Jake Paul Exposed By Bombshell New York Times Article - H3 After Dark # 33

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  1. 听太阳


    4 órája

    Pick up your trash

  2. Rob Elliott

    Rob Elliott

    5 órája

    Just a quick one related to the video imagery..... Jake Paul's grenade tattoo.... Who has ever held a grenade under the pin seems weird and inaccurate and a liitle like a baby hand holding it lol

  3. EarthToLydia


    8 órája

    Dear Keemstar. If you don’t say ‘no’ when someone robs you, it’s still a robbery. If you freeze when someone robs you, it’s still a robbery. If you’re asleep when someone robs you, it’s still a robbery. The same applies to consent. Your take is horse shit.

  4. MyRockstar777


    12 órája

    Jeff is on painkillers.

  5. Jana Mynaříková

    Jana Mynaříková

    15 órája

    be nice to AB !!!!

  6. TINA


    16 órája

    Lmao all of them arguing about wikifeet and Hila saying "you need some food" and "I'm hitting the kill switch" lmfaoo.

  7. Alex Schramm

    Alex Schramm

    16 órája

    The Paul’s are in such denial that they need chef Ramsay

  8. haylee bitch

    haylee bitch

    21 órája

    soooooo shocked that keemstar still has platforms all over the internet. he’s so sick, I really hate seeing him

  9. jaco englander

    jaco englander

    23 órája

    Y'all remind me of my Israeli fam, you guys r so funny.

  10. Dr Delewded

    Dr Delewded


    Professional broadcast delays have always cost $2000-$3000 not $50,000.. I think maybe $2-$3k was too much when they started but now its spare change

  11. Grace Parker

    Grace Parker


    damn based on all these comments i was expecting something bad but ya'll are really jus butthurt over the crew giving each other a hard time lmfaoo people read too much into everything

  12. Brian King

    Brian King


    Jesus this "show" is terrible!!! Let's just hyper focus on how people look

  13. Spencer Burrows

    Spencer Burrows


    Woah the way Dan jumped on Ethan after Hila said don't say that was weird lmao like Dan either hated Ethan or crushes on Hila 😭🤣

  14. lilcthe basedgod

    lilcthe basedgod


    watching them kinda make fun of zac efron completely unaware that he was in a horrible accident and had to have reconstructive surgery on his face is so y’all but do your research

  15. zombievac


    2 napja

    To Hila "Wet Blanket" Klein: We understand you're very nervous about everything now, but recognize that is affecting the show. A fun, comedy podcast can't thrive when you're so scared of everything you won't discuss it, and complain when Ethan does. If you are afraid of something, it's best to face it to some degree and learn about it so that you aren't anymore and can move on intelligently, but if you're not interested in that and you'd rather avoid everything from now on - podcast isn't for you. Getting silly now.

  16. zombievac


    2 napja

    LOL, I never understood why people found Effron attractive at all, but man he's done for now. RIP. Plastic surgery is for idiots.

  17. Earthtear


    2 napja

    Zac Efron most likely got his wisdom teeth removed. It's just swelling.

  18. Sammy Van Heel

    Sammy Van Heel

    2 napja

    Keem is one of the reasons why a lot of white men still have a 1950’s mentality.

  19. Alicia


    2 napja

    Oh boy. Trisha has better chemistry with the guy. (Much prettier too!)

  20. Anna chandra

    Anna chandra

    2 napja

    god zach is obnoxious

  21. Vicky Morriskeen

    Vicky Morriskeen

    2 napja

    Not sure if anyone already mentioned it, but a doctor was saying it looked like Zac just had dental surgery based on the swelling. Only time will tell!

  22. Bubbijs


    2 napja

    I saw all comments about AB getting picked on/disrespected. It took me a few days to finish, but I really do not see the issue. Felt like friends goofing around. He did seem to get a little over it at the end, but sometimes it gets like that when trolling with your friends.

  23. Beyond Seattle Eats

    Beyond Seattle Eats

    2 napja

    Hila, no one wants family friendly H3H3 😂

  24. M C

    M C

    3 napja

    A slice of wood

  25. Lillian Michael

    Lillian Michael

    4 napja

    i feel like they are just a big family like abs the youngest zachs the oldest and ian’s the middle child we forget about sometimes

  26. Calesta Iezu

    Calesta Iezu

    4 napja

    Is that Alfredo that gets all hyped up with Dan in the beginning of the show?

