Kevin Love is officially done with basketball💀 Cavs vs Raptors

Kevin Love looks like he’s really done with the Cavs
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  1. MLG Highlights

    MLG Highlights

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    Slam Ball during the social media era would have been crazy😮

    • Zaid Axton

      Zaid Axton

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      @Reid Callan yea, I have been watching on flixzone for since december myself :)

    • Reid Callan

      Reid Callan

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      Pro tip : you can watch movies at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching lots of of movies lately.

    • ARC Services

      ARC Services

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      The boys in Vegas will pay Kevin a visit...

    • Papa Anton

      Papa Anton

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      slam ball is trash!

    • Zaayan Hasan

      Zaayan Hasan

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      when you have first reply to pinned comment: Unlimited Power!

  2. m maj

    m maj


    the league in a nutshell

  3. Just another Pothead

    Just another Pothead

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    Poor love his career was wasted in Cleaveland

  4. Lebron Malakas

    Lebron Malakas


    This is why lebron never want this org

  5. Austin Michael

    Austin Michael

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    Kevin Love's career went downhill the moment Kelly Olynk pulled his arm out of the socket and he's never been the same since. It's a real shame too because with him and Kyrie not going down in game 1 the Cavs would have for sure won that finals.

  6. Cousin Pac

    Cousin Pac

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    hes a bitch

  7. Harry Iguana

    Harry Iguana

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    Why did I think it was Kevin Hart lol

  8. Alvin Beal

    Alvin Beal

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    I don’t feel sorry for him . He should of left when lebron did , but instead he wanted to chase the money instead of more rings now he’s pissed . It’s time for a buyout or trade him next year because he doesn’t wanna play for the cavs anymore, and it’s ok he’s been hurt most of the time anyway . Larry nance can take his minutes he’s younger and has more to prove

  9. Denim Bones

    Denim Bones

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    He has said he has depression so I think we should consider that too

  10. G G

    G G

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    That's not Kevin Love, that's Kevin Hate

  11. Elon Martin

    Elon Martin

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    Blame his metal stability

  12. Mischievous Fish

    Mischievous Fish

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    I hate young refs. So full of ego...why.?? They think they need to prove themselves... They already proved to themselves that they’re not worthy enough to play that’s why they’re refs. They should be lucky to still be apart of the game by wearing the stripes.

  13. Static Surfer

    Static Surfer

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    nah he just doesnt want to be on the Cavs anymore, players be sandbaggin till they get traded nowadays like Harden or Blake

  14. Ronald Rodas-Deleon

    Ronald Rodas-Deleon

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    love is the best honestly

  15. Iso KJ

    Iso KJ

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    Anthony Davis will be next.

  16. Wasted Bread

    Wasted Bread

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    love is a little baby

  17. Rudy Rajab

    Rudy Rajab

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    I guess $120 mil is not enough to motivate him to play proper basketball. If you dont want to play anymore, go work at mcdonalds and earn minimum wage. Kevin love is just a lazy privileged kid.

  18. Velha Guarda Tricolor

    Velha Guarda Tricolor

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    Kevin Love has my utmost respect. He is human and sometimes frustration gets the better of you. Anyone hating on the guy should go straight to hell.

  19. Ariel Reilly

    Ariel Reilly

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    Definitely done with Cleveland!

  20. Lxving Jake

    Lxving Jake

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  21. Efe Uzun

    Efe Uzun

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    Wow thats very rude

  22. Southsideman


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    Some times this how i feel about life........... DONT INJECT THE GENOCIDE JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mister X

    Mister X

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    he never inbounded this one.. the ball just bounced in his body

  24. Bethzaida Lauron

    Bethzaida Lauron

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    Kevin also had a temper tantrum on court last year when he tossed the ball to Cedi Osman.

  25. Noah Gilanshah

    Noah Gilanshah

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    buddy is down terrible lolll

  26. Torbjørn


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    Refs be giving technicals when they catch a pass like that.

  27. Kevin Davis

    Kevin Davis

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    Love knows that the NBA is woke and wants out of politics

  28. Pcorf Creations

    Pcorf Creations

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    Love did play the next game and attempted no shots but had 10 defensive rebounds and an assist in a blowout loss to the Wizards.

