Klaus vs the World Champion, Jojo, with Mass Valks in Clash of Clans!

Klaus takes on the defending World Champion, Jojo, in an EPIC finale of Town Hall 13! These players coming with with mass valks, headhunters and hero walk attacks!
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  1. CarbonFin Gaming

    CarbonFin Gaming

    28 napja

    Click this to use my creator code in the game ✅ link.clashofclans.com/en?action=SupportCreator&id=CarbonFin ✅

    • Marc Jiems Alindogan

      Marc Jiems Alindogan

      22 napja

      Done supporting you sir CarbonFin! 😊😊😊

    • Apex Predator

      Apex Predator

      22 napja

      @Wyatt Enge i have written klaus see properly

    • FaZe Ketou

      FaZe Ketou

      22 napja

      Why do you say Jojo as yoyo

    • Wyatt Enge

      Wyatt Enge

      24 napja

      Its klaus not claws

    • Apex Predator

      Apex Predator

      27 napja

      Dont show this video where klaus lost becauz he cant lose




    Yoyo 😭😭

  3. Ahsan Rajpoot

    Ahsan Rajpoot

    3 napja

    Klaus three times fails

  4. Immortal Clans Gaming

    Immortal Clans Gaming

    4 napja

    Best Strategy I ever seen before

  5. Asiivei Lanah

    Asiivei Lanah

    7 napja

    Klaus is the king of coc ❤️

  6. JorVanne


    7 napja

    Yo-yo lol

  7. XYZ ABC


    11 napja

    lalo 23 idiot attck

  8. Chris Hall

    Chris Hall

    12 napja

    Both guys obviously using 3rd party software to cheat as my troops never go as good as theres

  9. TheLelockie


    12 napja

    legend says klaus can 3 star without troops

  10. Kael Zeus

    Kael Zeus

    13 napja

    I wonder how infuriated Jojo is every time these guys pronounce his name as Yoyo.

    • CarbonFin Gaming

      CarbonFin Gaming

      13 napja

      Ask him, you pronounce it as Yoyo. That’s how you say it in German

  11. Dr. rasel

    Dr. rasel

    15 napja

    This is not your Day Klaus.. sad

  12. Tony Wang

    Tony Wang

    15 napja

    Jojo reminds me of the bizarre adventure 🤣excited for this legendary war attacks 3:58 RIP the super archers 5:23 need 10sec more finish off 5:45 no more Golem wiarzd but (super) valkyrie bats? 6:17 Yeah seldom see Klaus using healers 8:30 insane 3 stars attack from Klaus saving a invis spell(Klaus requires a big nerf)10:21 although invis spell is used the air defence still damaging the healers10:54 too many infernals firing at the same time🤣11:02 healers are unfortunately destroyed by the infernals and scatter shot11:30 a little assistance from the super archer helps to take down the scatter11:53unlucky no a time failure for Jojo but threes14:24 Warden definitely MVP of this attack 14:48 unpredictably Klaus only did one star(no way, gg) 15:30 Klaus apparently losing for now in terms of the number of stars18:30good attempt with 26 headhunters (as long as it’s creative lol)yeah it’s difficult to predict what Klaus will be using, batch attack or something else? 21:40 more than 500hundred years lmao 22:32 (drop warden) do a warden walk with some healers 24:39 bruhhh looks how Jojo keeps his 4 hero’s alive with full health point🤙28:03 gg(time failed once again)29:54 op wizards(go for the 3) 31:57 perfectly freezed the air sweep 34:04 take one miner and maybe switch the skeleton spell to either freeze or invis 35:01 congrats to Jojo for winning the prize

  13. TwisteR


    16 napja

    2:13 here we go!

