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  1. Aubrey McLean

    Aubrey McLean

    2 órája

    Vampires Suck is a better Twilight parody tho 😂

    • Aubrey McLean

      Aubrey McLean


      Not a recommendation for a video, just watch it for your own entertainment 😀

  2. fatequi


    4 órája

    dylan stretching his headphones way too far before putting them on makes me nervous

  3. Margaret Baldwin

    Margaret Baldwin

    5 órája

    dude u know what would’ve been a good twist is if the popular girl actually was a vampire and she was trying to divert attention👀

  4. Margaret Baldwin

    Margaret Baldwin

    5 órája

    dylan’s novel is my most anticipated release of 2070☺️

  5. Golde


    7 órája

    the main guy reminds me of my every witch way phase that he was in. that show was good

  6. Golde


    7 órája

    i remember watching this movie on nickelodeon when i was 7

  7. Mariam haitham

    Mariam haitham

    8 órája

    Please react to the first and last episodes of the originals, or continue watching tvd

  8. Shaun Williamson

    Shaun Williamson

    8 órája

    He is actually Australian and he was in this Australian movie called Emo The Musical and I know you don’t take requests but... Please?

  9. idk what to call ir

    idk what to call ir

    16 órája

    We want 17 again tho

  10. Llana Clark

    Llana Clark

    16 órája

    as an Australian, you didnt have the accent even for a second.

  11. shay reacts

    shay reacts


    Who else when watching Dylan’s video all you pay attention to is his perfect beautiful white teeth 😭

  12. AK - 07PM 768906 Tomken Road MS

    AK - 07PM 768906 Tomken Road MS


    You should watch pride and prejudice

  13. Debbie



    Beating himself up for celebrating predicting a Nickelodeon movie LOL On point!

  14. MimiDicious


    2 napja

    Wow, this somehow reminds me of the book “Bloodthirsty” by Flynn Meaney!

  15. hermione lawrence

    hermione lawrence

    2 napja

    Please watch “EMO the musical” - it’s got the same actor but it’s even more cringe 😂

  16. N Sharma

    N Sharma

    2 napja

    Maybe next could be Safe haven (unless he's done it already)? 🤔😅

  17. InfinitexxJenni


    3 napja

    LISTEN not necessarily a suggestion buttttttttttt .. should deff watch 17 again :)

  18. Chhavi notme

    Chhavi notme

    3 napja

    I CANT BELIEVE YOU HAVENT YET WATCHED your name engraved herein

  19. Elani Arkady

    Elani Arkady

    3 napja

    "I'm in for a little bit of stupid." 🤣

  20. Cael J. Harden

    Cael J. Harden

    3 napja

    “What did I just do with my tongue?” Idk… but .. do it again 😏😍

  21. Hey Jamie

    Hey Jamie

    3 napja

    13:22 - 13:27 this is the exact same noise one of my clients dogs makes when we play tuggers with her toy

  22. Hey Jamie

    Hey Jamie

    3 napja

    “Stop! Stop showing her! Cause I don’t know what she’s thinking!” Sooooo you mean, like Edward when he first saw Bella? Hello...

  23. Robyn Burson

    Robyn Burson

    4 napja

    watch Outerbanks

  24. Saif


    4 napja

    bro is she reading nietzsche???

  25. T. Chaka

    T. Chaka

    4 napja

    "Beat his ass with your pipe" I'M CRYYING XD

  26. brielle lowe

    brielle lowe

    4 napja

    why is nobody talking about the scene where the blonde confronts him in the woods. literally twlight v2.

  27. Samu _

    Samu _

    5 napja

    Omg, this is where Betty's sister went to 🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🏄🏄🏄🏄🛍️🛍️🛍️💆💆💆🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

  28. Lily White

    Lily White

    5 napja

    tfw, the movie is so cringe you have to take a break from the reaction vid :/

  29. Molly Parker

    Molly Parker

    6 napja

    This is totally twilight. I was willing to ignore everything else until the woods scene where she said "say it, out loud" because that is literally an exact scene from twilight

  30. Molly Parker

    Molly Parker

    6 napja

    "He's got a good set offf.....facial bones..constructed in a.... pleasing way" I am dead because it is just so accurate

  31. Trulyyoursxoxo !

    Trulyyoursxoxo !

