Lando Norris drives the MCL35M at Silverstone

How many cameras is too many cameras? Watch Lando take to the track in our newest challenger at filming day. #SendIt
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  1. Celeritate7


    6 napja

    Top left angle is fckin siiiick!! 😍😍

  2. cartoonfoxes


    8 napja

    Lando got me hooked on F1. Looking forward to watching the 2021 season from #4's on-board camera.

  3. Taylah Miles

    Taylah Miles

    9 napja

    Good luck lando all th best👍e team effort with Dan wins Titles love from Australia QLDer

  4. Taylah Miles

    Taylah Miles

    9 napja

    Hey Nico Ricardo is way to nice to be your teammate 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺👍

  5. Θωμάς Λούκας

    Θωμάς Λούκας

    9 napja

    Lando Norris my favourite driver in f1 lando is very cool. McLAREN is very cool

  6. Spore Hux

    Spore Hux

    10 napja

    Can anyone explain the testing rules properly, is this considered "testing", does it count towards their maximum testing distance/hours etc ? , how is it even enforced.

  7. John mark Jumawan

    John mark Jumawan

    10 napja


  8. Arianne Carrillo

    Arianne Carrillo

    10 napja

    cool shots!

  9. Vitordaf27


    10 napja

    Mercedes engine fells good, expect very good races this seasons, maybe win or wins

  10. Donovan Kruser

    Donovan Kruser

    11 napja

    Maggots and Becketts 😭😭😭 flat in the rain

  11. Charlie Mainprize

    Charlie Mainprize

    11 napja

    F1 engine sounds making a comeback???

  12. pluvillion


    11 napja

    The upper-left footage looks like it was taken straight from F1 2020. I can't wait to actually get to drive this car myself in F1 2021!

  13. DaniMacYo


    11 napja

    I want the F1 2021 game now I need to drive this beauty!

  14. Callum Burton

    Callum Burton

    12 napja

    Good video dude.😃👍

  15. Paul Julian Gazmen

    Paul Julian Gazmen

    12 napja

    I hope Mclaren read this comment link a wallpaper pf Mcl35m for mobile and desktop

  16. Abhijit Deo

    Abhijit Deo

    12 napja

    You can see how the aerodynamic is working on the car.

  17. Walter Blanc

    Walter Blanc

    12 napja

    That clutch needs working on?

  18. Cloud Chaser

    Cloud Chaser

    12 napja

    Cool Helmet grahics

  19. Franwl96


    12 napja

    Orange Mercedes

  20. mastermarsh03


    12 napja

    5 second time penalty for speeding in the pit lane

  21. Ian Davidson

    Ian Davidson

    12 napja

    You got a drivers program?

  22. Hellomynameisnevermind


    12 napja

    So happy that I finally have some new F1 content to enjoy instead of “WiLl HaMiLtOn Re-SiGn?!?”

  23. Raheel Ahmed

    Raheel Ahmed

    12 napja


  24. Kyen Van strijdonck

    Kyen Van strijdonck

    12 napja

    Aaaaah mclaren with mercedes engine

  25. Shih Tzu Fan

    Shih Tzu Fan

    12 napja

    Looking and sounds awesome.

  26. Gery Satriawan

    Gery Satriawan

    12 napja

    Now i can't unsee the 4 between L and N

  27. Travel Guy

    Travel Guy

    12 napja

    @McLaren I’ve been a McLaren fan since 1986 when I started watching F1. I’m so looking forward to this season! I’m hoping to see you guys at Hungaroring this year. I’ve been going to a different race each year supporting you guys.

  28. Daniel Riggiardo

    Daniel Riggiardo

    13 napja

    Hope the new plant in the back of Lando's rigg can launch him up the grid this season, right in behind my guy, Danny Ric

  29. Johannes Somera

    Johannes Somera

    13 napja

    Daniel's gonna eat this fool. After his contract expires he will get kicked and Merc will get him after Bottas contract expires believe me

  30. Bow 4rrow

    Bow 4rrow

    13 napja


  31. white ttlove

    white ttlove

    13 napja

    mercedes engine?

