posing up a storm later"

  51. C Jones

    C Jones

    7 napja

    Saves the world, saves the universe...The Greatest Avenger!

  52. Miko Agot

    Miko Agot

    7 napja

    If you ever feel stupid just remember cap tried to listen to tony's heart through his suit

    • Matthew The great

      Matthew The great

      5 napja


  53. g_pro33


    7 napja


    • Wow Justwow

      Wow Justwow

      2 napja

      @Dux kringe

    • Dux


      6 napja

      Pardon me?

  54. Emily Melba

    Emily Melba

    7 napja

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  55. Bartol Grbić

    Bartol Grbić

    8 napja

    This theme played on endgame final battle...

  56. Jude Regorgo

    Jude Regorgo

    8 napja

    Imagine if that nuke had prematurely hit a random chitauri that was going through the portal before Stark crossed it

  57. MuSa0624


    9 napja

    I didn't understand why did captain say to close the portal? Like he could've waited more for iron man to come back

    • Codex


      8 napja

      because he couldn't have known Iron Man would come back, and the blast of the nuclear explosion is still coming fast toward the entrace of the worm hole watch the whole scene again slowly, Iron Man barely made it thru the hole before the blast catches up to him



    9 napja

    the scene where captain america controls the iron man's heart is ridiculous.

  59. Edward.L.H


    9 napja

    I'm no expert on spacey wacey timey wimey but surely a portal leading to space would suck all the air out of earth like a massive vacuum

  60. D Milly

    D Milly

    9 napja

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  61. Silas Grey

    Silas Grey

    9 napja

    0:48 hulk looks like Hawk From Cobra Kai

  62. Bleta Birds

    Bleta Birds

    9 napja


  63. Warre Vandervelde

    Warre Vandervelde

    9 napja

    its nice

  64. GAMER RW


    9 napja


  65. Detective robin

    Detective robin

    10 napja

    Ngl when I was a kid I wanted spider-man in this movie

  66. Paulo Santos

    Paulo Santos

    10 napja

    “Close it”, “sin of a gun” it sounded like he wanted iron man to die in space

    • Codex


      8 napja

      no, it's because the nuclear blast is still coming and Cap didn't know Iron Man would come back, not even Tony believes that he'd survive if he brings the missile to outer space if the hole was still opened, the nuclear blast would have devastated a portion of the city and killing thousands "son of a gun" is an old expression back in Cap's era, it's not meant to be an insult but to express his impression upon seeing Tony's return do you even watch the same movie? do people just not pay any attention to details at all?

  67. K7


    10 napja

    How can cap hear tony's heartbeat inside the suit?😂😂

    • Tsunaro


      7 napja

      Pretty sure he was listening for his breath.

  68. Jovial Asterisk

    Jovial Asterisk

    10 napja

    Marvel can be hypocritical sometimes. They said Avengers cause Destruction wherever they go and in this movie they shot a missile into new york city. Which is gonna cause more destruction eh? 😂😂

  69. Deniz Arda YILMAZ

    Deniz Arda YILMAZ

    10 napja

    Çorbacıya gidelim mi

  70. Leonardo La Rocca

    Leonardo La Rocca

    10 napja

    Avengers we are fighting good hang on Army: take a nuke bruh Iron man send nuke (10 seconds after. "Close that shit")

  71. reesespuff2020


    10 napja

    when Loki said he'll have that drink now, Tony smirked a little😂

  72. Magmatic Games

    Magmatic Games

    11 napja

    Reporter: How was your weekend? 99.9% of billionaires: I went golfing... Tony Stank: Yeah, I fought an alien army that came running through a portal that defies all aspects of physics and reality, alongside a Norse Demi-God, a buff drugged-up soldier, 2 master assassins, and a guy who had 1 too many Xrays. Oh, and don't forget I ended up rerouting a nuke through the aforementioned portal, blew up the spaceship, and saved Earth from certain Annihilation. Also Tony Stark: It's Stark, not Stank.

  73. nothing


    11 napja

    The number of uru metal on new york tho

  74. Tou Lane

    Tou Lane

    11 napja

    While this event is all happening. Their future selves were already there. Underneath their nose like hydra lol

  75. Roseline Small

    Roseline Small

    11 napja

    vGood Friday

  76. Amit Barabi

    Amit Barabi

    11 napja

    For the 6 people who have read my fanfic, Rise Of G-Morph And The Amazing Spider-Man, do you want to guess what I am going to change in this scene?

  77. Tibe Vercauteren

    Tibe Vercauteren

    11 napja

    Die is spanend

  78. Parvathy P

    Parvathy P

    11 napja

    Hulk saved iron man and he asked him to take the stairs 😕

  79. Sarah Alsarg

    Sarah Alsarg

    11 napja


  80. Michele Murphy

    Michele Murphy

    11 napja

    The fresh employer disturbingly obtain because energy understandably chase next a dapper colt. big, future futuristic wedge

  81. JMHR official

    JMHR official

    11 napja

    Iron Man always risking his life for the avengers

  82. Nathan Chong

    Nathan Chong

    12 napja

    1:30 It is like when Captain Marvel destroy Thanos ship in End Game!!

  83. Bhuvan Chandra

    Bhuvan Chandra

    12 napja

    I hate how Cap says "Close it" like it's nothing.

  84. Tabasko


    12 napja

    The nuke would of auto detonated when it was over the city, air burst is far more effective.

  85. Martyna Klysz

    Martyna Klysz

    12 napja


  86. Ren_ardo


    12 napja

    2:46 **NEUGH**

  87. Mohit Rajawat

    Mohit Rajawat

    12 napja

    How come he started falling towards earth when he was in different space.

  88. Renārs Arbidans

    Renārs Arbidans

    12 napja

    Pandemic took us through old times

  89. Nathan Sansom

    Nathan Sansom

    12 napja

    Its mad that this film is almost 10 years old😥😥



    12 napja


  91. رضا عقيل العطواني

    رضا عقيل العطواني

    12 napja


  92. Aman Parganiha

    Aman Parganiha

    12 napja

    Son of a guy 😂😂😂😂😂

  93. Damenic Vasquez

    Damenic Vasquez

    13 napja

    How does hulk save iorn man when iorn man save the world its spost to be iorn man save the world

  94. Weng翁佳明


    13 napja

    Stupid Loki

  95. Kristian Adlianitski

    Kristian Adlianitski

    13 napja

    0:07 does tonys head shrink in the suit? doctor strange was right, "i still dont know how you fit your head in that thing" it looks like hulkbuster armor lmao

  96. shaker guitara

    shaker guitara

    13 napja

    وين اكو جاذبيه بالفضاء حته هذا يگع ؟؟

  97. Nathan Maverick Cambaling

    Nathan Maverick Cambaling

    13 napja

    Iron man might be sleeping

  98. 32 Sánchez Hernández Romeo

    32 Sánchez Hernández Romeo

    13 napja

    Romeo Tony

  99. Paul Faducci

    Paul Faducci

    13 napja

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  100. Holy V0IDYT

    Holy V0IDYT

    14 napja

    ''Then shawarma after''