    6 napja

    This movie was so horrible

  32. Trey Dowling

    Trey Dowling

    6 napja

    Best his ass with your pipe best thing dyalan said this video

  33. Gloria Lemke

    Gloria Lemke

    6 napja

    This has nothing to do with the video but during the audible bit, the bible in a year came up and it completely caught me off guard because my mom is obsessed with it. She talks to me about it all the time and I was not expecting Dylan to advertise it to me too 😂

  34. Eden


    6 napja

    your instant regret after guessing them falling in love is the best part LOL

  35. Yusur Kassem

    Yusur Kassem

    6 napja

    Is the popular girl Polly from Riverdale

  36. חני - שיחת חברות

    חני - שיחת חברות

    6 napja

    I love what you do. So authentic and funny.

  37. Sunil Singh

    Sunil Singh

    6 napja

    He’s Australian not British, it was pretty clear

  38. Noa Kesem

    Noa Kesem

    6 napja

    Wait no but I wanted you to do 17 again, don’t skip thattt

  39. dani freitas

    dani freitas

    7 napja

    I started dying at 13:22 PLSSSSSS Dylan sounded so mad and done with this movie

  40. dezmion


    7 napja

    When you miss the Tyson chicken nuggets joke

  41. Shaniaaa


    7 napja

    I actually want to see Dylan watch Moxie

  42. Shannon Hope

    Shannon Hope

    7 napja

    "Can't vampires see in the dark? Cats, cats can see in the dark, not vampires" 😂

  43. Kameron Lyles

    Kameron Lyles

    7 napja

    If ur watching nick movies pls watch rags

  44. Sarah Nicole

    Sarah Nicole

    7 napja

    But it’s a real accent😩 lmaooo I seen him in a show called foursome and it’s real

  45. Lina Romero

    Lina Romero

    8 napja

    Dylan could probably the best director and create a masterpiece just from what he’s learned about movies on his own throughout the course of this Channel

  46. Delia Sîrb

    Delia Sîrb

    8 napja

    You should do clouds

  47. Mimi Universe

    Mimi Universe

    8 napja

    wait Dylan are you really writing a book? 🥺



    8 napja

    21:07 now Dylan......

  49. Sophie


    8 napja

    I’m sorry..... England and Australia are very much not the same....... the language yes.... the accents?? I think not. 😂😂

  50. Priscilla Yeboah

    Priscilla Yeboah

    8 napja

    Am I the only one that doubts if Dylan is american, my dude changes his accent soo much without even realizing it😂😂

    • Emily Barker

      Emily Barker

      7 napja

      when i first started watching him I thought he was Russian or South American...Not until I read his bio did I realize hes american lol

  51. Michael Woodcum

    Michael Woodcum

    8 napja

    I dont think I've seen a video where Dylan has been in more pain lmao

  52. Michael Woodcum

    Michael Woodcum

    8 napja

    When you realize Brec is intentionally showing no emotion while acting cause she is supposed be the joke making fun of Bella... it's definitely not cause it's a shit movie

  53. FHQ News

    FHQ News

    8 napja

    ☝🏻” ...Dylan, NO! Australians and British people are not the same!” 😝😜 *Am I in trouble... again?! 🙃 - Anthony Aaron 🇦🇺

  54. toxicsugar art

    toxicsugar art

    8 napja

    Tbh the costumes at the ending party kinda slapped

  55. samcast6


    8 napja

    i cant believe you made me watch this with you Dylan

  56. golden sunflower

    golden sunflower

    8 napja

    I’m waiting for Dylan to react to First and Last episodes of How I Met Your Mother

  57. eloise harrison

    eloise harrison

    9 napja

    this is a horrible movie :) ooo try watching instant family its amazing x

  58. aristamicah


    9 napja

    Dylan: "I'm the king of segues." Dylan: Proceeds to have no clear segue into movie.

  59. Light and Space

    Light and Space

    9 napja

    The way I cackled at "Beat his ass with your pipe" 😭

  60. Chantal Kellyman

    Chantal Kellyman

    9 napja

    Can we make a movie where the popular girl isn't actually the mean girl

  61. im a hashbrown

    im a hashbrown

    9 napja

    happy 1 million!

  62. wania suleman

    wania suleman

    9 napja

    You are the best thing that’s happened to HUeye

  63. alicia avery

    alicia avery

    9 napja

    The movie isn't the best but it's way better than twilight tho

  64. Liv Olsen

    Liv Olsen

    9 napja

    Dear Dylan, please get a foundation that matches you neck. Love your vids man!

  65. Tabitha Anne

    Tabitha Anne

    9 napja

    "British and Australians are the same" Fuck off no we are not

  66. Amber Was Atomic

    Amber Was Atomic

    9 napja

    Also this is somehow better than the sister werewolf movie they made

  67. C Padios

    C Padios

    10 napja

    Falcon and Winter Soldier - 12:27

  68. what's my name?

    what's my name?

