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Is the Rimac C_Two the fastest accelerating production car?

Straight line performance is by far not everything, but still quite important for a hypercar. We have designed the C_Two to impress with technology, usability, design, features, road manners and track performance. Lateral dynamics and driving fun was always super important for us. Today, we have focus on straight line performance but soon we’ll cover the other interesting aspects as well - like our new generation Torque Vectoring and drift mode.


  1. Slimnooze


    13 perccel

    Question is: who cares?

  2. zivkovicable


    35 perccel

    This is good for pedestrians... when you're crossing the road.....silence...then BANG! instant death.....Which is good, because I would rather not know. With a Ferrari you get 0.05 seconds of horror as you hear it approaching. With Rimac these moments of anxiety are taken away... I don't mind if you use this concept in your advertising...That idea is on me.

  3. pancrase ash

    pancrase ash


    You should turn the batteries round with your finger to get a but more charge out of them.

  4. John Tee

    John Tee

    2 órája

    I wonder how much this car is going to cost. I just watched a tuned 720S do a 0 to 60 mph in 1.8 s and a quarter mile in the 8's.

  5. William Cheng

    William Cheng

    2 órája


  6. Yori iroY

    Yori iroY

    3 órája

    Omg, only tire sound. I am living near a street and god damn I wish cars were more silent...

  7. juleklOPlay


    4 órája

    It's the weirdest kind of feeling when you're excited for something that you'll most likely never even see yourself... nonetheless amazing.

  8. Konstantin Jovic

    Konstantin Jovic

    5 órája

    Bravo legende!

  9. rästik


    6 órája

    go mountains and ask Hammond

  10. LcFan96


    7 órája

    now imagine this car with some semi or full slick tyres on a prepped track. with full power i think about a 8.5s ish 1/4 mile

  11. Steve Radich 1928

    Steve Radich 1928

    7 órája

    I cant begin to imagine what could have been achieved with Croatian ingenuity if we were not occupied and suppressed since 1918. Well done Mate.

  12. Rafael Tavares

    Rafael Tavares

    7 órája

    The dials for the modes and power% sound very cheap

  13. JeremiBulakowski


    8 órája

    6:25: You can't touch this 🎵

  14. pxidr


    8 órája

    Kudos to you, you really succeeded to make an incredible EV company by starting in your garage. Greetings from France.

  15. Aardvark Mindshank

    Aardvark Mindshank

    9 órája

    A thousand kilowatts. That's a megawatt? Wow. Really?

  16. Aardvark Mindshank

    Aardvark Mindshank

    9 órája

    Oh God that interior is so so dated. And what's with those clunky rotating switches. Nasty.

  17. Shankhodeep Mondal

    Shankhodeep Mondal

    10 órája

    You are my inspiration Sir.



    10 órája

    the screen on the rimac have a translucent type of layer which makes screen smoky, but on the taycan its very clear, im sure rimac can come up with a better piece of plastic overlay

  19. Ua Namanit

    Ua Namanit

    17 órája

    I heard that bugatti is going to be sold to rimac. Is it true ?

  20. TraidMarc Guitars

    TraidMarc Guitars

    18 órája

    Those 2 dials are great, but maybe one either side of the steering wheel? More functional either side of the steering wheel and they stick out too much in the middle of the dash. Consider my advice as free 🤫

  21. me


    22 órája

    Quality interior

  22. FilanaPaprika



    1. Dan komentiranja na RIMAC AUTOMOBILI youtube kanalu, na Hrvatskom jeziku, dok mi Mate Rimac ne pruži šansu u razvijanu karijere u njegovoj firmi.

  23. za za

    za za


    Hi There..How are you doing? Incredible indeed...fantabulous & Priceless. All the Best Rimac.. Conquering the World in no time ...

  24. Wu Kids

    Wu Kids


    Way to go Rimac! Beat Tesla!

  25. Krešo B.

    Krešo B.


