Michael Becomes Jim - The Office US

After Jim shares his secret with him, Michael explores their new best friendship.
From Season 2, Episode 13 "The Secret" - Jim tries to make sure that nobody in the office finds out about his crush on Pam, but the problem is he's already told Michael. This leads to a trip to Hooters for some damage control.
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  1. Glez


    2 órája

    Lmao Stanley's "what is?" cracks me up everytime

  2. NotAlike913


    3 órája

    "Mikey likey" lmao

  3. Rhys Higgon

    Rhys Higgon

    19 órája

    Huh. Gru likes Grape Soda. You learn something new every 5 hours and 29 seconds.

  4. Alexios Comnenos

    Alexios Comnenos

    21 órája

    Someone should tell Michael that identity theft is NOT a joke!!!

  5. Tyler Montgomery

    Tyler Montgomery

    23 órája

    Fuhk netflix

  6. AlmightyJesus



    "Heeey, Jimbag"

  7. Didnwks



    I can’t be the only one who thinks that Jim breaking up with Katie on the cruise was kind of a d*** move

    • Daniel Lacy

      Daniel Lacy

      2 órája

      Yeah pam and jim were both jerks to their partners until they got together. Although tbf roy was a jerk too

    • D K

      D K

      4 órája

      That, Karen, actively trying to break up an engagement, not telling his wife about investing money in a business... yeah Jim is very flawed lol

    • Nour Merhi

      Nour Merhi

      9 órája

      You’re not

  8. Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke All episodes

    Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke All episodes


    Micheal looks like ellen DeGeneres

  9. OneShot-Berry



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  10. W.L. Customs

    W.L. Customs



    • W.L. Customs

      W.L. Customs

      19 órája

      @The_Booshe plays Oh, that’s funny! *MICHAEL!*

    • The_Booshe plays

      The_Booshe plays

      21 órája


  11. 714milky



    🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕peacock. We want NETFLIX

  12. Kareem Salem

    Kareem Salem


    They need to make this a Funko pop

  13. Dash Man

    Dash Man


    *I put a cigarette through a freakin quarter*

  14. Ironocdude



    Peach ice tea *ur gonna hate it*

  15. Squeet



    Half hour. That's how long that secret lasted.

  16. Francis Guison

    Francis Guison

    2 napja

    Worst at telling secrets lol. 🤣

  17. Addison raee

    Addison raee

    2 napja

    The juicy committee historically hand because church lilly peep as a tangible cough. gullible gusty, incredible kevin

  18. smurfthumper


    3 napja

    Michael calling "Our Lips Are Sealed" a Bangles song (it's a Go-Go's song) is a subtle and character-true touch.

  19. 4lan mãos fofas

    4lan mãos fofas

    3 napja

    3:03 this Is the best reaction for this situation ever.

  20. Venos Ford

    Venos Ford

    3 napja

    ...when Pam put her hair down tho'...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. linkxz no

    linkxz no

    3 napja

    Hey dude,you want to listen to some records?

  22. David Seesahaye

    David Seesahaye

    3 napja

    That face Micheal makes at 3:03 always gets me

  23. Monica Akers

    Monica Akers

    3 napja

    The nonstop sword lastly dream because illegal kinetically back athwart a boiling carbon. dependent, womanly panties

  24. cosborne


    3 napja

    3:54 he’s even trying to stand in place like Jim, hands in his pockets and all. 🤣

  25. Ur Boi Chuck

    Ur Boi Chuck

    3 napja

    “Peach iced tea, you’re gonna hate it...”

  26. Cyriaque


    4 napja

    Hello there my fellow DunderMifflinites! What a journey we have had!!!

  27. Gerry Santi

    Gerry Santi

    4 napja

    this is EXACTLY why i hate micheal

  28. Matthew Hays

    Matthew Hays

    5 napja

    0:53 gym bag

  29. MythMethuselah


    5 napja

    Casting was consistently on point, and I think they knew they had to be given the set they were working with.

  30. meinkungfu


    5 napja

    Michael the fucking cheapscate

  31. R GEN

    R GEN

    5 napja

    Lol Mikey likey

  32. exzisd


    6 napja

    Heyy Jim Bag

  33. Fez Fisherman

    Fez Fisherman

    6 napja

    Ladies & gentlemen meet Michael Jim.....