  27. William Turner

    William Turner

    4 napja

    zack is clearly lying lol wtf

  28. Beni B0y

    Beni B0y

    4 napja


  29. Ceron Brothers

    Ceron Brothers

    4 napja


  30. Starr Sheppard

    Starr Sheppard

    4 napja

    Zach literally made this whole podcast embarrassing and tense, and everyone else continued to rag on AB and support Zach

  31. Shankar Sharma

    Shankar Sharma

    4 napja

    Jake 💪💯

  32. Justice James

    Justice James

    4 napja

    Keemstar analogy if you’re being robbed just say no you don’t think that they’re still gonna rob you they don’t give a fuck... Then he goes on to just say no OK many women do you say no and they still get R worded.. and same with men! It’s like he doesn’t understand the basic response to being scared fight flight or freeze these are all normal responses to fear and trauma...

  33. Viceroy3769


    5 napja

    I just imagine the Author of the Article waiting to talk while watching Ethan argue with himself using a Keemstar puppet.

  34. EM_057 M

    EM_057 M

    5 napja

    Even if she could "get away", he still attempted to engage in oral sex without consent. It is really that simple lol.

  35. Laura and Julieta Meza

    Laura and Julieta Meza

    5 napja

    This reminds me of the parents that allowed their kids to live and travel with Michael Jackson

  36. Fawad Fawadi

    Fawad Fawadi

    5 napja

    2:12:00 jack biase 2:14:00 zak biase 2:14:30 Exactly

  37. Max


    5 napja

    This became almost unwatchable with how he was talking to AB

  38. Hernandez Markie

    Hernandez Markie

    5 napja

    Ur bout to get sued and loose everything losers lmao corny ass podcast is finally over

    • Laryssa S

      Laryssa S

      2 napja

      you look like you love off jake paul🤣

    • Laryssa S

      Laryssa S

      2 napja

      why are you here then🤣 straight weirdo. They’re literally going live today

  39. Devil


    5 napja

    Hi janitor

  40. Ivan Lopez

    Ivan Lopez

    5 napja


    • Ivan Lopez

      Ivan Lopez

      5 napja

      Good for him tho

  41. serena gilbert

    serena gilbert

    5 napja

    You and trisha gotta come for keen with all kinds of evidence. Its not super well known, he should NOT have a platform, its going to be so hard to spread awareness about men taking responsibilty and learning how to treat women with people like him spreading such harmful info!

  42. Grace L

    Grace L

    5 napja

    Bro the disrespect towards AB is unsettling at this point....please respect your employees who work hard for you.

  43. Coco Kelly

    Coco Kelly

    5 napja

    anyone else notice how ab (the only poc out of them) is always picked on

  44. teo delfuego

    teo delfuego

    5 napja

    Why do Ethan and Hila try hard to look as ugly as possible? It takes a lot more work for Hila to look bad, obviously

  45. ZuhaLoveMusic


    5 napja

    Tbh it feels like Ethan and Hila love Zach sm, like he's their little nephew and Ab is just a neighbor's annoying kid, you know what i mean? lol they obviously don't wanna admit Zach is in the wrong

  46. troye cara

    troye cara

    5 napja

    Please AB was correct about what an iPad kid is smh

  47. Kayleigh Beere

    Kayleigh Beere

    5 napja

    I want to hear more from AB :(

  48. Amber Davis

    Amber Davis

    6 napja

    Had to pause the video because I couldn't stop staring at that beanie, so I had to go order one.

  49. TwoTimeLime


    6 napja

    keemstar is such a fcking idiot. let's see a man who's training as a fake BOXER has atleast 150 pounds on this girl not to mention how much stronger he definitely is, he could NEVER have forced someone with his own strength to do something. it would have been SO easy for a maybe 110 pound girl to get away

    • TwoTimeLime


      6 napja

      don't mind my angry sarcasm god i hate these people

  50. 2xLexi


    6 napja

    anyone who paid for his fight wanted to watch his teeth go down his throat

  51. Shoshana Glemser

    Shoshana Glemser

    6 napja

    i love you two so much! I was in a car accident on Feb. 14th... yes.. that day! ...and my car caught on fire and I lost everything in my car. The one thing I look forward to is your podcast. I love it so much. I am your biggest fan! can't wait to hear moree.

