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Mini Crewmate Kills Five Nights at Freddy's Characters | Among Us

Pizza is innocent
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  1. Jane Kojongian

    Jane Kojongian

    2 órája

    Your soooo anoying

  2. Belen Borabo

    Belen Borabo

    4 órája

    Foxy:FBI OPEN UP mini crewmate:its minigun time

  3. Albert Valdebenito

    Albert Valdebenito

    4 órája

    Stupid damm segonds

  4. Albert Valdebenito

    Albert Valdebenito

    4 órája

    Loser among us

  5. Bastian Reyddetts

    Bastian Reyddetts

    7 órája

    ni us briyo

  6. mega stein

    mega stein

    7 órája

    Why is there crewmate

  7. Cesar Chavez

    Cesar Chavez

    9 órája

    Warrior did that for my favorite animatronic foxy😡

  8. taty ra mos de n

    taty ra mos de n

    10 órája


  9. Claivey


    14 órája

    wait... is he ALIVE!

  10. Vargskelethor victor

    Vargskelethor victor

    14 órája

    Oh my

  11. Erick Fdz de Hoyos

    Erick Fdz de Hoyos

    15 órája


  12. Ron Ron Ricardel

    Ron Ron Ricardel

    17 órája

    Why did i see a among us ib left

  13. Wesley Alexander

    Wesley Alexander

    18 órája

    Finally it’s raign of terror is over

  14. ChouTzy



    Damn is good

  15. Ves6 JAC

    Ves6 JAC


    I almost feel sorry for Bunny. And Foxy.

  16. Jen Ecostan

    Jen Ecostan



  17. Marrylyn Jonathan

    Marrylyn Jonathan



  18. Merry Mark

    Merry Mark



  19. Мем уар

    Мем уар



  20. J King

    J King



  21. Will Bill

    Will Bill


    Mini crewmate:I will destroy Freddy:you killed all my friends you will pay for this...

  22. Ahmet arda - kral

    Ahmet arda - kral


    No No No No no

  23. 羅海��



    i like it

  24. spongeswap ඞ

    spongeswap ඞ


    1:07 finnaly the mini crewmate died

  25. nm mobile

    nm mobile

    2 napja


  26. Sadia Wahaj

    Sadia Wahaj

    2 napja

    can u make mini crewmate killing batim characters six times

  27. Lᴏᴀᴅɪɴɢ . . .

    Lᴏᴀᴅɪɴɢ . . .

    2 napja

    *Well yes, but actually no.*

  28. Haox


    2 napja

    When the man behind the slaughter is sus

  29. Electro_Bunnix


    2 napja

    Yes, die bonnie

  30. Beto Hdz

    Beto Hdz

    2 napja

    Buen video

  31. Maciuś kanał

    Maciuś kanał

    2 napja

    Fnaf amogus

  32. Emese Raksányi

    Emese Raksányi

    2 napja

    Gratulálok éjjeli őr kirugtad magad lo

  33. Daniel Riquelme

    Daniel Riquelme

    2 napja

    Wins freddy 1:01

  34. kruzz skyline

    kruzz skyline

    2 napja


  35. winterzYT roblox

    winterzYT roblox

    2 napja

    That's ma boi

  36. RINO


    2 napja

    mom say dont close the door you: 0:09

  37. Mimi Nool

    Mimi Nool

    3 napja

    Chika is now chuck

  38. тимоха тимберлэнд

    тимоха тимберлэнд

    3 napja


  39. khayr khairul nizam

    khayr khairul nizam

    3 napja

    Do you know why fnaf hate you because you don’t know how to play the game

  40. Siti Wahyuni

    Siti Wahyuni

    3 napja

    Why all animatronic is small dont subscribe pls

  41. Joseph Do

    Joseph Do

    3 napja

    Mini crewmate do be a gamer tho.

  42. Elijah Walker

    Elijah Walker

    3 napja

    It’s actually funny when the mini crew mate slams the door with is hand and then Bonnie yells😂😂😂

    • Elijah Walker

      Elijah Walker

      2 napja


    • Dreibo_Playz


      3 napja

      First and hello

  43. Liliane Bassinga

    Liliane Bassinga

    3 napja


  44. Thomas Long

    Thomas Long

    3 napja

    Instead of the purple guy it’s the res guy

    • Thomas Long

      Thomas Long

      3 napja


  45. TheScienteest


    3 napja

    1:09 I always come back

  46. David Allen

    David Allen

    3 napja

    finally... ...they have been avenged.

  47. santiago Fogtmann

    santiago Fogtmann

    3 napja


  48. Lorna Comb

    Lorna Comb

    3 napja

    Trevor henderson vs fnaf Help me this is going on irl

  49. Vitz YT

    Vitz YT

    3 napja

    Animatronics are already dead.