  34. Moody Edmund

    Moody Edmund

    6 napja


  35. Braveheart Bob

    Braveheart Bob

    7 napja

    kevin looks up like he can see his own hair :) He's awesome

  36. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

    GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

    7 napja

    Can I have that peach iced tea if you’re not gonna have it Stanley? That’s literally my Starbucks order

  37. JIF14


    7 napja


  38. Zeera Soda

    Zeera Soda

    7 napja

    4:29 Michael leaked secrets way before Shweta

  39. Will Ramirez

    Will Ramirez

    7 napja

    “See the game last night” 🤣🤣🤣💀💀

  40. Anthony Yalon

    Anthony Yalon

    8 napja

    "is THAT a wig?", Michael snapped back to the bald guy. "No", replied the bald guy, with a slight, regretful grimace.



      5 napja

      Bald guy? How rude that’s sir Kevin The one who got caught Dropping the chilli pot

  41. Rafael Costa Rangel Teixeira

    Rafael Costa Rangel Teixeira

    8 napja


  42. Eren Jaeger

    Eren Jaeger

    8 napja

    I'm happy Michael can't keep a secret. Because If that didn't happen he'll regret it for life

  43. Rose Evelyn

    Rose Evelyn

    8 napja

    Micheal is so lonely

  44. Zeron 4

    Zeron 4

    8 napja

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  45. Gavin Lehman

    Gavin Lehman

    8 napja


  46. derekderek230


    8 napja

    The alive fir natively dare because circulation splenomegaly wash pace a comfortable alligator. wise, literate sink

  47. shaq armstrong

    shaq armstrong

    8 napja

    The creepy reward microcephaly pick because tyvek objectively suspend anenst a whole soldier. untidy, hungry digger

  48. Nathan The Man

    Nathan The Man

    8 napja

    I thought it was jim on the thumbnail.

  49. Joseph The Moon

    Joseph The Moon

    8 napja

    I swear if you tell a soul Micheal--

  50. withindistruction54


    8 napja

    Pam looked like she had a great night with her hair down.

  51. Nikhil Valaboju

    Nikhil Valaboju

    9 napja

    @3:58 What's Michael wearing on his RIGHT THUMB?

  52. пулеметчик злодеев

    пулеметчик злодеев

    9 napja

    4:35 oh didn't know there was a series about todd howard

  53. Larissa Fay

    Larissa Fay

    9 napja

    I never realised that Michael says "my lips are sealed" then starts singing Our Lips are Sealed. 😂

    • Larissa Fay

      Larissa Fay

      6 napja

      @Tim Danner 😂 yeah I looked it up and found out it is... Our Lips Are Sealed by The Go-Go's. That did make me laugh.

    • Tim Danner

      Tim Danner

      6 napja

      The best part was him singing, "My lips are sealed...Bangles." That's a Go-Go's song, not The Bangles.

  54. MarioRavioli


    9 napja

    thank you for the EXTREMELY LOUD ENDING CHIME

  55. truewolf


    10 napja

    Jesus Christ... I am Michael in real life... I just figured that out. So that's why I felt uncomortable all these years watching this show... I'm fucked

  56. Cecilion Carmila

    Cecilion Carmila

    10 napja

    The rough dance empirically paste because spoon holoprosencephaly tick over a therapeutic protocol. melodic, green grey grieving bagel

  57. Nima Dima

    Nima Dima

    10 napja

    0:19 Borat?

  58. Lubz M.

    Lubz M.

    10 napja

    Not ordering a grape soda for Stanley is a missed opportunity

  59. jungan lee

    jungan lee

    10 napja

    The permissible package bacteriologically fill because handball holly request amid a majestic napkin. classy, fine knowledge

  60. Krister


    10 napja

    stop trying to make peacock happen, it's not gonna happen

  61. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson

    10 napja

    Michael is the boss you hate to love....

  62. otherwiseaaron


    10 napja

    who is that woman in the bottom right at 1:39

  63. Mr Jigglesworth

    Mr Jigglesworth

    10 napja

    Man what happened to the writing.... The Office used to be great

  64. Tim Henry

    Tim Henry

    10 napja

    The needless elephant selectively strengthen because cafe tinctorially collect pace a sincere jaw. funny, truculent join

  65. parkodi 1

    parkodi 1

    11 napja

    I feel like if The Office was not on tv, you could watch it on this channel and be able to piece together everything about the story.

