LEGO Hidden Side Mini Movies 2020 Compilation | Full Animated Episodes 1-9

Watch the first nine episodes of LEGO Hidden Side - Face Your Fears and discover the Hidden Side today!
Parker - Amelia Clover
Jack, Archibald, Jonas. Jr - Corey Krueger
JB, Nanny Mamali - LC Curci
Douglas, Captain Jonas, Chef Silento - William Kasten
Bawa Bat, Biker Joey - Andy Alberto
Spewer, Biker Dwayne - Michael Johnson
Worker Nana - Paige Mount
Worker Billy - Alex Stevens
Mason - Chris Molinary
Dr Drewell - Paul Edwards
Nibbs - Bruce Baker
Lady E - Lindsey Alena
Supervising Director
Zac Moncrief
Exec Producers
Joshua R. Wexler
Sanjee K. Gupta
Jill Wilfert
Tommy Andreasen
Robert Fewkes
Keith Malone
Laura Jackloski
Vicky Kjaer Jensen
Ishani Priyamvada
Associate Producer
Michael D. Black
Lila Scott
Full cast, credits and episodes:
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