  32. Cheeseburger


    13 napja

    Felt like I was on zoom call.

  33. Just Max

    Just Max

    13 napja

    It doesnt sound like a Mercedes

  34. Sefa Eker

    Sefa Eker

    13 napja

    Daniel Avocado & Mango Norris. One of the best teammates ever.

  35. Redge Diakité

    Redge Diakité

    13 napja

    They have better mic then the FIA WE THE PEOPLE NEED THOSE AND NOT THE ONES ON TELEVISION. You can hear the wastegate and all

  36. Eski Türk Dili DR. Hasan İSİ

    Eski Türk Dili DR. Hasan İSİ

    13 napja

    Mercedes engine 👏

  37. Bartoshec


    13 napja

    This car will be a beast in the Rain, considering how stable it is on those wet kerbs

  38. bq


    13 napja

    bottom right camera is so weird xD

  39. Sparda


    13 napja

    That’s so cool

  40. Mark Patterson

    Mark Patterson

    13 napja

    No holding back (well tiny bit) impressive. looking good for a few podiums

  41. Bob Johal

    Bob Johal

    13 napja


  42. isaac gaming 21

    isaac gaming 21

    13 napja

    The best sound for the best V6 engine normally they sounds horrible

  43. Gel Mir

    Gel Mir

    13 napja

    Is this car capable of executing "Scenario 7"?

  44. sean murphy

    sean murphy

    13 napja

    Looking good

  45. t.aaron41


    13 napja

    I know its not full beans but im more impressed with how glued to the track it looks 👀

  46. fastcougar3200


    13 napja

    "-Lando, it's James!" "-Noooooooooooo!"

  47. martini668


    13 napja

    McLaren Mercedes combo is back

  48. Daviketchun Tsuki Midnight

    Daviketchun Tsuki Midnight

    13 napja

    this noise from the Mercedes engine is very good :0

  49. Angelita Felicia

    Angelita Felicia

    13 napja


  50. Zsolt Kőrösi

    Zsolt Kőrösi

    13 napja

    1:55 How does him moving his head affects the audio?

  51. Josh Allingham

    Josh Allingham

    13 napja

    Cannot wait to see Lando sending it this year

  52. John Faulkner

    John Faulkner

    13 napja

    That new propeller works really good now in the wet!

  53. RandomReverseRoom


    13 napja

    Wind is the new engine noise

  54. Darrell Peters

    Darrell Peters

    13 napja

    I can't wait for the season to start! This just makes it harder to wait!

  55. Dany B

    Dany B

    13 napja

    The papaya orange is the best color on Mclarens

  56. Nikola Kirs

    Nikola Kirs

    13 napja

    Ricciardo..... Lando is faster then you.... 💪✌️👍

  57. Bubbles • trikronika

    Bubbles • trikronika

    13 napja

    Can't wait for the season to start 🙏

  58. Ram Jammer

    Ram Jammer

    13 napja

    So stable through Becketts. Gonna win races this year McLaren 👍

  59. Tyler Shepcar

    Tyler Shepcar

    13 napja

    All we need now is a v10 engine in the back of it and everyone will be happy!

  60. Calladan Algate

    Calladan Algate

    14 napja

    Is it just me or does that look quite quick for a wet track on full wet tires

  61. Júlia Barroso

    Júlia Barroso

    14 napja

    the engine sounds sooo good, the excitement just gets bigger

  62. Ed Mcdanza

    Ed Mcdanza

    14 napja

    Not need for the bottom screens

  63. FranK


    14 napja

    wow, almost sounds like a race car now.

  64. CecDog3


    14 napja

    This car sounds so MEAN! 🔥

  65. Aizat Sham

    Aizat Sham

    14 napja

    First time clearly hearing a wastegate action going. Noice.

  66. Robert Young

    Robert Young

    14 napja

    @McLaren Yep, definitely related to Chuck Norris.