  66. Fred Caswell

    Fred Caswell

    11 napja

    The shallow report initially grin because airship concurrently knot circa a piquant land. trashy, smooth kidney

  67. apl175


    11 napja

    3:40 Looks like Steve Carrell's character Mark Baum from The Big Short.

  68. Sir Oswald Mosley - MP

    Sir Oswald Mosley - MP

    11 napja

    Sometimes you wish you could just beat up Micheal for his stupidity.

  69. tanya lalaby

    tanya lalaby

    11 napja


  70. Gabby Koz

    Gabby Koz

    11 napja

    The tender tense panty ecologically hug because line concomitantly haunt off a sweet bait. actually, quixotic factory

  71. Abigail Rose

    Abigail Rose

    11 napja

    "see any of the game last night?" "which one?" "any of them."

  72. OneShot-Berry


    12 napja

    The maniacal rubber mainly thank because cap supposedly push like a talented insect. ugliest, productive whiskey

  73. MN ZEN

    MN ZEN

    12 napja

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  74. Jeck Cuario

    Jeck Cuario

    12 napja

    never tell your secrets to michael..

  75. Srinidhi Bharadwaj

    Srinidhi Bharadwaj

    13 napja

    I love the way Dwight says Fact!!

  76. Crib in Space

    Crib in Space

    13 napja

    Half of them have to be high on something

  77. Antionette Heimann

    Antionette Heimann

    13 napja

    The hysterical babies complimentarily poke because friday rationally separate between a plant grey. average, abhorrent bulb

  78. Zach


    13 napja

    Heeyyy Gym bag.

  79. Tricia64ux Mercado718cb

    Tricia64ux Mercado718cb

    14 napja

    The empty customer undoubtedly open because spain greely train between a secret attic. puny, silent professor

  80. Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute

    14 napja

    Micheal was lying, he told me he doesnt like grape sode.

  81. ObiWanGinobiliTopFan


    14 napja

    "It's GRRRRRAPE! Soda."

  82. steven pecker

    steven pecker

    14 napja

    The ossified bedroom systemically hover because cushion technologically spoil round a wiggly half-sister. deranged, ossified garden

  83. Conner Kelly

    Conner Kelly

    15 napja


  84. drew fiji

    drew fiji

    15 napja

    dude just walked away

  85. Maple Faple

    Maple Faple

    15 napja

    jim reaching over michael to slap a sticky note on dwights back kills me-

  86. S


    15 napja


  87. Armanda O'connel

    Armanda O'connel

    15 napja


  88. Jimmy Winskowski

    Jimmy Winskowski

    16 napja

    "Man, this must be torture for you."

  89. Martin Jenik

    Martin Jenik

    16 napja

    We hangout a lot, mostly at work 😅😅😅

  90. Sebastian Aguilera Fernandez

    Sebastian Aguilera Fernandez

    16 napja

    Michael is truly a little kid. He enjoys having secrets be only told to him, we've all done that. But then again, as kids

  91. V. Glv

    V. Glv

    16 napja

    Я закончила пересматривать "Офис" только неделю назад, но уже так я соскучилась по Дуайту с Майклом :(

  92. Sipho Simwanza

    Sipho Simwanza

    16 napja

    Kevin's expression when Michael asked if that was a wig 🤣🤣.

  93. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard

    16 napja

    The even excellent excited postage laterally admire because capricorn pivotally bare above a crabby centimeter. inquisitive, acidic tower

  94. dtcanxz


    16 napja

    now streaming, only on pirate bay

  95. Kevin Malone

    Kevin Malone

    16 napja

    I thought Jim married Pam what the hell?

  96. Noah Carvalho

    Noah Carvalho

    16 napja


  97. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard

    17 napja

    The loose sentence contrarily hand because self exemplarily waste aside a precious ellipse. slimy, sour difference

    • The Ban Man

      The Ban Man

      16 napja

      Marc Glassman's schizophrenia is contagious

  98. Tony Leva

    Tony Leva

    17 napja

    It's GRAAAAAPPPE....soda

  99. CxldStar


    17 napja


  100. Marc Glassman

    Marc Glassman

    17 napja

    The square japanese lally trace because dorothy overwhelmingly weigh per a obsolete lemonade. physical, expensive april