  29. Lawrence Reteracion

    Lawrence Reteracion

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    Joining cleveland is your biggest mistake

  30. aleksey aleksey

    aleksey aleksey

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    What a piece of shit

  31. TyTimeIsAwesome


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    Love has always had this sour puss attitude, even when he was in MN. Dude feels entitled when he needs to actually earn that shit first. When he got to CLE, LeBron put him in his place. Now that LBJ is gone, Love can sulk all he wants because "greatness needs greatness".

  32. Officer Mahal

    Officer Mahal

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    He went from star to sub par like over night. I like him and all. That was a shitty miss call and his reaction isnt good. Probably time to hang it up.

  33. iamdalibor


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    No wonder kyrie left the cavs it wasn't because of lbj it was due to LOVE!!!!

  34. Steve S

    Steve S

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    This guy is a liability, a suckup, and would do anything to be noticed off. He is the 5 wheel to a cart -u know what I mean .I wounder y no team wants him LOL

  35. x x

    x x

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    I don't know how much he's getting paid, it's too much.

  36. Colin D

    Colin D

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    The raps won't be in the playoffs for the first time in like 5 years thats crazy im gunna miss them . But that also means possible great draft pick plus the new adjustments this team can still consistently make the eastern final like the days of old when it seemed like it was a given that if LeBron wasn't in the way the raps would be the best team for the east. Clearly and what shcks is that most Americans don't get to see it. Literally on TV or by bias reporting . Or no reporting at all

  37. Hans Aldrin

    Hans Aldrin

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  38. Patrick Neal

    Patrick Neal

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  39. Ty Land

    Ty Land

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    Get paid way too much to pout like a little bit*h. No excuse for Harden doing it, no excuse for Love either.



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    When everyone thought kevin love wss soft at the beginning of his career cuz he shot 3s. Now everyone shoots them. If only he was drafted in the last few years.

  41. Josh Viar

    Josh Viar

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    What a chump 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  42. MJ


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    LaBron recruited Kevin to Cleveland then he leaves. If I'm Kevin I'm upset but he should do it the right way and either play out your contract, seek a trade or a buyout.

  43. Yashuj Kansal

    Yashuj Kansal

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    omg five o run

  44. dastin 1180

    dastin 1180

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    please trade me to boston please

  45. Tyler Holland

    Tyler Holland

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    I know it’s frustrating playing for a really bad team with no sign of getting traded since it’s an almost impossible to find someone who wants him for that much money, but how can you complain when making tens of millions of dollars.

  46. Cortrell Davis

    Cortrell Davis

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    He just wanna play with Lebron again

  47. RichmondRaider


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    mans conflicted...I got no mo game but they giving mo mo money

  48. Jay


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    Let's not act like lebron didnt do Kevin love u get JR but u leave in that situation in Cleveland....that was fucked up

  49. MilkMustaches007


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    The guys has been a stat stuffer his entire life. When games truly mattered he completely disappeared....he's right where he needs to be.

  50. Carter


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    Kevin love is a child

  51. олег Олегович

    олег Олегович

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  52. avatarslayer77 gaming

    avatarslayer77 gaming

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    im surprised the ref didnt give a tech on him giving up

  53. Live From The Motherland

    Live From The Motherland

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    When you bet on the other team

  54. Take This L

    Take This L

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    He is getting paid $30M to do that? give me $10 ill do that everytime. smh... these NBA divas should be suspended without pay or even be banned for a period of time to make them realize how much money is invested by NBA teams, for them to just act like that...

  55. Cz- Baldy

    Cz- Baldy

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    I honestly forgot about him

  56. Terance Mann

    Terance Mann

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    Man this is unacceptable u get paid millions just to play basketball man grow up already Jesus.😂

  57. Marco Andreoni

    Marco Andreoni

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    He choosed money with the Cavs ecause he already knew about his problems with anxiety and stress. Mentally he wasn't Chris Bosh so he shouldn't have left the t-wolves so young. He could have been one of the strongest player in THIS League for the way he was playing at Minneapolis. On the other hand, he would not have a ring right now so....i stay with his actual choice...he doesn't need to force a buyout and run in the (maybe) next Nba Champions at the end of his career to win (maybe) ho FIRST ring

  58. D G

    D G

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    My guy was left stranded in Cleveland 😂😂😂

  59. internet jeff

    internet jeff

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    Alright comment section, let’s see what you got.

  60. Alisha Krishanthan

    Alisha Krishanthan

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    He made an apology apparently lol

  61. Dave H

    Dave H

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    Life is kicking his ass

  62. Carlos Concepcion-Taylor

    Carlos Concepcion-Taylor

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    Yo kev give back the money if you don’t want to play anymore don’t be a bitch

  63. RayLove91


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    fine him for that

  64. Salih Selamih

    Salih Selamih

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    When you also realise that referee also throws ball like start already.