  14. Sujoy Barua

    Sujoy Barua

    19 napja

    Rip head hunters 🤣 Waste of time lmao

  15. Theofilus AndryKristiono

    Theofilus AndryKristiono

    19 napja

    Suport bang skot bro for claser

  16. ateş dağlı

    ateş dağlı

    19 napja


  17. Friendly Yt

    Friendly Yt

    19 napja

    Klaus is the bestest ever clash of clans player

  18. Noah Rosenthal

    Noah Rosenthal

    21 napja

    lev 5 morters why

  19. Ren 451

    Ren 451

    21 napja

    Its jojo not yoyo

  20. I Kadek Wibawa

    I Kadek Wibawa

    21 napja

    apa cuma gw yg dari indonesia

  21. Fouad Noor

    Fouad Noor

    22 napja

    Klaus can one star !! Wow

  22. Yhlas Han

    Yhlas Han

    22 napja

    Hemmaniz zaya

  23. Yhlas Han

    Yhlas Han

    22 napja

    Hemmaniz ejenizn ammmiii

  24. Sean747


    22 napja

    Klaus: th14 troll time

  25. Akash T

    Akash T

    22 napja

    I think jojo is the best player in the world

  26. Legend Santosh

    Legend Santosh

    22 napja

    Brother help mee to max out my base

  27. Urek Mazino

    Urek Mazino

    22 napja

    Nonton BangSkot aja

  28. RAINEER's YT


    22 napja

    It's balloon for me hahahah it takes 500 years to go😂😂😂

  29. Hyper Man

    Hyper Man

    22 napja

    It is Jojo ryt not yoyo

  30. Buhok yan!

    Buhok yan!

    22 napja

    All base of klaus was simple to get 3Star.

  31. Bayern 4Life

    Bayern 4Life

    23 napja

    Who's yoyo? Jojo?

  32. AY Y2

    AY Y2

    23 napja

    What's the big deal bruh???26 headhunters and you're screaming like you've won a million dollar lottery lmaooo 😂😂😂

  33. Aniket


    23 napja

    He's reaction was too much for the video

  34. Hache


    23 napja

    Me cague de risa cuando vi 26 cazadoras xd

  35. Krazie


    24 napja

    Vin u have got an ugly Voice

  36. Jaden YJ Teng

    Jaden YJ Teng

    24 napja

    It seemed that you side with klaus, literally every remark u make seems like you only wants klaus to win

  37. Chibaba Beam

    Chibaba Beam

    25 napja

    There's 6 builders

  38. Aman Gaming

    Aman Gaming

    25 napja

    Klaus did this for thumbnail 😺

  39. Tamil Clasher

    Tamil Clasher

    25 napja

    Challenge sumit007

  40. Isham


    25 napja

    Please do vale vs klaus

  41. one-eyed willy

    one-eyed willy

    25 napja

    Man great content Carbon.. always on point.. gotta say that's the first time I've ever seen Klaus put up a 1🌟.. that's the thing with super archers, you can 1 star easily

  42. savage world of memes

    savage world of memes

    26 napja

    Told ya JoJo is gonna win

  43. deep words deep mind

    deep words deep mind

    26 napja

    Good game also visit to my channel 😊🙂😊

  44. Wahyu Purnomo

    Wahyu Purnomo

    26 napja

    I will wait until Bumn vs Klaus

  45. Andris Pőcze

    Andris Pőcze

    26 napja

    Pls Vale vs Klaus!!

  46. SamgaminG


    26 napja

    Stop overacting dude 😑😑

  47. lij SENPAI

    lij SENPAI

    26 napja

    these are so entertaining lol



    26 napja


  49. Hokage


    26 napja

    Klaus from??? Jojo from??

  50. Stray God

    Stray God

    26 napja

    Yo yo or jo jo?

  51. Martina Chawngthu

    Martina Chawngthu

    27 napja

    i am new in coc now i am th 10 i need some guide in attack,i cant 3 * need some help can u show please

  52. KumaraGuru Nadaraja

    KumaraGuru Nadaraja

    27 napja

    Klaus is a genius player but he always try to show off.. That's why so many time fails.. Jojo no words to say.. He is clearly the worlds best Coc player currently.



    27 napja

    Jojo better than klaus

  54. Whiterun Gaurd

    Whiterun Gaurd

    27 napja

    JO JO no jojo fans here?

  55. Soham Mayekar

    Soham Mayekar

    27 napja

    Match up synthe and klaus ✌

  56. Soham Mayekar

    Soham Mayekar

    27 napja

    chlos 😟

  57. Abigail Mitchell

    Abigail Mitchell

    27 napja

    The woebegone interviewer additonally frighten because elephant optically program off a yielding distributor. happy, adorable appliance

  58. Ghost Spparow

    Ghost Spparow

    27 napja

    Klaus is COC God..🤩😘

  59. Ahsan Rajpoot

    Ahsan Rajpoot

    27 napja

    No doubt both good and great but klaus is better than jojo he is legendary player

  60. choudhary gaming

    choudhary gaming

    27 napja

    Klaus vs sumit007 sumit is winner

  61. Arhum Elahi

    Arhum Elahi

    27 napja

    Klaus is still the best player in the world

  62. Schwatzen zero

    Schwatzen zero

    27 napja

    Where's those people saying they should ban Klaus in tournament?

  63. Avi Alok

    Avi Alok

    27 napja

    I have a hacker in my clan (coc) who always abuses everyone, we kick him, he again joins our clan and doe same thing. We all reported him but nothing happens. What can i do, no one in the clan invites him as i have seen by demoting each and everyone of them. Please tell what should i do or he'll ruin my whole clan. BTW he cant join when the clan is full.