  67. CeeDee91


    14 napja

    You can barely hear the blow off valve. But its amazing

  68. AtrolinK


    14 napja

    Wait, is that the new 2020 car?

  69. Martin Grindberg

    Martin Grindberg

    14 napja

    This engine man god put it in spotify or something for that is insane

  70. Dean De

    Dean De

    14 napja

    лыбится сидит)

  71. Ritwik Mohan

    Ritwik Mohan

    14 napja

    Mark my words "McLaren is going to give a tough competition to RedBull"...

  72. Luke


    14 napja

    McLaren is my new favourite team. Especially now that Daniels there, and the car looks great.👀

  73. Hudson Barker-Dix

    Hudson Barker-Dix

    14 napja

    The engine sounds amazing!!😎🏎

  74. Bogdan Gruia

    Bogdan Gruia

    14 napja

    He's moving up&down side to side like a rollercoaster

  75. Josephat Okora

    Josephat Okora

    14 napja

    The car looks really good already.

  76. Dieter Müller

    Dieter Müller

    14 napja

    Nice ... He went for the full circuit. Not the short version.

  77. KiRA Gaming

    KiRA Gaming

    14 napja

    my favorite team McLaren

  78. KiRA Gaming

    KiRA Gaming

    14 napja

    Mclaren Merces sound

  79. Alessandro Spenga

    Alessandro Spenga

    14 napja

    Those camera angles look way better than F1's

  80. Nahi Hai

    Nahi Hai

    14 napja

    Lando will humble Ricciardo

  81. mrawesomelemons


    14 napja

    I don't know if it's the angle or the wind noise but that looks way quicker than I've ever seen it before!

  82. Ahmad Yassin

    Ahmad Yassin

    14 napja

    Alonso I want this engine 😍

  83. Goat Max

    Goat Max

    14 napja

    sound of champion!

  84. fablewalls


    14 napja

    So how did he feel the car handled compared to last year's car? How did Danny feel the McLaren compared to his Renault - so much data we will only hear about later in the season. Guess McLaren don't want to give too many secrets away just yet...

  85. Andras Keynote

    Andras Keynote

    14 napja

    That Mercedes engine fits Mclaren perfectly though

  86. Nexti


    14 napja

    We need cameras like this in normal races :))

  87. Sha Gov

    Sha Gov

    14 napja

    Is just me or is she giving us W11 energy

  88. Виталий Galacticos

    Виталий Galacticos

    14 napja

    сделайте всех в этом году!!!

  89. Another F1 YouTuber

    Another F1 YouTuber

    14 napja

    How did they guess the angle i use in the game

  90. Jorennetje


    14 napja

    These onboard cameras should be on tv during the races. The resolution and angle of the cameras are much better than the original T cams on tv

  91. Jorge Ferreira

    Jorge Ferreira

    14 napja

    00:24 those are some harsh gear changes. Beautiful engine sound lads!

  92. Paul Behrens

    Paul Behrens

    14 napja

    What's the team's thought on the power unit thus far?

  93. IronJellyYT


    14 napja

    Top left corner is how I have my onboard camera in the game

  94. K3TARA


    14 napja

    "Hey... ive seen this one before" "what do you mean? It's brand new!"

  95. Valentin Haita

    Valentin Haita

    14 napja

    Good luck !

  96. OperationFoxley19441


    14 napja

    "it's Friday then, it's Saturday, Sunday, What!!!?

  97. Der Sebbler

    Der Sebbler

    14 napja

    That wastewater while doing the start 😍

  98. mopslikvonstein


    14 napja

    when you are too lazy to edit your footage into a video so you just dump it all in

  99. Taufiq Alim

    Taufiq Alim

    14 napja

    what a beautiful turbo sound..

  100. Minh Nguyen Ba

    Minh Nguyen Ba

    14 napja

    Awesome to see the load shift between the front wheels at Copse, Maggotts, Becketts and Chapel...😍