  52. Rainy Drops

    Rainy Drops

    6 napja

    We have to boost Dans wikifeet

  53. Megan Stoldt

    Megan Stoldt

    6 napja

    in my opinion i don't care about keemstar and wanted to move on just as much as hila

  54. albieri


    6 napja

    The people that cant see the obv schtick between zack and ab is insane to me. Reminding me of the ethan and ian controversy a few years back where all the “fans” miss obvious schtick

  55. James McCluskey

    James McCluskey

    6 napja

    1:46:58 looks like Charlie Manson a few months b4 the murders

  56. Zach B

    Zach B

    6 napja

    Yo we gotta stop the bad vibes towards my man AB

  57. Siddharth Desai

    Siddharth Desai

    6 napja

    Brv, stop with the bad sound effects mann

  58. Kachiri Ross

    Kachiri Ross

    6 napja

    My favourite thing EVER on this got dayum podcast is when Ethan is on a rant, and Zac starts playing dramatic music and the whole crew is like noooo don’t enable him 😂 Zacs sound bites are perfectly timed and hilarious. I love this episode. And FUG KEEMSTAR 😡

    • Raygen Croes

      Raygen Croes

      37 perccel

      Omg i didn’t even notice the music until now it was so perfect

  59. Tacoman 2278

    Tacoman 2278

    6 napja

    Pete Davidson’s sarcasm is great because Jake can’t even tell

  60. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith

    6 napja

    Both sore huh 😏 ok then

  61. Grace Protze

    Grace Protze

    7 napja

    I said no before I lost consciousness. I woke up to him in me. He didn’t stop when I regained consciousness and said stop no again , he only stopped when my dog attacked him.


    7 napja

    Hila looks like the older emo brother in big mouth

  63. Sal Saucy

    Sal Saucy

    7 napja

    Zack gets worse and worse every Podcast tbh. Also, can talk chill with AB lmao. Poor dude is bullied everytime he trys to speak up and as a fan and newest employee, he just takes it rather than defending himself. Edit: with peace and love of course

  64. Erix Flores

    Erix Flores

    7 napja

    Recently, Ethan and Hila preach that creators have a power dynamic on their fans and I find it funny that Ethan and Hila are taking the word of a small creator to try destroy Gokanaru. Of course Shoenice will take side to H3H3 because he is afraid of the repercussions that H3H3 will take against shoenice, and he was promised to be part of the H3H3 crew. Ethan and Hila are such huge pieces of shit who should both take accountability.

  65. Andie Adams

    Andie Adams

    7 napja

    Where is the "he's stealing it" soundbite from?

  66. Cpt Hypnotic

    Cpt Hypnotic

    7 napja

    Ethan is becoming The Foot Fuhrer🙀

  67. Sydney Hayes

    Sydney Hayes

    7 napja


  68. Abdelkader Abuagla

    Abdelkader Abuagla

    7 napja

    “I come from the mud” I’m here days later still laughing

  69. Miranda Rojas

    Miranda Rojas

    7 napja

    Many are speculating that Zac got jaw surgery after an injury & maybe got plastic surgery to reconstruct his face. He also could’ve gotten dental surgery. Can’t judge too harshly.

  70. Julian Haelig

    Julian Haelig

    7 napja

    Ok. Idk if you guys know how mouths work but they have teeth in them. People also have fingernails. If someone is suffocating you with a body part of theirs you can bite it. You could detach it from their body. Easily. You could also scratch the fuck outta them. But none of that happened.

    • Julian Haelig

      Julian Haelig

      7 napja

      @Katia its not trying to say everytime someones sexual advances get rejected they murder someone. How is that what you took away from that theory.

    • Julian Haelig

      Julian Haelig

      7 napja

      I underdtand the psychology of being attacked in an alley at night by one or multiple armed assailants and submitting. But if you are in a public location. Where people can hear you scream and you could easily get the attention of. And its you vs one unarmed person. I would try to fight and get someones attention.

    • Julian Haelig

      Julian Haelig

      7 napja

      She was at a party where there were alot of people. Screaming and fighting and making noise and trying to escape and get someones attention at a party at a youtubers house is safe enough.

    • Katia


      7 napja

      @Julian Haelig so if someone was clawing at you and trying to scratch your eyeballs out, you would just let it happen?? come on, man.

    • Katia


      7 napja

      ​@Julian Haelig look into rejection induced violence... people submit in those situations because they don't want to die.