    Pa dobro mate nemoj krivo shvatiti nisam ljubomoran brate ali daj pricaj na hrvatski a neka sstrani gledalji ukljucuju "cc" titlove i prijevod ..inace svaka pohvala svaki projekt

  26. kole



    Sta je ovo jbt 😅😅 Rimac pri kojoj brzini se krila otvaraju !?? 😎

  27. duglandp



    Definitively impressive but where are the goose bumps ? It looks like being the stone in the slingshot but is there any interest to reach mach 1 in 4seconds while both traffic and speed control is the actual everyday life ? I mean, with a V6/V8/V10/V12, you can enjoy the sound of the engine from idle to the top revs and hear it giving different notes depending on the throttle load. Here, it's just sitting in a fighter jet seat on an aircraft carrier as a passenger waiting for the 5G launch. After 10 launches and when you realize that you'll only be able to use it at 25% potential, even with torque vectoring bla bla, will it keep any interest ? Maybe for some, probably not for me.

  28. Mikkel S

    Mikkel S


    Gonna be sweet seeing this against the tesla plaid and their fake claims on >1.99 sec to 60mph.

  29. &w



    This is the fastest car, pause, in the world.

  30. Tony B

    Tony B


    You're comparing apples to oranges here. This Rimac looks and sounds clunky (I appreciate it's not full production though). The dials sound terrible when you turn them, and there are loads of squeaks and rattles as it accelerates. This is just a sales gimmick - pitched right at Bugatti, but I think Bugatti are above this, and I know, if I had a choice, which car I'd go for. The Chiron has more refinement than the Rimac will ever have - this Rimac just just looks like a cheap banger in comparison.

    • Mate Rimac

      Mate Rimac


      It’s stone chipping from the road, not squeaks and rattles.

  31. Musical Sloth

    Musical Sloth


    New test driver hamster

  32. Mateo



    Kakav auto

  33. Mateo



    Bravo Mate

  34. Allen Fidler

    Allen Fidler


    In the 8's, cold tyres on a dirty road, battery/powertrain lifespan of let's say 200,000 + km. Welcome to the future.

  35. Mohammed Ahmed Yahia

    Mohammed Ahmed Yahia


    Till we used to electric motor’s sound and definitly we’ll, is there an option for exhaust sound 😁😁

  36. Mil



    Love the video. Best thing about Mate is how honest and open he is. Truly a rare quality of a leader of a large company. Respect!

  37. Jaimie Duthoy

    Jaimie Duthoy


    Hope I get to see a Rimac once. Who allready has?

  38. Ante Zivkovic

    Ante Zivkovic


    3:02 Does the state of charge affect the cars performance here?

  39. DOOVE



    Engine sound😬nothing... Hear the Bugati

  40. Azel Ilazi

    Azel Ilazi


    very cheap interior ! those rings are loud asf when you rotate them . did you made the car to be recycled or what ?!

  41. Chim Richalds

    Chim Richalds


    I'm happy to see Joran VanderSloot doing better these days

  42. Ralph Mejia

    Ralph Mejia


    i’ve become more a porsche fanboy since they dropped the taycan but when you guys lined it up against the rimac i already knew what to expect🔥😂

  43. Victor Da Silva

    Victor Da Silva



  44. Simon Hehl

    Simon Hehl


    This was the most quiet dragrace I have ever seen and probably the fastest aswell

  45. Dr. Dumitru

    Dr. Dumitru


    i want 2 cars :))

  46. Mehaga



    I kaze balkanci glup narod

  47. Attack444 444

    Attack444 444


    Just be careful about which journalists you are giving it to.

  48. jrow96




  49. David Antolkovic

    David Antolkovic


    Hi I am Croatian

  50. bboyjunyor


    2 napja

    Mate - big brother on the engineers and owners (1984)! :)))) Amazing performance and amazing car! congrats!

  51. Jordi Prats Valero

    Jordi Prats Valero

    2 napja

    Crazy to see the huge voltage drop in such launches. Makes me wonder how many could be done without damaging the battery too much. At 50% SoC, the drop would be even higher, and would bring the cells voltage below safety parameters, most likely. I'm also curious about the field weakening control in such crytical scenarios.

    • Jordi Prats Valero

      Jordi Prats Valero


      @Mate Rimac Yes sure, we have similar problems with our FS car, even though with 10x less current of course. Kills me every time I see such drops. It would be nice to see the C_Two at the FS Alpe Adria, maybe you can drive us around on it :D

    • Mate Rimac

      Mate Rimac


      Of course we have very advanced algorithms that predict available power (State of Power - SoP) based on battery temperature, SoC, SoH and other factors. Even if there is an error in SoP calculation (very unlikely), the power is ramped down once a cell reaches critical cell voltage. The voltage can never get in a range that is critical. Yes, there is lots of voltage drop but still very much within the safe zone.