  65. Anthony Clark

    Anthony Clark

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    Kevin is clearly done with this losing shit. I wonder how he feels about LeBron tricking him into taking a 5 year deal, only for him to leave him sitting there having to suffer through the losing, and mediocre Basketball. Then it can't be good for his Mental Health issues that he deals with. He can't get traded because of the Money that he makes, and they didn't buy him out. He's like "screw this, I'm done".

  66. Jimmy


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    i willing to switch job with him

  67. Raging Tomato

    Raging Tomato

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    come to brooklyn kevin love - Shelter for washed players - reward: free ring

  68. Louis Freeman

    Louis Freeman

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    Poor guy only gets 30 million a year😉

  69. 813. david

    813. david

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    I watched this game in person n he was horrible I think he made one 3

  70. Wicked Arts

    Wicked Arts

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    When you miss lebron🤣🤣🤣🤣

  71. James Simmons

    James Simmons

    10 napja

    Yeah its time to trade Kevin.......he just don't give a fuck anymore

    • Benjamin NIc Li

      Benjamin NIc Li

      10 napja

      The Cavs have tried but he's expensive garbage right now. Love doesn't wanna get a buyout like Andre Drummond or Blake Griffin did either.

  72. Toner Yang

    Toner Yang

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    Crybaby ass

  73. HOT SEAT


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    Kevin Love: why..... am I STILL HERE?!

  74. Dark Coffee

    Dark Coffee

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    Get out, loser.

  75. saggers59


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    From The Stop to The Strop

  76. Udonkuku Sam

    Udonkuku Sam

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    Kevin is a wonderful player, he was having a bad I imagine. Hope he's well.

  77. epiccollision


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    He’s mad because he thought he got shoved but what he didn’t realize was that he was just in the way and the play wasn’t about him so that’s why there was no foul called because he was just in the fucking way hey Kevin Love get out of the fucking way and people won’t shove you…also fuck punctuation

  78. cedie p0tp0t

    cedie p0tp0t

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    He just needs to be in a better team

  79. Severin Pasqual Mettler

    Severin Pasqual Mettler

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    like a child. he never was elite not even. close a good player. just a wasted carrier with his mentality he has to retire asap. life long overrated just a silly poor boi never grows up lmao

  80. SWFL Fishing

    SWFL Fishing

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    That makes at least 2 of us

  81. Lewis martin

    Lewis martin

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    I don't care i.m here for the money these suckers are paying me.

  82. Araldur


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  83. Araldur


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    He lost the passion for life...

  84. WAKEUP718NYC


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    i have to be the only one that forgot about kevin love lol



    10 napja

    K love looked at the reff like he got one mo time to numb me before I beat him lol

  86. MarcusDionisios


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    Kevin no Love

  87. bigbraz


    10 napja

    I was going to say that the headline was click bait but NOPE, they nailed that shit.

  88. Brown Recidivist

    Brown Recidivist

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    Reminds me of when I mentally checked out of my relationship with my ex white girlfriend lol

  89. 心,heart


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    Kevin love?

  90. Mama Mama1144

    Mama Mama1144

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    Trade Kevin love for Rudy gay fair trade for a gaylove

  91. Alex G

    Alex G

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    He needs a new team to find that spark again.

  92. Sagar Thapa

    Sagar Thapa

    10 napja

    love he is a great player.. he should get out of cavs and join some any championship team.. he still can play basketball

  93. Yua


    10 napja

    He has LeBron to thank.



    10 napja

    That look and gesture of Kevin Love to the ref says "you like that? easy basket!"

  95. paul jones

    paul jones

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    Love was high 😂

  96. MrManuel7474


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    “Alright, imma head out”

  97. hurley3000gt


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    "BETRAYAL" - Halo Voice

  98. Kitt's Achievement Archive

    Kitt's Achievement Archive

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    "shoved in the back".. i scratch harder than that, maybe players could stop flopping on everything, fucking pussies

  99. Neil Armstrong : Minutes Before Landing Colorized

    Neil Armstrong : Minutes Before Landing Colorized

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    This is just sad

  100. Jackson Lowe

    Jackson Lowe

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    I like love but what foul? Gillespie didn’t push him he bumped into him a push you have to extend your arms and he didn’t