ItaloBrothers - Down For The Ride (Official Music Video)

ItaloBrothers "Down For The Ride" - out now!
Download and stream here: umg.lnk.to/DownForTheRide
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  1. Saleo kadena

    Saleo kadena

    44 perccel

    Can someone recommend songs with beat like 0:42 ?

  2. LuddeKvikkLunsj


    53 perccel


  3. Zewelanji Mutembo

    Zewelanji Mutembo


    Not heard of your guys but this song is amazing 🔥

  4. ivan aguirre

    ivan aguirre

    6 órája

    251 people where not down for the ride



    9 órája

    മലയാളീസ് ആരും എത്തിയില്ലേ ? 🖤 from 🌴 *KERALA* 🌴 india

  6. Brian Rian Rehan

    Brian Rian Rehan

    15 órája


  7. Ashley Hunter

    Ashley Hunter

    15 órája


  8. Eddy Malou

    Eddy Malou

    20 órája


  9. Steeben009


    22 órája

    Italobrothers sounds always so happy and cheerful and you think: "I can live another day without problems!". Their songs make you forget your problems. And life is just one big party and you get to live the best out of it and be happy and cheerfull all day long. Each day is party feeling is Italobrothers since the release of their first song! Thank you so much Italobrothers. You make me feel like partying. 😍 🥰❤️❤️❤️

  10. Malte



    This song lets me feel so free Free from all things that pull me down

  11. glover7fly



    Love the melody!

  12. menno elk

    menno elk


    I just see me in the car on a hot summer evening with this song lovely

  13. Giải Trí Kiến Thức Tổng Hợp

    Giải Trí Kiến Thức Tổng Hợp


    very good song

  14. æd en pik

    æd en pik


    Elsker jeres musik, har været en kæmpe fan siden barns ben ❤️

  15. Carlos briceño

    Carlos briceño


    Love your music 🎶🎶 ❤️

  16. Soňa Luhová

    Soňa Luhová

    2 napja

    AVICI VIBES for me

  17. VoultRS Channel

    VoultRS Channel

    2 napja

    harus tranding sih

  18. IKhlas Moulai

    IKhlas Moulai

    2 napja

    Love it ^___^ 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  19. mehbub jelalu

    mehbub jelalu

    2 napja

    Uffff , love it!

  20. José Renato

    José Renato

    2 napja

    this feeling of having already heard this song is very good

    • José Renato

      José Renato

      2 napja

      send a save to Brazil

  21. Lia Goger

    Lia Goger

    2 napja

    🎶i can’t stop listening to this!!🎶

  22. Zaqueu Rodrigues

    Zaqueu Rodrigues

    2 napja

    Excelente meus amigos ;)

  23. Jan


    2 napja

    I really enjoy the vibes of this a lot, love it keep it up :D

  24. AML


    2 napja

    I'm in love with this song ❤🔥

  25. Kawaii Braszka

    Kawaii Braszka

    3 napja

    Poland is here :D

  26. Hosmar Daniel Ripalda Chavarri

    Hosmar Daniel Ripalda Chavarri

    3 napja


  27. Edward Spears

    Edward Spears

    3 napja


  28. Kancion Sin Ziztema

    Kancion Sin Ziztema

    3 napja


  29. Raul Jurca

    Raul Jurca

    3 napja

    Nice 2021

  30. Shyam Sunil Karthikeyan

    Shyam Sunil Karthikeyan

    4 napja


  31. Sissi Omega

    Sissi Omega

    4 napja

    Sounds like Basshunter

  32. Ga Vitoriano

    Ga Vitoriano

    4 napja

    More one song to stream 😍🔥👏

  33. Der Feindenfremdliche

    Der Feindenfremdliche

    4 napja

    Welcome to the Mainstream

  34. Italiano vero

    Italiano vero

    4 napja

    Beautiful 🎵🎵🎧🎧🎵🎵🎶🎶🎧🎤🎤🎤🎤🎹🥇🎧🎧🎤🎹🎹📯

  35. Dagmar Dankert

    Dagmar Dankert

    4 napja

    Viva l'italia. 🤔🎼🌌

  36. Dagmar Dankert

    Dagmar Dankert

    4 napja

    Viva l'italia. 🤔🎼🌌

  37. Mon Bonilla

    Mon Bonilla

    4 napja

    Aveces HUeye te recomienda joyitas 👌🏽🤗🙆🏽‍♀️

  38. djordje1999


    4 napja

    When Blender Guru's subscriber make a music video :D

  39. Jon Agustin

    Jon Agustin

    4 napja

    I guess 214 people don’t know good music when it’s right in front of them..

  40. Courtney Glass

    Courtney Glass

    5 napja

    Sickkk track, but different to yah other stuff. I like it 👌 x

  41. Andrea


    5 napja


  42. PSOLO records

    PSOLO records

    5 napja

    Guitar melody and voice.. so sick.

  43. Andres Jimenez

    Andres Jimenez

    5 napja

    The best song April 2021

  44. Soy Liam

    Soy Liam

    6 napja

    Está increíble 🔥👻🎶



    6 napja

    Soy el latino lunático que sigue a este crack

  46. Yuditha Ikawati

    Yuditha Ikawati

    6 napja


  47. Ferdi LiFe

    Ferdi LiFe

    6 napja

    Geht auf alle Fälle wieder mehr in Richtung der guten alten Zeit, aber ein bischen mehr Richtung stamp on the ground wär nice

  48. Payam Sanei

    Payam Sanei

    6 napja


  49. Скучноя Дори

    Скучноя Дори

    7 napja

    Love this...😍🎶❤🌠

  50. михалыч.