  52. Raihan Haidar

    Raihan Haidar

    2 napja

    This is just like Open source e-vehicle engineer things that really cool af. Thank you for the updates Mate!

  53. Neam Pojma

    Neam Pojma

    2 napja

    Zasto na takvim autima svjetla trepere?



      2 napja

      To samo tako izgleda na snimci, dolazi do interferencije frekvencije svjetla i senzora kamere. U realnosti toga naravno nema zbog tromosti oka, a i oči nam nisu digitalne da bi radile na određenoj frekvenciji.

  54. SYSTEM X64

    SYSTEM X64

    2 napja

    omg what toy car sound from those power selectors. Didnt impress...

  55. Trypo Phobia

    Trypo Phobia

    2 napja

    I would love to see Doug Demuro do a review on this car

  56. Fuzail Malik

    Fuzail Malik

    2 napja

    I really really hope Rimac makes cars for normal people one day. they're probably the only company who've developed a completely new ecosystem for such a niche market. Seems to me that unlike most big car manufacturers, these guys actually love cars

  57. Desert Raid GTS #NOP2W

    Desert Raid GTS #NOP2W

    2 napja

    8.95 1/4 mile?! That is crazy and on the first practise run. Cannot wait for the production model when it launches. it’s gonna absolutely destroy almost every car in the acceleration department. Nice one mate!!!!👍🏼

  58. kikyxx 7

    kikyxx 7

    2 napja


  59. Neuland-IoT


    2 napja

    Congrats, looking good



    2 napja

    Tesla model s plaid + !!!!

  61. Orchestrator


    2 napja

    The interior could use a refresh but the one thing that needs to change is the mode selection dials. Its a little bit weird definitely can impress on that. None the less awesome car

  62. kokuz0512


    2 napja

    You are an inspiration for all people from former Yugo. And over the world. I love my Tesla but can only hope that one day I will own a rimac.

  63. Adreno2342


    2 napja

    To go from 2.42 to sub 2 seconds for 0-60mph there is a lot to go before this car gets to its specifications. Can't wait to see it sub 2 seconds.

  64. Adreno2342


    2 napja

    I didn't know Rimac C_Two could be called a production car already, it only seems to be on testing and testing and more testing.

  65. Lexxlr8


    2 napja

    I didn’t know the diffuser moves like that, can’t wait to watch Nico drive one



      2 napja

  66. Sirxaon


    2 napja

    Hey I think one of the pre productions should go to Australia for testing on our roads and stuff I’d love to test it out for ya ;) just let me know haha

  67. Andelu Uledna

    Andelu Uledna

    2 napja

    Not a big fan of the rimac one at the beginning and then it slowly grew in me. Especially after GTAO added their version into the game it became one of my favs. C-2 is absolutely love at first sight for me. The design of the car and the interior is just 👌🏼 amazing. Can’t wait to see how the production cars perform after some tweaks

  68. koto zna

    koto zna

    2 napja

    Jebo to sve kad su baterije problem i uvjek ce bit problem.... kad bude pogon na nuklearno gorivo onda ce bit to kako treba.. a ovako punit bateriju svako malo nema smisla.... 🤣

  69. Thuto Tlholoe

    Thuto Tlholoe

    2 napja

    Awesome to see a CEO as mechanically and technologically competent and so hands-on with the development as you Maté. Love these unscripted videos makes me feel like I'm there with you all casually on a Sunday morning or something😂 Please lend Doug Demuro one of these when they're ready!😥

  70. Max Man

    Max Man

    2 napja

    Tesla is faster

  71. thatguy 111

    thatguy 111

    2 napja

    I can’t believe that there are examples of a Porsche Turbo S (992) doing it faster (or around that time). Pretty insane tbh.

  72. bahi


    2 napja

    I ako sam 🇧🇦 ponosan sam na ovog lika! Neka svijetu pokaže da sa Balkana dolazi samo ono najbolje ❤ respect my bro!

