McLaren Reminds Daniel To Look For The "Pit Crew In Orange" 🤣

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This video includes the funny moments from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, George Russell, Kevin Magnussen, Alexander Albon, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren Renault F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Renault F1 team, Haas F1 team.
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  1. Sergio Cortez

    Sergio Cortez

    21 órája

    I cracked up when I remembered why this is funny 😂🤣

  2. Best Moments

    Best Moments

    4 napja

    At that speed I couldn't tell the difference between orange and black tbh.

  3. John Kennedy

    John Kennedy

    4 napja

    I'll be the first to say it. One day your phone will always be %100 charged.

  4. El3andro


    5 napja

    No one told Vettel this weekend

  5. Thugasaurus Rex

    Thugasaurus Rex

    7 napja

    I mean.... Can't mess that one up right? Right?

  6. Reedz


    9 napja

    It's its hard to see

  7. Jake Hicks

    Jake Hicks

    10 napja

    HUeye algorithm: ima just randomly reccomend F1 racing to this guy. Me: but why tho

  8. MythicB 17

    MythicB 17

    10 napja

    Homie sponsored by alto

  9. gchild1979


    11 napja

    I would of hit someone

  10. Jayski87


    12 napja

    Daniel asked his engineer over the radio at the start of the race to remind him when he makes his first pit stop..

  11. Bagel


    12 napja

    HUeye stop showing me this shit I don't care

  12. Lucidistic


    12 napja


  13. S85B50 Engine

    S85B50 Engine

    14 napja

    I woukd have said something like "don't forget about the tyres" if I were him

  14. Gommool Abajobir

    Gommool Abajobir

    14 napja

    Orange is sus

  15. RG by ASDON8

    RG by ASDON8

    14 napja


  16. Convoy Leader

    Convoy Leader

    14 napja

    He sponsored by vuse lol I love my alto

  17. KingLouie 45

    KingLouie 45

    14 napja

    Well he's changed cars so much recently

  18. heavyduty187


    14 napja

    Not sure why it’s funny



    15 napja

    Tripulação de pit em laranja

  20. Underwehr43


    15 napja

    Funny stuff

  21. Pade パデ

    Pade パデ

    15 napja

    Can you make the video smaller, its too big?

  22. Goosiest fan

    Goosiest fan

    15 napja

    Pit crew in orange fruit

  23. Carlos Gonzalez

    Carlos Gonzalez

    15 napja

    Esto es hermoso comment 222 we are 223 we love you you are smart keep it up

  24. Nathan Durrence

    Nathan Durrence

    16 napja

    I bet they’re all gingers

  25. Yuri DeKhed

    Yuri DeKhed

    16 napja

    Makes total sense. Why the 🤣

  26. Guilbert Jude Garrido

    Guilbert Jude Garrido

    16 napja

    It would be fckn hilarious if he pits in Renault's garage

  27. Mitja Remcer

    Mitja Remcer

    16 napja

    Pick not pit

  28. Olya Petrovskaya

    Olya Petrovskaya

    16 napja

    So sweet ☺️✨🧡✨

  29. Felix Carlson

    Felix Carlson

    16 napja

    And what was the purpose of this video

    • Yuri DeKhed

      Yuri DeKhed

      16 napja


  30. Burketto


    16 napja


  31. Bulcsu Oliver Kerekes

    Bulcsu Oliver Kerekes

    16 napja


  32. KING TUT


    17 napja

    I’m dyin cuz he pulled into his old pit 😭😭😭😭

  33. rparker069


    17 napja

    It's papaya

  34. Brand


    17 napja

    Not the first time you forget a team uniform when racing

  35. Pencilbender


    17 napja

    Wheres the funny

  36. Damien Smith

    Damien Smith

    17 napja

    No matter how good ones memory is better to be safe than sorry preventative worth the mention etc

  37. Damien Smith

    Damien Smith

    17 napja

    To prevent him forgetting that it isn’t yellow anymore

  38. GB2006 _YT

    GB2006 _YT

    17 napja

    He just wanted to make sure that Daniel didn’t do a Lewis

  39. Fish fan

    Fish fan

    17 napja

    I read it as Lando reminding Daniel. 😂😂

  40. grilled me

    grilled me

    17 napja

    just in case 🤣🤣

  41. KCBkotastrophie -

    KCBkotastrophie -

    17 napja


  42. Dominic Vega

    Dominic Vega

    18 napja

    Nothing was funny here.