  50. Oggy Exe horror

    Oggy Exe horror

    3 napja

    Wow that's funny

  51. Gilbert D

    Gilbert D

    4 napja

    Springtrap got a partner

  52. Fede Vanzi

    Fede Vanzi

    4 napja

    0:00 somebody calling? nah. 0:02 "sorry! pirate cove is out of order" 0:08 HI STEPBRO- 0:09 no, i ain't- 0:10 BOOM 0:11 *visible pain* ÆAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 0:13 r u ok 0:19 time for cake at sta- 0:22 OPEN THE DOOR I NEED TO TAKE A SHOWER I SMELL LIKE OIL 0:26 50%? 20% looks like 50% so im going to 0:28 that golden duck was ugly, and know what? 0:30 QUACKQUACKQUACKQUACK *turns into angry bird* QUACKQUACKQUACK *slingshot* 0:40 you'll never beat me, THE GREAT FOX 0:42 F.B.I OPEN UP 0:45 say me if f.b.i allows this 0:48 no? then EAT THIS 0:52 oh god oh crap-

    • Angelina de paula da silva

      Angelina de paula da silva

      2 napja


    • Angelina de paula da silva

      Angelina de paula da silva

      2 napja


    • Angelina de paula da silva

      Angelina de paula da silva

      2 napja


    • RINO


      2 napja

      1:03 BOOOOOOOOO

  53. Red sus

    Red sus

    4 napja

    So mini crewmate died?

  54. awa


    4 napja


  55. Jose Castaneda

    Jose Castaneda

    4 napja

    This is my favorite animation keep up with funny stuff

  56. Peter Lichtenstein

    Peter Lichtenstein

    4 napja

    1:03 😥😳😵

  57. angelos5926 pro

    angelos5926 pro

    5 napja

    me muero de risa en la parte en donde bonnie le cierran la puerta con todo y mano

  58. Kristy sanders

    Kristy sanders

    5 napja

    thus is how you fnaf

  59. ๑Møshi Chan๑

    ๑Møshi Chan๑

    5 napja

    To be continued-

  60. Danial_gaming1230


    5 napja


  61. Olivia Rocha

    Olivia Rocha

    5 napja


  62. Basia Saga kotek

    Basia Saga kotek

    5 napja

    0:57 1:07 dead of mini crew

  63. Dominykasc


    5 napja

    0:47 ayo

  64. unuruu unuruu

    unuruu unuruu

    6 napja

    frebby nigt

  65. The darksidbe xd

    The darksidbe xd

    6 napja

    @scottcawton #scottcawton

  66. Przemek Krzak

    Przemek Krzak

    6 napja

    0:10 i like your cut G (taco bell)

  67. GAMER 99

    GAMER 99

    6 napja


  68. Magg3tk1ll3r z

    Magg3tk1ll3r z

    6 napja

    0:26 YAHOO *throws tablet on ground angry 0:31 angry birds lol

  69. Adelina Burri

    Adelina Burri

    6 napja


  70. Purple Guy

    Purple Guy

    6 napja

    Bonnie's hand got stuck

  71. Nicolas


    6 napja


  72. Eylül Kayserili

    Eylül Kayserili

    6 napja

    Wow 🤩

  73. Maria Helena Nobrega

    Maria Helena Nobrega

    7 napja


  74. Lucia Baldiviezo

    Lucia Baldiviezo

    7 napja


  75. Araceli Rico

    Araceli Rico

    7 napja

    Le quitaste la cabeza 😂

  76. Lipe o Cientista

    Lipe o Cientista

    7 napja

    Make part 2

  77. 1st coco

    1st coco

    7 napja


  78. Tyson Muggleton

    Tyson Muggleton

    8 napja

    Mini crewmate kills Portal 2 characters 1. Wheatley 2. GlaDOS 3.Turret 4. Defective turret 5. Space core 6. Chell 7. Valve because of portal 3’s wait.

  79. Roberto Carrasco

    Roberto Carrasco

    8 napja

    Siii por fin muere

  80. Edgar Yael Sanchez Moreno

    Edgar Yael Sanchez Moreno

    8 napja


  81. Hi Bro

    Hi Bro

    8 napja


  82. Naira Mendes

    Naira Mendes

    8 napja

    Among us kills ok

  83. james francois

    james francois

    8 napja

    plot twist: he lived

  84. afraza gaming

    afraza gaming

    8 napja

    Apo diolah cubo cak lemah nian animatronik nyo

  85. Sarah Pochon

    Sarah Pochon

    8 napja

    I like your videos

  86. Phuong Luu

    Phuong Luu

    9 napja


  87. Phuong Luu

    Phuong Luu

    9 napja


  88. Grupetman Productions

    Grupetman Productions

    9 napja

    At the left door you can see a crewmate.... or an imposter......

  89. Mu Ga Lin

    Mu Ga Lin

    9 napja

    0:55 where's my minigun?

  90. Karime Castillo

    Karime Castillo

    9 napja

    Omg guys it’s a suit on a suit

  91. Rachel McCulloch

    Rachel McCulloch

    9 napja


  92. ZZA4eaeSAXCZS679


    9 napja

    0:57 this part gives me nostalgia from fnaf 2015 animations

  93. kelly hauk

    kelly hauk

    9 napja

    1:11 when you thought he was dead...

  94. Pacmanboy711 Roblox

    Pacmanboy711 Roblox

    10 napja

    The one with foxy, I laughed to death!

  95. bellafiorebunny


    10 napja

    *jumpscare warning* 1:03



    10 napja

    very cool your videos dude congratulations

  97. blue_crewmate


    10 napja

    Freddy: you cant do nothing mini-crewmate Mini crewmate: NANI!? 0:59

  98. Antek Świtoń

    Antek Świtoń

    10 napja

    Among us suck

  99. master peely

    master peely

    10 napja

    Sad mini crewmate di- Wait hold up

  100. Kim Fontaine

    Kim Fontaine

    10 napja

    I like Freddy jump scare