  73. Tomislav Ferić

    Tomislav Ferić

    2 napja

    Misli da Rimac nije svjestan da ako ovako nastavi da će probit uskoro zvučni zid.😉

  74. alfamonk


    2 napja

    What you’ve done with interior is amazing - great job. Lifted it from wannabe to a real contender 👌🏻

  75. Nicish


    3 napja

    My father (which is German) was able to visit the production site 3 years ago and was amazed by all the precision. The pictures he showed me were incredible. Super cool to see the progress you guys are making!

  76. Rimac C2

    Rimac C2

    3 napja

    Amazing, I am speed

  77. Ivan Kovarin

    Ivan Kovarin

    3 napja

    Looks a bit like i8 from the rear

  78. Alfonso Mendoza

    Alfonso Mendoza

    3 napja

    5:38 hilarious, burnout with only tire noise.

  79. Edgar VOINOT

    Edgar VOINOT

    3 napja

    I would love to see one one day, sadly i'm just a random car guy with no money 😅

    • RccDB Cars

      RccDB Cars

      19 órája

      go to the next Geneva Motor Show :D

  80. A T

    A T

    3 napja

    One thing the press will comment on are those rotary Dials. The clicks need more refinement it sounds and clicks like a cheap generic chinese wash machine mode selector.

  81. Dušan Jovanović

    Dušan Jovanović

    3 napja

    Svaka čast Mate, samo napred! Pomno pratim vaš razvoj i čvrsto verujem u vaš uspeh. 👍💪

  82. e30er


    3 napja

    Zeigen sie uns den BMW E30 Bitte!!!

  83. Paul Bailey

    Paul Bailey

    3 napja

    @nicorosberg.... this will be fun to watch you take around the track.

  84. Epic_Viper


    3 napja

    Jebna stvar, auto je ko malo veća igračka! Svaka čast Mate i tim!! Hrvatski prvi auto, a ujedno i najbolji na svijetu haha.

  85. McCoy BYZ

    McCoy BYZ

    3 napja

    This car is truly a game changer, now obviously there's been EV's / high performance EV's around before the Rimac but the Rimac just seems like a super high quality EV that showcase's just how incredible the performance will be but also the build quality, fit & finish, just extremely well put together! The whole team at Rimac is so impressive and clever and it's been awesome to watch the car evolve! The only thing more impressive than the car is the group of people that made it real! Bravo! 👍👍

  86. Ritoban Maity

    Ritoban Maity

    3 napja

    This car is insane

  87. Phillip Botha

    Phillip Botha

    3 napja


  88. Logic N. Reasoning

    Logic N. Reasoning

    3 napja

    Apparently this car has the ability to give 200% power.

  89. JAY


    3 napja

    Absolutely a big fan here. It's already smashing records left and right, and it's not even finished! 2 sec or quicker 0-60 will happen! 1/4 low 8 high 7 should be possible. Keep up the great work guys, much love from the Netherlands!

    • Jaimie Duthoy

      Jaimie Duthoy


      Yea when on a drgstrip with racing tires this will be lichtning fast

  90. Darrell Bryant

    Darrell Bryant

    3 napja

    WoW, Awesome car.!

  91. Alexis Mavromatidis

    Alexis Mavromatidis

    3 napja

    Give it to hammond for a thorough safety test.

  92. crion88


    3 napja

    Love it! Good work Rimac Team! 😁

  93. Rui Pedro Coelho

    Rui Pedro Coelho

    3 napja

    I'm sorry.... but you send me back to my childhood: That "space ship" sound.... Woooowwww

  94. Pranav Kala_113

    Pranav Kala_113

    3 napja

    This is what i wish people like this make cars not out of touch corporationss

  95. Zyzz


    3 napja

    Long live Croatia!!

  96. Lee


    3 napja


  97. Najim Latif

    Najim Latif

    3 napja

    Porsche still has the best launch control on the market 😅

  98. AlbertLamarque


    3 napja

    Is that Hammonds voice @6:18 ?

  99. Haithem Bedoui

    Haithem Bedoui

    3 napja

    I remember few years ago, him and Salomondrin were planning to do big sales and marketing business with the previous car version

  100. Leonard R

    Leonard R

    3 napja

    Met you at monterey car week a couple years ago and sat in the concept 2 shell at quail. I'm immensely excited for you all at Rimac and can't wait to see this on the road!