  64. Apex Predator

    Apex Predator

    27 napja

    Kluas can't be defeated

  65. Don Jacob

    Don Jacob

    27 napja

    Hahaha 500 years

  66. Glitter-Pixie T

    Glitter-Pixie T

    27 napja

    I love both of this clans Queen walkers and atn. Attax but klause is a legend 😎 next time gaku stars vale also.

  67. Yujiro Limbo

    Yujiro Limbo

    27 napja

    Who won this war please tell me

  68. Captain LVY

    Captain LVY

    27 napja

    Both are legends

  69. Harsh Kar

    Harsh Kar

    27 napja

    Who would like to see Klaus vs Vale next?

  70. Ronel Bautista

    Ronel Bautista

    27 napja

    sorry but 150$ is not a price . 😂

  71. Pc Hminga

    Pc Hminga

    27 napja


  72. What's Up Everybody

    What's Up Everybody

    27 napja

    I heard Supercell nerfed Klaus in this patch.

  73. Lakshya Vajpayee

    Lakshya Vajpayee

    27 napja

    Make a video with lex as well

  74. Kalpit Arya

    Kalpit Arya

    27 napja

    Here the reign of Klaus come to an end...

  75. Kalpit Arya

    Kalpit Arya

    27 napja

    For the first time seen Klaus getting trolled....

  76. Lil Boozi

    Lil Boozi

    27 napja

    No one is skipping this video. Every attack will be entertaining.

  77. ANTS Plantation

    ANTS Plantation

    27 napja

    *If klaus starts to lalo = No chance of winning*

  78. A_B_N___ AL_Basra

    A_B_N___ AL_Basra

    27 napja

    Carbonfin please share this base in description

  79. Greg_Beasty


    27 napja

    Dropping you 10 creator supports in game from me Clan Bored as shi1t keep up the vids I

  80. fadli reza

    fadli reza

    27 napja

    It would be nice to see Wei (Darkest Muzhan) and Vale (Atn.aTTax) both MVP for Clash Championship challenge. Keep it up Carbon. Your no 1 fan from Malaysia.

  81. Basic Grammar Police-_-

    Basic Grammar Police-_-

    27 napja

    6:02 mass valk attack by Klaus

    • Ashutosh Rane

      Ashutosh Rane

      20 napja


  82. #Piston 70CC

    #Piston 70CC

    27 napja

    Googoggo jojo23..

  83. Mukesh Sivaraju

    Mukesh Sivaraju

    27 napja

    Bro we need still more challenges with Klaus

  84. Yash Shah

    Yash Shah

    27 napja

    klaus scored 3 back to back 94% , lol calculated

  85. One Basyir

    One Basyir

    27 napja


  86. Christian Espino

    Christian Espino

    27 napja

    2 legendary player has faced.💪😍😍

  87. Anup Barua

    Anup Barua

    27 napja

    next itzu vs klaus vs stephenie

  88. Staz


    27 napja

    They are somthing else

  89. Mr Invincible clash

    Mr Invincible clash

    27 napja

    Klaus is best

  90. EjQo ClashOn

    EjQo ClashOn

    27 napja

    Klaus 🙆‍♀️💪👏

  91. Kian hoo

    Kian hoo

    27 napja

    Jojo actually almost tripled with all those swag super archers!!!

  92. Electrifying Rock

    Electrifying Rock

    28 napja

    Klaus didn't play good in this tournament

  93. Electrifying Rock

    Electrifying Rock

    28 napja

    He is jojo not yoyo

  94. Gaming Pour les pauvres

    Gaming Pour les pauvres

    28 napja

    give enough credit to jojo for the heros charge and change the title please

  95. deanDros


    28 napja

    Bro u need to learn some words notice u always kind of speechless...wht is going how u do this

  96. Emir Ismani

    Emir Ismani

    28 napja

    klaus: who can beat me jojo: joined the chat 😂😂😂😂

  97. Deepak Tallang

    Deepak Tallang

    28 napja

    Fact: Klaus is responsible for all d pro's brain that such ignored army can also triple in th13. Tnz to him he made coc more entertaining.

  98. Riram Mater3

    Riram Mater3

    28 napja

    Over acting reaction 😂😂😂

  99. moec alhamady

    moec alhamady

    28 napja

    Klaus sucks u give over rate him

  100. asdf ghjkl

    asdf ghjkl

    28 napja

    Honestly, this is how this games is meant to be played.