    10 napja

    About a 'good vampire story' I would love to hear his thoughts on 'Let the right one in'.

  69. Maliha Khan

    Maliha Khan

    10 napja

    Can you do Ginny and Georgia please?

  70. Nassia Campbell

    Nassia Campbell

    10 napja

    Low-key want your input on “what happened to Monday”

  71. Lívia Coêlho

    Lívia Coêlho

    10 napja

    Seeing Dylan going from “this movie sucks” to intensely care about how it’s going just made my day 😂

  72. Nardhya Grero

    Nardhya Grero

    10 napja

    Plsssss do 17 again!!!!!

  73. Silvia Oyarzún

    Silvia Oyarzún

    10 napja

    it was painful to me just to watch the review. How you manage to do it to the end of this. That's a real mystery :D

  74. Little Fox

    Little Fox

    10 napja

    omg sam from nowhere boys-

  75. najhoant


    10 napja

    0:50 A funnier/lamer parody name would have been ”Knives, Washington”

  76. Phia


    10 napja

    Sam from Nowhere Boys?!

  77. Zayden Organisciak

    Zayden Organisciak

    10 napja

    Who watched him do the 1 hr and 2 mins all twilight movies

  78. Georgina lambrick

    Georgina lambrick

    10 napja

    Aussies know him as the guy from nowhere boys

  79. Ch i

    Ch i

    10 napja


  80. Imogen


    10 napja

    Dylan reading Shadow and Bone ahhhhh

  81. Meike


    10 napja

    this is the core of until i hate myself

  82. Henn


    10 napja

    Awwww I can't wait until you read and watch Shadow and Bone. BUT YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER TO READ SIX OF CROWS TOO, it's reeeeeeally important and also this book is way better than SnB!!!!!!

  83. Nia Huey

    Nia Huey

    10 napja

    1:41 omg Dylan just angered millions 😂

  84. sttar :3

    sttar :3

    10 napja


  85. Soul LionHeart

    Soul LionHeart

    10 napja

    Honestly Dylan's translation to audible was better than all the acting in this movie

  86. Centennial


    10 napja

    omg you should totally do a shadow and bone binge video! that'd be amazing!

  87. Beta


    11 napja

    I literally kept telling myself: “Why does this movie feel familiar?” I erased watching this movie from my mind

  88. Michelle Hamby

    Michelle Hamby

    11 napja

    The voracious screwdriver relatively identify because software acutely satisfy over a volatile father-in-law. bloody, thoughtful accelerator

  89. Seraphina


    11 napja

    I don't remember if I actually watched this movie or if ads for it played so constantly that I just *thought* I watched this movie, but this was for sure part of my childhood somehow

  90. wood.obrien


    11 napja

    The only thing I learned from this video is that they are making a “Shadow and Bone” Tv show or movie? Like WHAT!? I will definitely watch that

    • Iola Dear

      Iola Dear

      6 napja

      Yes tv show on Netflix!! It covers all of the Grishaverse books :))

  91. Kaitlin Kraus

    Kaitlin Kraus

    11 napja

    This is one of those movies where 7 year old me would be like "this is the greatest movie ever made" and then when I watch it years later because of nostalgia I'm like "wtf this sucks"

  92. Kayla Ifergan

    Kayla Ifergan

    11 napja

    since when is polly from riverdale in this movie?

  93. Drew Jefferson

    Drew Jefferson

    11 napja

    "Neil DeGrasse Mike Tyson" That took me out! 🤣

  94. Kerry Deasy

    Kerry Deasy

    11 napja

    please watch barely lethal you will definitely regret but like in a good way

  95. kinomoto chan

    kinomoto chan

    11 napja

    14:25 Quirky alternative girls are always poor or out of fashion, but in the end, BAM, she gets a stylist. Oh no, she didn´t , well this was a really QUIRKY girl apparently.

  96. Kaylee Rapone

    Kaylee Rapone

    11 napja

    but you HAVE to do 17 again😂😂i would love to see thattt and i’ve been waitinggg

  97. Zimi Zapper

    Zimi Zapper

    11 napja

    They should be embarrassed of themselves not mad at him like tf he did not hurt any of them 🥲🥲

  98. Keya Advani

    Keya Advani

    11 napja


  99. Sunita Hota

    Sunita Hota

    11 napja

    Do a reaction on Bohemian Rhapsody movie..... It's gonna be good!!!!

  100. Aussielios


    11 napja

    I can't believe I just spent the whole time waiting for the big reveal that the quirky girl was actually a vampire the entire time... and we got a hideous purple wig instead.