  43. Smiler Entertainment

    Smiler Entertainment

    18 napja

    Making sure he doesn't pull a Hamilton

  44. Michael Tavares

    Michael Tavares

    18 napja

    Yo he slotted in that spot so fast, I thought the crew was gonna jump back

  45. Harley's Trains & Games

    Harley's Trains & Games

    18 napja

    It's the Men In Orange

  46. HeloImABean


    18 napja

    Best Color Code Ever

  47. B C

    B C

    18 napja

    I love uuse! Go uuse!

  48. No Hype Jizz Reviews

    No Hype Jizz Reviews

    18 napja

    Daniel is the biggest douche of F1

  49. Jarl Ulfric

    Jarl Ulfric

    18 napja

    Vuse sponsors mclaren? That's cool af

  50. _denzoned_


    18 napja

    He wouldn't be the first one to go to the wrong pit stop

  51. Tom Bystander

    Tom Bystander

    18 napja

    Lewis messed up with mclaren and mercedes. It happens. He was just looking out for his driver. Good engineer🤟

  52. TheSoulGamer's


    19 napja

    Nothing funny about it really, props to the guy for knowing how hard it is to get used to a knew put lsnr spot and crew so thinking off it and saying put crw in Orange is actualy really smart

  53. RzRshRp 709

    RzRshRp 709

    19 napja

    How is Vuse able to advertise on cars and stuff while they're owned by Phillip Morris Inc., one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world? Why aren't brands like Uwell and Smok allowed to advertise?

    • Yuri DeKhed

      Yuri DeKhed

      16 napja

      No different than mission winnow

  54. Kevin Button

    Kevin Button

    19 napja

    Thank God he knew his colors phew

  55. Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange

    19 napja

    Lewis couldn't help himself when both Mclaren and Mercedes were white

  56. Ben Hardcastle

    Ben Hardcastle

    20 napja

    It’s bc Lewis Hamilton went in to the wrong pits that one time so u never know with these guys

  57. Music Laboratory

    Music Laboratory

    20 napja

    The sporting thing to do would be to quickly and efficiently regear his vehicle so that he could get back out there.

  58. Tr1gger


    21 napja

    I think McLaren is becoming the ultimate meme team

  59. Willie Emment

    Willie Emment

    21 napja

    Pit crew in jail suits

  60. Antonio Santa

    Antonio Santa

    21 napja

    That is a team looking out, right there! Hamilton failed when he moved to Mercedes.

  61. Susan Reinold

    Susan Reinold

    21 napja

    Box box mclaren

  62. Jarub


    22 napja

    There‘s no yellow one anymore

    • Yuri DeKhed

      Yuri DeKhed

      16 napja

      Doesn't mean his brain won't be looking for yellow though does it.

  63. nizam akhtar

    nizam akhtar

    22 napja

    It actually necessary. Good job from the engineer

  64. I am Loor

    I am Loor

    22 napja

    Just in case

  65. TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1

    TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1

    22 napja

    Well we learned from the past that this is a legitimate call.

  66. Carlos Giron

    Carlos Giron

    22 napja


  67. fer262


    23 napja

    You laugh about it but it wouldn’t be the first time they mess that up

  68. Chongo Ok

    Chongo Ok

    24 napja

    He wants to recreate lulu a bit too much

  69. Eduard Ivan

    Eduard Ivan

    24 napja

    Honestly I think their colors are smart, bright and easy to see.

  70. ADHAiiN7


    24 napja

    You joke about that but remember when Lewis went to Mclaren in 2013?