  71. ferchu chichin

    ferchu chichin

    7 napja

    A gen z staff member is very much needed

  72. meg wyse

    meg wyse

    7 napja

    I love how they say only 16 and under ppl know what an ipad kid is as if most people who commented it are in their 20’s

  73. Indira Ikhsan

    Indira Ikhsan

    7 napja

    I believe AB

  74. Sionnach Psy

    Sionnach Psy

    7 napja

    it's not a cheat day! it's a REWARD day for the hard work and respect you showed yourself and your body :D the addiction probably will stay, these things normally do without deep therapy and soul searching. However, when you strenghten your mind through your body (and forming other good habits), these problems become less heavy to us. peace

  75. Christian Kappelmann

    Christian Kappelmann

    8 napja

    zach efron ain't got shit. looking for a square jaw? it's all about liev schreiber

  76. Caracatita Frumoasa

    Caracatita Frumoasa

    8 napja

    Hila is so beautiful, likeeeeee whaaatt are those genes 😍

  77. Selin AYDINOL

    Selin AYDINOL

    8 napja

    I mute everytime douchestar talks.

  78. Awash xo

    Awash xo

    8 napja

    With peace and love I ask Ethan to be a bit more respectful towords Islam and Muslims fasting and how we wake up for sahoor. Its a holy act and we love ramadan and enjoy fasting. I would appreciate without the rude remarks, I know you don't really understand it.

  79. Justin Holtman

    Justin Holtman

    8 napja

    Fire Dan

    • Sal Saucy

      Sal Saucy

      7 napja

      Dan's the best 💯💯

  80. Zskyler Harden

    Zskyler Harden

    8 napja

    Justin Bieber signing at a jail instead of paying someone bail is cringey

  81. Cara Hope

    Cara Hope

    8 napja

    Ethan you’re absolutely hilarious!! And Hila you’re absolutely gorgeous 💓💓💓 such a power couple ! If anyone knows what Hila uses to get her hair pink lemme know! Such a beautiful color

  82. Monty Brabeau

    Monty Brabeau

    8 napja

    11:35 most generic coffee sip ive ever heard!

  83. David Rivera

    David Rivera

    8 napja

    Hila "I'm not one of those hair person"...

  84. Charsie Luxxx

    Charsie Luxxx

    8 napja

    I think Zac Efron’s plastic surgery makes him look like a young David Hasselhoff now.

  85. Salty Gee

    Salty Gee

    8 napja


  86. Dave Milton

    Dave Milton

    8 napja

    Ethan i've studied management and you're handling conflict badly. stop playing them off of eachother. theyre young. this is content for you but for them it's their worklife

  87. Dave Milton

    Dave Milton

    8 napja

    zachs a liar and i feel AB is far more courtious

  88. L E X I.

    L E X I.

    8 napja

    💀 at the scooby doo sound bite lmao

  89. Zeke Clark

    Zeke Clark

    8 napja

    I would love some time stamps on when they talk about sexual assault and other related news. I think it's great they're shining a light on it, but it's not why I watch this show.

  90. virus56777


    8 napja

    All three. Suckubuss

  91. virus56777


    8 napja

    21:10. Two tellatuby’s. Walk into a room. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮.

  92. Kirsten Reid

    Kirsten Reid

    8 napja

    Jake Paul sounds soo dummmmmb🙄

  93. Michy Says

    Michy Says

    8 napja

    Zac efrons plastic surgery looks awful! He was such a stud before but now he looks crazy!

  94. Ashley Lara

    Ashley Lara

    8 napja

    32:36 sound bite this

  95. Keila Carlos

    Keila Carlos

    8 napja

    Ok so out of topic but Hila's hair looks poppin 😍

  96. King of Carrotflowers

    King of Carrotflowers

    8 napja

    Hila makes the podcast worse. We always have to slow down the pacing because of her English and lack of understanding. She will constantly censor Ethan and for no good reason too.

  97. Biggest Squidd

    Biggest Squidd

    9 napja

    BE NICER TO AB YOU FUCKS edit: with peace and love

  98. CJ Fassl

    CJ Fassl

    9 napja

    2:43:34 best part

  99. Estelo


    9 napja

    I noticed they didn't add AB's tiktok account on the comments bellow lol

  100. Becca Jane

    Becca Jane

    9 napja

    Are we all gonna ignore the fact Zach scored high in the dark triad, psychopathy and machiavellian traits?? He's obviously lying. People with those traits are able to do that effortlessly. I feel so bad for AB, this is not an even argument.