    7 napja

    Супер!! 👍

  51. Bola Heya

    Bola Heya

    7 napja

    what was that simple work like those can make this beautifull song well done

  52. Alvaro Efraim Rodriguez Barragan

    Alvaro Efraim Rodriguez Barragan

    7 napja

    Italobrothers siempre rompiéndola 🔥🔥🔥

  53. fankulaa


    7 napja

    blender donut culture!!! XD

  54. hekireki_issen


    8 napja

    Is this fallen from csgo ?

  55. Victoria Msaki

    Victoria Msaki

    8 napja

    When am I here

  56. MaxTP27


    8 napja

    Blender Donuts

  57. KRJ. Krajewski

    KRJ. Krajewski

    8 napja

    Dobra Polska przejmuje ten kawałek na wakacyjne lato 2021 koniec tematu!

  58. Marcel Hänke

    Marcel Hänke

    8 napja

    ihr habt mal wirklich bessere Musik gemacht

  59. Maheen Majeed

    Maheen Majeed

    8 napja

    The thumbnail for the video is so catchy

    • Daniel Pinel

      Daniel Pinel

      7 napja

      The whole song is catchy, correction.

  60. Republic of Gamers

    Republic of Gamers

    8 napja


  61. Allyslayernl


    8 napja

    Meh, I prefer the old ItaloBrothers from Stamp on the Ground, this is just too mainstream.

  62. TJ Gallegos

    TJ Gallegos

    8 napja

    YES. There posting again 😭 I’m so happy

  63. WiresTheRobot


    8 napja

    My friends dreams: I DREAMED I COULD FLY My dreams:



    8 napja

    not joking how they only got this amount of subs, better than some of this shit that plays , italobrothers, what a tune been watching for 4 years now.

  65. Ricardo Dias - Gameplays

    Ricardo Dias - Gameplays

    8 napja

    Amazing music 🥰🇵🇹

  66. Priscila Pereira

    Priscila Pereira

    8 napja

    I love you 😻 from Uruguay 🇺🇾 ♥️

  67. Republic of Gamers

    Republic of Gamers

    8 napja

    Amazing tune italobrothers🥇🥇👍👍🤙🤙

  68. amini dadan

    amini dadan

    8 napja


  69. Simon Ott

    Simon Ott

    9 napja

    JUHU endlich HÖRT man wieder mal was von Euch!!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!

  70. Katie Xiong

    Katie Xiong

    9 napja

    Gosh I’m in love with this song and his lovely voice!!

  71. Tiny Tess

    Tiny Tess

    9 napja

    I am completely in love and obsessed with this

  72. Jorge Luis Morales Luna

    Jorge Luis Morales Luna

    9 napja

    Tiene copyright? :v

  73. P3DRX SK

    P3DRX SK

    9 napja


  74. Music Lyrics

    Music Lyrics

    9 napja


  75. Alonso Perez

    Alonso Perez

    9 napja

    Jaja un latino cn todo,💣🤩☝️👍

  76. MartMois


    9 napja

    I've been listening without stopping since I first heard it. I loved

  77. Anna poolfd

    Anna poolfd

    9 napja

    I'm blue daba dee

  78. Pedro Henrique Aranha

    Pedro Henrique Aranha

    10 napja

    Its so Avicii

  79. Vojta Kudera

    Vojta Kudera

    10 napja

    This song is amazing!

  80. Jérôme Bordenave Gassédat

    Jérôme Bordenave Gassédat

    10 napja

    Someone just followed a certain tutorial of blender

  81. La Morenita_92 JD

    La Morenita_92 JD

    11 napja

    Stupenda raga!!!

  82. nails art nails art

    nails art nails art

    11 napja

    Amazing song👑👑🥇🥇👌

  83. I Am Bhartiya Stranger

    I Am Bhartiya Stranger

    11 napja

    Melody is beautiful 😍😍

  84. 70hapa


    12 napja

    thanks...very good music....i like it

  85. Fraus sino

    Fraus sino

    12 napja

    Syn Cole - April

  86. Iriduke


    12 napja

    exactly what I needed today!! thank you again for epic music ItaloBrothers

  87. Emma Moore

    Emma Moore

    12 napja

    Loveee this amazing tuunee...Feel good chill vibes...Fireee!!🔥🔥🔥

  88. Harol Rosales

    Harol Rosales

    12 napja


  89. Henrique Rondon

    Henrique Rondon

    12 napja

    Muito bom já vou baixar,🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💯💯💯💯

  90. Nu-Unique Choice

    Nu-Unique Choice

    12 napja


  91. William Weylts

    William Weylts

    13 napja

    This is so unoriginal and generic, it will top radio charts for a couple weeks

  92. moomoo1986


    13 napja

    Great song! Keep em coming! ❤️🎶

  93. Ceziy Carter

    Ceziy Carter

    13 napja

    Reallyyyyy goodddd

  94. Vedran Čuljak

    Vedran Čuljak

    13 napja

    Just wait for "i came from TikTok" comments

  95. onlyarandomusername


    13 napja

    are there difference between italobrothers and italo disco remixes?

  96. the grey alien

    the grey alien

    13 napja

    Love this new song

  97. Marek Baszyński

    Marek Baszyński

    13 napja


  98. PUTERA ESWAAR RapsWags!


    13 napja

    Sounds Like Year 2013,2014...Great

  99. Tristan Glannaz

    Tristan Glannaz

    13 napja

  100. ξlitΞzer Soldierௐ ̈

    ξlitΞzer Soldierௐ ̈

    13 napja

    Could this compete against Blinding lights OR Drivers License!?😃👍👌