  71. Rupert Hunt

    Rupert Hunt

    24 napja

    Let hui unionist v continuity

  72. Mac Doodles

    Mac Doodles

    24 napja

    Well Mercedes and McLaren had this mixup before 😂

  73. Aberama Gold

    Aberama Gold

    24 napja

    This may seem insulting to the driver but as we've seen in the past...

  74. esphi LEE

    esphi LEE

    25 napja

    Pit crews are in papaya, not orange.

  75. esphi LEE

    esphi LEE

    25 napja

    McLaren did deceived Lewis into entering their box when Lewis first drove for Mercedes. They were afraid that karma was going to come back to bite them.

    • Yuri DeKhed

      Yuri DeKhed

      16 napja

      Deceived him?

  76. Andy Baz

    Andy Baz

    25 napja

    Better to be safe than sorry , good thinking if u ask me

  77. Poggasus


    25 napja

    Do any of you actually watch f1? So many of you saying “tHeRe iS No YeLlOw” *RENAULT WORE BLACK*

  78. ppn


    25 napja

    Remember Button at China 2011...pulling into Red Bull box..

  79. Joey C

    Joey C

    25 napja

    "It's papaya actually" says Daniel 😁 when he was talking to Ted.

    • Jeffery Brown

      Jeffery Brown

      14 napja

      Papaya spark 👀💯

  80. CookieMonster


    25 napja

    Pit crew in orange 🍊

  81. Kapil Chaudhari

    Kapil Chaudhari

    25 napja

    Don’t pull a Lewis

  82. Riccardo Panarotto

    Riccardo Panarotto

    25 napja

    Hamilton: 👁_👁

  83. Abhimanyu Kohli

    Abhimanyu Kohli

    25 napja


  84. Dimitri Koblovski

    Dimitri Koblovski

    25 napja

    Gerhard Berger, Nelson Piquet: Hm, the fuel will not last, maybe i should turn down the turbo to have something left for the final laps, while I keep watching my right front tyre blistering and shifting the gears up and down when I hurry through the streets of Monte Carlo... Drivers nowadays: No power no power what shall I do now?

    • Yuri DeKhed

      Yuri DeKhed

      16 napja

      Even though they constantly talk about looking after tyres etc.

  85. Kerim Can

    Kerim Can

    26 napja

    Can you maybe make the video smaller? It's too big bro

  86. Geo Metall

    Geo Metall

    26 napja

    At least it isn't camo



    26 napja

    I see nothing wrong here, great job by the guy on the radio

  88. Steve


    26 napja

    Why is that “😂😂😂😂😂” It’s literally not even funny “😂”

  89. HooberGaming


    26 napja

    The race engineer didn't want Daniel to do a repeat of Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes for the first time at Malaysia. lol

  90. Sanket Parmar

    Sanket Parmar

    26 napja

    Ha ha ha. Thanks was actually funny

    • Yuri DeKhed

      Yuri DeKhed

      16 napja


  91. Corina Müller

    Corina Müller

    26 napja

    Thank U thats U have not Put some anoying music over the clip

  92. Snowhole Outdoors

    Snowhole Outdoors

    26 napja

    Wouldn't be the first to stop at the ex-teams box :D :P

  93. onestpaslà


    26 napja

    Jurisprudence Hamilton 😂😂

  94. dragon fly

    dragon fly

    26 napja

    An example of great communication

  95. kinetik


    26 napja

    Mclaren is used to drivers pulling into the wrong box eh lol

  96. VA8222 Studio

    VA8222 Studio

    26 napja

    Bottas went to Hass' s box😧🤣

  97. Rokas B

    Rokas B

    26 napja

    This is actually pretty clever and props to the race enginerr, nothing to laugh about

  98. Daniel Souza

    Daniel Souza

    26 napja

    Well better safe than sorry

  99. Connor B

    Connor B

    26 napja

    Grey next year too 😂😂☝️

  100. Maky 6969

    Maky 6969

    26 napja

    why do I remember Lewis going to a mclaren pitcrew when he was in the Mercedes on his first race?. hahaha